Between me you and G..!


Between Me You and G

Part two. Between Me You and G..

Joe had unquestionably age some over the past few years sitting drinking his second beer down, Lucky was sitting with her head on his lap her eyes closed so much more relaxed than Joe was, He looked over at the beer unopened “You going to drink that?” No Joe go ahead I’ve had plenty” Joe reach over popping the cap, he sure took up drinking in only a few years, even at the funeral he only had his Pepsi nothing stronger, both his sisters were there and left soon after, I had to get back also he understood and thank me for coming down, Mom and Dad where at the funeral also we went out for dinner wishing Joe would join us he declined needing to stay home taking care of things, Mom and Dad headed to the Airport for Florida right after dinner beings that’s where they retired now, away from the snow seasons at least they like Florida.

Crushing the can, that’s three crushed cans next to an almost full ashtray most of my cigarettes burnout with the wind, I still had two left but plenty back in the car. “You ready to head back?” Joe asking pushing his tong on the side pushing outward, looked like a big bubble on the side of his face. “Sure Joe anytime” “Come on Lucky” “Joe we taking the beach or road?” “Will take the road better put them fancy shoes on them white feet” Gee he smirked looking at my feet, picking up his crush cans placing them in the trash can with flies all over it.

The road was busy looking down at my watch it was almost five thirty, it was more heavier than I’ve ever seen this roadway, we use to ride our bikes not worrying about cars I don’t think I’d want to try it today, maybe that’s why I hadn’t seen any kids riding by. “Hey Joe any kids around the town anymore” “Plenty most are surfing down by the boardwalk” “What about the rest of them” “Oh probity playing video games at home’ you might find a few in the arcade” “They still have the arcade here” “It’s change a lot over the years”

Racing cars were our thing back them always the twin seater two players racing each other around the course, games all over the crane ones well sometimes we got something but for the most part it always fell off just before the tray, I think the plan it that way making the toys to big just to get our quarter. “You ok you’re not saying much” Sure I’m ok just remembering the old arcade games” “Well it’s almost dinner time want to go down to the board walk” walk last thing I want to do is walk over a mile in theses shoes. “I know you rather take the car than walk right” Joe looking over smiling looking again at my shoes, I just was about out of breath walking already it seem like we walk five miles to get back already. “That’s what those things will do to you slow you down” making like he was smoking a cigarette with a big grin, it was good to see him cheering up maybe it was to many beers but he walk a straight line more than I could say for myself after only two.

I needed coffee at this point, gee finely at the house leaning on the trunk resting, Joe stopped at the porch looking back even Lucky looked at me standing totally out of breath “Hey man you ok, you need and inhaler or something” “No just give me a second I’ll be right in” “Ok I’ve got an extra inhaler if you need it” “Thanks’ Joe I’ll be ok” “Ok come on Lucky let him have another smoke and be winded” Inhaler maybe I did need one after all I can’t remember when I walked so much, opening the back door and what do you thing I’m getting yep more smokes as he called them, no I not going to lit one but maybe later I need it, the one in the pack got broken walking back. “Will you want a beer before we go”

Looking up he stood holding another open beer” no I’ve had my fill” “Ok will take my car you don’t look so hot” “Which ones yours” “All of them you didn’t think anybody was staying here did you” Feeling like fool “Wow you have a few” “Been restoring them, will take the Buick” That’s a ride nineteen fifty-six Buick Roadmaster V8 blue and white, he fired it up opening the door inside was a little ragged still, his beer seating on the seat, looking to the porch Lucky laying down watching us leave “Lucky going to be all right on the porch” “Oh yea she knows where I’m going” pulling right behind a local police car, I looked down at the beer and back up “It’s ok they won’t bother us” “They won’t” No they after the out of state’rs” “Ok” Sure following just behind him at the light don’t you know it a Virginia plate ran the light, and there goes the lights” See what I tell yea out of state’rs do it every time”

Quick Post We’ve been ask not to use the G part ok make everyone happen will leave it out just for now just wait no you got to me it ain’t over. This story will go on and now you got me Hell fired up to work more on it. Will How about that word I like the other one thanks’ just the same.


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