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Holding Eric Part 9

September 26, 2014

Holding Eric part 9

We left off with Eric sitting at the halfway house, uncomfortable sitting paying no attention Mrs. Darvan the school teacher talking about the civil war, pointing her long pointer at the chalkboard drawn map behind her desk, even that must have been from another school seeing they placed it on the wall with large screws and washers, just below it a soap tray mounted holding the eraser. Everything setup to resemble a classroom with world maps and time line history posters on the white walls, Eric looking over to Jon only pointing to the front sitting at his desk without books hands resting on the top, with a nod turning back glancing to Mrs. Darvan still raddling on seeing her name plate someone made in Old English type printing, frowning looking at the name Mrs. Devan with her name on the chalkboard Mrs. Darvan.

Lifting up in his seat checking out the only window visible with green leaves and tree branches mostly blocking the view, the only other window was in the door looking outward to the hallway, raising upward seeing if he could see anything around the hallway other than open doorways they already passed. Then it started Eric reaching down quickly holding his stomach while looking around the room as sounds of hunger echoed in the room disrupting the class, everything stopped no one said anything as the gurgling sounded again before stopping, Mrs. Darvan started talking ignoring the sounds when it started again trying to rub his belly not looking upward as she stopped, again the sounds overwhelmed the room.

Scooting low in the seat trying to avoid the stares from the others before Mrs. Darvan said outward “Eyes front” and right back reading, attempted to catch rhythm to whatever lesson she was blurting out, when another big one started it was a long echoing sound that again turn everyone’s heads backwards. Eric sighed and dropped his head to his desk as if trying to hide from Mrs. Darvan and the others sight.

“Hi” the young boy seating in front of him said quietly with a smile looking back.

“Hey” replied Eric, trying to dismiss the acknowledgement and return to his own seclusion.

“I’m Scott” the boy looked back to the front of the class at Mrs. Darvan. “She’s always been a wordy one, huh’ never seems to shut up till now” he snickered softly and then looked back to Eric. “Your name’s Eric?”

“It’s Eric ok”

“Pleased to meet you Eric! Am Scott’ so why you here?”

“Shh!” Eric hissed raising his head, “You’re going to get us in trouble” his eyes whipping back across the room toward Mrs. Darvan, then to all them oblivious around except Jon. Feeling it coming on again reaching down holding his stomach, feeling it coming on with a much bigger gurgling sounds of hunger just echoed in the room disrupting Mrs. Darvon’s class again setting her pointer down holding the book open looking back. Eric rolled his eyes as he tapped his fingers nervously against his desk.

“Jon would you mind taking young Eric to the kitchen to help him with his problem” Mrs. Darvan said setting her book down on the desk, watching them with the others holding back the giggles.

“Yes Mrs. Darvan right away’ Eric come with me”

Eric scooting out of the seat almost knocking it over hitting the edge more embarrassed just as his stomach gurgling while walking to the door to Jon, followed by some whispered giggles, Mrs. Darvan Lifted her head with a small smile before turning back to the others. Jon already walking towards the stairs, following behind him headed down to the kitchen area, glancing around the clean kitchen with chairs tucked under the table and a small cream and sugar set near the back side, Jon pointed to the chair, Eric pulled it out stopping as the gurgling started’ Jon stood by the refrigerator looking back at him.

“Sit down when’s the last time you fed that thing?”

“Last night sometime I think?” Eric sat down rubbing his stomach.

“You Think’ you had something to eat or you don’t remember what you had?”

“Maybe a sandwich …. Yesterday?” Not sure looking away

Jon not even surprised holding the refrigerator door open, shaking his head looking back inside.

“They didn’t give me anything at the Airport or even that other place with that officer”

“Ok that might explain why you were drinking the shower water”

“You seen me drinking the water? I needed something to drink” trying again to stop his gurgling

“Next time just ask’ don’t drink from the shower that’s gross”

“The Airport had vending Machines’ we had no time to stop rushing to thru terminals”

“What did you do anyway?” Pulling out a loaf of bread and a small package placing them on the table

“Went to my Aunt’s in Denver!”

“Nice going Denver’ so you in trouble, is that why you’re here?” getting a knife and plate

“No’ My Aunt brought me back’ said I had to come back and somehow ended up here”

“Baloney ok’ Mayo or mustard?” holding the door open waiting looking back

“Mustard you won’t get in trouble will you?”

“No of course not”  Setting the stuff on the table making Eric’s sandwich, handing it to him on the small plate, sitting down watching him tear into it as it was his last meal pushing the lower part in puffin out his cheeks as chipmunks do eating walnuts. Eric heard a sigh creeping from his throat stopping swallowing

“You must be hungry do you want another one?” eyes wide watching him chew sitting more upward

Eric nodded gasping air as he push the last half in, Jon slid the plate over to him placing four slices of meat on the bread this time with a quick dash of Mustard in the center handing it to him “Slow down I’ll get you a soda try eating slower” Already biting into it seeing the mustard on the side of his lips, Jon picking up everything returning it, pulling out two sodas sitting back down watching Eric finishing it off.

“How long you been here?” Eric Asking opening the soda can

“Two years and three months” Taking the empty plate setting it aside

“So what you do anyway to end up here for so long?”

“Fighting at school all the time and not getting along at home”

“I’ll be out of here tomorrow! Going to my mother’s funeral”

“Funeral sorry’ Wait that’s why you got referred here?” Jon said’ Puzzled

“No’ because my father killed her’ maybe I was next on his list if I stayed around” burping after taking a long drink wiping his mouth off on the sleeve

“Good thing you got out when you did, who’s going to take you in the morning?” Checking the hallway hearing someone walking towards them not seeing anyone

“My Aunt will come get me” Another long Burp smiling

“Eric not so fast drink it slow’ so the police brought you here and didn’t say how long you be here?”

“My Aunt will come and get me’ she won’t leave me here” Finishing off the soda holding the can

“You got to follow rules here till she picks you up’ you did look at them right?”

“Sure” looking around him “so who this standing behind you watching us?”

Jon turning around hearing a rustling from behind “Get in here’ you know better than sneak up on anybody” the young girl walked in standing by the counter mostly looking at Eric “Eric his name and this is Tiffany”

“Hi Tiffany didn’t see you in the class?” Eric asking looking to her holding her cheek

“She on a break from school, they had to take her to the dentist today”

Squinting back watching her amused smirk holding her jaw walking away “Bye Tiffany”

“Come on lets go’ put your empty can in the box” Pointing next to the refrigerator pushing in his chair, the two headed down the hallway back to the bedroom. Jon stopping at the desk thumbing from side to side in the desk draws. “Yes here it is” Handing it to Eric sitting down next to him on the bed. “We have to follow rules … I’ve got a copy here”

Eric looking over the paper surprised at what was reading “You got to be kidding me”

“You’ve already started breaking them with talking back it’s being disobedience’s see right here” Pointing to the number on the paper sitting more on the edge of the bed

“Dressed and ready for breakfast at seven, till eight and school starts at eight that’s lam” Taking his finger going down the list “What’s this Chores’ me do chores what wash the floor and windows’ not me that’s for sure they can wash their own windows for all I care” Frowning handing him back the paper laying down on the bed adjusting the pillow to his head.

