Thank you Supermarket Malls

Thank you Supermarket Malls

 Mr. Mickey O’Rourke, Born of Irish parents’ One of the few past residents of Mitchell Ave, that liked his territory he could run around play in his yard go swimming when someone would go with him in the above ground pool, laying down next to the lilac bush near the fence he most like, less of course if company came by for a picnic, then it was under the table waiting for scraps, he made a lot of friends in this small town of Cheshire they were his best years growing up. Now a lot knew him and his roaming the Neighborhoods, Mickey knowing every short cut to homes and just exactly when dinner time was.

 During the early years Mickey grew up in Michigan living in a single wide trailer park, now if you think a cement block was going to stop him better think again even with two block he could drag them around the park bouncing them behind him, So doing what Dads do he tied him to the porch it was a big porch took eight men to put it in place even then they used jacks, Mickey pulled it away alright almost three foot into the driveway, talk about someone getting mad.

 Now during one winter in a blizzard we where snowed in and after the porch being dragged a large pen with six foot walls was made for him in the back yard,  just open the back door when he wanted out for a few minutes or more, this one winter blizzard we open the back door and it was a clean shot across the back yard right to the golf course, snow had  filled up overnight leaving only about six inches of fence, he took off towards the greens having a field day.

  This same golf course in the summer time before the fence was build being this was Mickey main play ground chasing golf balls rolling down the freeway before they reached the  green, a few more then he should have taken on the green running off with them, never did know what he did with those golf balls but the golfer’s were sure made at him a lot. A few years later we moved to a beach house with a boat dock, living on the first floor with stairway to the bedrooms on the second floor, Mickey would run those stairs like he could fly, but he loved the water chasing sea gulls and sometimes we walk the beach line looking for new shells he always sniff out the sand crabs jumping on them just to watch then scoot back into the sand, when he found a dead fish that was the worst smell ever more trying to stop him before he rolled around it smelling the house up and me ending up giving him a bath in the bath tub, no fun with that he like shaking soap and water everywhere, drying him was ok brushing him was fine as long as you didn’t take too long getting him bored, Toys he had more toys in a wash basket near the back door, someone always had to restock it from the livingroom, Mickey always picking out just what he wanted to bringing it in the livingroom playing  mostly an old dirty one.

After two summers living on the beach we ended up moving to a farm where he could roam like the wind if he wanted to this was his heaven for sure, a donkey next store always he-hawing driving him to chase it, stopping at the wire fence hitting it a few times with a loud yelp stopping him from his chase being electrified with low voltage but it got him to chasing it staying clear of it knowing right when to stop,. We end up getting horses in the back pastures and rabbits, no matter they didn’t bother him like that donkey would, horses just minding them self’s eating grass not wanting to play with hi or be chased around, one day one did start chasing him around the pasture whining and barking back and forth, before both stopping out of breath staring at each other to see who was going to start off running first, those two became good friends, we would  ride along trails together with him following or racing ahead of us a few times we camped off the trails, he stayed close by staying up most of the night watching for wood critters keeping them away.

  As time went on he got older and not so much play full we were all getting older, Things happen Dad past along and we ended up moving into the town area he didn’t mind it he could still roam around some but stayed away from the main roads, living near a Fire station the whistle would go off and out he go sitting at the end of our property watching the trucks screaming down the road never chasing them just excited watching the men running to the trucks more, our only problem we had with the Fire station was Bingo Night, he always knew when they had Bingo he go out and come home afterwards a few times, Then a knock on the door asking us to keep him in on Bingo night, a few didn’t like this big Irish setter sitting begging for food,  he like sitting by the refreshment stand for free handouts till it closed up, then go around see what was offered by the elderly women playing they gave him everything French fries, hot dogs, candy he was well feed maybe that’s why he just looked at his food waited till late that night to chow down.

 He spent a few good years in his back yard still wanting to play in the winter snow with his sweatshirt dangling under him, keeping him warm. We lost him that summer laying him down under his favorite laic tree to rest in peace, a few long years went by getting older as we do returning to see him to say hello to my old friend, to my surprise the house was gone the street we lived on was no more, they put up a shopping mall my heart was broken, parking near where I left him so long ago, one small tear down my cheek looking around at the little park with picnic benches for employees, looking to my left seeing the back of a building we used to sit in this same spot at night watching it thru the fence seeing the elegant dressed going in  for dinner then it hit me.

 He was right there in front of me saying, hi his ears raised his special grin he always give, just near a small tree it wasn’t a laic bush but at least they didn’t put a building on him, we said hello while I sat on the bench talking with him, an elderly lady ask if I was ok.  I looked at her and smiled saying “we were just talking about old times”, she gave me the eye and I told her “my dog was here with me”, “oh that’s real nice you two have a good day now” and off she walked.    Sorry old friend but I’ll see you again soon I’m home this time for good no more roaming  we said this small saying we found in a news paper long ago, over him laying him down to sleep peacefully, A light is from our household gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled, Some may think you are no more, But in memory you are with us, As you always were before, Will miss you Mickey. Thanks’ for reading about Mickey the Irish Setter who I dearly miss Will.


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