Holding Eric part 3

Holding Eric part 3

Everything around was strange being high above looking down cars able to see right inside, bending over tilted looking outward thru a small window built in the door, Eric watching him shifting gears following each movement clicking a button on the side without even looking at it, Hanging cord from a CB mic tangled above them Eric note the dial on sixteen, “How come your not on nineteen?” pointing at it
“Truckers are mostly staying on sixteen less mumbo jumbo” Glancing over looking at his hat
“Nebraska that’s where you’re going right’ how far is that from Denver?”
“A few miles away you asked me already before” Watching Eric looking in the back
“I did sorry just wondering” Eric said sitting back looking out the front window
“So you have a Name?”
“Eric what’s yours?”
“Jacob’ your dad really a truck driver?” Checking his mirror moving to another lane
“No he works in a warehouse when he’s not drinking” Checking the street sign to and exit
“So Eric why you on the run?”
Eric quickly turning “No I’m not on the run’ just going to my Aunts that all” looking down at the door handle and next to the seat.
“There’s coffee in the thermoset in the back if you want some’ the cream color one regular”
Eric seeing the thermos sitting next to the bed, looking upward able to standup looking around at the small area picking it up returning to his seat “No cups?”
“Use the top’ I’ve got other one don’t worry, should be still hot”

Ms. Waterford walked into the police station walking right by the desk to Thomas Hall’s desk sitting down looking at him and his partner, “Ms. Waterford we can’t do anything like I told you on the phone”
“There must be something Eric’s only eleven years old”
“If he’s spotted will call” officer Nolan said placing his hand on the phone looking over his desk
“He’s a runaway, we have lots of runaways he’s just one more on the list” Thomas said sitting backwards in his chair watching Nolan looking thru folders, Thomas looked down at the flyer of Eric ‘This the only photo you have?” Setting it aside
“Thomas this boys different than the normal runaways he’s been thru a lot the past few years” Ms. Waterford said getting up from her chair looking at the two of them going over another folder
“There all different’ he’ll come home when he’s ready or when he’s hungry” Nolan said slapping the folders down looking right at Ms. Waterford walking away from the desk to another part of the room
“Eric father’s is being charged with Maggie’s death’ when the boy shows up then we can do something about it, so like I said until he’s spotted our hands are tied”
“You will check with his Aunt in Denver?” Holding her briefcase resting on the desk asking
“Yes we’ll check with The Aunt if anything comes up will call you” going right back looking at his folder
Ms. Waterford turn walking away to the front desk, looking at everyone moving around not even paying attention who was around the front heading outside to her car, heading back to her office sitting at her desk pulling the file out of her brief case looking at Eric’s folder again reaching for the phone.
“Hello is this Mrs. Augustine?”
“Yes can I help you?” Turning down the radio in the kitchen trying to hold the phone
“Mrs. Augustine this is Ms. Waterford Family protection services in Road Island”
“Yes what has my Sister done this time?”
“I’m calling you about your sister and about Eric” checking who was walking by her door
“What’s happen that your calling me I’m in Denver what’s she done now?”
“Well it about Eric he’s run away and might be headed to Denver”
“Here’ why what happen is my sister ok?”
“No your sister’s in the hospital”
“Hospital’ did he get drunk again I warn my sister about him before she just won’t listen” sitting down at the table holding her soda looking to the other room of photos on the wall “Is she ok?”
“No didn’t anybody call you? She had a brain hemorrhage and they did everything they could I’m sorry to have to tell you or the phone”
“What Maggie is dead?”
“I’m so sorry”
“O’ my god Maggie no it can’t be I just talked to her yesterday” Setting the phone down on the table holding her head low trying not to cry, wiping the tears away hearing Ms. Waterford
“Hello Mrs. Augustine you still there Mrs. Augustine?”
“Yes’ yes I’m still here” holding the phone inbetween crying
“Eric doesn’t know about his mother he ran away before she died”
“Was Eric hurt is he ok when did all this happen?”
“We don’t know what happen only he did have some bruises when he show up at his friend’s house”
“How bad was it and what happen to Jack?”
“Jack being charged with involuntary manslaughter”
“You said Eric’s on the run trying to get here?”
“Yes as far as we were told by his friend before he took off”
“What about Maggie I can be on the next plane”
“Mrs. Augustine there’s not much here that can be done right now’ you need to be there for Eric when and if he shows up”
“I’ve got to go’ I’ll call you later”
“My condolences to you please call back as soon as you’re able you have my number?”
“Yes I have the number I’ll I will thank you for calling” Holding the phone in her hand hanging it up lowering into it crying.
While Eric woke up looking around seeing he was pulling into a rest stop “We stopping?”
“Need to stretch a little you can go look around if you want” Stopping the truck shutting down the engine reaching for his log book, writing inside it.
“You always write in that book when you stop?”
“It’s called a log book, keeps track of the miles and time”
“That’s what you have an odometer for and a watch for”
“Totally different altogether’ look why don’t you go visit the restrooms and walk around a little you’ve been sleeping over five hours” placing the log book back over the visor opening his door, looking at Eric just sitting watching him. “You might as well get out for a while” climbing down walking in the front seeing Eric getting down
“You going up” Eric asked
With a nod yes the two headed up to the restrooms, Eric stopped at the big map looking at it, checking around seeing him going inside, Eric hurry behind him “Hey were headed the wrong way this is South not west?” Eric said standing at the sink looking at him.
“Making a stop here then will be heading out”
“Where going the wrong way Denver the other way” Eric turn away heading back outside checking the cars parked out front.
“Eric come over here a second”
Turning around seeing Jacob looking at the map Eric headed over standing next to him pointing down “Here is where we turn to heading towards Denver can you see now why?”
Eric with a sly sign ok following him back, watching him again walking around it checking the tires “You do that everytime you stop check every tire why?” walking with Jacob to the other side
“Making sure there ok so we don’t end up with rubber flying off”
“Why don’t you get tires that don’t fly off?”
“Because they don’t make tires like that for truck traveling long hauls”
“Seems they should so you don’t have to stop and check them all the time”
“Your right someday maybe, you ready to hit the road?”
“No my turn’ you’re not going to leave me here are you?”
“No I’ll wait for you’ don’t be all day” Jacob said climbing in reaching for his log book.
Eric rush off to the restrooms hurry inside, one older man standing looking back at him, Eric stood trying not to look at him washing his hands looking over, Staying still even after he finished as the man just stood by the sink watching him. Turning starting to head out when the Man said” You’re not going to wash?” Eric shook his head and walked around the wall hurry back to the truck area, looking behind him seeing the man following him, Eric darted down the side of one truck hurry to the end stopping looking back seeing he drop his hat debating about going back for it not seeing him, just as he turn around the man stood looking at him “Going somewhere?” Eric backup into the trailer as the man got closer standing right in front of him holding one hand on the trailer just above his head “So kid what you doing around here?” Eric closed his eyes for a second waiting for his next move when all of a sudden the man was pulled back away by Jacob “what do you think you’re doing get out of here before I cream you” He took off running around the front while Eric stood with one tear looking up “Eric you have to be careful’ you ok he didn’t” “No can we go?” “Come on” Jacob said placing his arm around Eric wiping his tear off keeping his head down picking up his hat walking back to the truck together.


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