Between me you and God 4

BMYG Part Four.

Driving home from Joe’s house after a week of reminiscing the good old days riding our bikes across the bridge to explore the other parts we only watch from the fishing pier, that one summer we both sat not catching any fish just watching boats up and down even got to see a sub leaving the harbor.    Reader’s Sorry had to stop here this bag is driving me nuts wondering what he said.

Joes in a better place we hope and Lucky went to her new home with Trisha in North Carolina, After a few days of rest and a little catch up time getting things back in order here, before having to go find a cassette player, that was not easy task seems no one has them for some unknown reason but did find one in good condition, returning home with my used cassette player now too thumbing thru twenty or more cassettes Joe left with me of his life as a small boy, even thou we spent a few days together he said he had more to say and would tell me later, this was his way of telling me without telling me in person, Trisha handed me the paper bag of cassettes with my name on them not knowing what they were and assumed they were mine, after hearing Joe talk about his childhood I was able to get eight tapes in-between coffee and note taken on a few things this is going to be a short but fast review so thank you all and will start it on Tuesday 21. Will


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