Holding Eric Part 8

Holding Eric part 8

Denver to New York arriving in RI Airport, after a long flight back and forth in terminals’ for the next flight before reaching RI Airport, Eric walking beside Aunt Ginger past the early morning computers rushing thru security lines trying to get thru flights, Airport stores filling up as they continued looking for the luggage area, Aunt Ginger only had one medium suitcase for a short trip she could have done without.

Down the escalator finding the pickup area standing with the other passengers watching all the luggage’s slowly rotating outward, Eric watching waiting quickly spotted Aunt Gingers reaching over lifting it off without dropping it, returning to Aunt Ginger looking at the signs for the car rentals following alongside just before the doorway to the rental cars being stopped by security, checking the tags to match her ticket.

The young man handed her the paperwork along with a pointing out on a map of where we had to go, folding it in half heading to the line cars finding the pale blue compact placing the suitcase in the back seat driving to the city, pulling into the department of social services, Eric uneasy his Aunt still not talking that much about what was going on returning, placing the suitcase in the truck before heading inside, seeing the receptionist sitting behind the window carelessly shifting papers around asking what it was it in referents’ to and if she had an appointment with whom.

Waiting among the crowed seats everyone keeping to them self-other than small children trying to play around the chairs staying close to their mothers, crying babies being rocked back and forth till the window open “Mrs. Augustine she’ll see you now” pointing down the hallway “Fourth door to your right” not even looking up while they past her looking at the doors, Eric stopping at the door seeing Ms. Waterford sitting behind her desk only getting up when they walked in shaking Aunt Gingers hand looking at Eric.

“Well’ Eric did you have a nice flight back?” sitting down together in the small office area

“No’ where’s my mom I want to see her!” leaning forward on the desk

“Eric sit back” Aunt Ginger said in a firm voice

“She’s at the funeral home’ I’m sorry they did everything they could” opening the folded infront of her

“Sure they did’ what about you know?”

“He’s not going to bother you anymore you don’t have to worry about him”

“Worry never’ glad to see him locked up for a change” raising his head looking at the wall behind her seeing all the flyers showing happy family’s together.

“Will need to get a statement from you as what happen”

“What happen? You know what happen you don’t need my statement” uneasy moving in the chair

Turning their attention to the doorway standing looking in at them with his badge on his waist “This Eric?” walking right in the office standing next to Eric.

“Yes that’s him’ Eric you’ll need to go with Officer Nolan he needs to take your statement”

“No I’m not going with him!”

“Eric go with him it will be ok I’ll take care of everything here’ I’ll be right in with you in a second” Aunt Ginger said holding her purse tightly in her lap not even looking at Eric, only looking over as the officer waited, Eric got up sending the chair back hitting the wall behind them, Officer Nolan walked out with Eric leading him down the hallway.

“Mrs. Augustine everything’s been taking care of is there anything you need?”

“What’s to become of Eric now?”

“He’ll be ok will take good care of him”

“Look I just can’t take Eric to live with me I’m in the middle of a divorce”

“We understand these things happen he’ll be ok”

“It’s not that I don’t care it just it’s not the right time for me to be held down with a kid”

“We have made all the arrangements for him’ you just have to sign this form ad everything will be taking care of, Eric will go to a nice home and he’ll be with other kids his own age”

“You do understand it’s just impossible for me”

“I understand, here’s the address of the funeral home” Handing her the pamphlet as she sign the form handing it back, standing up together walking back to the front area.

“Will you need me for anything’ I’ll be at the motel?”

“Will call you’ you take care of your sister affairs will be in contact”

“Thank you should I talk to Eric?”

“No it’s better this way will tell him”

Aunt Ginger walked out the front door, getting in the car looking at the pamphlet checking the map before pulling out onto the roadway.

Officer Nolan open the door to the holding room were Eric had been placed six hours before without food or drink, Eric sat at the table with his hands crossed over sitting back upward when he walk in, watching him sitting down opening his folder looking it over.

Eric upset over being betrayed by his Aunt not cooperating with his questions breaking down after sitting watching him look at the paperwork, before telling him that it went on for the last two or three years after his father lost his job at the auto parts store because of his drinking that only made things hard around the house with his mother working a part time job just to pay the rent and grocery when he didn’t take the money for his drinking, she had to walk has they had reposed the car again his drinking rages going after them when he couldn’t find were she hid the money, pulling everything apart tossing it around the room, Eric came home a few times finding his room flipped upside down. Eric could avoid his rages only some of the times staying out late so he wasn’t his punching bag.

Eric was placed in the back seat of Officer Nolan’s car like a criminal taking to the halfway house, till they could find a place for him to stay with a family, pulling up to the white two story house Eric sat looking from the back seat not wanting to go inside, Officer Nolan open the back door leaning down with one hand on his folder looking at Eric sitting waiting.

“So this is the halfway house I’m staying at?” Looking up scooting halfway out

“This is it for now’ let’s go kid move!” Reaching down pulling on his arm getting him to standup

Walking to the door resisting as he rang the doorbell, greeted by an young girl “Hello”

“Mr. Blanton in?”

Looking at Eric with her eyes moving up and down at him before looking back at Officer Nolan spotting the badge and sidearm “Sure in the study go right in” Stepping aside watching him holding Eric’s arm moving him inside.

“What are you looking at Girl?” Eric snapped at her walking in

“Watch your tong boy”

“Yes sir Officer!” snipping right back

Forcing him in front of him to the study, Mr. Blanton getting up from his chair greeting as they walk in offering them a chair, Officer Nolan handed him the file sitting down, Mr. Blanton flip thru it stopping at one paper looking up “So Your Eric the runaway orphan?” looking down his noise slyly remarking.

