Holding Eric part 15

Holding Eric part 15

Jacob stopped off getting Chicken for dinner with the Kids, hurrying inside before it got cold setting it down on the table, Penny already had plates and silverware ready, Sitting down Jacob felt something was up by the look on Penny face asking if everything was ok, moving her lips a few times looking sideways was a signal that it wasn’t and she would talk about it after dinner, passing the bucket around Jake getting the legs as usual while the others didn’t mine as long as he left them plenty of coleslaw, Jacob was a big fan of the potatoes and gravy, soon after dinner the kids went to watch TV, so they could talk alone.

Penny told Jacob about the phone call and how he asked for Dad right off thinking it was the wrong number before he said it was Eric calling looking for him saying he would see him soon, Surprised Jacobs asking if he was upset or just wanted to talk, Penny said he wasn’t making much sense and before she could ask he had already hung up the phone, but she had it on the id if he wanted to try and call him back, Penny asked him if he said anything to make him think he was his father or sometime to that sort, Jacob said he only help him out of a bad spot he was in and nothing more that he could recall, Penny retrieved the phone handing it to him sitting down with fresh coffee.

Jacob looked at the number before pressing redial, The phone rang several times before someone pick it up saying hello, Asking if Eric was around’ the man unsure said hold on I’ll ask, holding while Jacob could hear him calling for him before coming back on line No he’s not coming to the phone maybe you can have him paged at the desk, Jacob again asking The desk I’m’ sorry someone called from your phone looking for me and I called this number back and I’m not sure of where it was from could you please tell me where this phone is?.

The guy looked at that phone hesitated “where you calling from your truck?”

“I’m calling from Texas that’s why I needed to know where this phone is please its very important that I get a hold of Eric he was calling for me”

“Sure I understand now this is the TA in Bradford Connecticut, I can go the service counter and ask if you want to hold”

“Thank you I’ll hold.

Jacob leaning over hearing the phone beeping looking at it seeing it was his dad calling letting it go to voice mail while hoping Eric would pick up, telling Penny “He called from Connecticut there checking now” hearing that he was being paged  “Eric Mazzionie you have a phone call in the lounge” a few minutes went by and still no one pickup, when the man returned picking up the phone “Sorry he doesn’t seem to be here, the dispatcher said he was here quite a while waiting but he hasn’t seen him in a few hours sorry”

“Thanks anyway for trying” Jacob hung up the phone with a beep back dialing out to his dads

“Yea dad you called?”

“Just calling see how you made out?”

Cutting him off “Fine dad look I’ll call you back something important come up”

“Sure son”

Jacob set the phone down reaching over taking Penny’s hand “the boys on the move again’ he ask for me”

“God Jacob how old was this boy”

“Eleven that’s what worries me’ he’s out there and I just know something happen to him”

“Jacob you did everything you could for him”

“I don’t know maybe I should have”

“Jacob stop will check into it look” Looking to the window with lights coming in.

All three kids got up to looked who it was coming in the driveway “Grandpas here”

“That didn’t take long for your Father to show up” Penny said getting up to get him a cup of coffee

Jacob sat looking at the door with all three waiting for him opening the door as he walked up, after a few hugs David looked on seeing Penny setting his cup on the table, Letting the kids back to their TV show, David sat down checking his cup looking at the two sitting, Jacob resting his hand on penny’s.

“Well someone want to tell me what’s going on?” David Asking

Jacob tilled his head around him seeing the three involved in the TV “Dad It’s this Boy’ I don’t know where to start”

“This kid you picked up?”

“Eric called here’ Dad’ something wrong I can feel it”

“He called?” Looking over at Penny nodding yes “What did he say?”

“He called him Dad” Penny Said Checking Jacobs cup

“Dad’ wait a second this is the same Eric that you pick up right?” leaning towards them

“Yes the same’ he’s was taken back to Rhode Island left to the state”

“Jacob I’ve hear only some things already about him maybe we should find out more before it starts effecting everyone here mainly this family, its already starting to effect all of us now”

“He’s just a boy no older than Jake”

“Ok’ I know someone in New Haven not far from Rhode Island he can check into it”

“Thing he would?”

