Who are you’ what happen Dennis

Looking back one can only wonder who we were in the past growing up in a world of today, sometimes we have to stop and wonder if things could have been different, what if sometimes seems to always run into the big question what could have been, our dreams as a child of what we wanted to become as we got older it was our dream of things to come in our life’s, somewhere along the line these plans changed for Dennis.

 Life been just one of those times when it wasn’t even my life, School was always hard getting along with other kids around not able to understand the school work for that matter like reading was my worst subject more flipping thru the pages, always finding some reason not to read out loud with the other kids, sure in time reading more comic books seeing more what the words intended making it clear, the teachers would know just placing you in the rear seats away from the smart kids, bad grades on report cards only getting past along to the next grade, this thing of holding back a child in the late sixties was just unheard of pass the kid or you’ll get him next year, Math was my worst subject no way could I possibly understanding anything about those times tables even to this day, learning to count was done at home counting pennies during card games mostly learning poker’ Annie up who wins the pot, betting came easy sometimes it help in school calling a two a duce, or three a tray even if the math teachers did not like that at all.

Summer was a time you got out with your friends and play in the local park down the street, if you had a bike then you could go riding around with your friends seeing who could ride the fastest, we didn’t do all kinds of tricks on our bikes only thing we did was maybe cut off old bike forks to extend them outward like chopper motorcycles, a few kids even placed steering wheel on them, I stuck to the banana seat with high back chrome rails to rest on when you stopped with your friends talking and most important the tall handle bars tilled back, after all this time forgetting the name only it was a purple ten speed with white trim on the side, Sports cards making motor sounds were more for the little kids. Every kid on the block knew when dinner was rushing home it was time for Have Gun will Travel or the Real McCoy’s, Daniel Boone was on every afternoon around four but you could always find a great western Movie those days.

In the formative years of the sixties things happen around us everyone dancing wearing strange color clothes and always someone saying Peace man, Peace, Make Love not War, in the store’s handing out flowers to you as you walk your cart outside, one guy was all deck out in bright purple outfit even his hat match slow walking swaying side to side, about the only true hippie they called them without a full beard, Cut jeans and tie around blouses was quite the look for the woman, most of the guys still had long jeans with ripped knees patches sew on the front and back, a bit different back then compared to today’s generation , we didn’t dress like them till later in the early Seventies even then it wasn’t so much as maybe an army jacket and bell bottom jeans, only as the polyester came in with the disco everyone was cool learning moves having a grand time it was the thing to do just being yourself dancing with the music feeling it inside drifting you away, of course some had other ways of making them sway a little more to smoking wild weed, even that was ok but not allowed in our house nor did we want to try it knowing what would happen if our mother found out we even been around anybody smoking it.

Looking back into this childhood still remember the night it happen on Christmas eve nineteen sixty, laying on the couch watching the television tying not to fall asleep while Mom was wrapping presents, being woken by a crash opening my eyes Mom grabbing me and my sister rushing us out the door down stairs from our second floor apartment, stopping to get in the car turning looking over seeing my new tricycle laying on the sidewalk with broken glass all around it. Waking up in a strange place sitting up on the couch looking around Mom was sitting at the table with a man she knew as things happen we stayed with him moving to Ohio, Staying with Mom’s sister and her whole family living in the lower part of a house yet to be build, everyone of us kids had chores to do no matter the age, sometimes they let me help bring the water can over the hill to a creek filling it, not to many folks around here complaining about kids running around bare foot getting dirty digging up potatoes in the field for dinner, everyone line up before dinner at the table getting washed head to toe from the wash bucket, most of us kids had to stand on a chair with just underwear on but we didn’t mine getting into clean night clothes’ besides the wood stove made plenty of heat, that was the older boys job keeping the stove full of wood.

Sometimes we could watch the television that was only on the weekends if a good scary horror movie was on, during the weekdays before the sun even came up we rush down the driveway to get the school bus coming up our rutted dirt road, taken all us kids to school with the other kids he pickup on some other part around the hill.

Dennis is just another person that has cross a path, following his evens between everything else I’ve been doing with my main story’s; now finding time to let Dennis get his say in finding this one more little story needing a posting for my bloggers’ Thank you blogger’s following upon Dennis story in a few short parts. Will


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