Between Me You and God 7

Between Me You and God 7
BMYG The tapes Part Seven.
Sunday’s came and went it seem like a long winter mostly cold some snow, that year Christmas was good Mom got a raise able to buy a few more things that we needed, She and my sisters even went to Christmas Mass, Candle persons now were posted , mine again wasn’t till February. Sunday study was a different thing all together after Christmas Things changed more of the boys were in study, being that I studied so hard Father Spears made me leader of the Group study, that was ok he still took a few in his study over the weeks most of the boys I knew from school three of them had the same classes as I did.
Tom seemed to be in every study with Father Spears, I was called a few times alright that’s when I found out what went on during Study in that room, Father Spears wore his robe more often with sandals sitting in his chair that did seem weird shrugging it off, once they asked if I would take a boy home he wasn’t feeling well, It was Jake from school I knew him we had lunch together and even worked on homework; He was sitting on the couch in his rob seeing he didn’t have his pants on looking around for them sitting on the desk chair, handing them to him he just looked up at me and started crying with his head down, I remember sitting with him holding him into me till he got hold of himself, Tom had walked by a few times looking in but never said anything, he was able to get dressed not wanting to go home asking if he could spend the night with me, Mom won’t mind if it was ok with his mom.
Jake told me what happen to him in the study, when I asked him about wearing the rob he said it was suppose to be more with Jesus as he would have dressed but then they started fooling around some and things happen, asking him how much wine he had only one glass and was feeling sick so they stopped asking why they did things like that it was a church was he suppose to do that, after he had his crying time again I could only reassure him it wasn’t right and something was wrong here, he said he could never tell his folks about it he was at fault going along with what they were doing, we agreed not to say anything about it that night, all week I thought about it what happen to him might be happen to other boys as well maybe that’s what happen to me, I needed to find out on my Sunday candle day then I would know what happen.
It just so happen that that Sunday Father Spears was his old self greeting everyone in church; Tom said I had Candle service that day even thou it wasn’t my turn yet, one of the boys had to go out of town, Jake was here and a few others why didn’t they ask them I wasn’t ready this wasn’t what I had plan for it was too soon. Service went well so I played the part all the way to study after service I rush to the store still in my rob getting a quart of milk, being one up on them beforehand reading about it in some magazine so you don’t get wasted drinking, returning like I had been in another room drying my shoes off inbetween hiccups now, Tom seen me in the kitchen asking if I was studying with them, of course I was he did ask about the shoes I told him I had to help someone to their car, what a lie that was in church at that.
Two boys were on the outside couch with books telling me they were waiting inside, sure enough they were seating inside talking just the two of them smiling at me when I walk in leaving the door open sitting on the couch still in my rob without a book, Father handed me a bible opening it to a page, looking down not really looking at it hearing Tom closing the door telling them when they were done they could go home. Geneses he was pointing at and Tom brought over the wine and glasses.
After two glasses I felt ok it wasn’t bothering me but I played the part remembering on the second glass how I felt before, sure enough Tom started taking my shoes off the verses were a little fuzzy so Father spears told me to lay down for a few, I did both of them had taken off all my cloths and were touching my whole body keeping still as best I could letting them, they placed my hand on well parts of them each taking their photos with each of the flashes squinting my eyes a few times moving about feeling sore before they both stopped placing the rob back on laying me down, I stayed there hearing them leaving the room with one eye I could see the draw open and a camera sitting on top of the desk, sitting upward looking at the chair there sat all my clothes, I was sore front and back and here I thought I had eaten something bad before along it was them, Tom walk in looking at me telling me to get dressed study was over, taken the camera and closing the draw leaving the room, the door was open so I hurried getting dressed checking the draw finding photos of the other boys as well as mind.
A deep knot was In my throat now knowing what happen why did I let them do it maybe I was as much to blame as they were. All kinds of thoughts went thru my mind that day how could this have happen to me what would Mom say’ god I couldn’t tell her what would she think of me them I just better not ever bring this up.
