Yellow jac on the move to a book

Yellow Jac on the move to a book..
Entering the Kitchen everyone sitting looking back at us, Sue handen Jeff a wet Washcloth after he sat down, all the plates had pie no one started waiting on us, to join them, Pa looked up holding his fork with a nod to Sue he started to take a bite, Jeff sat up eyes looking all over at everyone placing some on the forks. “ahhhh” looking around again
“What what’s wrong” Asking Jeff, everyone looked over to Jeff confused looking at Pa and back around the table at all the forks
“No Prayers?” Jeff asked; Pa swollen his pie with a gulp
“No Jeffrey, we said them already”
“So we can eat the pie now?”
“Yes Jeffrey we eat now” Pa said with a grin from ear to ear.
Among the giggles and grins from us watching the two, Jeffery he called him got most of the giggles for sure; with gold and silver forks spoons hitting our steaming hot apples. Jeff and Mat even Chris had the spoons for their pie. Ma and Pa sat mostly watching us enjoying every bite.

After finishing off sitting back with full belly’s relaxing.
”Well, come on to the Living room boys”

Leading the way into the living room; Pa stopped Setting two logs inside the fireplace on kindling wood Brian already setup, Pa reach up handed him the tall wood match from the mantle, Jeff and Mat sat down with the checkers again while me and Mike sat on the couch, watching the two setting the screen in front before sitting down watching the flickering flames.

All you reader out there a special note to you..
Getting near the end of our story, this may go to Book Two! On and off I’ve been working on it along with Yellow jacket Manuscript form that was asked for maybe will just see Yellow jacket in a book after all, I want to thank all the writer’s in WordPress and WordPress for allowing me to go forth in my writing, with my true followers helping making my dream and this story come to a point where it is today. Thank You All Will


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