“What type of discipline do they have here?”

“You don’t want to know’ just try and follow the rules”

“Sure I’ll follow along for now anything else I should know about this place?”

Jon got up walking over to a large dresser opening a few draws moving a few things to another draw “You’ll put your stuff in here for now, nothing gets left out, all dirty clothes go in the basket in the corner and make sure your bed is made before you leave the room in the morning understand?”

“Sure I’ll play along for one night” getting up scooping his plastic bag stuffing it in the draw closing it looking at back at Jon now sitting on the bed.

“Frank shares this room! He’s not all there so if you say anything around him he’ll take it the wrong way and you’ll be in trouble”

“Sounds like Frank likes getting everyone in trouble around here, had a few in school like him”

“Just ignore him for the time being, Dinner will be ready at six sharp so make sure your hands are clean and hair combed before you go in the dining room’ whatever you do don’t sit down before Mr. Blanton signals us to sit down’ you’ve got to remember it was one of the rules!”

“Dam Rules” Eric’s eyebrow curled “So what do you do around here” seating down on the chair “So, how old are you?” inquired

“I’m fourteen’ stay here I’ll be back in a few” Jon said heading out the door

Eric looked around the room, thought for a moment confusion become restless getting back to the bed laying down staring at the top bunk, as his mind began to wander in an attempt to piece together what was happening to him. Picking up the paper reading what was required to stay within the rules.

While your here you will be required to follow the rules of the house with no exceptions, if you do not follow the below rules that are here you will have a punishment to the offence.

Mr. Blanton in charge of the Halfway house and will be address at all times as Mr. Blanton.

Children living here will be only address by their first name only, you will get along together without any arguing back and forth at any time, any arguments will be handled by the person in charge.

School hours will be strict so be on time for class, start time will be Monday thru Friday eight am till four pm, you will however have an hour for lunch that will be in the dining room.

Dinner will be at six PM sharp, you will be required not to sit down till everyone is asked to sit down stand behind your designated seat till your asked to sit down, During the meal you will eat everything that has been prepared, if you do not like a one type of food that will be on the menu for that week you must fill out a form as why you cannot have it.

The Bedroom that you will use will also be occupied by two or more persons, you will be responsible for its wellbeing keeping it clean at all times, School work will be done at the desk not on beds, you will keep the bed neat at all times when not in use, after you get up in the morning you will make the bed with all four corners tucked under the ends and pillow placed at the top, any extra blankets will be folded and placed at the bottom. Wear the proper pajamas to bed wake up time is six AM.

The Bathroom is for cleaning yourself and other personal needs, shower when you get up in the morning, washed your hair and keep it combed or brushed at all times.

Television will be in the study room and will only be on during the hours of six and eight pm, except weekends then only till eleven PM.

“How lame is this” tossing the paper aside adjusting the pillow relaxing knowing something that always assured him that he was meant for so much more, that there was a place where he belonged, wondering about his friend in the big green truck.

Things turned around thinking about the last time he sat on the porch away from the screams from behind him, he could hear his mother screaming at his father while he was tossing things around the room when she didn’t get him a beer, cringed as the sounds of metal hitting the floor or glass smashing against the walls, frustration and worried of fear he felt as his eye watered and tear rolled down his chin how much more could he put up with now even his Aunt seemed to abandon him, Eric struggled with his eyelids but they refused to open, his heart pounding trying not to remember what happen.

“Hey’ are you okay?”

Eric looked up as the figure of a small, boy came into focus, “Yeah’ what?” he groaned.

“Okay’ don’t move’ you’re going to be all right.” His voice became faint running back out the door

Rubbing his face with closed knuckles, Eric sat up in bed and looked around the room. Looking down at the floor scattered array of blood, his arm sore somehow while resting he must have hit the railing causing the bruising to rip open it was caked over the shirt sleeve dried, he felt weak lying back down.

Mr. Blanton came in the room with Jon and Scott following, Mr. Blanton reach down checking Eric forehead lifting Eric arm placing it on his stomach “ Eric’ Eric wake up son” Calling his name watching for a reaction, Eric slowly open his eyes tugging away thinking it was his father coming to get him again.

His hands turned to fists and he threw them upward protecting his face, Terror plagued his mind with his chest felt as if his heart were still racing within fear mostly from terror. Mr. Blanton reach up pulling at his hands free seeing the tears around his closed eyes waiting to get hit. “Eric you safe here open your eyes” Eric slowly open his eyes looking at him, feeling uncontrollable trembled in emotions that he lost everything.

“Eric you had a bad dream ok’ look you banged your arm let’s take care of that for you can you sit up?”

“It hurts so much!” he tried to say sitting upward his face coarse and red as Mr. Blanton help him sit upward, lifting his shirt looking at the dried blood.

“Jon will you and Scott take care of this I’ll take him to the office come in as soon as you can an don’t say anything to the others” Mr. Blanton said helping Eric up. Jon stood with Scott watching them leave the room, looking back down at the floor walking over pulling the blankets off tossing them on the floor.

“That was scary how did it happen?” Scott asked

“Hard to say I just left him for a few minutes’ help me before the others come in”

Bending down moving the blanket around seeing it was dried mostly, “I’ll get the wash bucket ok”

“Sure hurry back” returning wiping what he could.

Mr. Blanton walked Eric in the office seating him in the chair taking off his shirt slowly not to start the bleeding again seeing the marks up and down then spotted his backside “Who did this to you”

Eric sat trying to control his reactions from being touched “My Father” Eric feeling his hand washing down his arm its coolness caressing his skin, “I can’t even remember when it didn’t happened”

Mr.Blanton absorbing what had been said` cleaning and dressing the area watching his cringing trying not to shake so much “You don’t have to fear anything here” sitting in front of him looking at his watered face, keeping his voice low and unthreatening “I just want to understand what happen to you?”

The initial shock set the Eric off, tears sliding down his cheeks to realize he couldn’t fight this battle he had for so long, the words wouldn’t come out being placed here away from everything he had known, his breathing slowing back to normal looking up Mr. Boland hold a handkerchief for him.


Holding Eric Part 8

September 15, 2014

Holding Eric part 8

Denver to New York arriving in RI Airport, after a long flight back and forth in terminals’ for the next flight before reaching RI Airport, Eric walking beside Aunt Ginger past the early morning computers rushing thru security lines trying to get thru flights, Airport stores filling up as they continued looking for the luggage area, Aunt Ginger only had one medium suitcase for a short trip she could have done without.

Down the escalator finding the pickup area standing with the other passengers watching all the luggage’s slowly rotating outward, Eric watching waiting quickly spotted Aunt Gingers reaching over lifting it off without dropping it, returning to Aunt Ginger looking at the signs for the car rentals following alongside just before the doorway to the rental cars being stopped by security, checking the tags to match her ticket.

The young man handed her the paperwork along with a pointing out on a map of where we had to go, folding it in half heading to the line cars finding the pale blue compact placing the suitcase in the back seat driving to the city, pulling into the department of social services, Eric uneasy his Aunt still not talking that much about what was going on returning, placing the suitcase in the truck before heading inside, seeing the receptionist sitting behind the window carelessly shifting papers around asking what it was it in referents’ to and if she had an appointment with whom.

