Quaker all right

This was a fine responce to My story Chapter glade to see a few good one’s, Every now and then i’ll post one; of course i’ll save the bad remarks from some to the STORY’ but Thank You For reading it Alvin and Pat you make my day go by a lot faster wanting to get right back to typing again.
Fivecrows38 / Yellowjac: 17 APRIL 12

In Response to Chapter 50.
Mat turn back to Pa replying “I knew that, so what you’re a Quaker in that getup; never meet one before” His head snapped looking up at Mat before he said anything Mike quickly moved forward in the chair..“Mat enough’ sorry for his going on like that” “Ok I was just asking the man”
How you carefully and adequately studied your homework on this Chapter’ laughing my ass off with this one, Your new Mat inquiry right to the point without beating around any bushes only from the mouths of kids will ask such a questions behaving in a very extraordinary way ! Just focusing on this line without even a screen to look at.. Pa’s interaction looking at him with a surprised expression. You produce a kind of believability that pure to the soul anticipate looking for your next Chapter.
Alvin P. Great Falls, Montana.


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2 Responses to “Quaker all right”

  1. My Homepage Says:

    I visited plenty of site but I believe this 1 contains something extra in it in it 30412

    • yellowjac Says:

      The ship landed in a hay stack and found they are in 1918, time zone.
      Thank’s for looking We always welcome your feed back’s. Will

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