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Shawn looking back at ch 14

September 27, 2011

He think’s it needed a little rework so working on it, looking over it for upload. Will


Email From fans

September 1, 2011

Sept2. Posting Yellowjac.

Thank You for the Email’s I have gotten just a few but everyone has
good and bad so I only posted these two hoping to ease what’s getting conflict back
and forth, so I’ll step back and rethink the story a little to where I should
take it, Yes my characters came alive after a few years of rest, I can see them
and know what’s going to happen I just have to type it out for anyone out there
to read. Thanks for the input everyone. Will


Hello Will.

I found your story most interesting as your young group have
many obstacles to climb it’s a wonderful escape to a time lost forever. Even if
you have a lot of Dialogue it’s up to the reader to think about who’s talking
to who and you got that pretty well covered more of a little mind trip
following your Characters under extraordinary circumstances, and be able to get
around them in their own way. I would like to add if you work more on the kids
rather than the campground it would be more interesting after all the story is
more what happens to the kids as they travel from one place to another. Don’t
get me wrong the campground was interesting and moving as the events unfold,
but you could Wright a whole story just from the Campground and how it runs in parallel with one another. I’ll keep reading your story because now I want to know how they are going to get back Thanks’ Will

-Frank G.                                             Re:Email  8/4/2010



Great Will; I like Josh already he’s something more like my own little brother when
we were young this is as extraordinary as they come. About challenges and
victories. Maybe not all these things are seen at first. The solid credibility
to each of the characters in all it just adds so much power to the story. The sixty
and seventies were times of amazing richness, and this you have shown here.
Maybe more on the Family Search for them in between is good back and forth without
losing interest keeping the reader thinking back to where it all started, Lisa
and Mike are getting just as close as Shawn and Josh and what’s going on with
Donna she a real bitch from the sounds of it get rid of her the other will be
fine. Great Story can’t wait for the next chapter.

Jim Carl                                  Re: Email  8/25/2010