“Yep that’s my name right there on your paper”

Officer Nolan reach over taking his arm squeezing him, Eric turning in his chair pulling at his fingers to let go. “Let go of me”

“He’s got a few problems as you can see” letting louse his arm smirking to Eric

“Little attitude will change that’ officer you can go now will handle him from here” standing up together “you stay’ sit and don’t move” pointing at Eric holding his sore arm showing his anger watching them.

“See you kid’ don’t let me see you on the streets” walking out the doorway with Mr. Blanton to the front door, Eric looking around the shelving stacked with Childcare books a few shelf’s nothing interesting to speak of, Mr. Blanton came back in the room with another boy older than him, standing by the door looking at Eric waiting for Mr. Blanton to sit down opening the folder again stopping at one point his eyes going back and forth to Eric and back to the paper.

“We got rules here Eric and you will follow them to a tee or you will be punished ‘if you don’t obey them as they are stated here” Handing Eric a paper to look at.

“Right rules’ how long am I supposed to be here?” glancing over the paper tossing it back on the desk

“This is Jon he’ll take you to your room”

“When do I get to see my Mother? She’s at the funeral place?”

“I’ll check into it’ now go with Jon” Right back to Eric’s folder

Slapping the chair back walking to the door, Jon just waved for him to follow him, slowly walking upstairs stopping at one bedroom with two bunk beds, walking inside Jon pointed to the top bunk” This is your bunk” Eric sat down on the lower bunk “I like the bottom” Fine you can have it I don’t mine the top” walking over to a dresser opening the draw as Erick sat watching him pulling out pants and a shirt.

“You need to get cleanup’ when was the last time you showered anyway” crunching his nose

“I can’t remember last I don’t need one”

“Yes you do and one way or the other you’ll take one”

“Really who’s going to make me you?”

“No the others will less you want Mr. Blanton to?”

“I don’t have a change of clothes these are fine still”

“You going or shall I just go get Mr. Blanton?” Tossing the clothes at him

Eric picked them up from the floor “Fine you win’ where’s these others?”

“In class”

“School you mean”

“No everyone is schooled here”

“Lead the way then Jon boy”

Stopping him looking right into his eyes “Don’t call me that again it’s Jon!”

Entering a room seeing one toilet and two sinks, on his left side an open area seeing shower heads for four persons like at swimming center before you went in a pool, with one bench Eric placed the clean clothes down starting to unbutton his shirt looking at Jon sitting down on the end watching him.

“What now” taking off his shirt setting it down

“I’ll get you a towel leave everything here on the bench till I get back”

Jon walked out of the room Eric walked around looking at the sinks with one long mirror over it seeing himself, lifting his arms smelling himself squinting checking all purple around the ribs and arms slowly turning looking at his back seeing where he had been kicked four days ago still black and blue on the backbones sticking outward, returning tossing his pants and shoes walking into the shower slowly turning the water seeing soap bars on shelves under each, washing himself.

Jon Set a large plastic bag down before he walked into the shower, stopping next to him looking him over handing Eric a bottle “Here wash your hair” walking back out sitting down lifting Eric pants going thru the pockets pulling everything out setting it down on the bench, Eric walked out’ Jon handed him the towel asking “You smoke?”

“No why you checking me out?”

Jon holding a lighter flipping it not lighting “What’s this then if you don’t smoke”

“It’s a lighter I found at the airport” drying off reaching for the underwear slipping them on watching him.

“Why you have all this money you steal it?” folding it back up setting it down

“No I earn it mowing lawns and stuff” Reaching over taking it with the pants

“How you get all those bruises” Jon asking looking at his ribs

“I don’t talk about it’ you can have the lighter”

“It’s no good you can keep it hurry up and get dressed before someone comes in here and see’s you like that and start asking question holding the lighter outward placing his clothes in the bag.

”It’s for making fireworks’ you take the spring and set the flit on the ends folded together and toss it at a wall and Bang” Eric said taking the lighter putting in his pocket, Jon looking back his eyes sideways unsure what he meant handing him a tee shirt watching the doorway.

“Sure ok’ look you have to follow rules around here”

“I looked over them simple stuff’ so how many others are here?”

“Six of us and Mrs. Darvan, she’s the teacher and cooks also seeing we have everything we need”

“Mrs. Darvan the teacher?”

“You’ll meet her after your settle in’ grab you stuff lets go”

Skeptical walking back to the bedroom sitting right down on the bed looking up at Jon

“No were going down stairs after you comb your hair” Handing him a comb “You can keep it, it’s one of the rules combed hair at all times”

Pulling the comb thru stopping as it matted, Jon with his hand out for the comb, Eric handed it to him, Jon slowly managed to get it straight down on the sides and back “You need to keep it clean and comb ok?”

“Sure ok so what’s next on the list I should know about here?”

“You didn’t read it did you?”

“Some what is it that bad here what type of punishment they give anyway?”

“Look just follow what everyone else does and you’ll be fine”

Jon stepped back looking at his hair nodding ok handing him the comb with a side nod to follow they went down the hallway to another room where he could hear the others inside talking, Jon open the door everyone stop talking looking up at them.

“This is Eric everyone”

Gazing at him sitting at their desk, Mrs. Darvan sitting in a chair at the front looked over “Take a seat” Jon walked over with Eric sitting at two empty desks looking forward at Mrs. Devan.


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