Holding Eric Part 20

Holding Eric part 20

Texas bound leaning on the door watching the roadway once again, glancing around the cab spotting his CB setting not even bolted down with only a green bungee cord holding it just below the switches, even the antenna wire draped over the steering wheel to the window, trying hard not to look over at him knowing John might have been right not to go with him, Sign after sign along the highway he was trying to stay in the center lane passing passenger cars like they were standing still with a bang on the wheel getting Eric’s attention over to him seeing he was upset slapping his turn single on, with a quick look upward Eric spotted an Exit sign, knowing they hadn’t been that long on the road.

“You stopping already everything ok?” Eric Asked hearing him gearing down hard on the engine

“You got to get out sorry kid your just too big a risk for me”

“Why I didn’t do anything?”

“You’re a runaway someone’s looking for you’ sorry you’ll have to find another way”

Eric stayed quite waiting for him to slow down on the ramp exit, slowly stopping at the stop sign “Wait till the cars pass then you can get out sorry kid Toneckia told me they were looking for you it’s just too risky you’ll get a ride here just go down to the plaza and ask around”

“Sir I do thank you for helping anyway and I understand” Eric said climbing down stepping back from the cab in the soft dirt just watching him pulling back across the street on the highway, after he was out of sight standing not sure about this area tilling down around the brush spotting the small plaza area and started walking towards it slowly on the shoulder.

“John was right about him even if Toneckia said it was ok’ sure it was ok just missed my bus what a line he tried to tell him before he told him I was a runaway, sure he just wanted me out of the way so it was just him and John, well I’ll find a ride and show him I can get to Texas on my own” Eric talking to himself as he walked along. Eric made his way passing a few cars to the buildings checking out the vending units before heading for the restroom, washing his face and hands with a wet towel feeling refresh finger comb hair placing his cap on “Ok Trucker Eric let’s get something to eat and find a ride” with a nod to the mirror before heading out, stopping at the map area near the service area looking where he was to Logan, Texas.

Checking the Letters with numbers using his fingers finding he still had a ways to go more at the bottom of the pages lower right side, looking over his shoulder wondering where the driver area was then it was clear Eric snapped around looking at one guy looking at him almost on top of him, slowly moving to his side “Sorry just looking” telling him hurry down the aisle to the café area.

Intercom blared out “Mr. Mazzionie’ Come to the Office”, Jake head rose high to the stall opening away from the Black then to Grandpa “They calling you Grandpa?” Eric asking staying with the vet checking what he was doing looking in the ears.

“Sure your dad will get it if it’s for us” holding the horse still

“Grandpa where not in any evens why would they be calling us?” Watching where he was stepping

“Jake’ let’s just take care of the Black ok?” David was concerned but not showing it

“Ok” Jake quickly said walking around with the vet watching him lifting her legs upward feeling down to the hoof.

Standing at the end looking her over twitching his noise a few times, with a pat on her side “She’ll be ok maybe some good food and care she’ll fill out real well, you got yourself a good mare here Mr. Mazzionie”

“It’s Jake’s Black he found her” smiling over watching Eric smile back standing straight up with pride.

Headed outside the stall “So the Palomino mare and colt and even the trotter Morgen were a good buy all in real well shape, you plan on getting a few more?”

“Might fine one or two still looking around”

“Ok well call me anytime” gathering his small bag checking around the stalls

“Will let you know if we find another good one”

“Thanks’ Doc for checking my horse” Eric raising his head saying before he walked away.

Jacob had finish with paperwork heading back to the barn, hearing the speaker from the stands calling his name just as he reach the stalls, turning around heading back to the office while checking over the papers before he got there making sure he sign everything, walking up the stairs heading inside stopping at the front desk “Someone just page me?” asking the Elderly lady holding the phone to one side while checking over paperwork, sitting behind her small desk only looking up over her long looped chain hanging holding her white and gold specked glasses hanging around her puffy cheeks “Name?” “Mazzionie” “That’s Mazzola?” “No Mazzionie someone just page me to the office” how many pages do they call lady? Jacob wanted to say but held back waiting on her as she started looking around her little notes.

Jacob looking over to the other section he was just at seeing Dora a bright middle age Lady waving to him to come over, looking down as the older lady fumbling with small note’s she had from phone calls, walking over to Dora

“Did you need to see me’ someone just paged for me?”

