between me you and god

Between Me You and God
What else could happen waiting on a phone call from the garage about my car repairs, hoping deep down it wasn’t going to cost and arm and leg, sitting looking at the phone it rang hastening to answerer it “Hey will”
“Hi how’s the car doing can you fix it?” waiting for the results the line was empty “Hello you still there” Hearing background music playing the oldies one way to get relaxed before the bad news for sure “Hey Will this is Joe do you remember me” Joe that wasn’t my mechanic calling “Joe from the shop?” asking again only hearing the music back ground “Will I’m not from the shop I’m calling from New London” “Joe old friend how are you” What a surprise hearing his voice I almost forgot it had been almost five years scents we seen each other at his mother’s funeral.
“Think maybe you could come by soon” “Sure thing it been a long time how’s everything going down there” “Not to good I need to see you” His voice was far off he needed someone to talk to “Maybe I could come by this weekend” “Ok but you will come down right” “Of course I’ll come down gott’a see what’s going on in the old neighborhood” excited to take a trip long overdue from work “What’s going on with you” “I can’t tell you over the phone but I really need to see you” “Sure you ok, is everything ok?” Puzzled by his tone waiting again with just Music “Joe everything ok” again asking “It’s fine just see you when you get here I guess” “Joe maybe I should see you sooner like today” “I don’t want to burden you” “No No matter of fact I was thinking of taking a break anyway” not that I had the time to spare from work, this being the busy part of the year for us in sales.
“Ok I’ll be home any time you can come down” “Ok Joe my car should be ready and I’ll drive down ok” “You don’t have to rush I just want to talk” “Ok Joe I’ll pick up the car and drive down how’s that” Ok see you later” He hung up the phone something was wrong I felt it inside Joe never call unless it was important, just as I hung the phone up it rang “Yea Joe” “No this isn’t Joe I’m Clay from the shop about your car” “Oh sorry is it fixable” “It is but it won’t be ready till Monday” “Monday wow longer than I thought it was going to take” “We had to order a part and it will be here Saturday that’s the best we could do” “Ok just fix it I really need the car” “It’s more than what we quoted you yesterday” “Ok what’s the damage going to cost me” “Well with the part and labor were looking at over three hundred maybe a little less” “Ok that’s fine, I have to go out of town for a few days anyway” “We can give you a loaner car if you’d like” “Sure I was just going to check into rent a car” “No need we have a few here you can choose from” “Alright but I need to go to New London with it” “That’s no problem will have a good one ready for you” Ok I’ll be about twenty minutes or so before I can get over there” “Ok will see you then” He hung-up and so did I looking at the phone everything runs in three’s so who’s going to call now sitting just looking at the phone drinking my coffee now on the cool side, Lighting another cigarette waiting, thinking about Joe what was up with him wanting to see me in a hurry, another cup of coffee and no ringing, one more cigarette and I have to get going the shop was only four blocks from the house.
After going over the repair list needing updating on the paperwork so they could go ahead and fix it, Clay showed me a car they got ready, it was a nice white ford Taurus clean inside, placing my small bag in the back seat looking it over, Clay handed me a card and keys, if anything should happen while going to New London to Call, Leaving the shop heading for the highway just before entering it looking down at the dashboard something was missing no ash tray, a car without an ashtray how could they forget putting one in, checking around seeing a cup holder pullout for cups, a cigarette lighter holder socket but no end thing. Pulling into the quick serve mart before hitting the highway looking down at the gas gauge the Taurus didn’t need gas it was a full tank but I needed to get a coffee for the road.
What a bummer the store charge me for a cup of water not even a full cup along with my coffee, eighty-nine cents each, placing both cups in the tray keeping the water to the right just having to remember which one is the coffee to the water, lighting my cigarette leaving the window down now I had an ash tray to use, it was only an hour drive, not much traffic so should make good time, turning the radio on glancing a few times making sure I didn’t get a ticket for speeding as this Taurus was easy to climb up there without hesitation, this is my exit not even thinking flipped the cigarette out the window good thing it dye out beforehand, I sure wouldn’t want to think I started a fire, the old stores are large ones now boy have things have change some in the last few years hopefully I can still find my way around.
Sure the same old telephone poles right on the street, how many times I watch them pry cars off these things when I was younger, Joe was an alright kid he moved in just down the street from us when he was ten or so we horse around a lot with the other kids getting in trouble sometimes crossing lawns or rushing to the beach running by the beach goers laying down on towels, Joe always like running close by them kicking up sand playing frizz-bee, Joe wasn’t into sports much he only watch from the stands when I was playing, in class he was always the quite one not shy with the girls that’s for sure he had a lot of them hanging around especially at lunch time.
During the summer most of the kids would call him glass-boy, it never bother him, sometimes I find him on the beach with his little bucket looking for saltwater glass that washed up on the beach, he always seemed to find it checking the colors and types, sometimes we would find rocks and odd looking shells he just had to have, he took them down to a shell store where he could sale them at a good price I might add, the owner was always ready to shell out cash, this keep us both happy during the summer getting hamburgers and shakes from the surf shop, wonder if he still looking on the beach anymore, This was my old house just across from the boat pier, they painted it yellow and white trim why did they change the old colors sea blue and Red trim around the porch, looking up to the second floor they took away the old captains wheel and Anker too, many of nights Joe and I would sit out there watching for ships and making like we were the biggest ship on the ocean.
