Holding Eric Part 5

Holding Eric part 5

Wondering what was taking Jacob so long, Eric made his way back to the fuel counter asking for Jacob, She just pointed outside while talking with another truck driver, stepping outside slowly walking despite the wet pavement walking around a few puddles passing trucks finding only an empty space were they had parked, leaning on the dampness of the fender of another truck lowering his head wiping the small band of sweat from his brow, adjusting his hat around his curly blond hair, more panic setting in now when he felt someone touched his shoulder for that one second fearing the old man was back after him pulling away turning looking over seeing it was Jacob “It’s in the shop you ok? We had a flat” Looking up at Jacob “Thought maybe you left me here” slumped his shoulders

“Jacob smiled down “No not likely here anyway, here take the thermoses will get them filled”

Walking back together back to the dining room sitting at the counter, two coffee’s and water the same waitress not even asking taking the thermos’s “How she know what you want in them?” Eric asked

“She’s done it before”

“So you stop in here a lot?”

“When I’m passing thru Katie’ she’s works the night shift on weeknights”

“So when do we get to Nebraska?” Eric asked sipping his cup looking over

“Late tomorrow night’ one more stop to make before Denver”

“You’re going to Nebraska not Denver?” Eric tilted looking over

“Made a change were heading to Denver ok”

“Great I can see my Aunt it won’t be too late will it?”

“Will see’ Katie this is Eric’ were heading to Denver next”

“Hi Eric’ Jacob Denver another long trip you just go back?”

“What” Eric confused looking back and forth at them?

“He’s going to his Aunts for a while”

“Denver way too cold for me that’s for sure’ anything else?”

“No were good here see you on the return trip”

“Drive careful and good luck’ Eric hope to see you again sometime” Katie said watching them walking away picking up the cups seeing Jacob left her a five placing it in her smock smiling as they headed out the front door.

“Where are we anyway?” Eric asking spotting the truck next to the fuel area

“Branford take the thermos and jump in be right there”

Eric stopping looking at him taking the thermos “Mass?”

“No Connecticut’ not far from New Haven”

“How much farther is it to Denver? Standing at the driver’s door setting them down on the step

“Should pull in Wednesday Night” Jacob said opening the door letting him get in handing him the thermos “Be right back stay put this time!” in more a firm voice, Eric nodded back scooting over to his side seeing the package of Comic books checking out the window watching Jacob go inside, before sitting back looking at the Comics.

“Well you settled in looks like” Jacob said getting in letting it warm up checking his log

“It’s getting dark out all ready see the sky looks like more rain”

“Will pass it’ if you get tired jump in the back”

Eric looked back at the single bed seeing more bags Jacob picked up at the store, “I’m good”

“Ok’ used the pillow if you want” Pushing the Air valve moving to the exit, slowly to the traffic light watching the curve before getting on ninety-five north to New York.

Eric ended up getting the pillow setting it by the window leading back falling asleep from the darkness and seeing only tail lights waking up only when Jacob stopping at a toll station Near Newark, and once when they slowdown in North Brunswick for Route one to south ninety-five only falling back into the pillow, Pulling into the rest area parking alongside another semi shutting it down.

 Eric still sleeping while Jacob finished his log before reaching over “Eric you awake?”

“Yea now’ where are we Denver already?”

“No in Pennsylvania”

“Why we stop?’ rubbing his eyes looking around the area

“Needed a break and restroom’ put your shoes on will go up”

Pushing his hair back looking for his shoes bending over slipping them on with a big yawn seeing the reflection off the window of them from the lights inside, Jacob started out looking over “Come on you can get out on my side” Helping him down again walking to the rest area, Eric staying close to him seeing the cars with people sleeping on the seat as they walked.

Eric right for the stall closing the door behind him stopping opening the door back open looking at Jacob “You will wait for me in here not outside?” holding the door with one hand ready to unbuckle his belt

“Of Course I’ll wait just outside for you less someone comes in ok?”

“Ok I might be a little while maybe I ate too much”

“Be outside take your time no rush” Jacob said heading out, standing looking over the large map glancing at his watch, spotting a vending machine just over near the next building, walking up at the bathrooms “Eric be right next store they have vending machine with hot chocolate and coffee” Waiting not hearing him respond “Eric you ok? Eric” walking inside seeing him washing his hands looking back “Ready”

Following over to the vending machine watching the cup drop filling up with steam off the top, Jacob took the cup handing it to Eric waiting on another to fill, Eric sat down on the bench looking at the cars as Jacob sat next to him “How come they make Trucks Park so far away I almost didn’t make it”

Smiling back “Maybe because they are so big they would take too much room”

“It’s not fair to have us walk so far” wiping his mouth off from the chocolate

“Will spent a few hours here before we head out’ it should be daybreak by then”

“Already where the night go?”

