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Quaker all right

April 18, 2012

This was a fine responce to My story Chapter glade to see a few good one’s, Every now and then i’ll post one; of course i’ll save the bad remarks from some to the STORY’ but Thank You For reading it Alvin and Pat you make my day go by a lot faster wanting to get right back to typing again.
Fivecrows38 / Yellowjac: 17 APRIL 12

In Response to Chapter 50.
Mat turn back to Pa replying “I knew that, so what you’re a Quaker in that getup; never meet one before” His head snapped looking up at Mat before he said anything Mike quickly moved forward in the chair..“Mat enough’ sorry for his going on like that” “Ok I was just asking the man”
How you carefully and adequately studied your homework on this Chapter’ laughing my ass off with this one, Your new Mat inquiry right to the point without beating around any bushes only from the mouths of kids will ask such a questions behaving in a very extraordinary way ! Just focusing on this line without even a screen to look at.. Pa’s interaction looking at him with a surprised expression. You produce a kind of believability that pure to the soul anticipate looking for your next Chapter.
Alvin P. Great Falls, Montana.


USMC to the Rescue.

April 12, 2012

Having a rainy day today so just had to go ahead with the next one.
Time to bring in the USMC to the rescue who else can you bring in when all else is falling apart bring them on mighty strong ready; U S M C tattoo on his arm along with a sideways Sword blood dripping off it.

Marine Jack turning to Mike this was it were all going to be thrown out.
“You young Man shouldn’t start something you cannot handle by yourself” “I was trying”
“I’m talking son, now sit down, have your breakfast sit!” in a firm forceful voice. “Yes sir” Mike sitting right down
“Sandy’ They need more coffee and Cola’s here better bring Orange Juice to for all of them”
“Ok Jack right on it”
“Scrambled eggs all around with sausages and home fries ok?”
“That’s fine with us”

April update on Jennifer

April 8, 2012

April update on Jennifer.

Last March received an email from Jennifer WV. Overly upset with Chapter 37 in our story, after a few emails mostly from her Father, before talking on the phone with him we were able to find what was disturbing her, the story had brought out some deep problem that had been inside for a few years ago that happen. Jennifer has been in counseling now and is dealing with it along with her Parents helping, Yellow jacket story has reach out helping someone! Note Stories do reach our readers in many ways, most of the time we never hear from our readers remarking to what we write, but when one comes across that sets a writer back a little reading what they sent good or bad we look at it anyways not taking it to sparsely after all we don’t know about a reader. Responding to Jennifer email was a shot in the dark hearing from her Father was more so just glad she is doing better.
Thank You Reader’s out in Cyber land looking for something to read. Will

Jeff has join the team

April 2, 2012

Yellowjac has looked into another Person looking for adventure, Jeff needs a lot of help and Shawn trying to overcome one loss only to jump into another bigger problem that awaits, after he was brought in to the group. Not wanting to help this new boy only wanting him to leave he smells and lived on the streets last thing anybody wanted but soon have a new outlook on someone needing help.

Old but still kicking Around some

April 1, 2012

So many times we forget about the past, The Jukebox and Dancing all night long to big bands, Boggie Woggie Frankie and so many more, With everyone that like this last Chapter 44 Let’s swing one time for the old times relax play that old record In the Mood dream of that special night you had hope you feel better and may the sounds move you along to a better day, Think hard what were you wearing the night of the big dance Andrew Sister’s or Glen Miller maybe Doris Day If you got rid of all those good sounds find them again on YouTube and watch what was that you lost over the years.. Till next time Dream a little dream, with the oldies..Always in the past Will.