Holding Eric part 18

Holding Eric part 18

Pulling in the Truck Stop David able to fine two spots to pull into ear the end, Jake excided and ready for breakfast, the three headed inside, Jacob sat at the booth while waiting on Jake and David calling home, Penny said everything was going ok the hands took care of everything and asked about how Jake was making sure he was still feeling ok not coming down with something, Jacob assured her everything was fine and they were in Winchester Kentucky already, David drove only stopping for a quick bite wanting to arrive before to many showed up for the horse show, Jake return talking with her telling her every little detail that he could come up with seeing so many horse trailer’s following them like a caravan down the high way. Jacob had to cut Jake off as there meal arrived and would call back after they were settled in at the motel, David already made reservation all week.

David was excited to see all the new breeds wanting to get a few good quarter horses. After dropping off the trailer in the parking lot near there motel room, the three headed spent the night going out to dinner and stopping at the western store to get Jake a western cowboy hat Brown and even bought him a new pair of western boots Grandpa went all out to make him feel at him with everyone around wearing western wear, Jacob broke down and got himself one also before heading back to the motel for the night.

While in St. Louis late in the day Eric keep near the buildings looking into windows sweeting on and off, the rim of his hat soaked from the high muggy over cast with potential storm coming in temperatures the last time he spotted a sign was 72 degrees, finding the city was so busy all the signs above try to get you inside to spend your money and have a good time, Eric could only see it as in the movie he seen where James Stewart found the town that he was never been born, wasn’t there anymore changed into a spruced wild town of large street lights and gaming halls, avoiding the crowds walking more in a fast pace wondering if they made the movie here, looking at the Lights flashing signs above as he walked under them down the sidewalk able to find a small store going inside getting himself a soda and hot dog out of the rack, along with a bag of potato chips, finishing off the Hot dog following a few boys on skate boards towards a small park sitting down watching them skate.

Two of the boys past by and one came back, Eric looked up offering him some chips, holding his skate board reaching over taking the bag sitting down next to him taking a hand full handing it back asking,. “So what brings you down here?”

“Just watching that’s all” trying not to look just watching the others

“Looks like your lost or something” finishing off reach for the bag

“No just sitting” letting him have some more

“Really you come here to find a raft and float down the river?” stuffing them in crunching

“What no!” snickering back

“Right so why you here then’ you’re not from around here” raising his eye brows bending over more

“Just visiting” looking around the park

“Sure you are’ look you’re a runaway aren’t you?” Standing up flipping his board


“Ok’ if you say so” bouncing it a few times with his foot

“It’s getting dark I should go” Eric said getting up

“Sure Where?”

Eric turn around looking at him “Home”

“Home where’s home up north?” sucking his cheeks inward waiting

Surprised moving his head back over at him, slowly tilting his head down to the ground

“Texas ok that my home”

“That’s better’ I’m John and what’s your name Tom sawyer?”

“No it’s Eric and yes I’m traveling west ok by myself you happy now that you know”

“Not around here at this hour you aren’t they’ll pick you up so fast your head will spin all the way back to where you came from, you better come with us, before they find you out here wondering the streets”

“You no’ I don’t think so’ I’ll be fine just need to find a truck stop”

“Not tonight you won’t it’s too far anyway so you better come with us”

“I have to get a ride tonight” trying to avoid him following behind him

“Wrong again’ look you’re not going to make it the night around here so just come with us we have a house you can stay for the night ok” pulling in front of him stopping him with the others coming up behind Eric.

Looking at the other two boys looking him over not knowing what to do “What do you want from me?”

“Eric right look just trying to help that’s all, you want to come fine if not good luck” dropping his skate board ready to follow the other two heading away, looking down at Eric “Well you coming?”

“Ok just don’t try anything”

“Come on I’ll walk with you” Waving the other two back over.

“Guys we have a new boy in town he’s Texas bound” smiling

The two holding their boards just nodding carefree just as the street lights came on’ looking at them “We got to go John” pushing off heading down the sidewalk, John held his skate board “I’ll walk so you don’t get lost out here” Eric finished off his chips and soda sticking them in the waste can as they walked by it, down the street passing eight or more houses before seeing the two boys in the driveway heading towards the rear, John and Eric followed going inside the back door. Just as they stepped inside a heavy pressure to Eric’s chest pushing him into the side wall, not even seeing it coming, Eric looked up gasping his air feeling like he was going to faint holding his chest eyes wide.

“Who is this kid and why you bring him here?”

John quickly jumped in “Eric he’s a runaway heading to Texas”

“Texas hum’ what’s in Texas kid?” Reaching over taking his ball cap, Eric started to reach for it the big boy pulled it away looking it over. “That a nice hat maybe I should keep it”

“No its mind give it back” Eric moving forward reach for it only to be held back again by the boy.

