Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II

Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II

The 2013-2014 Characters.  Just a little update for you.

Hello Follower and Looker’s:  Here seems to be a good start as request have been asking more about Mike, Shawn and all the persons involved, asking what chapter they wanted to know about only brought up the fact they seemed to be wanting to know more about each of them, with all the inquiries it was not easy to break down! most were asking what will happen to them, even a few got mad because Josh, Brian and Lisa were left behind, and let’s not forget Donna a few did not like her and was glad we got rid of her before something happen to all of them, In the town chapter it was hard to place what happen was going to happen if they couldn’t find the right shell and everything that when on that they had not even experienced yet that had changed now thanks to Doc and Ma only leaving them with many unanswered question, it was a roller coaster for all of them even Brian on the Farm but we know it had to happen tears followed as they had to leave not wanting to without finding more answerers than they were getting.

 Even thou we left a few behind somehow it wasn’t working with only the three trying to make it back home, so after looking for the right part we brought in Mat and Jeff they seemed to fit into everything that could happen taking our boys and Faye into a new light, A lot enjoyed the Dinner Joe the Marine and of course; Ma and Pa farms now we had to get the boys back on track so they were able to fly out and land again. That’s when they encountered Mat and Jeff our street boys with some history of their own as we followed them into another time somewhere in the western desert heat. Being overcome again they traveled in time to another place where we are now as they had fallen from the sky crashing in a hunting camp, hoping they could solve the problem and find a way to get back in there time will see if they make it home.

 As you know this is a Fiction Adventure Story of Two Young boy’s; Shawn and Mike finding them self in trouble after wondering off from their campsite site area, while playing swordsman in nearby wooded area, looking for a Sky lodge only thing was they were having such a good time they got lost as the snow started to come down heavy on them, The boys had been overtaken by the winter storm of November 15, 1996. Finding them self’s underground in a mine shaft with aliens along with other capture’s they plan to escape ending up traveling back in time. 

What about Mike, Shawn and the other’s you asked who are they? He’s  a little about them so you can go from there and stop wondering what they look like more so you don’t have to try and profile them we’ve been sent  a few emails and let me tell you that’s not and no way these kids they are Boys and girls that are just like any other young kid growing up back in time.

Mike and Shawn are your average teenager twelve years old both from a small Town in Connecticut, Mike now He’ll drink any type of soda, likes Banana Shakes when in season. His favored food is Mothers Meatloaf, and Pork Chops, Now Grill is a whole different story Pork Chops Ribs and of course Hamburgers with plenty of Ketchup, Fries over any chips unless they don’t have any even then better be ruffles not any old plain chip. He is a New York Yankees fan plays baseball, Likes watching classic western or SiFi movies His skin burns easily and has a bad habit of biting his lip when he gets upset, His mother Roberta is Home Keeper, and his father, Michael Sr, is a Day Shift Supervisor in the local Grocery Warehouse. Mike’s is an only child.

Shawn’s Average Twelve year old teenager; His favored Drink is Pepsi and of course Strawberry shakes.  Now food don’t put Spaghetti in front of him with Meat sauce he’ll eat the whole thing, Outside food Hamburgers and Grilled Fries not soaked in grease, by all means don’t forget the Potato chips better also have a bag of Corn chips handy.  He is a New York Yankees fan; Shawn plays soccer and baseball and plans to take tennis lessons.  Like watching classic movies and watching certain Star Trek TV shows.  Shawn’s best friend is Mike Loran. His mother Janet, is Home Keeper, and his father, Frank, is a businessman.  He has two siblings, Jamie is ten and a half year old sister more the boyish look with freckles on her face and shoulders, and Joey is the little Brother that’s only nine.

Josh somewhere around seven or eight years old. Thin dark brown hair

When taken: Has no knowledge as when or where he’s from.

Brian is Eleven years old: acts more like a twelve year old. Sandy Blond Hair

He was taken along with Chris who is seven from a row boat on the water, Shorty after their parents died in a car accident in 1978.

Donna is a Thirteen year old very Moody and self centered person; she has Sandy Blond Hair almost Shoulder Length, she and a friend were taken from a camp ground in 1991.

Lisa is Twelve years old. Quite held back

Faye is Twelve years old, Reddish Hair Shoulder length, Shy

Jeff and Mat found in nineteen sixty-eight; Jeff is only ten and Mat is eleven with brown almost black hair, hair down his shoulders, Covering his ear’s, the boys had been living on the street, sleeping in a cardboard box behind a building next to a dumpster till they were found by Mike and Shawn, Jeff has medium Sun Blond hair mostly Shy not very good with words or understanding as he’s past slowly comes out.

We know there is a lot more to inform you about but we had to stop at some point, Maybe that will help on some of your questions we hope so. Thanks all of you Chapter still coming Adventure II, so where always on the keys banging away for you Will and Max.


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2 Responses to “Mike and Shawn’s Yellowjacket Adventure II”

  1. pat watson Says:

    That was great , The Kids sound more like your normal get into trouble kids. And teens should be able too relate as the story progresses, along with some adults, How did you come up with so many different personalitys,? and they all get along that is amazing in it self. By trouble I meant mischief!! waiting patiently for the next chapter. pat

  2. yellowjac Says:

    Thank’s Pat the Kids are having fun and the worst is coming, what happens is and they have to find one of them lost in the woods, till next time enjoy. Will

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