Yellow jacket Novel lost it

Yellow Jacket Novel lost it

 Blogger’s it’s been a Ruff Ride the past few months here, working on my Manuscript Fiction book as requested by a few company’s out there after all the work editing to what they wanted only to reach back and say no to so many changes in my story, even the name saying itb was at the bottom of some list, We change the name and did everything they wanted! This big cut just wasn’t what I had in mind, they took my story and lost the whole thing changing everything to what they thought was best for it, then wanting more cuts to many words for printing.

 Back tracking the last chapters reducing it and making each chapter longer as needed for printing better pages, leaving ending chapter taken out for another book sometime, well they agreed with that saying maybe we can do something later’ after getting the book cover ready and ok after a few edits here and there before we agreed on one, then came the print edit of the story smaller print and of course  they didn’t like the spelling of a young kid talking’ no one would understand this language, wanting to put it just as he the character would be saying it at his age and education of living on the street, sure it’s not English just plain and simple street talk what’s wrong with that’ so I was wrong they told me! Who are you people anyway, they told me to cool off a few and will talk later, right told them to forget about it.

 Stuck was able to work with the other company that did like it only to find out they wanted more than just all rights to the story! wanting me to stop on line also telling it and remove it. Forget that this is what drove me to writing again I like it here on WordPress and intended to stay here and keep the story going. So much for them and all the big dreams of a book deal, but I was able to contact yet another company that will do my book at cost, so what at least I’ll have my book made after all that work and time edit and set up the way I want it not the way others thought it should be.

 Why do they have to change everything to what would sell, sure everyone wants to become the next big Novels Story teller out there, but I just want to be able to do it on my own time and enjoy the story as I write it feeling like I’m part of a story and feeling everything in the story sad or happy, it’s what keeps me going along the way of my characters lives as they do become part of you in everyday life, so bloggers it was in my best interest to go the other way making me happy ordering my book’s was the best way I felt at this time the cost was high but the feeling of soon seeing it in print will be well worth the trouble, thank you all for still hanging in with me during this little set back I look forward to writing again Thank you all Will.


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