“No everything was in order, maybe dinner later?” sitting back in her chair cheerfully batting her eyes

“Sorry’ here with my Father and son” folding his papers placing them in his back pocket looking back watching her still thumbing paper’s.

“They have a dance Friday night maybe if you’re not doing anything?”

“Maybe another time you understand” Jacob said showing his wedding ring giving her a cheerful grin as she nodded back with a smile.

“I’ll look forward to it” Sitting back in her chair pointing to the other desk

“Hey Mazzola here it is’ you still want it?” Waving a pink paper back and forth watching them.

Jacob smile with a wink from Dora returning, she’ll held the paper like it meant something to her frowning as he took it reading it.

Jacob Call home emergency very important call as soon as possible Penny, Jacob reaching in his pocket dropping the paper pulling out his phone flipping it open seeing no calls with no single receiving, Reaching down for the paper tapping the phone quickly

“Dam thing of all times”

“You ok” Dora asking from her desk watching Jacob “Fine’ how long ago this come in?” harsh tone back

“The time on it” not even looking up going back to her paperwork

Looking again still trying the phone “Dam it’s an hour ago why didn’t you call when it came in?”

“Look I’ve got plenty other things to do around here than page people”

Turning his head away from her before he said something he would most likely regret later

“Jacob everything ok?” Dora asking heading over being concerned watching him

“No it’s my wife with an Emergency and dam phone not working” pushing the side of the phone again trying to get it to come on squashing it in his hand with the pink paper also.

“Here use mine” Dora handing him her phone

“Thank You”

“Better take it outside better reception” Dora saying looking at the desk seeing the elderly lady looking at the two standing together.

Barely able to control himself fumbling with the door knob, hurrying outside not even closing the door trying to push the small buttons, spotting error connecting’ seeing he forgot to put in the area code, retrying letting it ring, “just as it stopped’ before she could answer “Penny what happen everything ok’ the girls fine’ you ok?” leaning on the railing with his eyes closed waiting for the bad news, hearing the door closing looking around seeing the Dora behind him watching trying to hear what happen.

“Everything’s ok here where all fine relax Jacob” Penny trying to reassure him they were fine

“What’s the emergency’ why didn’t you call?” Holding the phone tightly to his ear

“Did try’ your phones off or dead as normal”

“Dead’ I’m sorry”

Reassured him she was there for him giving him a small pat on his back leaning to the rail, Jacob turn to Dora looking down hearted while he held the phone to his shoulder “It’s ok’ I’ll be right in”

“Sure Hon’ just take your time” Slowly brushing his shoulder before going back inside

“Jacob you still there?” Penny asking not hearing him clear

“Yea sure just having a major breakdown here so what happen?”

“Jacob’ you did everything you could”

“What’ I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me?”

“It’s what you did on your last run” Penny sitting at the table looking at the papers again seeing Eric photo trying to control herself from crying again after she got the call.

“You talking about my cousin he didn’t wreck the truck did he?”

“No” In a broken voice looking away from the table to the window

“What happen’ should we come home?”

Penny hold her breath before telling him “Jacob where find here’ it’s the boy”

“Jake he’s fine stop you’re worrying”

“The other boy you came in-contact with Eric…. I received some bad new a little while ago”

“What kind of news”

“Eric’s’ in the hospital in (St. Louis)”

“Hospital what?”

“Jacob he was found in an alley last night…. it’s not good Jacob” Trying to control herself

“That poor kid’ who called you?” Looking around leaning over the railing just as he spotted Jake waving with his Dad walking towards him, Jacob waved his hand back and forth looking over seeing the stand pointing to it, Dave quickly seen what he was trying to say reaching down for Jake tilling his hat forward.

“Come-on Jake let’s get a hot dog how’s that sound?” Jake looking up to his dad waving to go ahead, Jake smiling back making like he’s eating pointing to Jacob they were going for hot dogs, Jacob just smiled back trying to get back on the phone, leaning sideways on the step watching them walking away

“Jacob you still there Jacob?”

“Yea’ right here so what happen?”

“Vinny Santino’ a friend of David been looking into Eric case, he had track him down to St. Louis where he was last seen by a truck driver passing thru and later found out he was dropped off at a plaza nearby, that’s when someone found him, he was beaten and left in and alleyway”

“Is he going to be ok?”

“We don’t know at this point Jacob”

“Did you find out what Hospital?”

