The Paper work ending it

Yellow jacket Chapter 59 the boys holding back, this is next to the last Chapter, Thank you all for reading it, Last night was a big hit looking forward to Next Book  soon to follow. Here’s some of Chapter 59 Thank You All again Will.

“It’s one of their requirements for the law here boys got to be legal”


 Tears still streamed down Brains’ face waiting, Brian loved working the farm asking all the questions helping Pa this was his home he knew it right away, he was told about it and here he was ready to give it up on our say so, Lisa was happy doing old fashion cooking from scratch, Chris was enjoying being a little girl now for the most part even if she had to wear pants under her dress beside she fell in love with all the farm animals.


 Mike said ok handing the paperback to the Judge, everyone was silent except the Judge dipping his roll swishing it around, I looked down at Jeff hoping in one way he’d ask to stay somehow I think he knew I was waiting shaking his head no, I nodding down to him padding his back holding him in looking up at Brian, wiping his tears hoping to stay but willing to leave it all on our say so, that would only kill him in the end if he went with us, Mike looked over at me confused waiting along with everyone “Shawn problem?”


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