Holding Eric

Holding Eric


Following along the Railroad tracks just to get away from all the hassles of home, it was too much with everyone fighting back and forth he just tired of hiding coving his ears not to hear them fighting anymore, that would only hold out just so much no matter how hard holding the pillow around his head the sounds were overwhelming, getting up from the bed tossing the pillow aside looking around his dim room, gathering a few clothes looking for something to put them in, only empty the pillow out placing what he needed inside stopping only as the hollering got closer to his bedroom door.

Sitting on the bed looking at the floor this was it the last time placing both hands over his ears trying to block the fighting, glancing at the window lowering his hands with a quick look around the room picking up his pillow case, slowly opening the window making sure they didn’t hear the metal sliding up before climbing out, just as Eric climbed out hearing a knock at the front door already knowing it must have been the police again it wasn’t the first time they came knocking.

Looking inside the window waiting for them to stop long enough to answer the door another knock without them stopping screaming at each other, hearing someone telling them to stop this worked both were quite hearing a car pulling up ducking down so they didn’t see him watching the officer going to the front, no lights or sirens to draw attention getting back up to the window only in time to hear them telling them that one of them was going to jail this time, everything went quite inside hearing a scuffle going on inside with his father yelling again before hearing his mother also another scuffle before it went quite again, leaning in the window waiting to see who they were going to take this time with another car approaching having to duck down looking over it was that Lady again the big shot social worker Mrs. Waterford, “Oh crap it’s her again” now was not the time to hang around she said last time’ she was taking me in if this happen again.

Eric headed away from the house hiding next store watching from the porch, seeing his parents taken away in separate cars leaving another officer there with the social worker, after ten or more minuets’ closing the front door before looking around outside of the house, ending up back at their cars talking to each other while Eric stay still keeping low out of sight knowing they were looking for him, watching them leaving slowly heading down the street checking making sure before walking back around the house to his window, finding it was closed and lock on the top going around the back door finding they also locked it kicking the door out of frustration, Eric never had a key to the front door always used the rear when coming or going anywhere, turning his head hearing the train going thru town grabbing his pillow case taking the alleyway behind the houses not to get spotted heading towards town.

Walking along the sidewalk in town holding his pillow sack in front like he was going to the laundry mat only a few blocks away watching every car going by before reaching the laundry mat going inside it was a safe place at the moment, with only a few inside Eric set the pillowcase down on the chair walking over to the soda machine getting a soda watching the outside keeping to himself returning to the chairs sitting down.

“Plenty of machine for you take your pick” Said one lady pulling clothes from a washer looking over

“That’s ok thanks’ waiting on my Mom” looking up watching her

“You have enough quarters” placing the last of her clothes in the basket

“She getting some thanks”

“Going to be dark soon seems to be getting dark earlier and lately”

“It’s the weather changing makes it darker”

“Colder too’ She coming soon?”

“She should be here already’ I don’t know what’s keeping her” getting up looking outside

“You want I could wait with you till she comes?”

“No maybe I should go check”

“Ok you have a good night now”

“You too good night”

Eric said still watching the window going back over getting his pillow case, heading out side looking down the street and back no police cars, seeing the lady putting in laundry inside her car turning asking “You need a ride?”

“No I’m good’ I’ll be ok thanks”

“Ok becareful”

Eric walking a little faster seeing the Railroad sign just ahead holding his sack over his shoulder started heading down the tracks staying out of view till the bend, his Aunt Ginger in Denver would take him in she liked him a lot and always said “Anytime you want to move in with me you can” Eric would kept his emotions shut down, and only on certain occasions would he actually reveal what he felt and that was to his Aunt she knew what was going on and could not do anything to change it.

Aunt Ginger’s was a long trip to be making without coasting an arm and leg for a bus ride, what Eric had scraped to collect a mere forty-five dollars from mowing lawns over the summer wouldn’t even cover the ticket maybe Jerry could help hurry along the tracks staying stepping on every other rail board when he could a few times trying the rail, stopping seeing the old building off in the woods with the moon light shining on one square pane of glass reflecting to him, Eric headed over to check it out hoping it was a good place to spend the night, tall over grown weeds covering the windows over the years setting his sack down on the short porch looking inside, weeds had taken over the inside thru the rotted floor boards turning back around looking to the trees before sitting on the few boards still left on the porch.

Eric stood outside the house looking thru the window hoping to spot Jerry watching TV, not seeing him noticing the wall clock it was late already ten twenty Jerry would have already gone to bed, around the side looking to his window hurrying over seeing the light was still on, with a tap seeing Jerry on his bed reading Jerry perked up looking over seeing him.

 “What are you doing out there?”

“Going to Denver”

“Gees Eric go to the back door”

Eric headed around the back Jerry already holding the door open waving him in, “hurry my room” Jerry said watching Eric going in, checking to make sure his parents were still watching TV returned closing  the door looking at Eric “What happen not your folks again?” sitting on the bed next to him.

“This time both went to jail”

“Your worker called here early looking for you”

“Man’ see wants to put be in some foster home or something”

“Mom told her she hadn’t seen you in a few days but would call when you showed up”

“Good thing I didn’t knock on the door then”

“That’s for sure so what you going to do now?”

“Head to my Aunt’s”

“Denver that’s what a billion miles away?”

“I can’t stay here’Waterford, I can get a ride at the truck stop”

Working on this new story hope you like it so far. Will


One Response to “Holding Eric”

  1. pat watson Says:

    Hi!! I Like the story , Looks like another adventure on the way. Can’t wait to read more chapters, Happy to see you are writing and posting again, Missed reading your stories

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