“No you just gave it to me” holding Eric’s shoulder tight pushing him back into the wall.

“It’s mine give it back” Eric said just getting his breath back in his voice drenched by fear, staying still while six or more other boys stood in the hallway watching what was happening.

“Let the boy go Rodney” John said forcefully ready to battle him

“Ok he’s you responsibility if he gets caught” tossing the hat at Eric walking back into another room

The others quickly went back to what they were doing leaving them in the hallway.

“You ok?” replied John through a gasp picking up his hat handing it to him

“Shit yes – I’m still alive who’s he’s the boss here?” gasping still watching everyone leaving

“Sort of he’s harmless really, come on you can meet the others”

Slowly walking by the room looking in at Rodney sitting muffled whispering to himself, watching Television setting on a long broken down couch with his feet on a coffee table holding a beer. Eric eyes glistened in the room holding back with everything he had from crying hurting all over again feeling the heat inside stopping.

“Over here!” John Shouted back, Eric slowly walked into the kitchen area, seeing John staring in the refrigerator door. Not even looking up to Eric, pulling out a box of Donuts holding them outward, Eric took the box looking inside at Glazed and sprinkles tops.

“I’ve seen so many kids come and go around here, most all forgot by now’ you to will be gone soon and I’ll be back the same as always riding my skate board till something good comes along, hey maybe your it this time you’re going somewhere and know where you’re going that’s a change”

“What me I don’t understand?” shifting one cheek upward looking at him

“Texas you’re going home’ so what it like out there tell me?” excited

“I don’t know I’ve never been there” raising his shoulders upward

“But you going? What the hell you don’t have a place to go to then?” frowned turning his head to looked right into Eric’s eyes waiting unsure taking the box pulling out a gooey donut.

“Yes when I get there I know someone”

“Well ok’ so you do know someone that’s a good sign you’re not going blind” holding the box open to Eric, reaching inside pulling out one gooey glazed sticking to his fingers taking a bite.

Both stood at the counter more leaning on it glancing out the window at the alleyway.

“Have you ever gone back you know Home?” Eric asked licking his fingers off

“No that was three years ago when I left and came here looking for a fairy tale dream”

“God that’s sad why you stay here then?”

“I don’t know just do I guess” tossing the empty box in the little trash can licking his fingers also

That long nagging silence fell between them finishing off the rest of the donuts “Maybe we should check in and see what the other are doing give you a chance to meet them now without Rodney around” John suggested to Eric somewhat nervously controlling himself walking with John to the other room.

Entering the room looked like any other livingroom with everyone watching Television just waving hi as they walked in sitting down on the couch.

“We have cable, staying here during the early morning till around three then it’s safe to go outside and just do what we want’ mostly keeping to ourselves staying out of any trouble with the locals”

“So all of you just live here?”

“Yep it’s our home sort of”

“Who owns it?”

“Rodney’s folks did’ they moved to Florida leaving him the house”

“Maybe I should leave before he comes back after me”

“He won’t he’s just letting you know who’s in charge here”

“Ok so what now”

“You’ll spend the night here and tomorrow will see about getting you a ride to Texas how’s that”

“Sleep here looks a little full”

“You can crash on the couch I’ll get you a blanket” Eric just looked at the couch “Don’t worry I’ll be on the other one have a seat, that the boys they keep mostly to them self’s so don’t worry about them your be ok with me”  Eric sat down checking what they were watching.

“Look kid if you get hungry just help yourself to the fig ok” one of them said getting up heading out with two others. John came back in handing Eric a folded light blanket sitting near the end.

Early morning Monday checking in at the Horse show, David picked up there passes and card for the truck finding his parking space already assign. Jake needed to change back into his old boots as his new boots were too much to break in hurting his feet, Jacob suggested he bring them along just in case he needed them, Jake was sure he be alright after his feet were still sore when they got back to the motel.

Heading right to the stables after receiving information to all participants of each classes being held and what times, checking out all the horses waiting in stables being groomed before this week’s showing, David wanted to get in early before next week’s big event finding a nice six year old Palomino mare, who also had a small foal, the owner said she was good with smaller riders, not frighten by others only wanting to please any rider, she needed someone with experience with horses to take that extra time with her as she hasn’t had anyone to take the time to care for her before, he started to tell him she was saved from an old farmer.

David stopped the man before going into too much more and agree to buy her and her colt for the asking price of five hundred, David agree to taking over the box stall and care of her and the colt, the two went to the main box to fill out the paperwork taking ownership, Dave said he was getting a few more and would let them know how long they were staying not entering the show just buying for his ranch back home in Texas, The vet would check them over before they left making sure they were fit.