“I’ll call’ I’m sorry to call you with this but felt you should know”

“Its fine’ I hope he ok look I’ll call you later with a number you can get me at”

“Ok’ better tell David, better not say anything infront of Jake”

“Look I’ve got to go’ I’ll call you Love You”

“Jacob’ you just take care and come home soon” Penny held the phone till Jacob hung-up, looking down at the papers hearing the door open quickly gather the papers turning them over seeing the girls coming inside.

Jacob return Dora phone after a quick thank you telling her it was bad news and he might have to leave early than expected, but thank her for carrying, Dora reach over rubbing the top of his hand with one finger stopping at the ring “You have a great wife that cares that’s a rarity around here”

“She is a good Mother also I have Three great children”

“Well you can use my phone anytime you need to no strings”

“Thank You’ My son and Dad are waiting at the hot dog stand”

“Well better get going then cowboy” smiling back.

Jacob walked over to the hot dog stand seeing them sitting waiting for him, Jake moving over to let him sit down, sliding over two hot dogs over “We got you two dad” Jake remarked taking a drink from his soda before finishing off his watching Jacob unwrapping one looking up at

“Jacob everything ok with the mares?” David sitting back in the stool

“Yea Dad everything ok” placing mustard and ketchup slowly

“Dad the vet said she was a good one I found” excided

“That’s good Jake that you found her”

“Jake if you’re done you can go looking around for a while”

“Ok grandpa’ maybe I can go to the stands and watch the new colts?”

“Ok just watch them and becareful”

“I will’ gee you think I wanted to buy them or something”

“Jake just look at them will be right along”

“Ok’ I’ll save you a seat” Jake said scooting off taking the empties

Jacob watch him standing straight upward making sure his hat was tilted back just a little, unwrapping the second spreading mustard only , looking upward at his dad frowning back slowly squinting his eyes

“So what was with the phone?”

“Dad it was Penny calling she had some bad news… everything’s ok at home, seems the lawyer you called tracked down Eric, and found him a little too late…. he’s in the hospital”

“Sorry son what happen’ is he going to be ok?”

“He was found in and alleyway, he had been beaten Dad why would someone do that?”

“Son’ a lot of crazy’s out there they do anything for a few dollars”

Jacob crumbled the wrappers together placing them in the empty cup holding it tightly, glancing over to the colts by the stands seeing Jake standing at the bottom rail watching them slowly walking around the track, one foot on the rail like a small cowboy along with two older boys close by.

“Well he be ok?”

“Hard to say right now, Penny said they would call and let her know”

“Jacob maybe you want to take a ride to Rhode Island”

“He’s in St. Louis dad” swallowing hard looking back again at Jake

“We’re not that far from there you could rent a car” David reached over placing his hand on Jacobs arm getting his attention.

“What about Jake what would I tell him?”

“Will be fine’ I think you should go Son!” David nodding his head yes

“Dad’ I don’t know if I should’ the horses and all”

“Never mind the horse’s, let’s get you a rental” waving for Jake to come back

Jake rushed right back hoping to get another hot dog, Jacob explained that he had to take a small trip to St. Louis something just came up, it would only be a day or two, Jake frowned lowing his head, Jacob said he could stay with Grandpa so not miss any events, Jake said ok but hurry back soon before the weekend events started, the three took a ride to the local car rental not far from the fairgrounds, only to find out they had three large autos to choose from, Jake spotted right off the Black Buick being it was the same color as the mare it was agreed, Jake rode back to the motel with Jacob enjoying the full seat.

Jacob and Jake gathered things inside, sitting on the bed Jacob called Penny telling her he was heading up to St. Louis, Dad and Jake would stay at the fair, Penny told him about the paperwork that she received the day before in brief but detailed, Jake wanted to talk to her interrupting him, Jacob cut it short letting Jake talk for a few before asking him to take his bag to the car.

Waiting by the car Jake lean waiting while Grandpa talked on his phone till Jacob came out closing the door, David pointed to the power core laying on the seat for his phone, handing it to Jake to plug in the charger, while the two looked over a map on the hood, folding the map setting it on the seat giving Jake a big lift upward hugging him “Mind your Grandpa and behave” before setting him back down, David raised cheek grin and his slight nod everything will work out way while he shook his hand saying take it slow and call him when he finds out anything. Jacob agreed getting in waving bye slowly back outward into the driveway and down the street, Jake and Grandpa Return to the fairgrounds.


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