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Awaking Day

January 30, 2012

After reviewing Another sight brings my heart to a stop, this hit home about a person taken by a gun fire in a store, it wasn’t another writer’s son but it could have happen to anyone of us that’s why I’ve  Re-posted this reply to my sight. everyone should read it.     Thank You all Will..   This is so true we never think it can happen to us, and it happens everyday someone get’s shot here in the New England area, Moving here away from crime just a few years ago only to fine it was just as bad here as it was in Florida., Moving here to be with family again. May we all look around and Love the one’s we know and care for even a smile can go a long way for many who never felt a part in life to hold on to, we are so free to walk around thinking we are safe but were not! that day can end so fast our love ones taken from us by someone we don’t even know or by accident, Remember it may be the last time we see them give your family a hug let them know you care.


Getting ready for another month.

January 30, 2012

Were almost to the end to this month, Chapter 33 just up and everyone should be happy with it.

The beach is looking better with the weather, had some snow up here in the north part of the states and it went away just as fast with rain. hope everyone has a safe and wonderful time. let’s look forward to a new month..Thanks everyone Will

Hope your having a wonderful time in the D**m Snow!

January 20, 2012

I Have to shovel it in the Morning that stink’s it snowing here and where did our heat wave go’ I want some sun!  “Thanks everyone we Reach 1000 today! ” Will

Hardweek snow coming eary again.

January 20, 2012

Thanks Everyone For the email’s and Comments: Working on next Chapter already, Getting the time to only due one Chapter a week. beside this crazy weather around the North, Hot then Cold it stinks. Have a great week everyone.  Will

Pat your sitting with tissues

January 14, 2012

Pat you know how my writing is, you read Chapter 25 thru 30, Tissues in hand, and felt like you were in the room with them, Well that’s nice to here you were into it, didn’t need the hanky. Thanks for the note. Look for the next Chapter. Will

The Story of Yellow jacket

January 6, 2012

Well it’s another year here and all looks good so far, working on it more so anyone can read it better, finding out more and more about writing everyday and for that i thank everyone out in blog land for it. it’s hard but slowly getting better at my writing so far, now i can see the story as a reader. hope all is well with everyone and good luck in 2012. Again thank you for all the emails but say something on my little sight here to. Will

Little boost here.

January 4, 2012

Turning looking at the door my hair razing she’s calling Brian’ Looking to the ship Brian stuck his head out pulling the tarp back looking at the door, the ship wasn’t moving at all, it was quite outside but they were just outside the door, Doc was holding her next to him we all were watching them thru the dirty window.

“Kid’s we know you’re here’ please open the door” Doc said with a throbbing voice knocking on the door.
“Brian it’s me May” She said outward sadly between her tears.
“We got to let them in” Brian said stepping down.
“Brian who are they?” Mike trying to hold him back.
Brian slowly moved to the door, I just was frozen holding the beam, watching him walk right to the door unlocking it.

Gee what happen

January 2, 2012

Hope you had a great holiday, emails our in and no one likes to read same old stuff, after careful advice from a few e mailer’s  I’ll take time and re-think about how I’ve been writing this story. It has been my world away from everything just to take the time and someplace other than here, it has taken me to a new world full of excitement and wonder fulled with joy and sorrow for others that can be as young life’s are touched in so many way that we have forgotten about, this has been a great feeling to live the life of the kids,  in a way only in a story. WILL