Holding Eric part 2

Homing Eric part 2

Jerry sat looking at him “You can spend the night here”
“What about you’re Mom?’
“She won’t come in don’t worry”
“You have anything to eat tonight?”
“No left in a hurry”
“I’ll get you something what would you like?”
“It doesn’t matter whatever you can fine”
“Chicken sandwich sound ok?”
Jerry headed to the kitchen while Eric made himself comfortable on the bed laying back checking out his book setting on the night stand, Jerry came in with a plate and soda handing it to Eric, “Thanks’” biting into the sandwich holding the plate, Jerry open the dresser draw pulling out a box placing it on the bed sitting down just as Eric finished giving him back the empty plate flipping the soda tab open.
“What’s in the box?”
Jerry handed the box to Eric, slowly opening it looking inside seeing dollar bill stacked inside with a rubber band holding them, “What’s this?” Jerry waved his hand towards him “What it’s your money I can’t take your money”
“You’ll need it, its ok” Jerry said taking the empty box back holding it
“I have money almost forty five dollars” Flipping the bills with his finger
“Take it for your trip you’ll need it for a bus ticket and food”
“They won’t sell me one because of my age” looking down at the rubber band snapping it
“So take it anyway”
Eric set the money on the night stand “Thanks’ Jerry you’re a real friend”
“You tired or you want to stay up for a while?”
“Little bit’ where you want me?”
“The bed”
“What both of use sleeping here in one bed?”
“No I’ll sleep over here I’m good”
Eric laid back down finishing off the soda watching Jerry spread out a blanket on the chair ready to turn off the light looking over “Night see you in the morning” clicking the light off.
Eric laid back looking at the ceiling than to Jerry already bundled under his blanket leaning on his arm, placing both arms up and under his head Eric slowly fell asleep.
“Wake up Wake up Eric she here come on you got to get out of here” Jerry pushing on his arm waking him “Eric hurry get your things” Eric quickly putting his sneakers on looking over to his pillow case tying his laces, hearing the door opening they looked over seeing Jerry’s mother and Ms. Waterford standing in the doorway.
“Hello Eric”
Eric just bowed his head getting up, Jerry already walking to the door as his Mother only fingered him out, Ms. Waterford stepped inside “Eric you’ll be fine now you’ll have a good family and they waiting to meet you” Eric could only follow her back into the livingroom seeing Jerry sitting on the couch with his mother standing over him, he knew Jerry was in trouble but had to find a way out of this.
“I’ll be right back got to use the old head ok?”
Ms. Waterford gave him a nod to go ahead walking in sitting down in the chair waiting for Eric to return holding her briefcase started talking to Jerry and his mom, Eric headed for the bathroom looking at the back door it was too open she could see him from the chair, entering the bathroom locking the door behind him and right over to the window opening it looking around, with a boost up on the laundry basket falling inside sliding outside hands first to the ground, looking back to the window hearing someone knocking, with a quick look around rushing to the back trees hiding just inside looking back watching Ms. Waterford looking out the window for him.
Hurrying thru the trees getting back on the train tracks where it was safe away from cars Eric walking another five mile this time near the truck stop hearing the trucks on the highway this was his only chance to get a ride out of town before they found him, walking among the trucks looking them over for out of state plates towards the restaurant area, going inside sitting at the counter looking them over hoping with his ball cap the waitress might think he was with them sitting in the truck area.
“Morning what do you have coffee or soda?”
“Coffee good any Hard roll’s?”
“Sure want it toasted?”
“Ok” Looking over to a few guys sitting in a booth talking
Seeing a trucker magazine on the next stool checking out the pages only looking up to the waitress setting the coffee down before walking away, reaching over for three sugar pack stirring them in when she brought over his roll “So where you guys headed today?” She asked
“Denver” trying not to look up just glancing to the entrains way
“Long trip ahead of you must be nice riding with your dad”
Snapping right up “Oh yea a blast sitting all day” picking up the roll
“Well if you need anything just wave”
“Ok thanks’” Eric said watching her checking the other drivers seeing if they needed more coffee taking the empty plates back, finishing off his roll dipping the last part in coffee checking the drivers.
Taking the magazine and check leaving a dollar by the plate walking to the cashier, standing looking around for someone to take his money, setting a dollars and fifty cents on the bill leaving on the counter walking into the store area looking around at the CB sets, turning looking to the counter and walking over checking out the candy bars line under it, taking three setting them on the counter.
“That do it for you?”
“Sure any maps?”
“Over by the restrooms”
Glancing over and back looking at the register price placing the money on the counter for her, taking his change and candy headed to the truck fuel pay station, seeing a few standing at the counter watching the news above them, Eric looked at the trucker magazines and keep his own rolling it up sticking it in his back pocket walking out side standing by the door checking out the trucks getting fuel.
One by one truck driver walking inside and back out while Eric lean on the rail watching them eating his candy bar. “You need a ride?” Looking over seeing an older man looking at him.
“Waiting on my dad’ were you headed?”
“So are we Denver”
“What load you hauling?”
Not sure crumbling the wrapper “Boxes of hanger”
“I’m in the green Peterbuilt if you’re looking for a ride” walking off
Eric looked around then started towards the trucks walking down a few then spotted him again checking his tires “What part west you going?” asking him
“Oh that’s how far from Denver?”
“Not far’ you need a ride don’t you?” watching Eric nodding his head “get in give me a few here and will be heading out’ you’re not wanted for anything are you?”
“No just need to get to Denver” Eric said watching him swat at the tires jumping back each time
“Go boy get in before someone see you”
Eric hurry around the side looking up at the handle not sure if he should go, when seeing a hand reaching around him opening the door “Jump up” Eric climb inside sitting looking over the front watching him walking around to the door getting in, holding his magazine looking over as he wrote in a small book only glancing at him a few times letting the motor run “What’s in Denver?” he asked
“My Aunt she lives there”
“So heading to your Aunts’ how long you been on the run?” placing the book over his visor checking the gages, Eric not sure if he should make a dash for it “Well I know what it’s like don’t worry I’ll get you closed to her” Eric smiled at him taking a slower breath looking around the yard as the stared pulling out.


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