Holding Eric Part 7

Holding Eric part 7

Penny walked into the bedroom seeing Jacob set his overnight bag on the bed, looking at it for a second this was not normal Jacob always set it by the dresser never on the bed, setting it aside waiting on him to finish, Refreshed clean shaven Jacob open the door seeing penny sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him. “Everything ok Jacob?” Penny ask

“Sure everything fine have any problems while I was gone?”
“No everything here’s ok’ Jake missed you and the girls I don’t even want to get into that”
“How your Mother?”
“Fine she’s in Vegas with her friend strange you should ask”
“Honey I care about her just sometimes she needs all the attention around here”
“She loves the kids and pampers them to much’ just like your parents do, speaking of them Your dad’s coming by in the morning” Penny said smiling while Jacob sat down next to her smiling reaching around giving her a kiss looking at her eyes with another kiss

“What’s this?”
“I missed you that’s all” reaching around more laying her down on the bed, kissing each other while Jake stood at the door watching them “Dad ready to play ball now?” standing holding his glove and ball.

Sitting up looking at him Penny started laughing “Better go toss a ball or two” grinning getting up
“Jake’ you got some timing buddy”
“The door was open” tossing the ball back and forth in the glove
“Go I’ll start dinner” Penny said smiling walking around Jake

Jake all smiles walking outside together, on the front lawn tossing the ball back and forth almost twenty minutes’ before a car pulled in the driveway dropping off Becky and Colleen rushing over to Jacob, waving bye to Mrs. Holden backing out before heading inside, Jake looking at the trailer standing in the driveway tapping the ball, slowly looking over seeing them going inside, Jake walked down the side to the rear, looking at the door seeing it was locked grabbing the round lock pulling down a few times, dropping his glove bending over slowly getting up seeing a young boy staring at him in the mirror towards the front, hurry to the door climbing up looking inside.

Becky and Collen setting the table while Jacob sat having his coffee checking the TV news, Jake came in tossing his glove on the chair sitting down looking around the room seeing what they were doing.
“What’s up Jake you forget something?”
“What dad’ no I don’t think so” looking down at his shoes
“Your backpack’ show me what you did today”
“Sure dad” getting up stopping looking out the door, over to the truck before taking his backpack over next to the chair, pulling out a few papers showing him what he did.

While Eric sat in the livingroom chair at his Aunt’s house watching the cartoons, while she was on the phone talking to Ms. Waterford. In the other room before coming in standing looking down at him.
“Eric you have to go back home” setting the phone down on the end table

“What I can’t go back I want to stay here with you” Eric said upset moving his lips as his eyes started watering looking at her shaking his head no
“You just can’t stay here you have to go home”
“But Aunt Ginger why can’t I stay here with you?” looking at the floor cracks
“Because I can’t take care of you I’m in the middle of something right now”
“I’m not going back” Eric said rushing to the couch laying down crying

Aunt Ginger went over rubbing his back sitting next to him “Eric it’s not that I don’t want you to stay it’s just I cannot take care of you”
“You don’t like me anymore is that why?”
“I like you a lot’ but Mrs. Waterford said you have to come back to tell them what happen”
“I can tell them over the phone I don’t have to go there ever”
“Eric things happen after you left” getting emotional just watching him
“I know they took them away!” upsetting careless tone back
“They did take them only your Mother my sister was taken to the hospital”
“Maybe because he beat her again” looking away
“Eric honey Your Mother was hurt pretty bad this time”
“She’ll be fine she always is” watching the cartoons sideways
“Not this time she was hurt very bad”
“So’ it’s not the first time he went after us when he’s been drinking” only glancing at her
“How can I put it to you she didn’t make it I’m sorry”

Eric sat up looking at her tear’s rolling down, his face started getting red eyes moving back and forth trying to wipe the tears away, she reach around him holding him letting cry it out.
“Eric you got to be strong for your Mom now, come on little guy will work it out”
“My Mom’s dead?”
“Yes she tried to hold on”
Eric couldn’t hold back crying again falling in her arms holding her.

