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Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II

October 19, 2013

Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II

The 2013-2014 Characters.  Just a little update for you.

Hello Follower and Looker’s:  Here seems to be a good start as request have been asking more about Mike, Shawn and all the persons involved, asking what chapter they wanted to know about only brought up the fact they seemed to be wanting to know more about each of them, with all the inquiries it was not easy to break down! most were asking what will happen to them, even a few got mad because Josh, Brian and Lisa were left behind, and let’s not forget Donna a few did not like her and was glad we got rid of her before something happen to all of them, In the town chapter it was hard to place what happen was going to happen if they couldn’t find the right shell and everything that when on that they had not even experienced yet that had changed now thanks to Doc and Ma only leaving them with many unanswered question, it was a roller coaster for all of them even Brian on the Farm but we know it had to happen tears followed as they had to leave not wanting to without finding more answerers than they were getting.

 Even thou we left a few behind somehow it wasn’t working with only the three trying to make it back home, so after looking for the right part we brought in Mat and Jeff they seemed to fit into everything that could happen taking our boys and Faye into a new light, A lot enjoyed the Dinner Joe the Marine and of course; Ma and Pa farms now we had to get the boys back on track so they were able to fly out and land again. That’s when they encountered Mat and Jeff our street boys with some history of their own as we followed them into another time somewhere in the western desert heat. Being overcome again they traveled in time to another place where we are now as they had fallen from the sky crashing in a hunting camp, hoping they could solve the problem and find a way to get back in there time will see if they make it home.

 As you know this is a Fiction Adventure Story of Two Young boy’s; Shawn and Mike finding them self in trouble after wondering off from their campsite site area, while playing swordsman in nearby wooded area, looking for a Sky lodge only thing was they were having such a good time they got lost as the snow started to come down heavy on them, The boys had been overtaken by the winter storm of November 15, 1996. Finding them self’s underground in a mine shaft with aliens along with other capture’s they plan to escape ending up traveling back in time. 

What about Mike, Shawn and the other’s you asked who are they? He’s  a little about them so you can go from there and stop wondering what they look like more so you don’t have to try and profile them we’ve been sent  a few emails and let me tell you that’s not and no way these kids they are Boys and girls that are just like any other young kid growing up back in time.

Mike and Shawn are your average teenager twelve years old both from a small Town in Connecticut, Mike now He’ll drink any type of soda, likes Banana Shakes when in season. His favored food is Mothers Meatloaf, and Pork Chops, Now Grill is a whole different story Pork Chops Ribs and of course Hamburgers with plenty of Ketchup, Fries over any chips unless they don’t have any even then better be ruffles not any old plain chip. He is a New York Yankees fan plays baseball, Likes watching classic western or SiFi movies His skin burns easily and has a bad habit of biting his lip when he gets upset, His mother Roberta is Home Keeper, and his father, Michael Sr, is a Day Shift Supervisor in the local Grocery Warehouse. Mike’s is an only child.

Shawn’s Average Twelve year old teenager; His favored Drink is Pepsi and of course Strawberry shakes.  Now food don’t put Spaghetti in front of him with Meat sauce he’ll eat the whole thing, Outside food Hamburgers and Grilled Fries not soaked in grease, by all means don’t forget the Potato chips better also have a bag of Corn chips handy.  He is a New York Yankees fan; Shawn plays soccer and baseball and plans to take tennis lessons.  Like watching classic movies and watching certain Star Trek TV shows.  Shawn’s best friend is Mike Loran. His mother Janet, is Home Keeper, and his father, Frank, is a businessman.  He has two siblings, Jamie is ten and a half year old sister more the boyish look with freckles on her face and shoulders, and Joey is the little Brother that’s only nine.

Josh somewhere around seven or eight years old. Thin dark brown hair

When taken: Has no knowledge as when or where he’s from.

Brian is Eleven years old: acts more like a twelve year old. Sandy Blond Hair

He was taken along with Chris who is seven from a row boat on the water, Shorty after their parents died in a car accident in 1978.

Donna is a Thirteen year old very Moody and self centered person; she has Sandy Blond Hair almost Shoulder Length, she and a friend were taken from a camp ground in 1991.

Lisa is Twelve years old. Quite held back

Faye is Twelve years old, Reddish Hair Shoulder length, Shy

Jeff and Mat found in nineteen sixty-eight; Jeff is only ten and Mat is eleven with brown almost black hair, hair down his shoulders, Covering his ear’s, the boys had been living on the street, sleeping in a cardboard box behind a building next to a dumpster till they were found by Mike and Shawn, Jeff has medium Sun Blond hair mostly Shy not very good with words or understanding as he’s past slowly comes out.