Jake liking the amateur owner classes exciting showing what they could do before the show started, Jake even talking with a few looking over quarter horses like a pro fitting right in watching so many speculator horses doing what they do best prancing around with their heads high, Jacob staying close by keeping his eye on him making sure he didn’t get in the way spotting a nice black four year old fillie checking over its shiny coat and long mane needing brushed, Jake came rushing over looking at it also tilting his hat back looking at the rider.

“What’s her name mister?”

“Jazzmen don’t get to close”

“Fine looking animal you got’ so what’s she do anyway?”

“Jake do you like her?” Jacob asking lifting the front leg upward

“Don’t know dad maybe’ does she Barrel or just ride?” Jake asking looking at the handler trying to hold her still, horse trying to avoid him

“Harness competition and rides the trails well”

“Really she can do Harness or just pull a two wheeler?”

“Racing Harness that’s all now”

“Not much good if she can’t pull a two seat buckboard then”

“She was trained for Harness racing”

“Sorry he asks too much sometimes” Jacob said watching the horse getting jumpy, Jake moving back

“That’s quite alright he should ask about any horse he find interesting”

“Jake what do you think we might be able use her?”

“She pretty skinny Maybe better ask Grandpa Dad”

“Here my stall number you can come by after lunch and see her”

“Thanks after lunch then?” Jacob taking the slip holding Jake away from the horse.

Jake smirked as he walked away watching the rear tail swinging, pulling away from the handler.

“What do you say we find your Grandpa and gets some lunch?”

“Sounds good I’m hungry for barbeque and maybe a Brown-cow”

Watching from the stands while eating lunch with Grandpa Jacob menschen about the black, David said they could check it out after lunch, then told Jacob he bought a nice the palomino and her colt, during lunch they watched the barrel racing competition for the young groups showing what they could do, Jake got the biggest surprise seeing only a few judges around in all black tuxedos and old fashion tall western wear hats, David told him they mostly only wore them during the evening at Nationals, some of the females’ even sported formal length evening gowns.

After lunch the three headed over looking at the Black, David taking back looking at it stepping right in  the stall asking about the horse and what type of supplements they used for the shiny coat, the guy showed him a small tub of something, David frowned looking at it with a nod, then the man said the horse was on a healthy diet to keep her digestive system from acids building in the stomach that’s why she look so skinny and skittish, David spotting she was afraid more of the owner than anything trying to keep away from him with fear in her eyes watching his every move. David looking over at him, then quickly down at Jake pointing him to the doorway Jake already pointing to the water David only glanced at it Loking back at Jacob to keep Jake outside the stall.

“So you take care of this horse or have someone here take care of her?”

“Yes we have a stall person come in once a day”

“Well he’s not very good at it look at the water and that fifthly blanket and no salt block”

“Little brown I’d say I’ll get it changed later”

“What’s the price of this skinny sweaty animal?”

“Six hundred fifty and the blanket”

“Does it ride and drive like my grandson said?”

“Some used now for harness racing”

“Racing’ don’t you feed her that pathetic how skinny she is’ Jacob it’s your call”

“No dad it’s we should keep looking she’s way out of range”

“Jake what do you think she’ll be a good one?”

“It’s up to dad Grandpa he likes her to right Dad?”

“Dad let’s just look around will find a few more in better health”

“I’ll give you say four hundred and you can keep that blanket”

“Well I’d like to have all six hundred and fifty’ she’s a good racer”

“You would for this pathetic looking mare you better think again sonny” David stepped towards the man back away from him letting the horse walk away to the other side of the stall right for the water, David reach over knocking the water over, just looking back at the man standing outside the stall now.

“Fine you’ll pay all the stall fees and she yours”

“Jacob take this man to the desk and fill out the paperwork’ Jake you stay here’ Jaacob I don’t want him around this horse’ find out if he has others here also that need to be looked at”

“Ok Dad come on Mister I’ll take you to the booth and get your moneys”

“Grandpa you buy her than she’s ours?”

“Yes I don’t like seeing a good horse pampered like a toy” unhooking the blanket tossing it over the railing, Handing Jake the rains “Lets walk this poor animal before she gets sick’ well have to scrub her down good and dry her”

“She looked nice and shiny before lunch what they do to her?”

“Must have ran her and without walking her afterwards will get the vet over to have a look ok”

“Ok so we have three now cool’ Grandpa real cool” Smiling walking together.

“Will pick up some good food and have the stall cleaned before she’s put back in ok?”

“Find I’ll take care of her too ok Grandpa”

David smiled down walking with her petting her side seeing she was becoming more relaxed.