Waiting among the crowed seats everyone keeping to them self-other than small children trying to play around the chairs staying close to their mothers, crying babies being rocked back and forth till the window open “Mrs. Augustine she’ll see you now” pointing down the hallway “Fourth door to your right” not even looking up while they past her looking at the doors, Eric stopping at the door seeing Ms. Waterford sitting behind her desk only getting up when they walked in shaking Aunt Gingers hand looking at Eric.

“Well’ Eric did you have a nice flight back?” sitting down together in the small office area

“No’ where’s my mom I want to see her!” leaning forward on the desk

“Eric sit back” Aunt Ginger said in a firm voice

“She’s at the funeral home’ I’m sorry they did everything they could” opening the folded infront of her

“Sure they did’ what about you know?”

“He’s not going to bother you anymore you don’t have to worry about him”

“Worry never’ glad to see him locked up for a change” raising his head looking at the wall behind her seeing all the flyers showing happy family’s together.

“Will need to get a statement from you as what happen”

“What happen? You know what happen you don’t need my statement” uneasy moving in the chair

Turning their attention to the doorway standing looking in at them with his badge on his waist “This Eric?” walking right in the office standing next to Eric.

“Yes that’s him’ Eric you’ll need to go with Officer Nolan he needs to take your statement”

“No I’m not going with him!”

“Eric go with him it will be ok I’ll take care of everything here’ I’ll be right in with you in a second” Aunt Ginger said holding her purse tightly in her lap not even looking at Eric, only looking over as the officer waited, Eric got up sending the chair back hitting the wall behind them, Officer Nolan walked out with Eric leading him down the hallway.

“Mrs. Augustine everything’s been taking care of is there anything you need?”

“What’s to become of Eric now?”

“He’ll be ok will take good care of him”

“Look I just can’t take Eric to live with me I’m in the middle of a divorce”

“We understand these things happen he’ll be ok”

“It’s not that I don’t care it just it’s not the right time for me to be held down with a kid”

“We have made all the arrangements for him’ you just have to sign this form ad everything will be taking care of, Eric will go to a nice home and he’ll be with other kids his own age”

“You do understand it’s just impossible for me”

“I understand, here’s the address of the funeral home” Handing her the pamphlet as she sign the form handing it back, standing up together walking back to the front area.

“Will you need me for anything’ I’ll be at the motel?”

“Will call you’ you take care of your sister affairs will be in contact”

“Thank you should I talk to Eric?”

“No it’s better this way will tell him”

Aunt Ginger walked out the front door, getting in the car looking at the pamphlet checking the map before pulling out onto the roadway.

Officer Nolan open the door to the holding room were Eric had been placed six hours before without food or drink, Eric sat at the table with his hands crossed over sitting back upward when he walk in, watching him sitting down opening his folder looking it over.

Eric upset over being betrayed by his Aunt not cooperating with his questions breaking down after sitting watching him look at the paperwork, before telling him that it went on for the last two or three years after his father lost his job at the auto parts store because of his drinking that only made things hard around the house with his mother working a part time job just to pay the rent and grocery when he didn’t take the money for his drinking, she had to walk has they had reposed the car again his drinking rages going after them when he couldn’t find were she hid the money, pulling everything apart tossing it around the room, Eric came home a few times finding his room flipped upside down. Eric could avoid his rages only some of the times staying out late so he wasn’t his punching bag.

Eric was placed in the back seat of Officer Nolan’s car like a criminal taking to the halfway house, till they could find a place for him to stay with a family, pulling up to the white two story house Eric sat looking from the back seat not wanting to go inside, Officer Nolan open the back door leaning down with one hand on his folder looking at Eric sitting waiting.

“So this is the halfway house I’m staying at?” Looking up scooting halfway out

“This is it for now’ let’s go kid move!” Reaching down pulling on his arm getting him to standup

Walking to the door resisting as he rang the doorbell, greeted by an young girl “Hello”

“Mr. Blanton in?”

Looking at Eric with her eyes moving up and down at him before looking back at Officer Nolan spotting the badge and sidearm “Sure in the study go right in” Stepping aside watching him holding Eric’s arm moving him inside.

“What are you looking at Girl?” Eric snapped at her walking in

“Watch your tong boy”

“Yes sir Officer!” snipping right back

Forcing him in front of him to the study, Mr. Blanton getting up from his chair greeting as they walk in offering them a chair, Officer Nolan handed him the file sitting down, Mr. Blanton flip thru it stopping at one paper looking up “So Your Eric the runaway orphan?” looking down his noise slyly remarking.

“Yep that’s my name right there on your paper”

Officer Nolan reach over taking his arm squeezing him, Eric turning in his chair pulling at his fingers to let go. “Let go of me”

“He’s got a few problems as you can see” letting louse his arm smirking to Eric

“Little attitude will change that’ officer you can go now will handle him from here” standing up together “you stay’ sit and don’t move” pointing at Eric holding his sore arm showing his anger watching them.

“See you kid’ don’t let me see you on the streets” walking out the doorway with Mr. Blanton to the front door, Eric looking around the shelving stacked with Childcare books a few shelf’s nothing interesting to speak of, Mr. Blanton came back in the room with another boy older than him, standing by the door looking at Eric waiting for Mr. Blanton to sit down opening the folder again stopping at one point his eyes going back and forth to Eric and back to the paper.

“We got rules here Eric and you will follow them to a tee or you will be punished ‘if you don’t obey them as they are stated here” Handing Eric a paper to look at.

“Right rules’ how long am I supposed to be here?” glancing over the paper tossing it back on the desk

“This is Jon he’ll take you to your room”

“When do I get to see my Mother? She’s at the funeral place?”

“I’ll check into it’ now go with Jon” Right back to Eric’s folder

Slapping the chair back walking to the door, Jon just waved for him to follow him, slowly walking upstairs stopping at one bedroom with two bunk beds, walking inside Jon pointed to the top bunk” This is your bunk” Eric sat down on the lower bunk “I like the bottom” Fine you can have it I don’t mine the top” walking over to a dresser opening the draw as Erick sat watching him pulling out pants and a shirt.

“You need to get cleanup’ when was the last time you showered anyway” crunching his nose

“I can’t remember last I don’t need one”

“Yes you do and one way or the other you’ll take one”

“Really who’s going to make me you?”

“No the others will less you want Mr. Blanton to?”

“I don’t have a change of clothes these are fine still”

“You going or shall I just go get Mr. Blanton?” Tossing the clothes at him

Eric picked them up from the floor “Fine you win’ where’s these others?”

“In class”

“School you mean”

“No everyone is schooled here”

“Lead the way then Jon boy”

Stopping him looking right into his eyes “Don’t call me that again it’s Jon!”

Entering a room seeing one toilet and two sinks, on his left side an open area seeing shower heads for four persons like at swimming center before you went in a pool, with one bench Eric placed the clean clothes down starting to unbutton his shirt looking at Jon sitting down on the end watching him.

