Holding Eric Part 10

Holding Eric part 10

Eric felt himself even more confused letting Mr. Blanton looking over his bruises carefully not to make Eric nervous, slowly moving his hand touching his side just under the rib cage, Eric took a deep breath in pain “AH!” Mr. Blanton pulled away looking at his face, both eyes closed tightly trying not to move, Mr. Blanton reaching up with his hand placing it on his shoulder “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to hurt…” Eric now was leaning to one side in pain holding his ribcage “Relax breath slowly” telling Eric while standing up, looking over him for a second, before walking over to the side cabinet pulling out a package returning opening it handing it to him.

“Here place this on it’ it will help ease the pain” Eric took the blue folded pad placing it on his ribcage straighten up again his eyes filled slowly running down his cheeks.

Mr. Blanton walk over to his desk Opening the folder while picking up the phone, just as Jon and Scott walk in closing the folder setting the phone back down “Jon I need you to stay here with Eric’ Scott you come with me” walking around the desk to the door, Scott following right behind closing the door.

Jon puzzled standing just inside looking back and forth. “Holy crap what happen to you?” Jon asking’ pulling the small stool on the side over next to Eric watching him slowly move the pad around.

“I’m in big Trouble’ I’ve got to get out of here!” Eric said leaning over watching the door

“What? You can’t leave right now! Look at yourself” Jon holding his hand outward to stop him from getting up, Eric sat back down holding the pad away looking at his swollen red chest “I was only gone a few minutes or more did anyone come in?”

“No’ I just felt funny that’s all”

“That must have been so dream you had busting up the bed rail like that”

“Rail I broke something?”

“The latter to the top bunk you broke the rail off” Jon smiling grinning

“Sorry’ about your bed is that from me?” looking down at his shirt

“Eric?” Jon placed his hand on his shoulder “You all right you need anything? Eric!”

Eric still looking downward gulping than his hands started shaking holding the pad’, then a strange pressure consumed his chest, “Jon!” gasping for air dropping the pad “Help!”

“Eric STOP!” Jon screamed sending the stool flying behind him grabbing Eric, just as he was falling off the chair “Please don’t” Eric could hear Jon’s fluttering voice pulling him upward next to the chair kneeling down to him holding him, Eric could feel some pressure was being pressed against his chest, than everything went dark.

Jon leapt to his feet holding him upright when he heard approaching voices and footsteps. Standing looking at the door seeing Mr. Blanton appeared at the door talking to someone “HELP” Jon hollered out trying to hold him still, Mr. Blanton rushing over with Mrs. Darvan.

“Keep him still” His eyes opened as bright light flashed in his eyes followed by the whimpers of someone crying, someone familiar he knew that voice it was his Mom calling him, More flashing lights blocking him from seeing her standing over him.

“Mom?” Eric tried to speak, but found himself unable to even lift his arm to her.

“Mr. Blanton he just dropped off I didn’t know what to do” Jon Said standing back now watching them while Mrs. Darvan took over checking his side holding the pad while keeping his body upward for Mr. Blanton was opening a small bag pulling out a bottle injecting a needle inside, holding his arm up sticking it in “Jon what did he have to eat?”

“Just bologna sandwich with mustard nothing else!” Jon said in a broken voice outward scared, “He looked at his shirt and it started” reaching down picking up the stool “That’s what I was trying to tell you about” watching Mr. Blanton checking his chest area more while Examining his body his breathing very slow, opening his mouth looking inside for anything that might be stuck or blocking his breathing, not seeing anything waving to lower him down, taking the pad off checking him over “keep his legs up’ he’ll be ok” Jon quickly empty the trash can handing it to Mrs. Darvan

“What do we do now’ should I call for an ambulance?” Mrs. Darvan asking placing his legs on the small trash can, pushing his shirt aside.

“No he’ll be fine’ just seeing the blood might have made him too weak’ everything looks ok”

Eric lost in thought of all the times that he wished he was in a happier home with loving parents, his mother could only do so much to help him, mostly keeping him out of harm’s way sending him to his friend’s house for the weekends, somehow it didn’t matter anymore that his parents always fought with each other, it was over she was gone and Eric recognize deep down he would never see her again, she always made sure he had a birthday cake, even if it was only a cupcake they’d split together, here it was tomorrow his birthday and she wouldn’t be with him, as her funeral was the same day.

“Eric’ Eric come on son wake up” flashing lights again blocking his view slowly the light drifted to the side’ clearing the view seeing Mr. Blanton and Mrs. Darvan over him, with a chill from the cold floor raising his head, “Easy now” Sitting upward. “How you feel? Any pain?”

Eric shook his head back and forth taking a deep breath, Mrs. Darvan stood up with Jon walking over to him as Mr. Blanton help him sit in the chair “Ok you feeling better?” asking him handing him the pad.

“Ok I guess’ did I do something?” Eric stumbled asking

“Mrs. Darvan going to look at you Eric it will be ok she just wants to check”

Mrs. Darvan bent over lifting the pad away slowly letting Eric hold it, Turning back with a nod to Mr. Blanton pulling the small blind down covering the window, Jon sat back staying with Eric not saying anything just watching them back over at the desk looking over the folder.

