Between Me You and G 9

Between Me You and G-9

BMYG  Part Nine.

Sitting here I feel like a fool talking to a Tape recorder having my beer with Lucky eating chips that by the way spilled trying to set this mike up again,. You know times were hard back then and I just don’t know how to tell you I’m mostly talking here to Lucky when she not sleeping, the radio playing the oldies bringing be back to that year of the hippies you might say; so like I was saying before we did go to the church and meet the new Father, The Bible studies were in the main room with the girls now, they even had adults now teaching instead of just the Father, Candle services were in teams of four even if most of the younger kids left right after, all outside activities were canceled with the groups more preaching the Bible only.

It was ok for most of the older folks, now Becky and Trisha did go to the other church till we moved, not for me it just didn’t feel right anymore something about it change me maybe it was what happen maybe not, when does a ten year old kid know anyway school was even hard work not wanting to do homework more just playing outside, when the weather was bad out I’d stay in my room reading a book or playing with my toy cars, if the girls were out I’d watch more TV. Having the TV to myself on Sundays was great till they came home of course, Mom was working late hours coming home just as the news was ending checking on all of us before she went to bed always giving me a kiss on the forehead every night, a few times more that I’d like to say it happen having night mares waking up in the middle of the night with a wet bed, Mom never asked why it happen only saying I would grow out of it not to worry all boys sometimes they have the same problem, The biggest thing being scared when Mom had question my sisters about the wash, mostly my underwear missing seemed she had to buy more than normal, believe me I tried hard to get the blood out after church it wasn’t the food or too much cheese as I hope it was till that day, likely it healed and the only time I got new ones was at Christmas or start of school like every other kid did.

Uncle Cody moved in with us, taking the top bunk so Lucky could stay with me on the bed, Cody was more like an older brother to me going fishing, playing baseball sort of more throwing the ball back and forth in the yard, most of the time we were chasing Lucky to retrieve the ball, winning the girls at board games, Cody even like music teaching me steps to some of it, mostly we’d sit on the floor taking in the sounds moving the speakers around the room, he even made most of our dinners making sure I ate his French Beans, still to this day I won’t eat those things squirmy things like split worms in water. Any time we were going someplace together Cody always phoning mom before we took off, a few times we had to wait for her to call back.

Then it happen one late night being woken up by Mom and Cody talking in the kitchen, harsh words went back and forth between then, staying out of sight standing by the doorway when I heard them talking about going to court and getting a lawyer for me, what did I do that they needed a lawyer believe me I was getting scared leaving the doorway walking right in on them, both just stopped and told me to sit down they needed to talk to me, Mom told me they wanted me in court to give evidence against the Church. Here I thought everyone forgot about it, telling them I knew nothing about what went on behind his closed door, only what I heard around school what happen and the boys involved had left school or they moved.

Mom was silent and pulled me into to her telling me we were moving soon, asking how I would like to start a new school making new friends, sure I like it here but moving away I wanted to do more than anything I even thought of running away just to get away from all the talk going around even the boys in gym picking on any boy in church. Of course she asked if that was why I stopped going I just said yes.   No matter what I was not going to any court against the church, Cody did agreed with her and not to be afraid of what other say, I told them about a few boys in school hitting me telling me not to talk or they would kill me, well Cody about jumped out of his seat wanting to go get them boys asking who they were, I never seen him mad like this before, mom talked him back down off his high horse. Cody didn’t sleep much that night nor did I thinking maybe I said something that slipped out.

Jake’s Dad got transferred in the Air force just before Cody came to stay with us, Jake told me he would never say anything and owe me his life, that’s funny him owing me his life maybe helping him was right he turned out ok, Got married had four kids and still in the Service last I knew. You know I didn’t have many friends back then mostly keep to myself more afraid of what could happen, Tom had run into me a few times before he was pickup by the police still in his gym suit everyone just watch him squirm crying as they took him away, every time I looked at him I wanted to hurt him back but not in the way he did to me, where he was going they have a lot of guys that like young boys hope he gets what’s coming to him, what goes around comes around I remember hollering out as they dragged him out.