We know there is a lot more to inform you about but we had to stop at some point, Maybe that will help on some of your questions we hope so. Thanks all of you Chapter still coming Adventure II, so where always on the keys banging away for you Will and Max.


4070 Chapter 70. Yellow jacket pt 2a Revised

October 17, 2013

Chapter (4070) 70pt 2a

         YellowJacket Get the Coal Revisited

Hello Reader sorry it’s been awhile been busy with Scripts and screen play rewrites, 

Now working back now to what I like write here so hope you like it so far. Always will

Yellow Jacket Mike and Shawn’s Adventure Has returned. Thank You Followers.

Mike and Faye were over by the ship walking around the logs mostly looking under the ship, Mat sitting next to me on the log with Jeff watching them and keeping an eye open for the Raycoons to return, Mat pointed over to the left side of the ship, looking back over to them coming around the ship with Mike just shrugging his shoulders walking around to the doorway with Faye, Mike step inside while Faye waited looking around and under it again, Mike jumped out almost tripping on the logs looking at them pushing them away from the door way heading back to us, watching the ambers and Raycoons looking at us from the woods.

“Hey Shawn did you see that” Mike said standing in front of me wiping his Jeans off
“We all seen it Mike you almost went looking at the sky”
“We’ll at least we have more fire wood now” pointing over around the ship area
“Great what about the ship” looking up at him sideways still trying to watch the raccoons
“It seems fine’ must have been a quirk or something” smiling back looking for a soda
Looking up with a frown “Quirk or Something”
“What else could it have been? Any soda left” seeing only empty’s

“By the ship there’s more”

“We need to get it covered before dark” Mike said just walking back towards the ship

We all started helping move the branches and logs to the side and moving a few by the pit for later, Mike took what he could of green branches placing them around the ship with Mat and Jeff doing what they could to help, running in an out of the woods bringing back fresh green branches with plenty of leaves, once it was covered pretty good we return to the logs sitting down having our sodas and placing a few more logs on the ambers.

Just when everything seemed like it was fine enjoying our little fire watching the crackling ambers, Mat started gagging and spitting on the ground reaching down grabbing any soda within his reach drinking it not even checking for ants just right in spitting it back right out, all of us turned watching him, bending over upchucking gagging more, quickly getting up over to him seeing on the ground everything he had eaten earlier laying in a warm pile with mixed soda and some sort of Yellow goopy stuff mixed with hamburger chucks, with the smell and sight of it making
me want to vomit grabbing my mouth not to breath it in stepping back behind him.

 “What the hell did you two eat” Mike asking standing over Jeff vomiting also.

“What did they eat are we going to be sick, I can’t watch this” Faye said rushing away right for the ship, Mike looked up at her and over to me and Mat

“Grab a few more sodas’ Faye” holding Jeff from falling over losing his balance.

Looking over I could see Jeff’s eyes all watery trying to wiping off his face with his shirt bottom, Faye returned with the soda bottles handed outward behind Mike not even looking at them like she was going to catch something moving slowly behind them over to the logs sitting down.

Mat must have gotten the worst of it on top of eating so much taking deep breaths with the sweat rolling off his forehead, Pointing over to the other sitting down Mat walked with me sitting down pale, reaching over taking the soda from Faye handing it to him, slowly drinking small sips not sure he wanted to ready to lean over if anything came up, it looked like they got it up and out of there system, Mike poking at the stuff with tree branch stripped down motioning to me to come over, like I didn’t see enough already, yea it looked the same as Mat’s, Mike moving that stick around it like it was pudding mix lifting some on the tip bringing it right up to his face, then of all things smelled it pulling the stick away just as fast.

 “What is this crap” Mike asking turning around towards the boys holding the stick towards them, Mat and Jeff both leaning back away only a few feet in front of them, Jeff shrugged his shoulders looking at it remarking  with a slight chough “Candy”

“This isn’t candy’ Shawn look what these fools were eating” Mike dropped the stick reaching down scooping up some in his hand holding it outward towards me now.

“Gross Mike” watching it dripping thru his fingers

Shaking his head back and forth, tossing his hand and the goo towards the fire pit a few times before wiping it on his pants, glaring back over at the boys, kneeling himself down making his face at them looking back over at me.

“What I didn’t tell them to eat that stuff”

Jeff sat looking towards the skyline then back trying to avoid Mike’s stares back and forth between them while placing branches of the fire.