“What now” taking off his shirt setting it down

“I’ll get you a towel leave everything here on the bench till I get back”

Jon walked out of the room Eric walked around looking at the sinks with one long mirror over it seeing himself, lifting his arms smelling himself squinting checking all purple around the ribs and arms slowly turning looking at his back seeing where he had been kicked four days ago still black and blue on the backbones sticking outward, returning tossing his pants and shoes walking into the shower slowly turning the water seeing soap bars on shelves under each, washing himself.

Jon Set a large plastic bag down before he walked into the shower, stopping next to him looking him over handing Eric a bottle “Here wash your hair” walking back out sitting down lifting Eric pants going thru the pockets pulling everything out setting it down on the bench, Eric walked out’ Jon handed him the towel asking “You smoke?”

“No why you checking me out?”

Jon holding a lighter flipping it not lighting “What’s this then if you don’t smoke”

“It’s a lighter I found at the airport” drying off reaching for the underwear slipping them on watching him.

“Why you have all this money you steal it?” folding it back up setting it down

“No I earn it mowing lawns and stuff” Reaching over taking it with the pants

“How you get all those bruises” Jon asking looking at his ribs

“I don’t talk about it’ you can have the lighter”

“It’s no good you can keep it hurry up and get dressed before someone comes in here and see’s you like that and start asking question holding the lighter outward placing his clothes in the bag.

”It’s for making fireworks’ you take the spring and set the flit on the ends folded together and toss it at a wall and Bang” Eric said taking the lighter putting in his pocket, Jon looking back his eyes sideways unsure what he meant handing him a tee shirt watching the doorway.

“Sure ok’ look you have to follow rules around here”

“I looked over them simple stuff’ so how many others are here?”

“Six of us and Mrs. Darvan, she’s the teacher and cooks also seeing we have everything we need”

“Mrs. Darvan the teacher?”

“You’ll meet her after your settle in’ grab you stuff lets go”

Skeptical walking back to the bedroom sitting right down on the bed looking up at Jon

“No were going down stairs after you comb your hair” Handing him a comb “You can keep it, it’s one of the rules combed hair at all times”

Pulling the comb thru stopping as it matted, Jon with his hand out for the comb, Eric handed it to him, Jon slowly managed to get it straight down on the sides and back “You need to keep it clean and comb ok?”

“Sure ok so what’s next on the list I should know about here?”

“You didn’t read it did you?”

“Some what is it that bad here what type of punishment they give anyway?”

“Look just follow what everyone else does and you’ll be fine”

Jon stepped back looking at his hair nodding ok handing him the comb with a side nod to follow they went down the hallway to another room where he could hear the others inside talking, Jon open the door everyone stop talking looking up at them.

“This is Eric everyone”

Gazing at him sitting at their desk, Mrs. Darvan sitting in a chair at the front looked over “Take a seat” Jon walked over with Eric sitting at two empty desks looking forward at Mrs. Devan.

Holding Eric Part 7

September 11, 2014

Holding Eric part 7

Penny walked into the bedroom seeing Jacob set his overnight bag on the bed, looking at it for a second this was not normal Jacob always set it by the dresser never on the bed, setting it aside waiting on him to finish, Refreshed clean shaven Jacob open the door seeing penny sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him. “Everything ok Jacob?” Penny ask

“Sure everything fine have any problems while I was gone?”
“No everything here’s ok’ Jake missed you and the girls I don’t even want to get into that”
“How your Mother?”
“Fine she’s in Vegas with her friend strange you should ask”
“Honey I care about her just sometimes she needs all the attention around here”
“She loves the kids and pampers them to much’ just like your parents do, speaking of them Your dad’s coming by in the morning” Penny said smiling while Jacob sat down next to her smiling reaching around giving her a kiss looking at her eyes with another kiss

“What’s this?”
“I missed you that’s all” reaching around more laying her down on the bed, kissing each other while Jake stood at the door watching them “Dad ready to play ball now?” standing holding his glove and ball.

Sitting up looking at him Penny started laughing “Better go toss a ball or two” grinning getting up
“Jake’ you got some timing buddy”
“The door was open” tossing the ball back and forth in the glove
“Go I’ll start dinner” Penny said smiling walking around Jake

Jake all smiles walking outside together, on the front lawn tossing the ball back and forth almost twenty minutes’ before a car pulled in the driveway dropping off Becky and Colleen rushing over to Jacob, waving bye to Mrs. Holden backing out before heading inside, Jake looking at the trailer standing in the driveway tapping the ball, slowly looking over seeing them going inside, Jake walked down the side to the rear, looking at the door seeing it was locked grabbing the round lock pulling down a few times, dropping his glove bending over slowly getting up seeing a young boy staring at him in the mirror towards the front, hurry to the door climbing up looking inside.

Becky and Collen setting the table while Jacob sat having his coffee checking the TV news, Jake came in tossing his glove on the chair sitting down looking around the room seeing what they were doing.
“What’s up Jake you forget something?”
“What dad’ no I don’t think so” looking down at his shoes
“Your backpack’ show me what you did today”
“Sure dad” getting up stopping looking out the door, over to the truck before taking his backpack over next to the chair, pulling out a few papers showing him what he did.

While Eric sat in the livingroom chair at his Aunt’s house watching the cartoons, while she was on the phone talking to Ms. Waterford. In the other room before coming in standing looking down at him.
“Eric you have to go back home” setting the phone down on the end table

“What I can’t go back I want to stay here with you” Eric said upset moving his lips as his eyes started watering looking at her shaking his head no
“You just can’t stay here you have to go home”
“But Aunt Ginger why can’t I stay here with you?” looking at the floor cracks
“Because I can’t take care of you I’m in the middle of something right now”
“I’m not going back” Eric said rushing to the couch laying down crying

Aunt Ginger went over rubbing his back sitting next to him “Eric it’s not that I don’t want you to stay it’s just I cannot take care of you”
“You don’t like me anymore is that why?”
“I like you a lot’ but Mrs. Waterford said you have to come back to tell them what happen”
“I can tell them over the phone I don’t have to go there ever”
“Eric things happen after you left” getting emotional just watching him
“I know they took them away!” upsetting careless tone back
“They did take them only your Mother my sister was taken to the hospital”
“Maybe because he beat her again” looking away
“Eric honey Your Mother was hurt pretty bad this time”
“She’ll be fine she always is” watching the cartoons sideways
“Not this time she was hurt very bad”
“So’ it’s not the first time he went after us when he’s been drinking” only glancing at her
“How can I put it to you she didn’t make it I’m sorry”

Eric sat up looking at her tear’s rolling down, his face started getting red eyes moving back and forth trying to wipe the tears away, she reach around him holding him letting cry it out.
“Eric you got to be strong for your Mom now, come on little guy will work it out”
“My Mom’s dead?”
“Yes she tried to hold on”
Eric couldn’t hold back crying again falling in her arms holding her.

Blowing out the candles on his cake after they had dinner, while everyone enjoying the cake Jake open his presents enjoy each one setting them aside, enjoying his second slice. Becky cleared the table while Colleen placed them in the dishwasher hurry Jake to finish so they could go outside for his big present, All smiles and hugs Jake stood up Colleen reach over taking his arm “I get to give the birthday boy spankings how many” holding him while they all watch except Jacob eyes got wide

“No stop no more spanking no more hitting each other” slapping his hand down on the table, everyone stopped looking at him this wasn’t there dad talking he never said anything before surprised not saying anything just looking at him sitting closing his eyes lowering his head in his hands, Penny quickly got up over to him “My god Jacob what happen” reaching down looking at the kids together at the end of the table.

