Holding Eric part 21

Holding Eric part 21

Passing one car after another trying not to speed to fast keeping a lookout along with the gas gauge quickly moving to the empty slot, exiting into the service center checking the high price before pulling in behind a camper van getting gas, the guy just gave a small wave, waiting till he was done not knowing how long was ok too, Jacob open the door stretching looking around, spotting the sign Fresh coffee to go.

“Be right back getting a quick coffee” Jacob said to the man filling walking acrossed to the open door building, inside a young man reading a magazine only looking over at him and back, spotting the coffee machine seeing another sign next to it ‘Help yourself to coffee it’s free’ Not seeing any cups asking the young man “Any Cups or do you have a mug I can buy?”

“No cups plenty of mugs right over there to your left”

Looking to his left seeing the mugs seven ninety-nine each, frowning taking a blue one filling the mug dumping six sugars inside closing the lid shaking it in a circle as no stirrers’ but they did have creamers, taking it to the counter placing a ten on the counter hoping he could at least make change, looking outward to the pumps seeing he was just finishing was a good sign for a change, getting his change from the young man who more interested in is magazine, walking to the pump holding his hot coffee seeping from the top air hole out onto his hand, Jacob set it on the pump pulling the nozzle to the back thinking it should have been right there, not seeing it looked to the driver’s side “yep”  looking like a complete fool now pulling it over the trunk opening the door resting the handle on the small door getting the cap off falling right on the ground, “Shit” Jacob stuffed the nozzle in clicking the trigger nothing starting looking up towards the pump again while clicking again and again before hearing a voice over the speaker above the pumps.

“You have to put a card amount in before it starts” Jacob stood looking right at the window for a second before reaching down picking up the gas cap setting it on the trunk lid, only to have it start rolling down the backside. Trying to grab it before it fell smacking his fingers on the bumper missing it, quickly his foot stopped it from escaping to far from him picking it up holding it now.

Placing the nozzle back getting his recited walking around to the driver’s door then realized he forgot his coffee on the pump walking back around getting it looking one more time at the young man still looking at his magazine, pulling back out and heading into busy traffic, an hour or more had gone by reaching St. Louis following the signs to the hospital.

Parking the car in The Emergency waiting section hurrying inside, the large double doors open wide sending the cold breeze inside while he was looking around the room seeing six people sitting waiting to see the doctors, walking right up to the glass window having to tap to get the Nurse attention least letting her know he was there, Looking up to the small holes in the glass still writing on her clipboard with a confused look upward seeing him standing behind the glass.

“Hello I’m looking for the boy who was brought in last night?” trying to talk thru the glass

“Name?” looking back at her clipboard

“Eric something” raising his elbows upward trying to remember

“Something’ you a relative?” pulling the clipboard towards her now giving him a look over

“No’ but I need to see him right away he was brought in last night” watching her just stand tighten her lips a slight sideways while raising her head backwards, placing the pen on the clipboard setting it down, standing sideways looking at the others in the room and back at Jacob.

“I’ll check wait here’ let me check on the name” walking away from the window past the split doors

Not wanting to move from the window he stood looking around the room at everyone, one guy got up from his seat looking to the doors and back at Jacob, hearing the doors opening turning back looking for the nurse to return bending his head trying to see around the open doors, glancing down at the paperwork on the desk trying to read the names upside down without any luck, turning back quickly as the Main front doors open sending in a burst of cold night air watching one hospital Security guard along with St. Louis policeman walking right up to the window, Jacob moved aside while still looking to see if she returned yet looking back with a nod to the officers while spotting the other man now getting up again looking to the door only stopping at the doors watching them.

“You the guy looking for the boy brought in last night?” The officer asked checking him over

“Yes officer I’m him’ is he ok?” raising his eyes wide excided to find someone who could help

“How do you know the boy?” keeping still asking

“His names Eric’ somebody please tell me if he’s ok at least? I need to see him”

“He’ll be ok you got some Id?” Officer with one hand resting on his sidearm watching for any quick move’s Jacob might make, Jacob slowly reach back getting is wallet handing him his driver’s license, Slowly the officer looked it over while the short young security guard watched over his shoulders “Texas you’re a long way from home aren’t you’ would you mind stepping over here please” Jacob following his motion to move to the side outside the bathroom doors.

Setting everyone to look over the man at the main doors walking right over to them “Jacob Mazzionie’ Vinny sent me” holding his hand out for Jacob, reaching out shaking his hand before he even knew he was “Officer its ok I’m here to represent the Boy Eric and Jacob” The officer and Security Guard stood looking at this guy with his gray suite and shiny tasseled shoes smiling at them.

“Somebody want to tell me why you’re here?”

“Officer I’m Sean Bradley with Santino law firm sent here to find Eric’ my office called letting him know he was here’ That’s Jacob they called” Handing the officer a business card.

“Lawyer from Connecticut and your representing Mr. Mazzionie is that right” snapping the card with his thumb, looking back and forth at the two of them.

“Yes’ In the matter of Eric’s wellbeing, I just arrived today myself after finding out he was here’ Officer I didn’t make out you name” Trying to read his name tag popping his head around his chest looking


“O’Rourke your Irish so am I’ Well on my mother side anyway”

Raising his hands to stop Bradley from babbling on “I check the list myself and I’m sorry but there’s no Eric listed that came in last night or today”

Security Guard moved forward “Hey Officer O’Rourke they did bring in someone last night like he said”

“In the Hospital here’ there’s no listing”

“But the Night officer at the desk said they brought an eleven year old boy in last night”

“Well you’re the Security maybe you want to check and find out if they brought in a boy last night for us’ you think maybe you could do that?”