Faye was walking around the logs staying more to the rear of the boys, coming around the front side stopping next to Mike watching him, “Why’s it smoking so much”

“It’s Green That’s Why” Mike said sarcastically back

“Won’t smoke bring others in here seeing all that smoke”

“No It’ won’t’” Looking back at Faye “go do something will you”

“Maybe I better take them to the ship” Looking at Mat and Jeff leaning over

“No Wait” Mike quickly said reaching down for one of the empty plates on the ground, turning with his dumb smile at me, he was up to something alright watching him scooping up some ash in the plate shifting it back and forth tossing a few chucks off. Right off I had this feeling what he was up to’ reaching down for one of the empty cups next along with our water jug, Mike scooted over dumping the ash inside filling it halfway, spilling some on my hand holding it out for him, tossing the plate back pointing to the jug to fill it.

Mike quickly mixing it using his finger inside before getting a small branch to mix it around, turning standing in front of them as Mat only raised his head turning away Jeff on the other hand pulled back seeing inside mud not soda or water. “Yes you’re going to drink it” Mat started to move away with Mike reaching over pointing to sit back down, Jeff just turn looking over at me hoping I’d say something.

“Mat your first; you ate that crap now you’ll drink some of this” Holding the cup in front of him

“But I can’t drink that” placing his hand to his mouth

“You’ll drink it’ or I’ll pour it down your little mouth’ Open”

“Mat closed his eyes lowering his hand opening his mouth while Mike slowly poured it in letting some drip off his lips, while Mat was pulling back from him; reaching over pushing his chin up “Now swallow it” with a big gulp it went down his tong came out moving back and forth over his lips squinting, Mike turn to Jeff just sitting holding his head back mouth wide open, Mike smiled at me already holding Jeff by his shoulder keeping him seating closing his eyes waiting for it all tight holding the log he was sitting on.

Mike reach over holding his lower jaw till the cup was empty making sure he swallowed it, tossing the empty behind him stepping back watching.

 “What did they eat making them sick like that” Faye asked

 “Shelf growth dumb stupid moron Kids”

 “English Mike” standing over Jeff watching him holding his throat glancing to Mike

“It’s Tree Sap that harden’s ok” Saying tossing more branches in

 “Why they eat that?” Faye turning back

“Tell us why you would eat some dam tree crap’ why you two” Mike asking Reaching down picking up another stick holding it outward pointing it at them, Jeff quickly jerked away getting near my side more afraid it seemed looking down at him than looking up at Mike Holding the stick Jeff seemed more like he was going to get hit, Mat seeing Jeff moving so fast seen what was happening Standings right up to Mike wiping his mouth off looking down at the stick.

“Jeff said it was rock candy why you going to beat the kid over candy” spitting on the ground bending over after getting up to fast; Jeff grabbing his stomach watching Mat before turning aside away from me then up it came with power of suggestion from Mat; Mike smiling watching them this got me mad pointing to the Stick, Mikes face just surprised holding it up before tossing it into the white smoke and low flames bellowing upward.

“Hard like Rock Candy’ They must have seen it on a tree” Mike Lowering his head

 “They ate it grouse” Faye saying walking away

“Next time you two want candy ask for it before you eat stuff from any woods ok” Mike trying to ease them a little, Slowly moving around the pit checking the flames.

Glade that was over and done with after almost two hours of sitting watching them and watching the smoky fire glowing amber color in the trees, Faye had fixed the blankets for them, handing empty cups to used if they needed while following her inside, Standing at the doorway watching them get settled sitting upward holding the cups.

“Just holler if you need something will be by the fire”

Joining Mike at the fire; Faye stayed with us by the fire mostly talking about her past friends back home, after awhile of the two going back and forth not really interested walking over checking in on them they were sleeping on top of the cover’s, stepping inside as Jeff had the blanket over his head pulling it back bending over touching the back of Jeff’s neck, he was breathing very deeply. glancing over at Mat also checking if he was warm, they were still pale an exhausted with the worst over now, looking around not seeing anything to wipe them off with Jeff was the worst his shirt front covered with dried soot droll, pulling it over his shoulders holding him upright, his eyes slowly opening then right back closed only a few times letting me clean him up with the shirt, Mat almost as bad tee shirt just pulling it right off him without him even waking once well at least they’re not sweating, Tossing the shirts away picking up the cups giving them one last look from the door way seeing were the sun turned white skin to browning.