Jacob slowly looked up “I’m sorry kids’ please no more hitting around here ok”
“Ok dad we won’t we promise” Becky said as she was the oldest standing together with them nodding.

“Why don’t you kids go outside for a few will be right out go on now” Penny said watching them slowly walk around the table only looking over at Jacob.
“Jacob what happen” Penny asking sitting down next to him pushing the plate aside waiting
“This kid I pick up I noticed his purple color bruises on his arms that he tried to hide”
“This Kid had Bruises how old was this kid?”
“Just a boy a runaway from what I could gather”
“You gave this kid a ride?”
“All the way to his Aunts in Denver”
“Jacob’ how never mind I know you did that right thing’ you ready Jake been waiting over a week”

The two went outside all three sitting on the porch looking up at them coming out Becky waved for them to get up “Dad should we blind fold someone?” Jake looking pushing his lips together at her grinning
“No he knows about the new Bike he’s been wanting already”
Jake face dropped looking at him that’s not what he wanted dishearten walking together to the truck, Jake stopped at the door looking at the mirror just ahead of them, walking to the rear
“Turn around now till I tell you to look” Jacob said to Jake opening the door “Ok here’s your new Bike” Jake turn around slowly not very excited to see a bike, looking up smiling as Jacob lifting him inside rush to the seat sitting down on his new red Go cart feeling the wheel all smiles back.

“Well you like it?” Jacob asking climbing up
Jake got out of the seat giving him a big hug around the waist “It’s just what I wanted dad”
“Well better thank your mother she pick it out” holding him as long as possible before he rush over getting down hugging his Mother, Jacob and the girls hurrying to get off the truck.

“See its Red not green” Jake said to Becky looking at the engine
“It has only one seat?” Becky asking
“Just one that’s all he needs”
“Dad how come he doesn’t have a roll bar?” Colleen asked watching Jake moving the wheel back and forth adjusting to the wraparound seat not pay any attention to them checking the pedals

“It has one if the time comes will put it on”
Penny squeezing Jacobs’s hand asking “Jacob’ you have that extra thing we talked about put on?”
“Sure did” pulling a key from his pocket “Jake here’s a key to start it but don’t loss it”
“A key like the Gators’ I have’ my own key” Jake taking the key placing it in stretching downward off the seat just reaching the pedals, looking up at Jacob.
“Adjust the seat forward the lever on the side Jake”
“Dad can we go riding in the back?” Becky asked pleating more than anything
“Go’ Jake think you can handle it ok?”
Becky and Colleen rushing around them to the barn
“Sure dad can I try it can I?”
“Start it just remember not too far”

“Use the break not your feet” Penny said all smiles holding Jacob
Jake all smiles back looking over the sidebar next to the seat putting on the seat belt ready, looking up at them smiling as he turn the key starting it, slowly moving forward around the trailer to the barn seeing the girls coming out on the Gators, buzzing right pass them to the open fields in the back as they hurrying to stay with him. Jacob and Penny sat on the back porch watching them in the field stirring up dust together.

Later that night after their shower’s before bed saying goodnight hugging and kissing, Jake being last as always taking to his dads lap squeezing him looking up “Thanks’ dad it was just what I wanted’ what’s Grandpa going to say about it?” his sad eyes looking back
“Don’t worry about your Grandpa it will be alright I’ll talk to him”
“But he wanted me to have that horse he looked at” with a worried frown
“The horse can wait a little longer, beside we have other horses”
“I know dad but he really wanted that one” sitting upward with one arm on his shoulder
“It’ll be fine now off to bed with you”
Jake kissed him rushing over to his Mother holding her “Thanks Mom I like it I’ll becareful”
“I know dear now you’ve had a long day time for bed” giving him a kiss sending him off

Holding Eric Part 6

September 9, 2014

Holding Eric part 6

Sitting down on the couch with Aunt Ginger, Eric turned seeing Jacob standing watching them.
“Please have a seat’ have you two eaten?” smiling back and forth at them
“Yes, we stopped’ I’m Jacob and you’re his Aunt?” Jacob asking sitting down in the chair
“Ginger Augustine’ everyone’s been so worried about what happen to him, how did you ever find him?”
“He found me sort of and well he has that way of asking that’s hard to refuse so I had to bring him” Jacob looking over at Eric checking around the room telling her, when Eric turn back shook his head so quickly only looking over to Aunt Ginger not seeing him do it.
“Do you have a bathroom I can use” Eric asked before Jacob could add anything sitting on the edge of the couch grinning his teeth.
“Sure honey down the hall on the left”

Eric quickly heading for the hallway, watching him till the door closed turning back looking at each other Ginger shook her head back and forth in a low voice “Eric mother Maggie just died in the hospital”
“He doesn’t know’ and his Father?” Jacob asking watching the hall
“He in jail the Eric’s social worker called here telling me what happen and to keep an eye for Eric one of his friends said he was headed here”
“Not what he’s expecting’ saying you lived on a big farm”
“Well that was a few years ago’ he was younger then” hearing the flush looking over seeing Eric returning, walking in sitting on the couch “Nice place you got Aunt Ginger so where’s Uncle Carlos?”
“He’s out of town for a while’ so you enjoy the big truck ride here did you?”
“Yes’ I didn’t walk here” Eric getting upset seeing how small the place really was
“Look I should go you two have a lot to talk about” Jacob said getting up

Eric rush over hugging him “Can’t you stay longer?” pleading with him
“No’ sorry I still have a load to drop off, I’m also parked in the road remember”
“When will you be back then?” Eric asking looking up
“About a week, I’ll be in the area I can stop by if that’s ok with your Aunt?” Ginger standing watching them raising her shoulders upward with only a small grin.
Jacob started walking to the door with Eric and Ginger following him out, “Take care ok”
“I will thanks Jacob” Eric said watching him walking back to the truck climbing in looking over at the two standing on the small porch with a wave from Eric as he waved back driving off, turning going back inside the house.

Jacob pulling into Kansas truck stop parking looking over to an empty seat, pulling his log book down starting to write inside stopping looking back at the bunk seeing the comic books by the pillow, lowering his head before finishing his report placing it above the visor holding the wheel looking outward, slowly getting out walking around the truck checking the tires stopping looking up at the passenger door hoping to see Eric watching him, only he wasn’t looking down.

Entering the fuel service area walking inside checking around him, truck drivers talking about loads just wasn’t holding his interest at that moment, Heading to the restaurant area, stopping at the cashier looking at the counter, coloring books and crayons with children’s menus setting next to them, Jacob reach over taking one, looking around the room deciding to sit at the counter for a change not of his regular places always taking a booth to relax more.

