Update on Yellowjacket The Boys

In regards to Yellowjacket July

Hello Reader’s of Yellowjacket;  I’ve been a little busy lately with going over the book as it was waiting and waiting for the latest review news, with more rejections than I had hoped for to become a book. Well I’ve learn a lot about books and what publishers want and it sure wasn’t  This Fictional story about a bunch of kids lost in time or flying around in a space ship! The story was ok they said but not what they were looking for too much drama, and way too many characters involved, what is my story without having characters involved in aspects trying to hold together as a group doing whatever they can to find a way back home. The Element’s along the way took them to a farm and towns with more things that happen on each account trying not to stand out or draw attrition to them self’s. Mike and Shawn were not ones to just step aside and leave the others behind, everything that happens to each of them could have setbacks they were well aware of the outcome only they had to do what was best for all, The hardest part for Shawn was leaving a few of them on the farm, Shawn know it was best and what had to be done after leaving in the broken ship one more time hoping to get home finding them self over tired and landing for rest, Taking a trip into the local town to find two street boys without a home living in cardboard boxes in an ally way, they join them back to the ship and things happen they had to leave in a hurry in daylight, only ending up in another time and place falling from the sky into an open campsite closed without any way of knowing what happen to the ship or how to fix it, stuck in time till they found away to return home.

This is the story and will be the story! I’ve return to it and working more on the plot as an adventure in this second part., view’s were down even thou received many good feed backs and likes it’s just the numbers made me depressed’ so I stopped looking at them, working on the Second part. Writing what’s on my mind and how feel in the story, Reviews of my spelling grammar and slang and whatever else they could come up with to put it down.. Well that’s just all part of it good or bad my main point is the story not the grammar. If you like it fine, Time is not on my side here so I hope to get the boys back within a few chapters here, I’ll post the new chapters before the end of July and August. Then will see what happens.  A Special Thank You to all the readers that have enjoyed it before and hope you like the new chapters as well. First Part went to a Self Publishing company as I could no longer wait just wanting to see it in print. Will.


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