Dear Jennifer’ Received your email and I post it!

Josh never made it from the hospital and Donna never showed up, we left here yes and went back in time, Stop let me finish, We went back alright but no one knows if we made it back to our time and who went with us on the trip back. PostIn respect to to blog.

In respect to Yellowjacket Chapter 37. Posted March 3,
Will your so cool , reading this story has me wondering just how your mind works, why are you making it so hard to read this chapter 37 I must have reread it six times and again you made me cry just reading it, This boy Josh tell me he makes it please . Jennifer WV. Please email me back my email number..(Deleted)..Please let me know so I can stop crying so much an I Love Mike  he’s coooll where can I find one like him?

Dear Jennifer’ Sorry about my story upsetting you, it was not intended to reach you in that way at all, feeling that you felt are somehow related to Josh maybe? You might want to talk to your parents about your interest in why it has affected you so much, please ask someone you know that you can talk to, I’ll email you some info to help but ask someone you know and trust’ your depositions seem deep. Will.


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