Sitting down Next to Mike “How’s the boys doing” Mike asking looking into the trees


“Better now that both our asleep” looking at the low flame fire only glancing over to him


“Bet they won’t eat any more rock tree candy” Mike smiling reaching over taping my side


“Any Maple trees around here? we could always get Maple syrup” Faye said outward leading around me looking at Mike with her big smile almost giggling, only Mike just went all tight lipped looking back at her more Snippy growl back “Maybe we could fine one and tap it for syrup just for you” leading back kicking the dirt upward

“Ok Mike she was just kidding around” Faye sat back looking towards the ship tapping my leg pointing towards it, Looking up and over not seeing anything just returning looking at the four large raccoons in the tree line sit up looking over at us before making way towards the underbrush, Mike reach down picking up a tree stick throwing it at them watching them rushing back into the woods.


“Wow it won’t kill them will it?” Faye stood up looking over the fire pit checking on the raccoons running for cover, turning back staring at Mike.


“Who the raccoon’s” Mike just looked at her curled lip stare in question


“No Mat and Jeff they won’t die from that Sap stuff”


“No shithead not with all the coal ash flushing everything out of them” shaking his head looking over to me raising his hands upward then looking back to Faye sitting back down looking away from us “It was kind‘a grouse looking” stopping in the middle pointing towards the ship “Did’ you hear that” Faye said quickly turning more sideways around looking back and forth


“What did you hear’ Now?” Asking outward looking over not seeing any raccoons by the ship, raising my head trying to hear if maybe one of the boys was calling out for us


“Something was moving over near the ship” Faye quickly stood up looking, Mike glanced over not real interested but sat looking around the ship remarking to her “Maybe it was those Raccoons coming back from the trees besides if it was them they would be at the door”


“No look” stepping next to me Pointing over to the Ship’ shivers just ran up my arms pushing all the little hairs straight outward jumping off my arm hearing Mike jumping up also so fast moving the log, we all seen them this time three younger men with rifles coming thru the tree alongside the ship avoiding the tree limbs checking around the site before looking upward seeing us standing looking right at them.


“What are you doing here this is private property” One of them said outward checking inside the doorway, before either of us got a word out, he was taping his gun on the side while the other two moved around checking also finding the boys inside sleeping.




“Who’s in Here?”


“Leave them alone” Mike hollered out moving around Faye towards them, One of the men started tapping on the floor inside the doorway hollered outward “Get up nap times over get out here were we can see you” again he was banging on the floor till both woke up looking at him rush aside him jumping from the doorway rushing over to us watching them holding rifles, Mat dazed with Jeff staying close to us watching them go thru stuff. Jeff already shaking holding onto me while Mat stood next to Mike standing in front of us; copying Mike hands on his hips


“Relax kids’ were just looking” turned pointing his Rifle right at us


“Well did you find what you were looking for” Mike asking harshly


“What is this stuff just your clothes and kiddy junk” Turning to us standing in the doorway holding the box before turning it upside down poking it with the rife, turning back to the main guy who seem in charge shook his head waving then looked around the area


The other two didn’t look older than we did around sixteen with grins on their faces looking at us, stepping outside the ship looking around at everything before one of them turned and said outward holding his gun upward on his shoulder “Mark no smokes here come on lets go”


He just turn looking at them with a frown they didn’t find anything they wanted, he looked down at the ground making his nose all scrunched up lifting his head back again checking over all of us just watching them. “Man someone got sick”

“Gross, huh? Hungry help yourself” Mike said grinning at him watching one of the guys poking at the soot mess by his feet making sure he didn’t step in it walking aside it

“I need to piss” Jeff said looking up holding my waist but not wanting to move away

Mat mumbled “shut up” turning back to pointing his finger at him

“What are you kids doing here anyway” Mark asking holding his rifle downward as if everything was fine now and we would be friends or something like that

“What’s it look like were camping” Mike quickly said moving towards him

“Where’s your folks anyway”

“They’re getting water you better leave before they see what you did”

“Just looking around don’t get yourself in an uproar kid”

“Looking thru our stuff right you trash our stuff ” Mike snippy right back trying to watch what the other two were doing standing at the doorway, with rifles on the re shoulders placing the stuff back in the boxes and setting them aside just inside the door by the seats.

“Mark come on let’s get out of here” the younger boy said moving away from the door looking to the pathway leading in, both stopped looking back at Mark waiting for him

“Wow I’m scared your daddy will get mad” Mark said looking back at them walking away

“Should be back anytime, have a seat why don’t you” Mike said pointing to the logs trying to get the best of him now only making us tensed just thinking about him and his waving rifle

“Mark’ come on” the one said standing at the pathway looking back

Turning looking at the others walking away “How come we didn’t see any cars? ”

“Because we were dropped off ok’ now go join your friend’s chicken shit”

“Wise mouth hu’ are you think your tuff or something I have a gun’ what’s with him” holding his rifle upward pointing it at Jeff moving back and forth standing with me

“He’s got to piss and your scaring him pointing it us” Mike stepping more in front of us hiding Jeff from his view

“Go boy i won’t stop you”

Looking down at Jeff holding his front squinting his eyes telling him softly “Go ahead its ok Jeff just don’t go far stay near the trees” Jeff turning around dropping the front of his pants reliving himself, Faye quickly moved away after seeing him staying more in front of us, Mike and Mat only looked back seeing him turning right back Mike tightening his lip glaring at Mark.

