Saved Toxic Plants from the trash

Saved Toxic Plants from the trash.
A few weeks ago my Brother in law had three plants on the side table from Christmas, Yes they were real nice when they brought them home for the holidays, but they died, before he could throw them in the trash I ask if I could have them, well for the last three weeks I’ve been caring for them and now each has new life growing in my livingroom till spring, when I’ll plant them outside to live a happy life all year. Checking about the plants only to find out these and other plants are Toxic to Pets. With another Holiday coming right up next take care of your pets, they love you and you need to protect them also, letting you know before the Holiday comes Will.
Here is the Webb report sum up By:
Dr.Janet Tobiassen Crosby,DVM. About.comGid. check it out for your own pet safety.
The Easter Plant: Stargazer Lilies are bold, beautiful, fragrant and… poisonous. Especially for cats. These lilies, and their botanical relatives, including Easter lily, Day lily, Asian lily and Tiger lily, are popular choices for holiday bouquets and are the favorites of many gardeners.
Lilies and Daffodils
Additionally, plant bulb kits featuring Amaryllis and other plants in the lily family, Narcissus and other plants in the daffodil family, are popular gift items at this time of year. Pet owners should be aware that these plants are very toxic for cats, and sometimes with severe symptoms of gastrointestinal signs, cardiac arrhythmias, kidney failure, convulsions and death. Daffodils are toxic to both dogs and cats, especially the bulbs.
Poinsettia Plant
Many people associate the Poinsettia plant with extreme toxicity, but this is not entirely true. In fact, it is largely an urban legend, dating back to 1919, according to David Emery, Guide to Urban Legends. The sap of Poinsettias is considered to be mildly toxic/irritating, and will probably cause nausea or vomiting, but not death. It is better to err on the side of caution, though, and keep pets away from this plant.
Mistletoe and Holly
A couple of holiday plants, specifically Mistletoe and Holly, are considered to be moderately to severely toxic, and you should call your veterinarian or poison control center immediately for specific advice.


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