Seeing Tom in school he tried to avoid me but I stopped him in the stairway asking what happen during study only telling him that I remember something about it waking up, he told me to talk to Father Spears about it, when Lunch time came I left school went right over to the church looking for him only to ask him about it, he was busy in the main church with a few persons, so I went into the study sitting on the couch waiting for him only I keep thinking about the photos mine mostly looking to the door; I could hear him still talking, he didn’t see me come in checking out the desk there they were the photos rubbishing thru them finding all of mine and Jakes just laying there even seeing Harrys.
I took all of ours no one would ever see them quickly placing them in my pocket leaving before he was done returning to school; I had only miss two classes no big deal I could make it up later; just before school ended Tom had stopped me asking if I had went over to see him during lunch of course no one seen me I told him no I was in the library and I see him later or Sunday. He looked at me telling me Fathers only going to tell you it’s between you him and God and not to talk about it. I hurried home before my sisters got home calling Jake telling him I needed to see him right away I had something for him, even called harry ask him to come by he said he couldn’t waiting for Jake looking at the time rushing to Mom’s desk an got a envelope and stamp wrote Harry’s name and address placing his inside, just making it to the door in time to hand it to the mailman wow I remember how close that was.
Jake and I became good friends spending more time together doing homework playing football so he was always welcome by Mom of course my sisters didn’t mind we do the dishes even enjoy doing them together, Jake dad dropped him off with his nap sack for the night even if it was a school night didn’t matter giving his folks time to them self, Mom made dinner and we watch TV just like we always did after the movie we did our homework and said goodnight Mom just said don’t stay up now you boys have school, Jake even gave her a hug before we went up.
That night I showed him what I found he was shocked what he saw agreeing not ever to mention it to anyone we had the only photos and we cut them up into small pieces no one would ever put them back together, we were safe agreeing that we would both check out Harrys church but we have to come up with a reason we want to change churches, Hey church was an important part of life back then we talked it over some during the week, Looking for Harry to see if he got the envelope not finding him all week, Sunday came Jake left with his folks and Tom stayed by me telling me Father wanted to talk to me. So I waited for him in the church not his study, he sat down next to me asking if I needed to talk to him about study, I told him no god knows I did my best to please him and you; just like Tom said he said It’s between me you and god son what happens here or god will not take you in to heaven. I told him I understand and went home only to find Harrys father car parked outside Harry must be with him rushing inside, all three stood up looking at me.
Mom had that look making me want to crawl to the floor, “Mike do you know anything about a letter to Harry” “No what letter” Harry sat back down just looking to his father he looked mad, “Did you send this letter” he asked looking at it shaking my head no “He said he didn’t already” “Looks like his writing” “He already told you no’ that’s that you’ll have to leave” “Whats in it” “Never mine will talk about it later” Harry and his dad left Mom just pointed to the couch to sit down till she returned. Now I wasn’t wrong I didn’t lie about it I didn’t write a letter only placed the photos in it no letter. They went outside looking out the window mom was talking up a storm at him man was she mad rushing back to the couch, mom came in sitting down next to me just looking at me back into the kitchen Becky came in Mom told her to go to the store and get coffee she needed to talk to me.
She asked about the letter if I had sent it, I told her no we Haden even talk to each other in a long time, then she ask me if anything was going on in church that she should know about, when I told her yes she sat back in the chair looking at me she looked almost pale white so I told her that me and Jake talked about checking the other church out maybe with the older kids as they seem to do more events we like to do like car washes and singing carols. She sat back up asking if anything else might have happen while we were in Sunday school, no just our booklet classes with the other’s ask Trisha or Becky, she quickly change that worry look saying we were going out to dinner when the girls got home, I rushed doing homework before we went to dinner, Mom called her Brother Cory talking with him till the girls came home.


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