Holding Eric Part 6

Holding Eric part 6

Sitting down on the couch with Aunt Ginger, Eric turned seeing Jacob standing watching them.
“Please have a seat’ have you two eaten?” smiling back and forth at them
“Yes, we stopped’ I’m Jacob and you’re his Aunt?” Jacob asking sitting down in the chair
“Ginger Augustine’ everyone’s been so worried about what happen to him, how did you ever find him?”
“He found me sort of and well he has that way of asking that’s hard to refuse so I had to bring him” Jacob looking over at Eric checking around the room telling her, when Eric turn back shook his head so quickly only looking over to Aunt Ginger not seeing him do it.
“Do you have a bathroom I can use” Eric asked before Jacob could add anything sitting on the edge of the couch grinning his teeth.
“Sure honey down the hall on the left”

Eric quickly heading for the hallway, watching him till the door closed turning back looking at each other Ginger shook her head back and forth in a low voice “Eric mother Maggie just died in the hospital”
“He doesn’t know’ and his Father?” Jacob asking watching the hall
“He in jail the Eric’s social worker called here telling me what happen and to keep an eye for Eric one of his friends said he was headed here”
“Not what he’s expecting’ saying you lived on a big farm”
“Well that was a few years ago’ he was younger then” hearing the flush looking over seeing Eric returning, walking in sitting on the couch “Nice place you got Aunt Ginger so where’s Uncle Carlos?”
“He’s out of town for a while’ so you enjoy the big truck ride here did you?”
“Yes’ I didn’t walk here” Eric getting upset seeing how small the place really was
“Look I should go you two have a lot to talk about” Jacob said getting up

Eric rush over hugging him “Can’t you stay longer?” pleading with him
“No’ sorry I still have a load to drop off, I’m also parked in the road remember”
“When will you be back then?” Eric asking looking up
“About a week, I’ll be in the area I can stop by if that’s ok with your Aunt?” Ginger standing watching them raising her shoulders upward with only a small grin.
Jacob started walking to the door with Eric and Ginger following him out, “Take care ok”
“I will thanks Jacob” Eric said watching him walking back to the truck climbing in looking over at the two standing on the small porch with a wave from Eric as he waved back driving off, turning going back inside the house.

Jacob pulling into Kansas truck stop parking looking over to an empty seat, pulling his log book down starting to write inside stopping looking back at the bunk seeing the comic books by the pillow, lowering his head before finishing his report placing it above the visor holding the wheel looking outward, slowly getting out walking around the truck checking the tires stopping looking up at the passenger door hoping to see Eric watching him, only he wasn’t looking down.

Entering the fuel service area walking inside checking around him, truck drivers talking about loads just wasn’t holding his interest at that moment, Heading to the restaurant area, stopping at the cashier looking at the counter, coloring books and crayons with children’s menus setting next to them, Jacob reach over taking one, looking around the room deciding to sit at the counter for a change not of his regular places always taking a booth to relax more.

“Well don’t you look beat what do you have tonight?” Seating down a coffee cup and water glass
“English and some soup” reaching for the sugar
“Vegetable or Clam chowder?”
“Clam Chowder will do it thanks”
“Got a kid back home?”
Jacob looked up at her “Yes have three home what made you ask?”
“Maybe the coloring book” She said smiling at him
“Right’ I was thinking of someone that would have like it”
“Kids like to color it keeps them busy anyway” she smiled again heading back

Jacob looked at the coloring book showing two small kids playing with a ball, picking up his coffee, looking thru the pages before the waitress came back with his chowder “Here you go anything else?”
“No not right now” Jacob setting the book aside seeing the waitress standing still infront of him “So you heading home to the wife and kids?” Jacob looking again at the book “In the morning should be home”
“So where’s home?”
“Logan Texas”
“Bet they’ll be glad to see you, how long you been on the road?”
“Two weeks I’m ready for a break before the kids go back to school”
“Wish my kid was still in school he went in the army station in Florida”
“They do grow fast and before you know it on their own”
“Sure do miss him but should see him before Christmas”
“Kids grow on you that’s for sure, matter a fact need to call the wife”
“No Phone?”
“Went dead and of course forgot the charger that she’s always telling me to take”
“Better call her’ there they go again gotta run, take it easy things will look up” The waitress said walking away.

Jacob finished his meal walking around the gift shop stopping at the candy rack seeing Eric’s candy bars, reaching down taking a few before heading to the phones in the back lounge, pushing the buttons leaning on the wall waiting as it rang.

Sitting in her chair watching the TV when her phone rang glancing down not recognizing the number letting it go to voice mail looking at it waiting to hear who it was.
“Hello you there babe it’s me?”
Quickly reaching over picking it up “Jacob” pressing the mute button
“How’s everything?”
“About time you called, I was getting a little worried”
“Sorry had an unexpected run to make in Denver”
“Jake was asking for you”
“How was his camping trip?”
“He’s coming home tomorrow when you coming home?”
“Tomorrow and the girls how they doing?” In a low tone
“At a friend’s overnight’ you sound off you ok?” lowering her eyes to the side
“Sure am fine I’ll be home around noon, what time they getting home?”
“Three or so’ how’s your new team driver working out?”
“Not’ he quit Monday”
“Jee’s Jacob’ solo no wonder you must be tired”
“I’ll get some zzz’s and be-off first light”
“Well just be careful lot of road construction here”
“Ok I’ll see you soon love ya”
“Me too’ I’ll put on the steaks for dinner”
“Ok gotta go babe good night”
“Good night Hun see you tomorrow” Hearing the phone hanging up she held it for a second before setting it down, her face got tight again looking at the phone pressing the redial button letting it ring with no one picking it up’ hanging up’ placing it on the table turning the TV sound back on sitting back in the chair.

