4054 Chapter 54 Yellow jacket

Chapter 54 Heartbroken


Jeff and Mat woke up at the same time sniffing the air: Bacon cooking smiling at each other, quickly both looked around the room tossing blankets to one side, Mat pulling his pants up that fell to his hips while he sleep, only Mike sleeping spread out on the couch, Jeff and Mat both headed for the kitchen barefoot after hearing the others talking.

”Good Morning” Sue and I both said at the same time, both sat down looking over the table, Jeff said: sitting on his legs with a quick smile ”It’s morning?”  Wiping his eyes pushing his hair back with a quick lean over letting me know he was there. Mat sitting more on the end of the bench seat, smelling the air looking to the stove.

”Hungry you two” Sue asked, Mat nodding yes watching Sue breaking eggs into a large skillet, Jeff turning trying to look over his shoulder with his hair falling down in front of him brushing his hair away, turning back resting on his arms crossed on the table waiting, Beacon slabs sizzling on one side, Sue brought over two small glasses of milk placing them down while the eggs were cooking, glancing down to Jeff sleeping.

Pulling warm bread from the back of the stove while she was placing the eggs and beacon on plates before bring them over, setting Mats down first watching his eyes get big “Wow thanks” as she placed it in front of him, smiling holding a fork waiting to dig into it, Sue looked down at Jeff still sleeping before placing it in front of his arms, not a move sound asleep Sue wave her hand it was ok just as I was getting ready to wake him up.


Checking over the coffee and tea cups pointing to the cups seeing if they needed more “More coffee or tea here” Looking around to someone walking down the hall seeing it was Mike. “Morning” sitting down, Sue already had a cup in hand for him setting it down in front of him, pouring his first before topping off mine setting the pot down reaching over taking Jeff’s plate setting it in front of Mike. His hair was messy for that matter no one comb their hair before coming in this morning, Mike holding the cup looking inside.

“The bag just next to you” Sue said with a smile watching Mat wiping egg yolk off with his bread.

“Yea thanks, homemade bread, slab not slice beacon”

“It got on the cold side last night” Mike just looked up at me, already digging into the Slab trying to cut it with his fork before reaching for the knife just next to him trying to avoid using it.

”Yeah, wait until you go outside” Faye said giggling sitting down next to me with her hot tea.

“Why Faye” She just pointed to the window, Mike looked over at me before glancing to the window, finishing off a good chunk before rising to look out.

”How much of this stuff fell” Sitting back down mixing his bread around.

”Up to my knees or more” Faye giggling

”Wow! In one night”

”There’s Rubbers by the door for the outhouse!”

”Oh yeah’ Outside bathroom here”

”Outside in the cold too, 1917 remember” Faye saying with a smile sipping her tea, Mike just looked up.

”You already went out in this?”

”Pa, Shoveled a path earlier”

”Where is he now?”

”With the cows”


Jeff slowly lifting his head turning looking at all of us.

”Cows, shoveling, snow, what, who’s, cow?”

“Morning sleepy head’ Pa with the cows and it Snowed last night”

“Cow’s again, they smell” Pushing his hair out of his face, to one side.

“You ready for eggs Jeffery” Sue asking ready to get up Jeff saying no with his head pointing to the bread only take one slice taking a small bite.

“Shawn’s Mother should take some lessons on Eggs”

“Funny, Real Funny Mike“

“Just kidding don’t get a finziny”

”What time is it anyway?”

”It’s around nine”

”What month”

”That’s a weird question to ask” Faye said making a face of disbelief

”Yeah, Mike its two days till Christmas”

”No way’ Christmas again”

”Sure is..That’s what Pa said to me and Jeff, He’s getting a tree”

”A tree’ Brian get up yet?”

“Already had breakfast’ with Pa, Jeffery how about some Jam on your bread would you like that” Sue said drinking her coffee.

“Jam’ What is it” Jeff Looking inside a small jar

“It’s apple butter”

“Brown don’t think I’ve ever had it”

“Try it Jeff you might fine it’s good”

With a spoon smelling it before spreading it mostly in the center, Mike looked up taking another slice trying some himself, Jeff like the taste licking his lips after the first bite before licking it off the bread then took another bite.

“Your suppose to eat it together more-on” Lisa said frowning

“He can eat it anyway he likes” Sue quickly said to Lisa.

Lisa sat down drinking her tea with Faye; Mike taking another slice of bread this time with more apple-butter, Mat reach over checking the jar making sure he wasn’t taking it all. “We have more jars go ahead if you want some” Sue saying smiling, Mat spooning out some before handing it to Jeff both liking it, Jeff wiping some with his hand licking it off at the same time.

“Jeff use a napkin” Lisa said outward turning her head from him.

“It’s good this way too’ like Christmas” Jeff came right back to her

“Christmas’ how can you come up with apple butter and Christmas” Mike said finishing off his bread looking at Jeff confused

“Good eats” Jeff said drinking his milk; sitting looking at each other, Mat lower his head while Jeff was looking at all of us looking at him waiting, holding his bread still tilting his head down looking at me sideways.

