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Look forward to the edit no matter how hard it is

March 25, 2013

There always something we missed along the way, this was a good time to change it Thanks everyone who’s been following the group along its journey on Yellow Jac wordpress, Experts from one chapter that was redone for book hope you like it.
Everyone looked out the window, her head popped upward seeing all of us now we were spotted for sure, She stood looking at us with a big smile waving her hand, the older man quickly stopping her looking talking but we weren’t able to hear them over the car running; Everyone moved back from the window all smiling that she seen them, not me or Mike we knew we had to get out of here as fast as we could.
“Everybody get ready we got to leave as soon as they drive off” Mike wiping his lips off glancing down pointing to Josh, Quickly looking down at him he had fallen asleep sitting next to me, watching the car leave the driveway trying not to looked bending down, knowing how weak he was picking him up taking him over laying him on the hay bales, everyone started getting the rest of our things together ready, Brian walked over standing next to me with Chris looking at Josh.
“He going to be ok”
“He’s still weak Brian, he needs to rest”
“I’ll set up a blanket inside for him”
“Ok thanks’ I’ll bring him over as soon as you ready is everything inside”
“Just waiting on Mike”
“What’s he doing?”
“Still over by the door looking out”
“I’ll get Mike after I get him in”
“What about the tarp should we take it?”
“We better just in case we need it later”
Brain and Chris went over to the ship, Lisa ringing out the wet clothes setting them inside, Brain waved over for Josh, Looking down he was just sitting looking thru the crack outward, Carefully picking Josh up taking him inside, Brian laid out a blanket just behind my seat.
Everyone moved out of our way with Brian helping getting him down easy, checking Josh warm so that was a good sign as long as he wasn’t sweating a river, Stepping out Faye holding up a warm soda reaching down for it, all of them looking up at me waiting on the hay bales, the only sound around the whole place was birds chirping, watching them drinking keeping more to themselves, knowing Mike like I do something was up it must be bothering him keeping away from everyone.
“You going to fold up the tarp just leave it by the side for now ok”
“Ok Shawn’ we leaving before it gets dark”
“We might have to’ just everybody be ready”
“I don’t understand why we should leave if they know were here”
“Lisa we don’t know them, what about the ship”
“We could say it was here already”
“Please just stop” Walking away from her before I said something I shouldn’t heading down watching Mike chewing on the dirty hay again.
“Mike’ whatever it is you better come out of it”
Looking up pulling the straw out , lowering his head looking at them sitting looking back. “They knew our names’ How Shawn who are they”
“I don’t know Mike who they are, only we have to get back”
“That’s it how do we know it will take us home?”
“We have to try Mike”
“The kid has to know how to get us back”
“True he knows something about the ship”
“Don’t let him fool you’ He know more about it”
“You’re right ok’ but he’s too ill to tell us much”
“You’re the one he’s taking too”
“What do I say to him?”
“Shawn if you have to beat it out of him till he tells us how to work it”
“Beat him Mike he’s just a boy, come on think what you’re saying”
“Alright am sorry’ Just make like you were talking to your brother”
“Sure that’s like asking a wall for information”
“You’re the one that can reach inside that kid brain”
“Ok’ so we find out and then what?”
“Will just take them all back with us”
“How are we going to explain them?”
“I don’t know how’ and I don’t care how’ we just need to get home”
“Ok Mike’ relax your biting that lip too much its bleeding again”
“I can’t help it I’m scared ok”
“Ok Mike so am I’ but we have to be strong here for the others”
“What about us’ you’re scared too”
“I ‘am Ok’ we have to hold it together for everyone sake”
“Ok but we can’t leave right now”
“Why not Mike?”
“We just can’t I don’t know why something’s telling me we have to stay”
“I don’t understand what is it now”
“I don’t know what it is it’s something deep down telling me”
“Like a feeling it will blow up or something”
“No Shawn it’s just not time I can’t explain it just wait a while longer”
“Ok I’ll tell the other we have to stay, only till dark Mike”
“Yea ok When its dark’ Hey how’s the kid doing”
“Sleeping he so weak again”
“The birds stopped quite” Mike said moving over looking out the crack in the door.
Sure enough they returned in the Black car pulling in the driveway, around the bales rushing up by the door looking out at them pointing keeping them low.
“Mike’ it’s them again, any ideas now what to do?”
“No we have to stay’ ok”
“Ok will you try and relax before you end up like Josh”
Turning back watching them going back to the house with the older lady trying to look towards us every so often walking to the door before going inside together, Brian and Lisa moved over near us kneeling low next to Mike, Mike looked back at them getting right up heading to the ship without saying anything to them, Brian look over at me just as Chris holding onto Faye came over
“We leaving or what’ Shawn” Brain asked confused
“Tonight when its dark as it stands right now that’s all I can tell you”
“As soon as it’s dark that might be too late”
“Hey you two look the lady’s coming out” Lisa interrupted us
“Now what?”