Security officer surprised “No one asked be before or I would have ok” walking away from them standing watching him pushing buttons on the code box to open the door, going inside looking back making sure no one was following him, dangling his keys around.

“Look you two maybe we better have a seat’ till we know for sure who they have here” Officer O’Rourke walking with them over to the line of chairs, Looking around seeing less now than when he came in.

“Eric around eleven last I heard he’s heading to Texas looking for me” Jacob said to Bradley sitting holding his black leather briefcase watching the officer standing checking out everyone in the room a once over looking for his next big bust.

“You know we tracked him here from one phone call”

“Phone call’ he tried to call me’ I was on the road”

“No it was a family he was with here he played along with them around the archway till they left only later spotting his flyer and calling to report seeing him”

“And they sent you here?”

“Yep Vinny was clear to the point to get here ASAP and find him and I did”

“Well thank you I don’t know what else to say right now”

“That’s ok’ I call Vinny and told him we found him and now we can start your paperwork”


“Well sure’ Adopt him before the state takes him that is what you were doing right?”

“Yes’ Adopt him”

“Look here comes the Guard with a doctor” Bradley said standing up with Jacob

Doctor came out looking at the three while walking towards them, Jacob standing right up front waiting to hear some good news “You’re looking for the boy?”

“Yes doctor is he going to make it’ how bad is he?”

“He’s in ICU right now holding on for the moment”

“O’h no I’ve got to see him Doc” Jacob feeling bad holding back a tear starting

“We found no Id, whatever he had was stolen”

“Can I see him Doc Please?” Jacob Pleading with him

“I’ll bring you to him’ but just prepare yourself’ come with me”

“Doc what about him” Security Guard asking not sure what he should do stay or follow

“He can come too’ Officer would you also join us”

Following the Doctor to the ICU slowly staying together down the hallway, stopping at one nurse’s station, Four Nurses monitoring screens “Just one second wait here please” Doctor said walking around the desk talking to one nurse, Coming back around  “You sure you’re ok?”

“Yes ‘I’ll be fine Doc”

“Ok You three better wait here” Doctor said taking Jacob only passed two window to the door, Standing outside looking in Jacob at the window leaning inward, not sure if he wanted to see him like this, watching the Doctor walking in.

“You know this boy Eric?” Officer O’Rourke Asking Bradley

“Yes Jacob is getting custody of him before the state takes him” seeing Jacob at the window.

“Custody of him what he do?”

“Ran from a halfway house, and was heading to find Jacob”

“Wait a second he’s a runaway then?”

“Yes well he was but we tracked him here and that why I’m here to find him”

“Guess you were a little too late by the looks of things”

“Well the desk officer looked at the flyer and said he was here” Showing the officer the flyer standing ahead watching Jacob still leaning on the glass.

The Doctor waved Jacob inside the room with the Security Guard walking up standing by the door watching, Eric’s was facing the window away from them covered to his shoulders with the blanket, Jacob looked at the monitors beeping above the bed, The Doctor stood by the bed waving him over to the window side, feeling his hurt seeing the bandage around his head slowly Jacob walked, looking down his hand laying on the cover with a tubes hanging next to him, Jacob leaned into the bed getting closer taking his small hand trying to look upward at Eric.

All of a sudden Jacob letting his hand go standing right up looking at the Doctor “This isn’t Eric Doc” slowly getting his breath looking again at the boy laying there. Both stood looking at the boy.

“He’s got a lot of swelling you might not recognize him” shocked from Jacobs statement standing looking at the boy again checking the monitors. Even the Guard heard him say it turning his head looking in.

“It’s not Him Doc, believe me it’s not I’m Sorry Doc” Turning leaving the room, watching the guard stepping aside letting him by going right over to the nurses station

“Wrong Boy he’s not our Eric’ not even close” Jacob gasped looking at Sean and the Officer

“What they looked at the flyer and said it was him” Sean insisting holding the paper up to Jacob, Jacob reach over taking it, looking right at the guy sadden looking downward at his tasseled shoes before glancing to the window seeing if he could see the boy.

“Well it’s not him’ so where is he…. what did you find out when you got here?”

“Ok you two let’s take this to another area and discus it”

“I did have another lead just before the officer stopped and told me he was here”

Walking away Jacob turned back looking to the window, It caught Jacob off guard standing looking at him for a second, with one hand halfway up stopping him.

“Officer’ I’m sorry we put you thru this maybe we can buy you a cup of coffee?”

With a smile back “That’s alright there’s a Donut shop just down the street”

“Will you join us? It’s the least we can do for your help”

“Maybe another time, here take my card and call if you fine him I’d like to know how it turns out”

“Ok’ I’ll call Thank You Again” watching him walking away to the doors “Come on we need so coffee after this?” The two stopping just outside the main doorway looking to the parked cars, Sean pulling his coat closed standing next to a trash bin resting his briefcase on it, Jacob looked at him more or less just looking around the area “You need a ride?” Jacob asking. Nodding yes pulling his case down following Jacob in the parking lot to the Buick.

The two ordered coffee’s and a donut sitting at the table by the window, Sean holding his dark roast cup with both hands trying to warmup, Jacob watching the steam rising after taking the lid off mixing three sugars scooting the box over only his eyes moved shaking like a cold winter leaf ready to fall off its branch. “Cold here’ that’ll warm ya up drink it slow” placing his lid back on.


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