“Well don’t you look beat what do you have tonight?” Seating down a coffee cup and water glass
“English and some soup” reaching for the sugar
“Vegetable or Clam chowder?”
“Clam Chowder will do it thanks”
“Got a kid back home?”
Jacob looked up at her “Yes have three home what made you ask?”
“Maybe the coloring book” She said smiling at him
“Right’ I was thinking of someone that would have like it”
“Kids like to color it keeps them busy anyway” she smiled again heading back

Jacob looked at the coloring book showing two small kids playing with a ball, picking up his coffee, looking thru the pages before the waitress came back with his chowder “Here you go anything else?”
“No not right now” Jacob setting the book aside seeing the waitress standing still infront of him “So you heading home to the wife and kids?” Jacob looking again at the book “In the morning should be home”
“So where’s home?”
“Logan Texas”
“Bet they’ll be glad to see you, how long you been on the road?”
“Two weeks I’m ready for a break before the kids go back to school”
“Wish my kid was still in school he went in the army station in Florida”
“They do grow fast and before you know it on their own”
“Sure do miss him but should see him before Christmas”
“Kids grow on you that’s for sure, matter a fact need to call the wife”
“No Phone?”
“Went dead and of course forgot the charger that she’s always telling me to take”
“Better call her’ there they go again gotta run, take it easy things will look up” The waitress said walking away.

Jacob finished his meal walking around the gift shop stopping at the candy rack seeing Eric’s candy bars, reaching down taking a few before heading to the phones in the back lounge, pushing the buttons leaning on the wall waiting as it rang.

Sitting in her chair watching the TV when her phone rang glancing down not recognizing the number letting it go to voice mail looking at it waiting to hear who it was.
“Hello you there babe it’s me?”
Quickly reaching over picking it up “Jacob” pressing the mute button
“How’s everything?”
“About time you called, I was getting a little worried”
“Sorry had an unexpected run to make in Denver”
“Jake was asking for you”
“How was his camping trip?”
“He’s coming home tomorrow when you coming home?”
“Tomorrow and the girls how they doing?” In a low tone
“At a friend’s overnight’ you sound off you ok?” lowering her eyes to the side
“Sure am fine I’ll be home around noon, what time they getting home?”
“Three or so’ how’s your new team driver working out?”
“Not’ he quit Monday”
“Jee’s Jacob’ solo no wonder you must be tired”
“I’ll get some zzz’s and be-off first light”
“Well just be careful lot of road construction here”
“Ok I’ll see you soon love ya”
“Me too’ I’ll put on the steaks for dinner”
“Ok gotta go babe good night”
“Good night Hun see you tomorrow” Hearing the phone hanging up she held it for a second before setting it down, her face got tight again looking at the phone pressing the redial button letting it ring with no one picking it up’ hanging up’ placing it on the table turning the TV sound back on sitting back in the chair.

Dawn breaking Jacob waking to the sun coming in the front windshield reflecting around the back, sitting up looking at the dancing girl next to the candy bars setting on top of comic books, taking a deep breath standing up, reaching in the cabinet for a clean shirt before sitting down going over his log book still checking the passenger seat only envisioning Eric sleeping, returning the book back above the visor getting out of the truck, making his check over on the tires, stopping at the rear looking forward at his mirror, again Eric’s lost face looking back in the mirror haunting him, finishing getting in reaching for his thermos when he spotted the letter on the floor. Eric must have dropped it, reaching over to pick it up, Looking at his name before folding it in half placing it in his pocket, checking over the gauges before driving to the exit heading to the warehouse making a stop before going home.

Rural area a school bus letting off a young boy in Logan Texas, going up the driveway to his house while holding his backpack to his side, Opening the door “Mom I’m home” Setting his pack down in the hallway hurrying to the kitchen seeing his mother washing dishes.

“Jake did you wipe your feet off?”
“Yes, Mom I did’ what are you cooking smells good?” looking at the stove
“Cake for your Birthday” She said turning giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek
“Mom’ what you get me? You can tell me” excided wanting to know with his big smile
“It can wait till later when your sisters and Father gets home”
“Mom can you give me a hint just a little one come on Mom just a little” Sitting down waiting hoping to find out before he got it, bouncing his shoulders waiting.
“No well maybe it’s big and you might like it” She said checking the stove.

Jake lips and eyes went upward, looking back around her at the big cake on the rack, scooting forward watching her stick a toothpick in side looking at it closing the door
“So when’s dad going to be here?” Jake said going over to the refrigerator opening the door looking inside, pulling out a soda can.
“You want a sandwich? Asking him finishing the dishes, getting a sour smell looking back
“No just looking seeing what you bought”
“Jake maybe you should take a shower before he gets home”
“Ok I will Mom can I have some corn chips?”

Reaching up opening the cabinet getting the bag for him’ “Here save some for your sisters”
“I will what are we having for dinner?”
“Steak and green beans”
“Green beans’ Mom can’t you make sweet potatoes”
“Your dad likes his green beans but I’ll make the birthday boy some”
“Thanks Mom’ did you hear that Mom?” stopping short looking to the front window
“What I didn’t hear anything?”
“Dad’s home I can hear him coming up the road” Hurry to the door looking out the window seeing the rig backing in, hurrying outside rushing to the truck as Jacob parked it next to the car shutting it down, Jake stood waiting for him to open the door “Hi Dad you’re home for my birthday just like you said you would be” Jacob getting out with Jake rushing him giving him a big hug, Jacob closed his eyes leaning down smelling his hair, before Jake let go climbing up pulling his overnight bag out, walking to the house with Jake stopping at the porch looking at her waiting, Jake taking his bag inside.

“Hi babe”
“Well hello stranger have a good sleep last night?’
“Not really” walking up giving her a kiss before going inside together Jacob smelling the air “Smells like someone’s been busy cooking”
“Jake’s cake’ you want something now?”
“No, I’m good maybe some coffee, I need to take a shower”
“Jake just got home before you so he smelling some from camp”
“That’s ok he’s fine’” Sitting down at the table watching Jake eat corn chips following with soda.
“So Dad where you go this time, what you bring me for my birthday?”
“Your Birthday is that what I was supposed to get a gift for you?”

Jake rush over giving him a big hug looking up “Dad you got me that go-cart?”
“No well maybe you’ll find out later” holding him close smelling his light brown hair
“Dad want to play some ball outside before dinner” standing up excited
“Jake your father just got home”
“Ok’ maybe later then dad”
“After dinner, Jake eat your chips”
“What happen on this trip that’s got to you’ don’t say nothing I know you so what happen?”
“I’ll tell you about it later’ I need to freshen up”
“Your coffee’s ready”
“I’ll only be few minutes the girls be home soon?”
“Sure anytime” watching Jacob getting up walking to the other room taking his overnight bag to the bedroom, “Jake why don’t you play your games for a little while till your sisters come home”
“Ok Mom can …” holding the chips
“Yes’ take them with you” Watching Jake taking the soda and corn chips leaving the room, opening the stove checking the cake before pulling it out to cool on the counter, looking back at the table seeing the coffee cup, taking off her apron walking to the bedroom.

