Beetween Me You and G 8

B M Y and G 8

BMYG  Part Eight.

Joe’s life in prospect to his childhood must have been very hard being a much wiser ten year old kid, Sixty minutes of tapes rattling on about his life as a youth, how it must have haunted him wondering why he never reach out for some help, was it more fear of what others would think of him or maybe he just was to afraid. Joe must have wanted to talk about it to somebody, maybe this was his only way he could do it sitting in his chair drinking a beer petting Lucky, no one to hear what his life held deep inside. We can’t help if we don’t know what happen! how many still hold it inside trying to forget, no one should have to go thru what Joe did for so many years.

Tape fourteen starts off: During Dinner Mom had asked the girls about the church how they were doing both of them together just looked over at me, how I just wanted to crawl under the table looking at them two, Saying they had classes but most of it was boring now same old stuff, songs didn’t even change from week to week anymore. When mom asked them about a change; both agreed with her saying the other church seems to do more things and make more visits to the elderly; Most of the other girls already went to the other church now anyway. Becky said they had altar boys and girls also making it clear to me it’s not just for boys everyone takes part in activities, Mom told them to check it out with your friend’s maybe Joe wants to go, when she said that I almost dropped my fork surprised. Mom didn’t bring up about the letter.

Thursday during school I was called into the office, Two men in suites stood looking at me with the vice principle, sitting down they asked me all kinds of question back and forth all about what went on in church and what I did, asking about Harry and Jake I told them only what I could without telling them, Next thing I knew Mom came storming in the door not even knocking telling them to stop and told me to get up and wait outside she slammed the door I just sat in the chair till she came out; Fire could have come out of her nose she was so mad pointing her finger at both of them I don’t think they got to many words in, when she came out she asked me if I was ok and go get my things were where going home, rushing to my locker gathering up my books heading to the door when Jake started walking towards us.

Mom stopped him asking if he was going to the office, when he said he was called out of class, her face got all red , looking back down the hall telling Jake if your parents aren’t here you coming home with us, Jake just agreed with her saying he had all his work already didn’t have to get anything, we headed for the car a man was standing next to it telling her he was going to take us in for questioning, Try it was all she said he stepped back letting us in, going the wrong way for home, Jake sat in the middle mom pounded her hand on the wheel a few times only smiling over at us asking if we were ok, Mom drove into A&W parking on the side away from the front area , ordering what we wanted and sat down, Jake asked why they called me in the office hearing my name called before they called his name’ what was going on. Mom just looked up asking both of us did they ask you a lot of question or putting words in your mouth, they wanted to hear raising her eyes waiting.

Telling her they asked about church and what happen in church what I did and who else were in the study group, I just stayed quite like you always said don’t talk to anybody when you feel uncomfortable or someone’s asking question they have no right asking about family. She ask Jake if they asked him anything he sat smiling at her say she got to him before they did, we sat having another frosty while mom was on the phone, me and Jake were making like we had mustaches with the ice cream foam, while Mom was busy Jake ask if I talked I quickly told him no and not to bring it up no one ever has to know, he agreed, Mom came back sitting down smiling at us telling Jake his Dad would pick him up later at our house, Jake was all excided.

When we got home hoping to see an early movie  turning it on, Mom told us to go to the bedroom for awhile she needed to talk on the phone and it would be a little to loud, we always talked on the phone with the TV on before she needed it private, we played a few card games hearing the doorbell ring rushing outward mom said to wait she’ll get it, we both stood by the couch looking at the door, Mom open it outside the screen was the same man from the parking lot, he only wanted to talk to her not us, Mom told us to go back in the room and she went outside, Becky and Trisha came home coming in the back door wanting to know what was going on why was mom home from work so early why were we home what did we do now.

Trisha was the worst one asking the question making like we did something bad, Jake rush to the bed started crying I remember pushing past he right to the front door opening it so fast saying Mom come quickly, Forgetting at the man talking to her she and the man rush inside Trisha just asking them what happen, Mom was mad telling her to sit down and shut up, She sat down with Jake talking softly to him with her hand telling me to go in the other room, turning around the man stood there closing the door behind me sitting down on the couch he sat also not saying anything, Mom finely came out closing the door behind her saying he’ll be ok just let him be a few, Trisha start your homework in the other room in a force full tone, Mom sat down looking at the man ok will go see him and that’s all got it, he just knotted his head thank you and left.

