For if only a Printed Book

For if only a Printed Book

 Book company’s out there’ your loss is my gain in the long run’ here I thought writing a story just might be good’ oh how wrong I was to think it was the next big thing, we’ll try and get a teenager to sit down and read from a book these days forget it, Don’t get me wrong here some kids like books if they find one like Harry potter or now the hunger games out on the shelf look again where is that book today sitting on some shelf collecting dust, as soon as the movie comes out these books our case aside. The old days of reading have somehow gone by the wayside today every teenager is just too involved in computer games or handheld games.

 Writing a story takes hard work the teller gets into everything they put down on paper or like most of us now typing on our computers for the next big thing to be on the shelf for our readers, Last week I stood in the grocery store watching three young kids checking out the book rack, what do you think they were looking at Novel’s you would hope, no magazine after magazine thumbing pages placing them back on the shelf before their parent came looking for them, One young girl was looking at the paperback covers on the high shelf’s Love and Romance getting all excited trying to check a few out replacing it just as fast, while the Boys seemed to be checking on the middle shelf for more the adventure type of mythical battles again in paperbacks.

 Novel in hand checking out the contents while scanning the long shelf of all type of books, gee four rows of all kinds of books carefully line up on the shelf one behind the other almost twelve feet long to choose from adults on the top, next three mixed adventure stories hardback and paperback of all sizes and shapes, not just one size so they look good stacked together like we use to have in the old living room, checking it out more finding, Just published on the end cap by your favorite authors placed side by side most without a space between them in hardback reduced in price or twenty-five percent off hoping you’ll take it.

 What was I thinking when I was writing that book; someday it would be on this shelf with every great Author out there, even today ending still keep up looking over the authors names just imagination my book sitting on the shelf along with the best sellers group, There it is my cover along the other great covers standing out just waiting for that one person to reach up and take a look inside, that not happening of course walking away and what happens they start haunting me from every aisle checking each box or package I’ve pick up wondering what would they do in a grocery store, wanting to get home with this thought in mine ready to start typing away on my computer.

 Enthusiastic sure I just had to get into it forgetting how much time it took just type away sometimes losing all time into the early hours, Thinking was it the writing or maybe just something to do, like I had so much I could have been doing everything put on the back burner it can wait till later, no matter what it just seemed better the next day to get something done just had to get my story down while it was fresh everything else can just take a back seat, day after day night after night getting it just right everything followed along every part just fell into place it was ready to put it out in the world, sending it off to a few with all the glory of getting the big great job!, till receiving each back having only to look at what they said the big Sorry not interested, or Scrap it! What a put down what a waste of time.

 Dream that’s shattered before it even got to print, wasted my time no if anything I’ve learn what to say and more how to write it better over the past few years, but it was electrifying to sit typing away each adventure becoming realistic, ok so they didn’t like that’s not going to stop me from writing again or Publishing it myself after three months of editing it getting just right for print, Thankfully so many have read it over the past few years and watch the story grow here on and twitter, After thinking hard what to do beside looking forward to it on the store shelves it was sent out to be published on fifty books ordered, I can only thank the readers for wanting it that made this possible their copies will be sent as soon as there ready again don’t let anyone tell you it’s Not for them it’s your dream make it happen.                      ‘Thank You’ All that have stayed with me over the years Will.


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