Joe only lived a few doors down from us while his Mom worked two jobs keeping him and his sisters taking care of the best she could, even if Joe spent many times at our house, Mom always said he was like a son in our family always welcome, of course now my sister was older and no time for us boys that is unless we played board games only then she didn’t mind us to much as long as she was winning, Joes sisters were twins so they got a lot of attention on the beach showing themselves off in bikini’s, Dad like to go fishing with us two always taking the small boat with its little motor chucking along near the edge lines, once in a while he flag a boat to take his line out dropping it more in the middle hoping to catch a big marlin, good thing he never got it we’d be out in the ocean needing rescued by the coast guard, Dad hated it when speed boats would go by us creating waves that almost flip us a few times having to hold on leaning to the waves. So many times we’d end up rowing back running out of gas with fish smelling in the heat making us sea sick, Joe was always the first over the side and me right behind him.
Pulling in the driveway it looked the same as before only thing new, were cars in the driveway, Lucky came running out barking “Hey Lucky old boy how are you” Lucky was a collie mix I think it was Joes forth or fifth now each one he called Lucky, why he named them the same was beyond me, at least it was an easy name to remember, petting her walking to the door Joe stood holding it open with a beer in his hand calling her inside.
“See you made it, have any trouble finding the place”
“No still the same old roads and poles”
“Well come on inside and have a beer”
We went inside everything still the same, the couch had a cover on it with blankets under so you didn’t fall thru to the floor with your legs dangling trying to get back up, Joe hand me a beer and we sat down I took the chair feeling safer than the sunken couch, Joe sat in the other chair setting our beers on the end table between them, Lucky laid down just at his feet “Well Joe what’s going on” “It’s a lot of things but I’m glad you came” “Anything for a friend” “it’s something from the past that’s been bothering me about us” What about us” Puzzled looking at him, he sat taking a drink looking to the floor after giving Lucky a few rubs he looked over “It’s you never asked about my DAD” “No I never did so why now your asking” He sat looking at me very puzzled another drink, taking mine waiting giving him time to think” It’s my dad birthday today” “Well happy birthday to him have you seen him?” Joes face just went limp almost crushing the can “He’s been gone now almost thirty years he died in the service” “Wow sorry you lost your dad”
“I never knew him that I can recall, Mom always talked about him to us, he was a good man and she loved him Becky and Trisha knew him and remembered him, but I don’t recall him at all” “That’s sad I feel for you not knowing your dad” “Your Dad was always helping me along even when you were off at camp” “Yea I know he told me he help you sometimes” “Did you know he offer to pay for camp the few times we went together” “So you were like family to us” “That’s just it I was more like your family than my own” sitting back in his chair he glanced up at our family photo with him in it next to me and my sisters, guzzling down his beer emptying it crushing the can “You ready for another” “No I still have plenty” “It’s not warm is it” “no its still cold” Joe went into the other room I sat looking at the photos mostly of my family and only two of him and his mother and sisters on the porch, boy I remember taking that one the girls were such hams about looking just right poising with Joe in the middle of them with Their mom over them.
“So how long you going to stay around here” Joe asked sitting down popping the cap, letting the dog lick the overflow just like every Lucky he had must be something they like “For the weekend then I gott’a get back to work” “Ok so you’ll stay here less you got other plans” “No other plans I came for you and by the looks of thing you need to talk to somebody” scooting up taking a small drink not what I really wanted for a lunch ”Still have the twin beds” ok you want to bunk together like old times” He just nodded looking over man was he looking depressed hope this wasn’t going to be a long night of him like this “You want to take a walk on the beach” “Yea how’s the salt glass doing these days?” “You remembered the glass” “Of course I remember the glass” “I thought you would have forgotten” “No we had some good times and Hamburgers for that glass, is the old surf shop still around?” “No they closed up some years back must be twenty years now” ”been that long”
We both headed out the door with Lucky following along across the street to the beach, not dressed wearing long dress pants and work shoes didn’t go good on the sand, Joe was wearing his shorts and flip flops open Florida palm tree shirt with his cross dangling to his hairy chest, a few swimmers and sun bathers as we walked near the edge, sitting down taking my shoes and socks off wanting to feel the cool water thru my toes, we walked along to the pier were they added on another forty or more feet for fishing, a few fisherman leaning over the rail waiting.
“Come’on let’s get a couple of cold ones” Joe said heading towards the pier front, Following along to the front it was a seafood restaurant on the beach part of the pier now, outside tables with a walk up window” Take a seat I’ll get it, lucky stay with him” Looking down Lucky wagging her tail finding a spot to watch the ocean waves rushing to the beach, setting my shoes on an empty white lawn chair sitting down Lucky sat down next to me resting her head on my lap, slowly stroking her head pulling out my cigarettes setting them on the table, lighting one looking back Joe had four beers and a hot dog with ketchup sitting down sidling two over Lucky sat next to him feeding her” She likes ketchup what can I say” he smiled watching her taking bites not taking it all at once like most dogs would, again letting her lick the top can it’s his dog if that’s what he like ok then.
Hello readers started this new story I’ll be working on it in-between four other stories been putting together hope you like it so far. Will


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2 Responses to “between me you and god”

  1. pat watson Says:

    I really enjoyed the story ! and it is like you were there, enjoying the surf and sand. and friendship, look forward to the next chapter! pat

  2. 0wc2d Says:

    802164 469869Lastly, got what I was seeking for!! Ive genuinely enjoying every small bit of this. Ecstatic I stumbled into this post! and also Ive bookmarked to appear at exclusive data for your weblog post. 913536

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