“Ok were leaving we didn’t do anything here’ did we Kid?”

“Really what do you call that’ my Dad will be looking for you three” nodding his head while biting at his lower lip wanting more to get into a scuffing mach with him

“We didn’t do anything, scared the piss out of the kid that’s all” holding his rifle down checking back to see were the other two were on the pathway, not seeing them turning back

“Right just scared the crap out of us with your guns” Mat jump right in telling him off getting the same tone as Mike just what we didn’t need at this time a fight.

“You better just forget we were here or will be back again’ You Hear me all of you” Pointing his rifle up towards Mike and Mat stopping them from moving any closer towards him

“Your friends are leaving shouldn’t you be going too?” Mike said outward thru his teeth

“Ok you win and you better not say anything about us got it” turning starting to walk away

“Fine’ you were never here” Mike quickly said with his hands behind him making a fist.

Watching Mark rushing to the pathway to find his friends still holding Jeff close at least he stopped shaking so much, Mat rush over to the ship with Mike while Jeff and I sat down looking around the fire pit, Faye went around the ship before coming back looking inside at them Mat stood at the doorway with his thumb upward, jumping out rushing to the pathway looking down making sure they weren’t just lingering about in the trees, Jeff started crying moving over closer to me, holding him to me telling him we were find and everything was ok we didn’t get hurt or shot did we, he just shook his head back and forth crying gasping and started shaking again like a leaf in the wind, Faye came running back holding a Tee shirt outward along with a warm soda, Jeff looked up taking the shirt putting it on almost hitting me with his arm, Faye stood holding the soda till he was done, Not wanting it, So Faye handed it to me sitting down with us waiting on Mike and Mat to return.

“Can we be out of here soon” Jeff asking pulling the shirt over his head.

“Maybe soon will be taking off” Handing him the soda watching him slowly drinking it

Sitting thinking about what could have happen would only make matters worse what we needed to do was find out what was going on with the ship why it crashed and what could we have over looked it has to be something small something we missed but what we looked over everything inside and under it what could it be, Mike and mat came over drinking sodas grinning like they won the big battle of the earth.

“They didn’t get our money one box more they would have”

“We need to get out of here Mike” looking up at him holding his box of money

 “Will be ok they left they won’t be coming back here” Mike standing finishing off the bottle

“It’s three with guns Mike not Aliens we got to find what’s going on with the ship we can’t stay here, creeps with guns and who knows what else is around these woods” getting bad and upset they could all see it in me now even Faye just stood looking back and forth

 “Aliens you’ what happen?” Jeff asking looking up puzzled

“It’s a long story’ how you think we got this ship”

“You kill them” wide eyes rising getting excided

“No they got away in other ships”

“Wow’ How many were there, so how’d you get the ship then?”

“Only a few and they left the ship so we took it”

Jeff sat back smiling for once this amused him fighting Aliens and taking their ship, Faye dropped her empty soda near the pit looking to the ground. “Won’t they come looking for it”

“You are Human right you’re not aliens” Mat stood back looking at all of us

“Huh?” Looking back at him more confused to his thinking we were the Aliens now

 “So you are not Aliens from another world?” Jeff sparked right up smiling

“What the hell are you two babbling about do we look like Aliens?’

“Yes and we have paranormal powers to defeat the enemies” Mike busted out with grinning ear to ear holding his box outward like it would float in the air waiting for it to hover

“What’s Para-n-rom ?”

“It Electro Magnetic Force field of Positive to Negative fields in a world of space and time as we are here in this time and space in the Paranormal world” Mike babbled off like some scientist

“Huh” Mat and Jeff said at the same time looking at him lowering the box

“What the hell Mike stop it come back to earth here and let find how to get out of here without Aliens or Guns ok, now what could be missing that we overlooked something small or out of the ordinary, it has to be something think put your powers to that will you and get us home”

Mike didn’t say anything just turn walking to the ship Faye followed him, Mat sat down and we just waited for the raccoons slowly coming from the tree lines seeing what was going on.