Three Mounths and we Meet

Being a writer sometimes leads to a characters that we hear about, Looking back I’ve said this once or twice before that making a character personality come alive in print is not that hard at all. Each one of us has used in some form a person that we know or heard about, being writers we absorb this information taking in every little detail action about them, picking out his or her average age following what color eyes they have and whether they have short or long hair maybe even what color it is.
All information resting till we need it, this is the case with my Nephew Daniel talking about his best friend he told me his name but I did forget it somehow, now I never meet his best friend only heard about him for almost a year or more on and off, he for some unknown reason was on my mind like someone that needed a place in a story perfect character maybe the next story I’ll write but that didn’t happen. I brought him in knowing he would fit right in with the rest of my characters, yes I did put him in the story and it did work out well. I knew this Character I named Mat quite well now what he looked like how he responded around others all good and well, My Nephew Daniel had a school choir being the end of the year ok I’ll go sit with a bunch of screaming kids to watch him it’s only one night.
Sitting in the hard plastic seats lined up in rows, the stage was setup for all the students to perform their wonders in song. Sitting looking around I spotted one boy that stood out for some reason I knew him something about him he looked just like one of my story kids, trying not to stare over at him looking for my nephew, here he comes walking down the wall near the windows waving over at me, giving him a half wave back hoping to escape before someone starting asking PTA or some other school event, watching him sit right down next to this boy talking with him, wow maybe this is his best friend I thought watching the two talking glancing over a few times. it was starting up on stage good the sooner the better we can leave, sixth graders singing the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Keys, everyone clapping hands next up Beethoven’s Ninth I would have preferred Beethoven’s Fifth myself. Finely the seventh graders Daniel was up and so was his friend both playing in the back of everyone just making them out between the others, playing When the Saints Go Marching In, I just wanted to Go Marching out thankfully it was the last song for the night, Photo afterwards of the band members; ok they had free water and cookies after wards that the kids all ran for as soon as the song was over. Waiting for Daniel staying clear of the stampede of kids and chairs being gathered together seeing the boy again with his family, Daniel went over to him getting his photo with him, I just had to meet this boy. “This is my best Friend Marco” overwhelm feeling like I’ve knew him all along, we shook hands telling him I was glad to meet him after hearing so much about him, then I just couldn’t help myself telling him I wrote him into a story I was writing from what Daniel had told me about him, he was thrilled that I would put him in a story and would like to read it.
Yellow jacket Story You just never know when someone will form a character that you just want to write about. Hopefully the photo shows up here of Daniel and Marco. Thank you Daniel and Marco.


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