Dawn breaking Jacob waking to the sun coming in the front windshield reflecting around the back, sitting up looking at the dancing girl next to the candy bars setting on top of comic books, taking a deep breath standing up, reaching in the cabinet for a clean shirt before sitting down going over his log book still checking the passenger seat only envisioning Eric sleeping, returning the book back above the visor getting out of the truck, making his check over on the tires, stopping at the rear looking forward at his mirror, again Eric’s lost face looking back in the mirror haunting him, finishing getting in reaching for his thermos when he spotted the letter on the floor. Eric must have dropped it, reaching over to pick it up, Looking at his name before folding it in half placing it in his pocket, checking over the gauges before driving to the exit heading to the warehouse making a stop before going home.

Rural area a school bus letting off a young boy in Logan Texas, going up the driveway to his house while holding his backpack to his side, Opening the door “Mom I’m home” Setting his pack down in the hallway hurrying to the kitchen seeing his mother washing dishes.

“Jake did you wipe your feet off?”
“Yes, Mom I did’ what are you cooking smells good?” looking at the stove
“Cake for your Birthday” She said turning giving him a big hug and a kiss on the cheek
“Mom’ what you get me? You can tell me” excided wanting to know with his big smile
“It can wait till later when your sisters and Father gets home”
“Mom can you give me a hint just a little one come on Mom just a little” Sitting down waiting hoping to find out before he got it, bouncing his shoulders waiting.
“No well maybe it’s big and you might like it” She said checking the stove.

Jake lips and eyes went upward, looking back around her at the big cake on the rack, scooting forward watching her stick a toothpick in side looking at it closing the door
“So when’s dad going to be here?” Jake said going over to the refrigerator opening the door looking inside, pulling out a soda can.
“You want a sandwich? Asking him finishing the dishes, getting a sour smell looking back
“No just looking seeing what you bought”
“Jake maybe you should take a shower before he gets home”
“Ok I will Mom can I have some corn chips?”

Reaching up opening the cabinet getting the bag for him’ “Here save some for your sisters”
“I will what are we having for dinner?”
“Steak and green beans”
“Green beans’ Mom can’t you make sweet potatoes”
“Your dad likes his green beans but I’ll make the birthday boy some”
“Thanks Mom’ did you hear that Mom?” stopping short looking to the front window
“What I didn’t hear anything?”
“Dad’s home I can hear him coming up the road” Hurry to the door looking out the window seeing the rig backing in, hurrying outside rushing to the truck as Jacob parked it next to the car shutting it down, Jake stood waiting for him to open the door “Hi Dad you’re home for my birthday just like you said you would be” Jacob getting out with Jake rushing him giving him a big hug, Jacob closed his eyes leaning down smelling his hair, before Jake let go climbing up pulling his overnight bag out, walking to the house with Jake stopping at the porch looking at her waiting, Jake taking his bag inside.

“Hi babe”
“Well hello stranger have a good sleep last night?’
“Not really” walking up giving her a kiss before going inside together Jacob smelling the air “Smells like someone’s been busy cooking”
“Jake’s cake’ you want something now?”
“No, I’m good maybe some coffee, I need to take a shower”
“Jake just got home before you so he smelling some from camp”
“That’s ok he’s fine’” Sitting down at the table watching Jake eat corn chips following with soda.
“So Dad where you go this time, what you bring me for my birthday?”
“Your Birthday is that what I was supposed to get a gift for you?”

Jake rush over giving him a big hug looking up “Dad you got me that go-cart?”
“No well maybe you’ll find out later” holding him close smelling his light brown hair
“Dad want to play some ball outside before dinner” standing up excited
“Jake your father just got home”
“Ok’ maybe later then dad”
“After dinner, Jake eat your chips”
“What happen on this trip that’s got to you’ don’t say nothing I know you so what happen?”
“I’ll tell you about it later’ I need to freshen up”
“Your coffee’s ready”
“I’ll only be few minutes the girls be home soon?”
“Sure anytime” watching Jacob getting up walking to the other room taking his overnight bag to the bedroom, “Jake why don’t you play your games for a little while till your sisters come home”
“Ok Mom can …” holding the chips
“Yes’ take them with you” Watching Jake taking the soda and corn chips leaving the room, opening the stove checking the cake before pulling it out to cool on the counter, looking back at the table seeing the coffee cup, taking off her apron walking to the bedroom.


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  1. Elan Mudrow Says:

    Nice! I like your writing! More please.
    check out:

  2. pat watson Says:

    Really enjoyed this chapter! you’ve become a amazing writer, keep the chapters coming.

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