They won’t ask question at school again without a parent in the room, go ask Jake if he like to watch TV’ her voice was soften walking into the kitchen. Me and Jake got to watch gun smoke and a few other good western that we liked before dinner, Becky had set the table for seven not five, asking who was coming over mom said Jakes parents’ wow they never had dinner with us before it was the first time, Mom had every little detail even the napkins folded Trisha wasn’t saying much now keeping quite helping in the kitchen not fighting for the TV. The door bell rang it was Jakes Parents Jake ran over to his Mother and hugged her and his Father bringing them into the livingroom, Mom came out talking off her apron saying a few words to them before we all sat down having dinner, of course me and Jake were looking at all the dishes and platters mom used Jake looked at the stove tapping me to look over at the stove full of pans, We had our work cut out for the night that was for sure lowering our heads eating, Mom most have seen us reaching over patting Jakes hand he looked up as I did she told him We weren’t doing them tonight so enjoy the meal we both dug right in have seconds.

That night Jake stayed over we had a good time rooming around hearing the news coming on it was late already now we were in trouble for sure staying up so late, Mom was watching TV we both gave her a hug saying goodnight and we were sorry we stayed up late, she wasn’t mad at all telling us we had to see someone in the morning and not going to school, Jake asked about his parents knowing about it, she told him his Father would meet us there get some sleep don’t worry yourselves about it they would be with us.

Thursday morning mom woke both of us up with breakfast ready ham and eggs, looking up at the clock it was after nine already first time in a long time I over sleep, Jake was still tired sitting down, both girls already went to school mom sat having her coffee. When we got to the building Jakes Dad was waiting in the parking lot for us, we walked in like a family together it was a nice feeling both of them walking behind us Jake even held the door open. We were escorted to a room four chairs on one side and just one on the other a White coat man stood greeting us shaking our hands before we sat down, us two in the middle Jake held his leg next to mine, he started off asking small question about family matters and how we got along, so I said about Becky and Trisha always picking on us and bossing us around a lot, Mom chuckled a few times so did Jakes Dad as we both talk more about games and sports, then the question was out in front of us asking about the church,.

Jake started to get a little antsy his dad told him it was alright to tell him anything that went on that we thought about was wrong, Jake told them about the candle service talking to long and we didn’t do a lot in church but sit around studying the Bible booklet, he again asked if he or I was ever taken in the Fathers study, Jake said yes I almost died right there looking over to him saying we went in to get our coats and books sometimes but it for the older boys only, I was so scared sitting trying not to sweat, Mom knew something was up she rub my backside a few times anything you want to add? I just looked at her and back to the White coat We only asked if we could change churches to do more things that’s all is that so wrong of us” He sat looking at both of us asking us to wait outside for a few, Jake and I both got up so fast wanting to get away from him waited watching around at all the kids in different rooms grouped together not like school more one on one sitting on the floor in circles, When they both came out we asked if we did ok being reassured we did and were fine, Jake went with his Dad and Mom and me went home.

Sitting down mom gave me a soda surprised it wasn’t kool-aid, Mom asked a few more question still not letting on about what happen, Mom told me that a new Pastor was taking over the church and what I thought about it, when this happen? Mom said it was something bad the Father was doing to other boys and they found a bunch of stuff from the boys that he had, asking what kind of stuff I still have all my stuff, She smiled at me saying it was ok and if anything did happen to tell her about it so she could help, asking again about what she found out she said that the Church location him in another state, you know me with the question and I asked. He’s why’ he had to leave to another parish, I was glad he was gone but couldn’t let on she told me they transferred priest to other parishes that need them., ok mom sure send them to another church where they can start all over in a new town, how much I wanted to tell her what happen to me but I just couldn’t, more thinking how she would see me her son that did this bad thing letting it happen, I did let it happen I should have stopped it I was so weak and wanting to cry that it happen but I found out what was happen not only to me but the others if only but I did it I found out and pound the photos and save us, only how can I still be her son anymore thinking more I’d be kick out or lockup put in a jail, if they found out I was the one who sent the photos and ripped up ours  more telling Jake to be silent about it. Mom was ok reassuring me saying maybe the new Father would work more with the study groups, taking over this Sunday and she go with us to meet him.

Telling you all this is like it was yesterday, how many years does it take to get over something like this maybe it just never goes away from you it’s always in the back of your brain waiting for you to see something that triggers it out again, if this had happen today he would have played hell for it, I know he went to hell and I look forward to going to the heavens someday just knowing deep down I did nothing wrong, sorry just raddled on a little here now Sunday came and we meet the new Father with his congregation of worried people wondering what happen well nothing was said about what went on before just like Mom said he was transferred to another parish in another state.



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