Holding Eric part 16

Holding Eric part 16

We checked as you asked and did find the error’s, we thank you as the editor was out for the day, only wanted to get the post up as soon a s possible, hope you understand. Now here’s what we like seeing from time to time Thanks’ PAT. Now will take Eric to your part of the Woods.

Hello!  I just got through reading, Chapters 14 and 15. They were two very enjoyable chapters, with lots of mystery and Suspence!” you don’t know if Eric is going to get into any problems trying to get to Jacob!”   Or is Jacob going to find Eric first?  And what connection does the mirror have with Eric and Jake?  But time will tell. It’s becoming a great book, looking forward to the next chapter, Pat. St. Louis. Mo.

Megan placing her basket in the back seat checking the blankets while David finished hooking the trailer checking everything with a flashlight before getting in together heading over to Jacobs house, Pulling in seeing only the porch light on.

“They must still be sleeping” Megan said looking at the other windows darken

“Looks that way not for long” tapping the horn once

“David the Nabors”

Only looking over smiling at Megan stopping next to the blazer, With a few rings on the doorbell before opening it going inside, Megan headed right for the kitchen starting the coffee and placing cups around the table, David tapped on the door jam to their bedroom “Morning you two daylights braking soon” heading back to the kitchen sitting down. Jacob sat up looking at the Clock 4:30am slowly placing his robe and slippers on, waking Penny up “It’s time honey” walking out to the kitchen sitting down looking over to David already reading the newspaper just looking over it at him sitting down.

“Morning Mom” Jacob said brushing his hair back with his fingers

“Morning you get any sleep last night?” pouring his coffee

“Some not much between work and nightmare dreams”

“I can see that son you look over worked”

“Mom I’m fine’ the coffee smells good Thanks Mom”

Megan spotting Penny coming around the corner pouring her a cup setting it down on the table.

Penny Yawning coming in sitting down next to Jacob leaning over to him “Morning Dear”


“Morning Mom, David” wanting to close her eyes and go back to sleep

David just nodded setting the newspaper down pulling his coffee over “Jake up?”

“No Dad” Jacob said holding his cup snaring over

“You keep the boy up all night?” lowering his head asking Jacob

“No he went to bed right after you left Dad” glaring right back

“So whys he still sleeping?”

“Dad its 4:30 in the morning”

“Ok you two drink your coffee” Megan said sitting down interrupting them

“We leave at 5:00 son!”

“Dad I’ll get him up ok should I jump now or finish my coffee?”

“Boy’s now you have a long ride ahead of you so stop and drink your coffee” Megan told them

“Penny did you square everything with his school” Jacob grinning looking over to Penny asking

“Yes everything’s ok’ he has his school work to do in his backpack”

David finish off his coffee standing up looking at them sitting looking up at him “You want me to take your stuff out so you can get dressed” looking at his watch

“Dad I’ll get it”

“Maybe I’ll just get it so you can get dressed and maybe bring Jake out and set him in the back seat so he can sleep on the way?”

“Dad’ He’s been over tired not use to the new hours for school”

“Seven in the morning David to get a bus for school” Penny quickly said getting up going to wake him

“Ok I’m sorry just we have to be on the road before the traffic starts”

“Go ahead Dad take the bags will be right out”

Penny went in waking Jake sitting with him, while he woke making sure he didn’t fall back into his pillow like every morning once school started., Before long everything was loaded even Jake half-dressed climbing in the back seat curling up after he hug them and said morning not wanting anything to eat before going, Penny did give him a pop tart when he felt like having it. Penny and Megan waved as they left going back inside sitting at the table.

Down in North St. Louis the rig stopping for refueling dropping Eric off, slowly walking inside to the Truckers area food counter eyes barely open as the waitress came over.

“Just get up little guy?”

“Yea have any orange juice?” Eric with a mischievous grin on his face tilting his hat back

“Sure be right back” Looking to the door seeing a few drivers walking around.