David had made a few calls like he said before they left, having only a law degree helping keep the locals from spending the night in Jail.  David finding that Eric was not an easy thru the channels of the Law. Agreeing to help out so he called a colleague in New Haven to see what he could find while they were in Kentucky, Vinny Santino being a family lawyer friend said he would be glade to check into the matter,

Having a made a few phone calls getting a royal run around to Eric’s or anything about him, Attorney Vinny Santino along with two associates from his office took a trip to Rhode Island Family Court house, first thing on Monday, Able to get Judge McMarinburg handing Child custody cases, quoting Petition of Loudin as the best interests of the child by the Judge in making a implementation determination.

Judge McMarinburg After hearing that Jacob only gave the boy a ride in Colorado, from a truck stop there and then only delivering him to his Aunts doorstep as he was a Parent fearing for Eric’s safety on the streets, Now finding Eric maybe heading to Texas to find Jacob and his Family wanting to live with them, Judge McMarinburg agreed signed the rid releasing the information needed to obtain any and all information regarding Eric with the best interest of the child’s welfare, advising Santino he be kept informed if he found out the location of the Child Eric beforehand, Santino agreed to comply any information he found with him and Eric’s Social worker Mr. Waterford.

During Lunch Santino sent his two colleagues to the police station to retrieve more information, while he meet with Ms. Waterford in her office to review Eric’s file taking the proper steps to locate him, starting any proceedings to send Eric to Texas as a foster child of the state of Texas, thus another roadblocks to file a rid of motion to the Family Court Judge, the Judge would look over the case and only then could he or she make a determination to Child Custody and Child Visitation placement that would entail in Rhode Island or In Texas, being the fact the Family court can award either sole legal custody to a parent, Mr. Waterford informed him.

Knowing that the Father was in Jail that brings to fact that unless a relative cannot take him into their home he would still be awarded to the state, whereas the only person that was a relative was the sister of the wife now unquestionable, giving Eric to the state. Santino informed her that his client in Texas was looking into the matter only after hearing about this case, therefore he would check with him and get back to her with any new information if they had any.

Returning back to New Haven, Vinny Santino and his colleagues looking over the files then copied the files, faxing the forms to Jacob’s home in Texas, Were Penny heard the Fax starting going in watching the printout coming thru. Surprised seeing the Missing Flyer of Eric, with his Photo coming thru upside down trying to look at it before lifting it up holding her hand on her chin looking at it.

Missing Runaway Eric Leiski, Born 7/24/2002 last seen 8/10/2013.  4’ 8” 90 Pounds with Sandy brown medium length hair, bluish eyes, freckles, last seen wearing blue jeans and green pullover shirt, light blue jacket and baseball cap and sneakers. Notify Mr. Waterford State social worker Rhode Island if seen or missing children center.

After the flyer came thru a note from Vinny Santino’ David better look into this and have a talk with Jacob see that he understands what going on and whatever you do tell him not to say he pick the kid up here, he was pickup in Colorado truck stop only! Then see if he still wants to find this child and become his parent or if they find him he’ll be lost in the system we need to work fast here, get back as soon as possible will keep the file open till we hear from you, in the meantime will send out searches to a few truck stops that were already looking into for the boy, we know he’s heading that way so will look for him before someone else finds this kid that we don’t even want to think about, I’ve sent one colleague out to truck stops with his flyer we should hear something soon. David’ you owe at a cost of pro-bow-no’ Maybe a nice Big steak dinner on your ranch when it’s all settled. Vinny.

Page after page printed out with Penny watching each page print, taking all the sheets setting them on the counter looking them over before the girls got home from school.

These factors are used by the court in determining both physical and legal custody of children *1. The wishes of the child’s parent or parents regarding the child’s custody. *2. The reasonable preference of the child, if the court deems the child to be of sufficient intelligence, understanding, and experience to express a preference. * 3. The interaction and interrelationship of the child with the child’s parent or parents, the child’s siblings, and any other person who may significantly affect the child’s best interest. *4. The child’s adjustment to the child’s home, school, and community. *5. The mental and physical health of all individuals involved. *6. The stability of the child’s home environment

*7. The moral fitness of the child’s parents. In many contested child custody cases, Professionals such as Social workers, Therapists, Psychologists, and the Guardian ad litem for the children may play a major role. Rhode Island Attorneys legal Notice per RI Rules of Professional Responsibility: The Rhode Island Supreme Court licenses all lawyers / attorneys in the general practice of law, but does not license or certify any lawyer or attorney as an expert or specialist in any field of practice. The Court must also award to one parent physical placement of the child or children. Physical placement is where the child will be living on a day to day basis. Physical placement is also commonly known as “physical custody” The parent who does not have physical custody of the child will have reasonable visitation rights. The parent with physical placement of a minor child has the right to receive Rhode Island Child support from the parent who has visitation rights. Child Support is typically determined by the Rhode Island Child Support Guidelines.

“Wow Jacob what have you gotten into now” Penny said looking again at Eric’s photo.


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