Holding Eric Part 5

September 7, 2014

Holding Eric part 5

Wondering what was taking Jacob so long, Eric made his way back to the fuel counter asking for Jacob, She just pointed outside while talking with another truck driver, stepping outside slowly walking despite the wet pavement walking around a few puddles passing trucks finding only an empty space were they had parked, leaning on the dampness of the fender of another truck lowering his head wiping the small band of sweat from his brow, adjusting his hat around his curly blond hair, more panic setting in now when he felt someone touched his shoulder for that one second fearing the old man was back after him pulling away turning looking over seeing it was Jacob “It’s in the shop you ok? We had a flat” Looking up at Jacob “Thought maybe you left me here” slumped his shoulders

“Jacob smiled down “No not likely here anyway, here take the thermoses will get them filled”

Walking back together back to the dining room sitting at the counter, two coffee’s and water the same waitress not even asking taking the thermos’s “How she know what you want in them?” Eric asked

“She’s done it before”

“So you stop in here a lot?”

“When I’m passing thru Katie’ she’s works the night shift on weeknights”

“So when do we get to Nebraska?” Eric asked sipping his cup looking over

“Late tomorrow night’ one more stop to make before Denver”

“You’re going to Nebraska not Denver?” Eric tilted looking over

“Made a change were heading to Denver ok”

“Great I can see my Aunt it won’t be too late will it?”

“Will see’ Katie this is Eric’ were heading to Denver next”

“Hi Eric’ Jacob Denver another long trip you just go back?”

“What” Eric confused looking back and forth at them?

“He’s going to his Aunts for a while”

“Denver way too cold for me that’s for sure’ anything else?”

“No were good here see you on the return trip”

“Drive careful and good luck’ Eric hope to see you again sometime” Katie said watching them walking away picking up the cups seeing Jacob left her a five placing it in her smock smiling as they headed out the front door.

“Where are we anyway?” Eric asking spotting the truck next to the fuel area

“Branford take the thermos and jump in be right there”

Eric stopping looking at him taking the thermos “Mass?”

“No Connecticut’ not far from New Haven”

“How much farther is it to Denver? Standing at the driver’s door setting them down on the step

“Should pull in Wednesday Night” Jacob said opening the door letting him get in handing him the thermos “Be right back stay put this time!” in more a firm voice, Eric nodded back scooting over to his side seeing the package of Comic books checking out the window watching Jacob go inside, before sitting back looking at the Comics.

“Well you settled in looks like” Jacob said getting in letting it warm up checking his log

“It’s getting dark out all ready see the sky looks like more rain”

“Will pass it’ if you get tired jump in the back”

Eric looked back at the single bed seeing more bags Jacob picked up at the store, “I’m good”

“Ok’ used the pillow if you want” Pushing the Air valve moving to the exit, slowly to the traffic light watching the curve before getting on ninety-five north to New York.

Eric ended up getting the pillow setting it by the window leading back falling asleep from the darkness and seeing only tail lights waking up only when Jacob stopping at a toll station Near Newark, and once when they slowdown in North Brunswick for Route one to south ninety-five only falling back into the pillow, Pulling into the rest area parking alongside another semi shutting it down.

 Eric still sleeping while Jacob finished his log before reaching over “Eric you awake?”

“Yea now’ where are we Denver already?”

“No in Pennsylvania”

“Why we stop?’ rubbing his eyes looking around the area

“Needed a break and restroom’ put your shoes on will go up”

Pushing his hair back looking for his shoes bending over slipping them on with a big yawn seeing the reflection off the window of them from the lights inside, Jacob started out looking over “Come on you can get out on my side” Helping him down again walking to the rest area, Eric staying close to him seeing the cars with people sleeping on the seat as they walked.

Eric right for the stall closing the door behind him stopping opening the door back open looking at Jacob “You will wait for me in here not outside?” holding the door with one hand ready to unbuckle his belt

“Of Course I’ll wait just outside for you less someone comes in ok?”

“Ok I might be a little while maybe I ate too much”

“Be outside take your time no rush” Jacob said heading out, standing looking over the large map glancing at his watch, spotting a vending machine just over near the next building, walking up at the bathrooms “Eric be right next store they have vending machine with hot chocolate and coffee” Waiting not hearing him respond “Eric you ok? Eric” walking inside seeing him washing his hands looking back “Ready”

Following over to the vending machine watching the cup drop filling up with steam off the top, Jacob took the cup handing it to Eric waiting on another to fill, Eric sat down on the bench looking at the cars as Jacob sat next to him “How come they make Trucks Park so far away I almost didn’t make it”

Smiling back “Maybe because they are so big they would take too much room”

“It’s not fair to have us walk so far” wiping his mouth off from the chocolate

“Will spent a few hours here before we head out’ it should be daybreak by then”

“Already where the night go?”

Jacob just looked down at him wanting to tell him he sleep thru it but left it be getting up together tossing the cups in the trash heading back to the truck. Unlocking the door Eric made his way up without help.

“Stay here got to make a walk around the trailer be right back” Jacob closed the door locking it before walking down the side of the trailer to the rear.

Watching him walking down in the driver seat mirror till he was out of sight, looking over to the other truck window seeing a sign blocking the inside, turning back seeing Jacob coming around the front unlocking the door opening it for him scooting over.

“Well I’m going in the back for a few winks you going to be ok here?”

“Sure I’ll be your watch dog’ you can have the pillow now”

“Nice just don’t open that door for anyone” Taking the pillow tossing on the bed

“I won’t get some rest want me to wake you?”

“No I’ll be awake just resting”

“Ok if I read my book?” holding the comic book upward

“Fine see you I about an hour or two” laying down looking forward

“That long?”

“Maybe sooner read your books” adjusting the pillow tapping the dancing girl

 Jacob woke up looking over seeing Eric sound asleep, pulling back on the Highway, entering Ohio before he woke up looking over. “why didn’t you wake me?” Eric asking

“You feel better this morning”

“Yea why did I say something last night?”

“You were talking some”

“Was it bad or what did I say I can’t remember what I was dreaming about”

“Couldn’t make it out’ will be stopping soon”

“We still in Pennsylvania?”

“No just about to cross into Chicago that’s in Illinois”

Looking out seeing only everything flat open country heading into a storm off to the right side, watching the clouds darken the sky seeing they were headed right at them.

“Looks like rain storm were going into”

“Will pass it might get a little rain”

Here it comes “Eric pointing to the windshield seeing the drops

Hitting the windshield hard and fast more like a bucket dumping on them and it was over, cars keeping with the two lane traffic only a cement garden them from coming over looking up seeing the sign as they entered into more lanes I-290 East Chicago South toll-way on the left exit seven Joliet route fifty with construction zone ahead on the left side.

“When we stopping?”

“You ok to the truck stop it’s a big one with lots inside”

“As long as it’s not too far” squirming in the seat

“Will make a stop before the Truck stop can you hold it?”

“I think so” picking up his hat off the floor

Stopping at the local truck stop refueling then back on the highway I-80 towards Iowa heading into Nebraska, watching the brownish horizon Jacob seeing Eric not exactly entertained from the view trying to read his comic book, finishing off the last of his chicken nuggets in the rush hour traffic almost fourteen hours having to stop a few times for the bathroom visits knowing young boys can only hold it just so long, reaching Nebraska exit towards the big warehouse’s Eric looked around watching Jacob back into a loading dock.

“Where are we?”

“Nebraska warehouse unloading the trailer here”

“Why you have to unload it?”