When she return Eric was leaning over the counter asleep, letting him sleep taking care of others around but keeping an eye open making sure he didn’t fall off the stool.

Soon a driver seeing only a few stools open sat next to Eric looking down at him.

“What’ll it be” Looking over seeing Eric stirring “hi Peterbuilt wants some Orange juice now”

Eric looked up nodding yes looking around him at the place jammed with truckers, seeing the guy looking at him asking “Morning Dad here?”

“Who’s your dad son?”

“Jacob he was here’ must be in the truck sleeping”

“Nice dad leaving you to yourself” smiled over briefly

“Coffee and Juice boys” smiling at Eric wiping his hair back reaching for the glass.

“Special and English no toast”

“Sounds good anything for you?”

“No this is fine I’m Eric not Peterbuilt”

“Ok your hat says Peterbuilt, before you feel asleep” grinning at him showing her cheeks getting red

“Right our truck’ Peterbuilt’ You see my dad?”

“No didn’t see him come in yet”

“Ok thanks, what do I owe you?”

“It’s ok go get your Dad so you two can get some breakfast ok”

“Ok thanks, nice meeting you” Eric said getting down heading for the door.

“You know that kid?”

“No but he is cute his eyes were the deepest shade of blue”

“I’ve seen him someplace just trying to remember where”

“Lot of Truckers have families come in here”

“Something about him that’ well looks like its ready” Pointing to the window.

Eric stopping at the restroom first, seeing feet against the cubicles door hurrying to leave the room before they came out only to see himself in the mirror stopping, he needed to wash his face, slowly looking around taking down a few hand towels soaking them under the soap with nothing coming out, moving to the next one soaking it with water before it shut off, washing his face combing his hair back pulling a few times seeing he had a few hairs, pulling them off smiling at the comb placing it back in his pocket,. Suddenly the sound of gushing water echoed throughout the entire room placing his cap back on feeling awake and ready for a new day, heading to the service counter picking up two candy bars before leaving stopping just before the door looking over a bulletin board seeing his own face on a missing flyer, checking around having to wait on one driver to leave reaching up taking the flyer down without anyone seeing him, holding it to himself hurrying to the side of the building to look at it.

Holding the Flyer seeing the same jacket he was wearing knowing he had to get rid of it before someone else had seen the same flyer, truck stops were no longer a safe place to get rides so Eric took off his jacket dumping it in the trash can eating one of his bars headed towards what looked like a town, only a few blocks away stopping along the roadway spotting a cigarette pack crumbled seeing something inside, reach down heart started pounding unwrapping it with a frown, “One of them dump religion bills” pulling it out seeing what it said anyway, unfolding it seeing it was the real thing Two twenty dollar bills folded and toss out someone’s window.

“Boy is someone going to be mad when they go looking for this money’ Thank You’ Thank You” Eric said out word smiling placing the bills in his pocket tossing the wrapper down hurry now up the street, most of the traffic seemed to be on the highway Mark Twain Hwy. Getting very tired walking towards a water tower hoping a restaurant was close by getting hungry again only to find boarded up building  before reaching the water tower in the center of the street, looking at it all paint peeling sort of match the whole rundown area.

Sitting down on the sidewalk looking up and down more building maybe a town further up but he had to rest a while, Finishing off his last candy bar when a car stop next to him the window went down

“Hey you need a ride” said the guy trying to open the door.

Eric jumped up “No I’m good” standing watching him.

“Look come on get in its just a ride its ok” scooting more over to the door.

Eric looked at him slowly backing up checking around himself, looking back at the door seeing he already had a foot on the ground Eric dropped his candy bar and ran down the street hiding near a dumpster checking around it, seeing the car plate Illinois  marking it down in the sand, watching it drive off and out of sight Eric looked around for any phone to call “No phone’s to get help what if they don’t have cell phones what they do them” talking out load mostly to hear his own self talking started kicking the dirt heading back to the truck stop to get something to eat looking at the building number before starting back.


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