Between Me you and God 3

Between Me You and God 3
BMYG Part three.
Said News on Joe Marts last night received a call from his sister that Joe had left us, what a shock This was having now to go see my friend one last time, we just starting to write about his life growing up together as young kids taken on our world, talking to Joe last week about the story he asked if I would tell it so others would know what happen to him only leave out some things he talk about that should not be let out while his sisters were still alive, I asked him why they should know the truth, hearing him crying on the phone was hard he did end up given the ok to go forward; just it happen so long ago haunting him why it happen and if it was his fault it happen, after reassuring him he was a small boy that trusted a man of the cloth only to become his victim of pray, Joe wanted to bring it out but with all the news about other victims he was held back fearing what would happen around his life now, people don’t understand what Joe went thru during his childhood before Moving, even his own Mother never knew what happen Joe never spoke of it till we talked two months ago and only then it came out letting him free from the hurt of not telling anybody that was a long time bottled up for anybody to hold inside, Joe read a few pages before he past Rest in Peace old friend. The story will go on for Joe.
Around the bend looking to the water seeing all the new docks now with boats tied to them, back in the day only a few were around without gates closing them off, Joe almost spilled his beer stopping quick for some dummy sightseeing running off the road, now if he was at the other end both Joe and I would be pulling him out of the car having it run into a street pole.
“Look to your right’ see the new hotel”
“That’s big when they build that?”
“This year it was the old mission place”
“Yea I remember that place, toga guys walking around”
Hearing Joe chuckle sipping on his beer, seeing ahead the open white wooden gates leading inside the parking lot rows and rows of cars, Joe drove near the building looking for a spot close by swing the wheel hard right into one before a car made it down the row to get it.
“Sorry old boy find the next one” Joe said out the window crushing his can opening the door, we both walked up to the old arcade hearing all the local kids, first thing stood looking at us she waited to tell our fortune faded paint and tattered clothes, eyes still looking waiting to enthuse you with her cards now old and yellowing, paper tape to the glass Out of order, so much for getting my fortune told, Joe was just ahead looking over the games pointing a few out that we played here, so many new games surprised they even keep the old ones, kids playing bowling pin now that used to be the table tennis area, Joe was standing at the door waiting.
“Change some, let’s get a beer”
Around the building they put in a small stand offering Hot dogs pizza and cold drinks, cold Beer, ice cream but I didn’t see any coffee listed looking over the small area two persons behind the counter one cooking the other server, Joe held up two fingers and then three “Find a seat I’ll get it” Joe pointed to the stools near the rail just before the boardwalk looking to the ocean waves. A few went by rollerblading hearing the wood creak as they went by, six young boys followed with skate boards head upwards, Joe handed me a foam cup and Wrapped hot dog, smiled down as I took them.
“Don’t want you getting sick on me”
“Thanks’ Joe”
“They put the mustard on it already and Black with three sugars right”
“Right thanks’ things have sure changed on the board walk”
Joe finished off two hot dogs and a beer as we sat watching the waves, hearing a cart coming we turn around to see it “Here you go Joe”
“Thanks Mike I owe you one”
“Don’t worry about it enjoy the ride”
“I bum it that’s too far a walk even for me”
We jumped on heading down the boardwalk slowing down only when someone was walking along the side rail, Busy was an understatement the place was packed, Joe parked on the side leaving his unopened beer in the slot up front; Joe held up two fingers not even talking to the girl in hot pants and tee shirt waving us to follow, around a few tables she placed menus on the table for two near the bar rail “Have a nice night someone will be right with you” Joe sat down again waving to someone behind the bar
“You must come here a lot everyone seems to know you”
“That I do almost every night for dinner”
“You don’t eat at home?”
“Na’ I like eating out no dishes to wash later”
“So what’s good?”
“Surf and turf’ it’s a mix of sea food mostly clams and crab cakes”
Watching a young man heading to us setting a large pitcher of beer down with two glass, reaching behind him holding a small note pad with pen “What’ya have guys”
“Hey Will you want coffee or a mix drink”
“How about Granddad and soda with the surf and turf”
“We can handle that’ and Joe doll what ya have”
“Surf and turf will do and Francis this is by best friend Will from the north”
“Glade to meet you Will, hope to see more of you around here, he gets boring after awhile”
“Don’t worry he’s harmless, Will what I got to talk about might be hard”
“Well what is it Girl problems”
“No it’s Me Will and something that happen when I was young”
“Joe buddy you can count on me I’m here”
Note: Your at Peace Joe, 10/5/55 – 8/10/2012


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2 Responses to “Between Me you and God 3”

  1. pat watson Says:

    wow! what a sad begining; It sounds more real, If it”s a real story, my condolieses. I like the story, happy you will be continueing to write it. pepole need to hear how one sad thing can change a persons life. waiting, paitently for the next chapter. pat

    • yellowjac Says:

      Joe would have like to have meet many friends he had, glade i was with him just before the end, Drinking more than he should have, at least he’s resting peacefully now. thanks for the condolences wish you could have meet him he would have really like you.

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