“You do know about Christmas?” asking him, Jeff shaking his head no, everyone watched him raising his shoulders upward, Mats eyes said a lot just looking over he wanted to say something but held it back lowering his head down, this told me something was up alright, no one said anything just looking around at each other even Mike looking over to me waiting.

“Everybody has Christmas” Lisa remarked taking the dirty dishes.

“Why it’s just a day they close stores” Jeff finishing off his milk

“Christmas Jeffery” Sue reach a crossed the table laying her hand on Jeff’s. “Jeffrey dear did anybody tell you about Christmas”

“No’ you said we needed pop corn rope for the tree for Christmas, and I just thought he was coming to get it today”

“He who’ was coming” Sue asked, Chris scooted over next to Mike;

“The Christmas guy in the stores sometimes ringing a bell in front and everyone stopping giving him money, so I thought we made the corn rope for the tree”

“Holy Shit Shawn’ he doesn’t know”

“Mike’ come on with the your swearing again”

“What the hell’s with this kid…Sorry it slipped ok”

“It’s when everyone goes broke” Lisa said outward

”So Christmas not coming for the corn, we won’t get our tree”

“Jeff Christmas is a Holiday”

“When they close the store right”

“How messed up are you boy” Lisa said outward, Mike just glared at her making a smug look, she return the same at him leaving the room, just in time last thing we needed was a big agreement with them two.

“A Day of Caring for one another” Sue said patting his hand, Jeff looked over at me his blue eyes peaking thru his blonde hair then back to Sue.

“Like Shawn and me, we are Brothers we care”

“Woo’ Jeff you had any religion or ever go to church” Mike asking him

“No should I have” snapping back looking at him, then everyone silenced holding their breath in gasp even Mike was taking back, Mat trying to hide in his seat shaking his head back and forth, not knowing he didn’t know let alone never told him what it was about.

“Why everyone stop talking”

“It’s Christmas”

“I say the wrong thing’ didn’t I”

“No you just haven’t had a Christmas”

“I didn’t go into any those stores that was closed”

“Ever been with your family at Christmas”

“Mat and me went to the park last Christmas cuss everything was closed and the restaurant was open that day, they had free food and stuff”

“My poor child” Sue said holding his hand almost showing her tears

“Mat’ how long we’re you two on the streets” I was asking looking over at him still holding his head low fussing in the seat.

“We told you already ok”

“How Long Mat” Mike asking Mat barely looking at him only with his eyes.

“Ok I’ll tell you a long time ok”

“Mat that’s not an answer now how long was it”

“Jeff came around two years ago, when I found him”

“How long were you there?”

“Why do you want to know”

“Mat you need to tell us”

“Fine but..Seven when I was left at the church door, but I waited a long time for them to come get me, only they never came back for me ok”

“That’s a little better now whats the rest of it Mat”

“What you want my life history or something, I found a place in the alley mostly, that was our alley till now”

“Son of a bitch’ Seven years old what’s the matter with”

“Better take a walk Mike and take Mat with you”

“Walk” Looking over to Mat crying in his arms, licking his tears getting up moving from the table, Mike stopped him holding him.

“Ok I’m sorry Mat I push you”

“Mike this might be a good time if you two took a walk”

Mike looked around, Sue bowing her head down, Lisa standing by the door with Faye not saying anything bowing heads also, everyone was stunned hearing Mat past, Jeff leaning on me afraid.

“I’ll take Mat with me to the outhouse”

“I can walk myself I know where it is”

“Mike will take you so you don’t fall in the snow” telling him quick, he looked over seeing Jeffs head into my chest shaking.

“Come on Mat just you and me”

“At least it’s a two seat-ter” Lisa said


Faye already rush out bringing in coats and one set of rubbers helping Mat Bundling up, he just stood letting her dress him without hesitation, Jeff watching over my shoulder, Mat trying to walk down the hallway flopping rubber boots, Mike stood over us “I’m truly sorry everyone, we had to know what was up with him and sorry about my swearing again” turning looking down the hallway with a quick rub of Jeff hair and a wink to me heading down the hall, Mat waiting by the door.

“Mat’s been helping you a long time”

“I don’t want to talk about that”

“You need to talk about what happen to you”

“No” “Jeff” “I can’t Mat said not to”

“Mat said not to talk about what”

“Us, we’re not to talk to anybody about us”

“You can tell us it’s ok”

“No Mat has to say it’s ok”

“Would you like to ask Mat if you can tell us”

“Why do we have too”

“We need to know what happen to both of you”

“I got to go first”

“You want me to take you?”

“No I’ll run and be right back” Getting off rushing not even stopping headed out the door, trying to ketch him before he went out, Mat was just outside both went to the outhouse together, Mike just watch them run looking back.

“What happen”

“He’s upset and needed to talk to Mat”


“Will wait inside they won’t go anywhere”

Sitting back down Sue pour more coffee, trying to dry her eyes, Lisa and Faye cleaning the dishes, Chris helping what she could placing the silverware back, everyone quite waiting for the boys to return.


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