“Jon would you help get his shoes off and Jean’s”

“His Pants?” Jon asking unsure reaching down untying his shoes.

“Yes’ Jon will need to take a few photos of his prior injuries”

Eric sat watching Jon slowly removing his shoe’s, standing up dropping his jeans looking at them, Jon picked up the jeans folding them placing the on the chair, Mr. Blanton pointed to the wall Mrs. Darvan sat down in at the desk talking on the phone

“Eric I need you to stand as straight as possible near the wall” Slowly moving to the wall standing looking at Mr. Blanton holding a small camera click “Ok lower the pad and relax” Click “Ok on more turn around facing the wall” Click “Good’ hold still Jon’ you said the other as well?” Jon just nodded staying close by Eric. “Eric lower your shorts just a little” slowly lowering them with one hand hearing a gasping from the desk’ Eric stopped holding them. “Click” and another “Click”.

“Ok that’s good Jon help Eric get dressed’ you did real good Eric” Mr. Blanton said walking over pulling a shirt off the side cabinet handing it to Jon, then back to the desk, setting the camera down taking the phone. Mrs. Darvan filling out a form.

Eric reprieve more perhaps walked back to the chair watching the two talking at the desk, it wasn’t the first time he had to stand for photo’s more in the emergency room from other injuries he suffered, with his mother always standing by his side while they check over every part of his body. Jon helped getting him dressed trying not to hurt him any more from his bruised legs.

Mr. Blanton walk over kneeling down infront of Eric “Eric you got quite a mark on your side there do you know how you got it?” Reassuring him it was ok to talk about it.

“No it just appeared” feeling the outside of the shirt

“You must have do it when you broke the latter and somehow it went into your ribs”

“It was a bad dream that’s all I was fighting him off again”

“I understand but will work on those dreams ok”

“Ok am I in trouble for breaking it?”

“No you ok’ why don’t you and Jon go to the study for a while”

“Ok’ they going to take me away now?”

“No you’ll be here for the time being”

“Can we watch the TV?”

“Jon will set it up for you’ Jon take him with you but stay with him” in a firm voice yet soft to Jon

Jon and Eric slowly walked out of the room leaving the two talking over the file, entering the study only one other person was sitting inside on a long couch, looking up as they walked in holding his book waiting. “Hi Derek this is Eric he’s the new kid here”

Derek looked up closing his book “So you’re the kid that broke the bed?” asking watching them sitting down, Jon reaching the remote turning the TV on, Derek quickly said “What’s with the TV?”

“Mr. Blanton said it was ok”

“Must be a special day” Derek said sitting back.

Eric mind wandered from Jon sitting so close to him, making sure Derek stayed on his end, trying to look more over at Derek still unsure he looked about fourteen or maybe younger with his little light colored hair growing on his upper lip, quickly looking back at the TV as Derek look over “Am trying to read turn it off” in a ruff voice.  Jon turn looking at him “Fine no problem were going” Getting up turning the remote off waving to follow. Eric followed him upstairs past the class room seeing the class room empty, hearing the other kids around the corners walking into the room, where they were sitting around playing large game tables and some were drawing on the tablets.

“What do you think you like it better in here?” Jon Asking wondering around them

“Yea its ok” embarrassed watching the other kids’ only looking over, going back to what they were doing. Dropping his head following just behind him.

Jon turned smiled slightly “Good’ that’s a start so you want to join in on a game?”

“I don’t know too many games”

“That’s ok we don’t have to may be later’ anything you want to do?” Jon decided not to force him into doing anything that he wasn’t ready for.

“Not really maybe sit and look outside or something”

“We can go outside as long as you stay with me’ ok?” Jon said smiling walking towards the door.

“Sure ok” Eric followed Jon to the door leading out the backyard, stopping looking at the small sign posted next to it, Restricted Area’ in bold print, Jon just open the door walking out into the backyard.

Silent all around the yard only the faint sound of an air conditioning turned on in a window. Walking outward near the house and around the yard, two swings hanging from an old swing set off to the side, back yards open to the Nabors yards, covered barbeque set on the patio next to the house, walking to the side sitting on the swing set together slowly back and forth, Eric could see the roadway watching a car going by the front of the house.

“No fences or gates to hold you’ see it’s not so bad” Jon said excided swinging with Eric.

Eric suddenly realized that Jon wasn’t the carefree kid that he tried so desperately tried to portray, Jon was far from it Eric could see right thru him, only seeing his loneliness spotting some form of tragedy he must have suffered before, Jon wanted to be his friend trying to help to bring out the feelings hinting nervously that he also shared the same type he went thru before coming here to the halfway house.

Note: Thank you for the reviews’ Sorry for not getting this up sooner’ Eric will or will not go to the funeral. You asked ‘he will not as things have turn around for him, Eric must decide what choices he has left to deal with now before they choose for him. Will keep you informed Will.


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