“She’s heading right for us”
“Great’ everyone get to the ship, Brian tell Mike”
“Mike’ Mike’ We got to leave now” Faye Saying outwardly rushing up with Chris
“Shawn how” Brain asking rushing away
“If she tries to come in were going right thru the doors”
”Holy shit we’re leaving’ hurry everyone were crashing thru the doors”
Not even watching for her just getting back to the ship, Mike jumping out watching everyone hearing Brian “What happen” Pointing to get in “Where going now get in” Brian already sitting , Jumping over Josh plopping in my seat, Mike taking the center waving the lights dust started flying from the bottom.
“Look she’s at the side door watching us” Lisa said standing at the door trying to get it to close.
Seeing out our front screen turning colors watching her at the side door trying the knob, it was still braced under the knob we had a chance of getting out again seeing her head to the glass looking right at us trying to wave, knocking on the door really hard sending the shivers up my spine just frozen looking at the door seeing her at the glass, already starting to sweat felling the dampness under my arms with each knock on the door “what’s taken so long for this thing to move”, “It’s not lighting up here just flickering” Wake him up hurry up” turning back shaking Josh back and forth Chris and Faye staying near the rear scared, Josh wasn’t waking.
Climbing over the seat tugging on him, Mike pointing for Lisa to get in the seat, lifting Josh upward looking at his eyes, he was out like a light “He’s out of it”
“Did he die”
“No he not dead Mike he passed out”
“Push that peddle down harder it’s moving”
“The door’s still open”
“Will get it later, get that boy up Shawn”
Brian reach over grabbing my arm looking upward then looking back before I could see the door spotting the older guy Blair walking right to the door, Mike stomping on the peddles trying to fire it up unable to only getting a load humming sound from the bottom.
“Brian’ Please open the door! … Brian’ don’t go please wait”
Turning looking right at Brian my hair razing she’s calling Brian just frozen, looking out the screen window at the door, feeling something grabbing me looking back it was Josh reaching around my neck blinking his eyes. “He’s awake”
“Make it move Josh hurry” Mike hollering back “Dam this thing it’s not moving come-on Josh help us” Mike all nerviest banging on the consoled, Brian lowered his head at the consoled back and forth “It’s no use Mike” “Why won’t it go why” Banging his hands again, Josh crying holding me, Lisa getting out of the chair the ship just stopping dead, Brain scooted to the door looking out with Lisa stepping down staring at the side door, unable to stopping them looking up to Mike laying his head down on the consoled starting to cry, we we’re done for found out for sure now, what could happen next I didn’t even want to know leaning into Josh.
“Brian’ Brian please wait” the lady said wiping the window hearing the crack in her voice, Brian stood looking at her Chris rush over to him standing with Lisa watching the door, Faye came over to us leaning over upset just holding us all together, Glancing up seeing our screen turning back, over at the door Brian walking towards it, moving away from them just as I got the doorway “Brain no” He looked back just holding the board. Mike heard me getting up rushing over with Faye bringing Josh to the doorway.
“Kid’s Please we know you’re here’ please open the door” Doc said with a throbbing voice knocking again on the door holding her next to him.
“Brian it’s me May” She said sadly between her tears, holding her hanky.
“We got to let them in” Brian said stepping closer to Chris.
“Brian who are they?” Mike said jumping right out rushing over to him already turning the lever, Mike stopping him just in time before unlocking it, looking right at the window seeing both of them watching.
“Brian you win unlock it then, you just killed all of us”
Turning the knob Brian open the door Chris right by his side looking at the two standing just staring at them, she was all teary eye as her face lit up smiling at them, wiping the tears reaching out for him hugging him now, while the Doc stood watching them a few seconds before looking over at us three looking from the ship.
“It’s ok your alright no one’s gon’na harm you” Doc said slowly walking over towards us, Brian still with her and Lisa, Mike moved away from them getting by us standing in front of the ships door watching them, Josh holding my leg with Faye holding him stepping away from the ship almost tripping over the tarp watching him walking over mostly looking down at Josh. “Which one of you is Jose?”
Mike step out in front of Josh hiding him “There’s no Jose here Mister”
Doc stopped looking right at Mike, turning looking back at the May and Brian, all of us also looked up at them her head snapped right upward looking at all of us “No he’s here Doc’ they’re all here I see them all of them even” she stopped and started crying again.
“One of you has got to be Jose, who’s been hurt!” Doc in a frim voice directed right at Mike, trying to see around him
“That’s Josh! Behind everyone” Brian said outward pointing over at us; Mike holding him from behind, Josh held my leg tighter trying to hide his arm, Faye moved inward more shielding him, Hearing him staring to cry with all of us tightly around him keeping him safe as we could together.
”Why Josh?” Mike asking moving his head sideways looking back down at him
“The Boy Jose I want it’s his arm its badly infected”
“No he’s fine we fix it already” Mike holding onto Josh’s side starting to shake standing looking at him, hearing Josh crying Faye quickly moved behind be taking Josh more holding him, I looked back seeing them two, tapping Mike.
“Son just relax here,’ I’m Doctor Blair and Your name is”
“Mike… Marcus”
“Ok Mike’ you seem to be the one in charge I’m a Doctor”
“Doctor’ How did you know we were here?”
“It’s a long story Mike”
Thanks’ everyone for following along it’s been a ride working on second chapters doing what possible with the weather, keeping me busy also hurry up spring we all had plenty of this winter already Will.