Blowing out the candles on his cake after they had dinner, while everyone enjoying the cake Jake open his presents enjoy each one setting them aside, enjoying his second slice. Becky cleared the table while Colleen placed them in the dishwasher hurry Jake to finish so they could go outside for his big present, All smiles and hugs Jake stood up Colleen reach over taking his arm “I get to give the birthday boy spankings how many” holding him while they all watch except Jacob eyes got wide

“No stop no more spanking no more hitting each other” slapping his hand down on the table, everyone stopped looking at him this wasn’t there dad talking he never said anything before surprised not saying anything just looking at him sitting closing his eyes lowering his head in his hands, Penny quickly got up over to him “My god Jacob what happen” reaching down looking at the kids together at the end of the table.

Jacob slowly looked up “I’m sorry kids’ please no more hitting around here ok”
“Ok dad we won’t we promise” Becky said as she was the oldest standing together with them nodding.

“Why don’t you kids go outside for a few will be right out go on now” Penny said watching them slowly walk around the table only looking over at Jacob.
“Jacob what happen” Penny asking sitting down next to him pushing the plate aside waiting
“This kid I pick up I noticed his purple color bruises on his arms that he tried to hide”
“This Kid had Bruises how old was this kid?”
“Just a boy a runaway from what I could gather”
“You gave this kid a ride?”
“All the way to his Aunts in Denver”
“Jacob’ how never mind I know you did that right thing’ you ready Jake been waiting over a week”

The two went outside all three sitting on the porch looking up at them coming out Becky waved for them to get up “Dad should we blind fold someone?” Jake looking pushing his lips together at her grinning
“No he knows about the new Bike he’s been wanting already”
Jake face dropped looking at him that’s not what he wanted dishearten walking together to the truck, Jake stopped at the door looking at the mirror just ahead of them, walking to the rear
“Turn around now till I tell you to look” Jacob said to Jake opening the door “Ok here’s your new Bike” Jake turn around slowly not very excited to see a bike, looking up smiling as Jacob lifting him inside rush to the seat sitting down on his new red Go cart feeling the wheel all smiles back.

“Well you like it?” Jacob asking climbing up
Jake got out of the seat giving him a big hug around the waist “It’s just what I wanted dad”
“Well better thank your mother she pick it out” holding him as long as possible before he rush over getting down hugging his Mother, Jacob and the girls hurrying to get off the truck.

“See its Red not green” Jake said to Becky looking at the engine
“It has only one seat?” Becky asking
“Just one that’s all he needs”
“Dad how come he doesn’t have a roll bar?” Colleen asked watching Jake moving the wheel back and forth adjusting to the wraparound seat not pay any attention to them checking the pedals

“It has one if the time comes will put it on”
Penny squeezing Jacobs’s hand asking “Jacob’ you have that extra thing we talked about put on?”
“Sure did” pulling a key from his pocket “Jake here’s a key to start it but don’t loss it”
“A key like the Gators’ I have’ my own key” Jake taking the key placing it in stretching downward off the seat just reaching the pedals, looking up at Jacob.
“Adjust the seat forward the lever on the side Jake”
“Dad can we go riding in the back?” Becky asked pleating more than anything
“Go’ Jake think you can handle it ok?”
Becky and Colleen rushing around them to the barn
“Sure dad can I try it can I?”
“Start it just remember not too far”

“Use the break not your feet” Penny said all smiles holding Jacob
Jake all smiles back looking over the sidebar next to the seat putting on the seat belt ready, looking up at them smiling as he turn the key starting it, slowly moving forward around the trailer to the barn seeing the girls coming out on the Gators, buzzing right pass them to the open fields in the back as they hurrying to stay with him. Jacob and Penny sat on the back porch watching them in the field stirring up dust together.

Later that night after their shower’s before bed saying goodnight hugging and kissing, Jake being last as always taking to his dads lap squeezing him looking up “Thanks’ dad it was just what I wanted’ what’s Grandpa going to say about it?” his sad eyes looking back
“Don’t worry about your Grandpa it will be alright I’ll talk to him”
“But he wanted me to have that horse he looked at” with a worried frown
“The horse can wait a little longer, beside we have other horses”
“I know dad but he really wanted that one” sitting upward with one arm on his shoulder
“It’ll be fine now off to bed with you”
Jake kissed him rushing over to his Mother holding her “Thanks Mom I like it I’ll becareful”
“I know dear now you’ve had a long day time for bed” giving him a kiss sending him off


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