Holding Eric Part 4

Holding Eric part 4
(Just a Note for my PLEASANT readers, I just want to thank you for reading it, I know my spelling is bad Only I try and get what I’m thinking down before it slips away, sometime I don’t check for every little thing wrong with the chapter till I have read it on a printed out form. So with that if you don’t like what I’ve put down please don’t put me down!) This part is short due to a person who told me not to write anymore after reading Holding Eric. Good thing he wasn’t around on YellowJacket Ha’Ha’.
Pulling out of the rest stop back on the highway, Eric sat watching the traffic increasing, glancing over to Jacob shifting watching back and forth in his side mirror keeping up with the traffic each time the motor roar lifting his head watching him down shifting a few times around curves and down a few hills, it seemed like hours riding trying not to fall asleep watching the lines in the road.
“Would he ..I mean could he have?” Eric hesitating asking
Jacob looked over “You’re trying to guess what could have happen back there?”
“Well maybe he just wanted to talk” Eric said scooting around in the seat better
“No’ you need to be more careful in rest areas just like when your home”
“I get it’ how did you know I was there?”
“Keeping an eye open to see if you were coming back”
“Thanks for helping me out”
“Getting hungry?”
“Little bit we stopping?”
“Next Truck stop we need to fuel up anyway”
“Didn’t you just get gas?”
“That was a few hundred miles ago”
Looking down at the side of his seat Eric picked up the thermos shaking it a few times before pouring out some in the cup holding it out ward to Jacob “Coffee?”
“No it’s been sitting will gets some fresh”
“This is a Thermos right so how come you called it a Thermoset then?”
Jacob smiled over “It has many temperatures hot, warm and then cold”
Tasting the coffee making a face feeling it was cold swallowing it, pouring the rest back in setting it back down next to him checking what was in the back, seeing only one bed with blankets and one single pillow setting near the back wall area, just near the top was a small refrigerator, with a dancing lady sitting on top, checking back around him a closet door with a duffle bag on the floor.
“This the truck stop exit?”
“Not yet about another fifty miles before we get there”
“You don’t listen to the radio?”
“Sometimes I do mostly checking the scenario out”
“What’s that?”
“All around you look outside everything you can possibly see is right outside these windows”
Eric looked out the window seeing the road and next to it long rows of stone walls lining the road with cement barriers diving the two roads, high mountains with no houses only trees growing in open fields.
“So why don’t you stop and see the sight’s” Eric asked him leaning on the door
“You don’t stop and take the sights’ sometimes you just have to look as you go by everything, maybe you can get a photo or two even that’s can be tricky at sixty miles an hour”
“You don’t stop at any of these places?”
“Sometimes when it’s a rest over till the next load going out”
“You must spend a lot of time driving”
“Almost eleven hours a day or more”
“You sleep back there at night?”
“Not all the time I like to stay a motels on the weekends and get a fresh start for the week”
“How many states you been in?”
“Few or more, here’s our exit hungry?”
“Little, this bouncing makes you go”
Jacob turn off the road heading into the truck stop slowly moving around other trucks pulling inbetween two stopping, Eric jump back in the seat when Jacob pulled the Air break, smiling over reaching for his log book, Eric trying to look at it Jacob waving him over, slowly getting up standing looking down at it as Jacob draw lines and marked it “This is the time and here’s the miles we went can you see it” Eric nodding watching him place the book back up “Ready’ I’m hungry” following Jacob out his door with Jacob helping him down when Eric reaching for the metal to grab onto “No don’t grab that” Jacob pulled him down “That’s the exhaust pipe you touch that you’ll get burnt” holding him still looking down at him.
“Sorry” Eric said looking at him still holding him
“You’ll learn but not that way’ let’s go” pulling Eric’s hat down over his face walking to the front
Right alongside Jacob walking inside the fuel station passed the gift shop and into the restaurant area holding his hand outward waving it back and forth to booths or table, Eric pointed to the tables, sitting down checking the other truck drivers looking over with Jacob only nodding his head to them, before the waitress came over setting two waters down.
“Evening boys special or buffet Meatloaf and Ham steaks”
“Buffet sounds good, two coffees and a large orange juice”
“Plates are on the side help your self’s”
Finished with their dinner, Jacob took the check before Eric could even see it walking together out Jacob told Eric to go check out the comic books, While he waited for the cashier to finish, Eric checking over a few trying to see how many were inside the package when Jacob walked over just as he was about to open it looking up.
“Find what you like?”
“They don’t tell you how many inside” Still trying to lift on e inside
“Look at the edge should be able to see, around five most of the time”
“To tight to tell” Eric flipped it tom it side finding it covered just looking back up holding it
“Just open it” Jacob nodded
“Open it?” Eric said ripping the top right back without hesitating pulling them out, showing them to Jacob, before placing them back inside, Jacob took the package over to the cashier looking back at Eric looking at the chrome items behind the glass.
“Eric meet you in the lounge’ I’ve got to check in with the dispatcher”
Eric’s head snapped back seeing him walking away, checking a few more items in the isles heading towards the fuel area, Jacob standing talking to the well-groomed female handing him papers, spotting Eric looking on Jacob just pointing down the hallway, Eric slowly walked down checking the boards showing trucks For sale before entering the Truck drivers lounge seeing a few drivers watching a movie on a wide screen TV set, only looking at him when he walked in sitting down waiting for Jacob.


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  1. pat watson Says:

    this is a good chapter! and the truck stop even has meatloaf on the buffet

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