USMC to the Rescue.

Having a rainy day today so just had to go ahead with the next one.
Time to bring in the USMC to the rescue who else can you bring in when all else is falling apart bring them on mighty strong ready; U S M C tattoo on his arm along with a sideways Sword blood dripping off it.

Marine Jack turning to Mike this was it were all going to be thrown out.
“You young Man shouldn’t start something you cannot handle by yourself” “I was trying”
“I’m talking son, now sit down, have your breakfast sit!” in a firm forceful voice. “Yes sir” Mike sitting right down
“Sandy’ They need more coffee and Cola’s here better bring Orange Juice to for all of them”
“Ok Jack right on it”
“Scrambled eggs all around with sausages and home fries ok?”
“That’s fine with us”


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