This tape working ok We were out fishing one afternoon me and Cody by the stream not thinking the ground was still damp slipping off the bank right into the muddy water, Cody helped me out I had lost the fishing pole, soaking wet more Panicked I was drowning Cody rush over helping me out, that’s when he found out I didn’t know how to swim, He showed me later how to swim holding me in the water till I could swim, anyway that day when I feel in we went home and no one was home it was a weekend the girls were off visiting, Cody told me to get clean up before they came home, so I took a Shower, now I always lock the door so my sisters won’t come barging in on me for some reason not thinking I left it open hurry to get in the shower stripping off my clothes jumping right in relaxed under the water letting it run thru my hair, Cody said hurry up don’t take all day in there, realizing he was just outside the glass doors in the bathroom turning off the water I slowly open the door and just looked at him. All kinds of thoughts went thru my head standing with the door open my whole body started trembling, He turn back around hearing me starting to cry, whatever he said I don’t remember only him grabbing the towel and pulling me out of the shower sitting me down on the thrown, I crying scared for what reason I don’t know why it just started, Cody dried me off taking me into the bedroom helping me get dressed, we sat on the bed Cody ask what happen why I froze in the shower like that.

Telling him I just got scared I was drowning dying falling into hell, he sat with me telling me I was fine it was only because I didn’t know how to swim, telling me the water was only waist high and if I just stood up I could have walk out of it, wanting to know what else was bothering me saying he would never tell Mom if I had something to tell him about the church, he would understand why I never said anything to anybody about it before but he had to know, I told him only what I heard and that I was glad he didn’t do anything with me in that way, Cody told me sometimes people go wrong and they need help, asking again if I needed help coping with it more just between us two, I couldn’t tell him as much as I wanted to, just to let someone know about it maybe it would have helped me but I couldn’t do it, always asking myself why didn’t they run, if they knew what was going on they should have run out scramming from the room someone would have heard them putting a stop to it, who would believe a kid na let him live his life in guilt and shame the parent didn’t want to hear about such things going on in their little town it would change their society status, maybe they were just too embarrassed to tell they were being fondled by the Father and Tom being the worst if they only knew he was everyone’s imagine of the perfect boy well at least that was shattered to all those good people.

Cody was like a brother now, no way was he going to think of me like his remarks to the TV set when different things came on, about wife abuse or men changing sex gander it was a big thing beck then with the end of the sixties with Woodstock, now we even if we played the say music at times it didn’t seem wrong freedom peace and all that hey I had bell bottom jeans and leather vest with peace emblems and save the earth Peace not War, wonder what ever happen to it must have lost it over the years.

That summer we moved to this house that was in nineteen seventy, new school new house even a big back yard for Lucky, the water scared me some Cody know it, the first day we got there I stood staring at the water watching the huge waves rushing inward, it was the first time I even seen salt water it smelled strong even from across the street, Kids were swimming playing volleyball and the smell of fish tickled my noise, watching as a boat slowly made its way down that was no waist deep hoping I could still swim, we didn’t even get unpacked when both Becky and Trisha had their swimming suits on rushing to the water, Cody told me to get my trunks on were all going in, finding them getting dressed meeting all five on the beach lucky was having a good time chasing the gulls, everyone was splashing around in the water while I stayed on the beach playing with Lucky, no matter how much they wanted me to come in with them no way was I going in that smelly dark green water.

Of course later I came to love the green water as time went on as I called it back then when I first saw it, everything here was different then not like today do you remember riding bikes down the middle of the road late at night. Ok that’s another story so it’s late I’ll talk on the next round of tapes, if your still with me, life is short so live like everyday your last that’s what lucky and me are doing enjoying life to its fullest.

Will here almost done with the tapes a lot of editing trying to understand all of what Joe was saying inbetween his back and forth having to cut most of it so only one more post coming on Joe’s tapes hope you could follow most of what he had to go thru will post next one soon. Sent your comments if you like Thanks’ for reading it Will


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One Response to “Between Me You and G 9”

  1. pat watson Says:

    I enjoyed reading both chapters 8 & 9. What a sad way to grow up, not being able to trust anyone. but needing some one to talk too. I think that hismother new what had happened, but was waiting for joe to come to her! at least he finaley talked to luckly, and got it on tape. in a way, it probably helped some. It must be hard going thru the tapes, try to decide what to keep and what to add to the story! look forward to the next chapter. pat

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