“That’s what loads are for to deliver from one place to another”

“You need help unloading it?”

“Sure you can help me”

Walking up the stairs inside standing at the desk looking around the warehouse, how big it was inside seeing the men unloading truck standing on little carts pulling the pallets outward dropping them and going back for more.

“What are they called” Eric asking pointing at the men

“Pallet jacks like Forklifts” Jacob said lifting him up setting him on the table

Eric looked over the table smiling at the man talking with Jacob showing him papers, while watching the men remove the pallets before a larger one came up taking them away down a long aisle stack high, Jacob lifted Eric down taking his hand keeping to the yellow lines to a small café room looking over the machines “See anything you want?” Eric looked at the corn chips pointing at them, tossing two coins in letting Eric push the buttons getting a soda from the next one before the two sat down watching from the window.

“What about your load we going to unload it?”

“They will take care of it for us”

“That’s nice of them, so we still going to Denver?”

“Soon as were done here”

“It’s getting dark out think my Aunt will still be up when we get there?”

“I think so we made good time”

 The truck unloaded and back on the road this time heading to the address in Denver Eric showed him at the truck stop, getting off the highway to the city of Denver pulling over looking at the street atlas, finding they were within a few block to his Aunt’s house, with a jerk pulling back into city traffic spotting the street sign turning down finding the house.

“This looks like the place your Aunt lives”

“Here it’s not a farm”

“This is the address you have”

Eric pulled the envelope looking at it then to the house, lowering his head reching for the door handle

“Eric would you like me to walk with you?”

“I should be ok here’ but if you want to you can” Eric said more wanting him to

The two walked up to the door, Jacob rang the doorbell waiting just looking at the door, the small current pulled back and she looked out opening the door quickly “Eric you made it god we were so worried” reaching out for him holding him, “Come inside please” She said lifting Eric upward holding him tightly before lowering him walking inside together to the livingroom.


Holding Eric Part 4

September 3, 2014

Holding Eric part 4
(Just a Note for my PLEASANT readers, I just want to thank you for reading it, I know my spelling is bad Only I try and get what I’m thinking down before it slips away, sometime I don’t check for every little thing wrong with the chapter till I have read it on a printed out form. So with that if you don’t like what I’ve put down please don’t put me down!) This part is short due to a person who told me not to write anymore after reading Holding Eric. Good thing he wasn’t around on YellowJacket Ha’Ha’.
Pulling out of the rest stop back on the highway, Eric sat watching the traffic increasing, glancing over to Jacob shifting watching back and forth in his side mirror keeping up with the traffic each time the motor roar lifting his head watching him down shifting a few times around curves and down a few hills, it seemed like hours riding trying not to fall asleep watching the lines in the road.
“Would he ..I mean could he have?” Eric hesitating asking
Jacob looked over “You’re trying to guess what could have happen back there?”
“Well maybe he just wanted to talk” Eric said scooting around in the seat better
“No’ you need to be more careful in rest areas just like when your home”
“I get it’ how did you know I was there?”
“Keeping an eye open to see if you were coming back”
“Thanks for helping me out”
“Getting hungry?”
“Little bit we stopping?”
“Next Truck stop we need to fuel up anyway”
“Didn’t you just get gas?”
“That was a few hundred miles ago”
Looking down at the side of his seat Eric picked up the thermos shaking it a few times before pouring out some in the cup holding it out ward to Jacob “Coffee?”
“No it’s been sitting will gets some fresh”
“This is a Thermos right so how come you called it a Thermoset then?”
Jacob smiled over “It has many temperatures hot, warm and then cold”
Tasting the coffee making a face feeling it was cold swallowing it, pouring the rest back in setting it back down next to him checking what was in the back, seeing only one bed with blankets and one single pillow setting near the back wall area, just near the top was a small refrigerator, with a dancing lady sitting on top, checking back around him a closet door with a duffle bag on the floor.
“This the truck stop exit?”
“Not yet about another fifty miles before we get there”
“You don’t listen to the radio?”
“Sometimes I do mostly checking the scenario out”
“What’s that?”
“All around you look outside everything you can possibly see is right outside these windows”
Eric looked out the window seeing the road and next to it long rows of stone walls lining the road with cement barriers diving the two roads, high mountains with no houses only trees growing in open fields.
“So why don’t you stop and see the sight’s” Eric asked him leaning on the door
“You don’t stop and take the sights’ sometimes you just have to look as you go by everything, maybe you can get a photo or two even that’s can be tricky at sixty miles an hour”
“You don’t stop at any of these places?”
“Sometimes when it’s a rest over till the next load going out”
“You must spend a lot of time driving”
“Almost eleven hours a day or more”
“You sleep back there at night?”
“Not all the time I like to stay a motels on the weekends and get a fresh start for the week”
“How many states you been in?”
“Few or more, here’s our exit hungry?”
“Little, this bouncing makes you go”
Jacob turn off the road heading into the truck stop slowly moving around other trucks pulling inbetween two stopping, Eric jump back in the seat when Jacob pulled the Air break, smiling over reaching for his log book, Eric trying to look at it Jacob waving him over, slowly getting up standing looking down at it as Jacob draw lines and marked it “This is the time and here’s the miles we went can you see it” Eric nodding watching him place the book back up “Ready’ I’m hungry” following Jacob out his door with Jacob helping him down when Eric reaching for the metal to grab onto “No don’t grab that” Jacob pulled him down “That’s the exhaust pipe you touch that you’ll get burnt” holding him still looking down at him.
“Sorry” Eric said looking at him still holding him
“You’ll learn but not that way’ let’s go” pulling Eric’s hat down over his face walking to the front
Right alongside Jacob walking inside the fuel station passed the gift shop and into the restaurant area holding his hand outward waving it back and forth to booths or table, Eric pointed to the tables, sitting down checking the other truck drivers looking over with Jacob only nodding his head to them, before the waitress came over setting two waters down.
“Evening boys special or buffet Meatloaf and Ham steaks”
“Buffet sounds good, two coffees and a large orange juice”
“Plates are on the side help your self’s”
Finished with their dinner, Jacob took the check before Eric could even see it walking together out Jacob told Eric to go check out the comic books, While he waited for the cashier to finish, Eric checking over a few trying to see how many were inside the package when Jacob walked over just as he was about to open it looking up.
“Find what you like?”
“They don’t tell you how many inside” Still trying to lift on e inside
“Look at the edge should be able to see, around five most of the time”
“To tight to tell” Eric flipped it tom it side finding it covered just looking back up holding it
“Just open it” Jacob nodded
“Open it?” Eric said ripping the top right back without hesitating pulling them out, showing them to Jacob, before placing them back inside, Jacob took the package over to the cashier looking back at Eric looking at the chrome items behind the glass.
“Eric meet you in the lounge’ I’ve got to check in with the dispatcher”
Eric’s head snapped back seeing him walking away, checking a few more items in the isles heading towards the fuel area, Jacob standing talking to the well-groomed female handing him papers, spotting Eric looking on Jacob just pointing down the hallway, Eric slowly walked down checking the boards showing trucks For sale before entering the Truck drivers lounge seeing a few drivers watching a movie on a wide screen TV set, only looking at him when he walked in sitting down waiting for Jacob.