Between Me You and God 6

BMYG The cassette tapes Part Six.
You might be wondering about now just what happen to Harry, he stopped hanging around with all the boys from church and avoided me; telling me he couldn’t be around the boys anymore and found new friends now. It took almost two months before I could try that rob on again just when I was thinking about quitting and checking out the other church down the street, when I mention it to Father Spears that I wasn’t happy not getting the chance to even hold the candle stick, maybe the way I said it , His look of why must have got to him walking me into the hallway to the robs and candle poles, he reached in handing me a rob to put on, as I put it on he handed me the pole telling me to go ahead and try it by myself with no one inside to watch me only him and one other boy checking the seat rows making sure all the Bible’s and pamphlets were in order.
Walking the aisle stopping just as the older boys did making like I had lit the candles returning to Father Spears standing in his long black rob watching his head nodded giving me that smile I did good. Telling to go put them out now, again I did it feeling so great about it this was the best day I’ve waited for over the past few months. Father Spears looking down at me while we put the coat and pole back in place he rubbed my back telling me as we walked to his study. We sat down together going over a few more things I needed to do showing me the Bible passages asking about them his arm around me removing it quickly when the older boy came in, he quickly told him we were just finishing up and I would be candle bearer the week before Thanksgiving, surprised thanking him leaving rushing home to tell everyone the good news.

Rushing home to tell mom was the greatest thing that could happen, Mom was so excited for me and would even come to church to see me, Mom could ask for the day off being three week away, Mom in a church was a rarity as she never went as long as I could remember, Becky and Trish didn’t care one way or the other who did it, A few days later seeing Harry in school rushing up to him, asking him if he could come see me this was my big day, his face dropped just staring at me stuttering his words No You’re a fool get away from that church its bad placed and will turn you bad get away from me, pushing me back just set my temper off reaching out punching him right in the nose, pushing me away holding his nose rushing down the hallway.

Mom was called at work from the school nurse, saying she didn’t report the matter leaving it up to her to have a talk with me rather than bringing it to the principle, telling her two boys did witness the incident and I was only defending myself, knowing who they were from church. Mom did ask about it while we were having dinner, telling her I only asked him to come to church he refused so I hit him. Mom just smiled at me not bringing it to a big thing, Now Becky and Trisha didn’t care what happen at school as long as they weren’t brought into it; they were doing the dishes and Mom sat down watching her TV show, while I did my homework on the table.

The door bell rang Becky ran to the door hoping it was her new boy friend returning past me in a low voice said I was in trouble now, Looking to the door Mom already open it inviting him in, Father Spears in his heavy coat unbuttoning it seating down in the livingroom; Trisha offered him coffee, hurry to get him some I stood behind Mom’s chair, Father Spears told Mom about This Saturday asking if I could go to a church campfire on the beach with others from the study.

Becky and Trisha were already invited, so he thought because of my age he would ask as a few younger boys my age would also be there; Mom said it would be ok as long as I didn’t give anybody a hard time, Father Spears told her I was a good student knowing my Bible, Mom almost jinks it for me telling him about pounding Harry; he said he had already heard about it and would talk to him on the matter, not to hold it against me from going to the campfire only asking if she could help out by giving two other boys a ride home.

Mom agreed to help out that was her early night anyway; What a surprised Mom took their names and phone numbers and said she would call and talk to their parents as it worked out they stayed overnight in our house, Mom even watched a good horror Movie with us making Pop corn. At the campfire it was more Bible talk with a few songs even Father Spears played his guitar without his collar roosting Hot dogs and Marshmallows drinking Coke Cola of course we were looking around for the beer but never found it, most likely hidden till we left.

Counting down marking the days off hoping it didn’t snow before then, everything was ready I knew by studying hard for church I could pass any Bible lesson now hell even brought a grade up in Reading and History to B’s, Mom was happy I was studying so hard bring up the grades wondering what I wanted for Christmas be so good, now it would be my turn to go in Father Spears study to tell him what I learned after mass, with one more week to go seating on the couch with the other boys I waited he called one of the other boys in first he was quick telling me to go in, almost dropping my book getting up going inside the room, sitting on his long couch while he sat in a chair looking over my work, another boy was also sitting on the couch in his white rob coat just looking in a magazine, everything was dark inside the walls dark wood even dark closed green drapes on his desk a small lamp with glass and crosses around the room next to each painting of the Jesus on the cross, light reflecting from dangling glass overhead, Father Spears stood up holding the rob for me, the sleeves were to small with my sweater on having to take it off he said it looked good but it was too tight the other boy took his off handing it to me, I put it on it was a good fit, sitting down all three of us went over the passages in the booklet.

Having more time after mass now just talking about school and then other things, drinking little glasses of wine while we talked, the heat must have been up in the room feeling hot taking the rob off, my eyes were tired almost sleepy trying to keep my eyes open, next thing waking up on the couch with the rob on sitting up. Neither of the two were in the room seeing all my clothes sitting on the chair realizing all I had on was the rob, getting dressed looking to the open door not see anybody in the hallway, placing the rob on a hanger next to the other one before heading to the kitchen hearing them talking, Father Spears and the boy sitting at the table.

“You ok now feel better”, “sure what happen why were my clothes off”, the boy turn smiling at me telling me “you took them off putting on the rob saying you wanted to be like Jesus” it must have been the wine looking at the clock almost six I better get home, Mom should be home anytime now. Telling them I’d see them later and rush home, what could I tell mom why I was late, seeing the car in the driveway she was already home.

Opening the door supper was just going on the table, Mom looked over at me I wanted to come up with some good reason I was late before I could even say anything Mom said Father Spears called and said I was study with Tom Witan helping him with his school work , what a relief at least I now know who the boy was anyway, we sat down had dinner and because Becky took out the trash I had to do the dishes, better than explaining what happen at church it must have been too much wine making me do that was my only reason it could have happen, so that’s what I thought at the time only later did I know what was going on, but anyway that following Sunday I was the candle person lighting them and smiling walking back Looking at Mom sitting with my Sisters, Harry wasn’t in the church anywhere, I had hoped in a way he would have showed up I even felt bad for hitting him.

After church Mom took my Photos on the steps in my Rob, see was proud of me what I worked for and more that I was trying harder in school, Looking outward I could swear I seen Harry ducking behind a car, Becky keep interrupting wanting to get home she had a date or something, They left and I walked around with Father Spears feeling more free floating on top of the world walking along golden clouds’ of cotton. No I wasn’t taken anything back then it was around, don’t get me wrong here; mostly rolled smoke some had uppers and downer pills every kid in school always knew what cars in the parking lot were selling what, glad I stayed away from that as a kid I was already mess up and didn’t even know at the time.


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One Response to “Between Me You and God 6”

  1. pat watson Says:

    joe had a very hard, young life, mostly because people, hid in the closet so to speak, beliveing things like that didn’t happen. especially in church. Or if they knew they never talked about it! thankfully things have changed, they are more open now, and you are helping by putting it in story form. waiting for next chapter.

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