“He’s and old school chum, besides he’s a lawyer, so I’ll call him”

“He’s just a small boy with brownish Blonde hair just a sad looking kid you can’t help but want to help him”

Jacob sat back slowly moving his cup around watching the coffee inside.

Jake looking over from the chair heard him scooting to the end looking back and down the hallway, slowly getting up taking small steps looking at the covered mirror, stopping in front of it pulling the towel down, Penny had been watching him getting up herself standing looking down at him staring at the mirror.

“Jake do you see him again?”

“Mom look” Jake pointing at the mirror

Penny quickly walked behind him looking holding his shoulder not seeing anything only their own reflections back. “You should ask you Dad about him”

“He has brownish Blonde hair just like dads said the other boy did maybe it the same boy?” looking back up at her

“Jacob you need to come in here” Penny saying just looking at the mirror staying with Jake.

Jacob wasn’t the only one going to see what was going on in the hallway, David and the girls also looking at the mirror trying to see what it was that Jake had been seeing, not seeing anything.

“Must be your friend again” Becky said doubtfully returning with Collen to the TV show

“Jake you seen the boy again?” David asking

“No he’s not here now” Jake said looking to his Grandfather before looking to Jacob sadden that he couldn’t see him in the mirror as he did before.

“What’s is it Jake the boy you’ve been seeing?” Jacob asking not seeing anything

“Jakes been seeing this boy in the mirror asking for help, and scaring the crap out of him” David said standing with Jacob looking together at the Mirror

“Jake tell me about this boy your seeing?” Jacob bending down next to Jake, Jake quickly into his arms holding him

“You were talking about Eric is that the boy I’m seeing?”

“Why would you think they were the same?”

“You said he had brownish blonde hair and he was young like me”

“Jake the boy you’re seeing is only fictional he’s not real”

“But he sounded the same as you said”

“Why don’t we just put the towel back for now ok?” Penny said reaching down placing the towel back over the mirror, Jake pouting lowering his head walking away from them to his room, they returned to the table to continue their discussion.

Jake came back handing Jacob a drawing he made, Jacob looked at the drawing and back to Jake

“Jake this is the boy you’ve been seeing?”

“Yes so I draw him, see he’s behind bars like I see him”

“Bar’s it is Eric’ Jake I seen this hat before it’s the same boy” Jacob said

Jake and fell into him, embracing him as tight as he could manage.  Jacob returned the emotion and wrapped his arms around Jake’s waist, Jake letting out a deep breath of relieved they believe him now.

Shivers between David and Penny looking at the drawing, Jacob sat holding Jake knowing he wasn’t the only one feeling the same way as he was now.

“Dad that’s Eric” Jacob said looking on, David held the drawing rolling it up looking at the two “Son take care of him I’ll check into this right away can’t have my family worrying about someone that needs are help, so I better get to work”

“Thanks’ dad”

“That’s what us Father are around for to help and specking of that were still going?”

“Yes Dad of course, Jake you have everything you need?”

“Yes I’m packed and ready”

“I’ve got food and drinks ready for you also David” Penny said smiling over

“Good around Five then? ,.. Grandma Megan will be over to help you around here”

“You going to be ok now Jake’ don’t worry about it let us do the worrying ok?”

“Ok Grandpa, Kentucky here we come”

David held the drawing rolling it up giving Penny a hug with a Nod to Jacob and Jake saying goodbye to the girls and off he went.

David return home placing the drawing on the desk pulling his yellow pad over checking his notes already from Penny, adding a few more looking at the Letter inside, jotting down the address and names. Before checking in his address book, picking up the phone dialing out.

While Eric is enjoying a ride with another Truck Driver heading to St.Louis.


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