Jacob just looked down at him wanting to tell him he sleep thru it but left it be getting up together tossing the cups in the trash heading back to the truck. Unlocking the door Eric made his way up without help.

“Stay here got to make a walk around the trailer be right back” Jacob closed the door locking it before walking down the side of the trailer to the rear.

Watching him walking down in the driver seat mirror till he was out of sight, looking over to the other truck window seeing a sign blocking the inside, turning back seeing Jacob coming around the front unlocking the door opening it for him scooting over.

“Well I’m going in the back for a few winks you going to be ok here?”

“Sure I’ll be your watch dog’ you can have the pillow now”

“Nice just don’t open that door for anyone” Taking the pillow tossing on the bed

“I won’t get some rest want me to wake you?”

“No I’ll be awake just resting”

“Ok if I read my book?” holding the comic book upward

“Fine see you I about an hour or two” laying down looking forward

“That long?”

“Maybe sooner read your books” adjusting the pillow tapping the dancing girl

 Jacob woke up looking over seeing Eric sound asleep, pulling back on the Highway, entering Ohio before he woke up looking over. “why didn’t you wake me?” Eric asking

“You feel better this morning”

“Yea why did I say something last night?”

“You were talking some”

“Was it bad or what did I say I can’t remember what I was dreaming about”

“Couldn’t make it out’ will be stopping soon”

“We still in Pennsylvania?”

“No just about to cross into Chicago that’s in Illinois”

Looking out seeing only everything flat open country heading into a storm off to the right side, watching the clouds darken the sky seeing they were headed right at them.

“Looks like rain storm were going into”

“Will pass it might get a little rain”

Here it comes “Eric pointing to the windshield seeing the drops

Hitting the windshield hard and fast more like a bucket dumping on them and it was over, cars keeping with the two lane traffic only a cement garden them from coming over looking up seeing the sign as they entered into more lanes I-290 East Chicago South toll-way on the left exit seven Joliet route fifty with construction zone ahead on the left side.

“When we stopping?”

“You ok to the truck stop it’s a big one with lots inside”

“As long as it’s not too far” squirming in the seat

“Will make a stop before the Truck stop can you hold it?”

“I think so” picking up his hat off the floor

Stopping at the local truck stop refueling then back on the highway I-80 towards Iowa heading into Nebraska, watching the brownish horizon Jacob seeing Eric not exactly entertained from the view trying to read his comic book, finishing off the last of his chicken nuggets in the rush hour traffic almost fourteen hours having to stop a few times for the bathroom visits knowing young boys can only hold it just so long, reaching Nebraska exit towards the big warehouse’s Eric looked around watching Jacob back into a loading dock.

“Where are we?”

“Nebraska warehouse unloading the trailer here”

“Why you have to unload it?”

“That’s what loads are for to deliver from one place to another”

“You need help unloading it?”

“Sure you can help me”

Walking up the stairs inside standing at the desk looking around the warehouse, how big it was inside seeing the men unloading truck standing on little carts pulling the pallets outward dropping them and going back for more.

“What are they called” Eric asking pointing at the men

“Pallet jacks like Forklifts” Jacob said lifting him up setting him on the table

Eric looked over the table smiling at the man talking with Jacob showing him papers, while watching the men remove the pallets before a larger one came up taking them away down a long aisle stack high, Jacob lifted Eric down taking his hand keeping to the yellow lines to a small café room looking over the machines “See anything you want?” Eric looked at the corn chips pointing at them, tossing two coins in letting Eric push the buttons getting a soda from the next one before the two sat down watching from the window.

“What about your load we going to unload it?”

“They will take care of it for us”

“That’s nice of them, so we still going to Denver?”

“Soon as were done here”

“It’s getting dark out think my Aunt will still be up when we get there?”

“I think so we made good time”

 The truck unloaded and back on the road this time heading to the address in Denver Eric showed him at the truck stop, getting off the highway to the city of Denver pulling over looking at the street atlas, finding they were within a few block to his Aunt’s house, with a jerk pulling back into city traffic spotting the street sign turning down finding the house.

“This looks like the place your Aunt lives”

“Here it’s not a farm”

“This is the address you have”

Eric pulled the envelope looking at it then to the house, lowering his head reching for the door handle

“Eric would you like me to walk with you?”

“I should be ok here’ but if you want to you can” Eric said more wanting him to

The two walked up to the door, Jacob rang the doorbell waiting just looking at the door, the small current pulled back and she looked out opening the door quickly “Eric you made it god we were so worried” reaching out for him holding him, “Come inside please” She said lifting Eric upward holding him tightly before lowering him walking inside together to the livingroom.



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