Holding Eric part 22

Holding Eric part 22

Watching past the Buick parked by the front door, heavy traffic for six thirty at night, looking upward spotting the shopping center at the light, two lanes you think they would have put a turning lane by now slowly sipping past the steaming coffee, Jacob watching the gray suited guy holding that cup so still trying to get warm asking “You want a Donut or something Hot’ they have egg sandwiches if you like?”
“No Thank You I’m good here” trying not to spill his coffee sip after sip
“Ok I’m getting a donut you sure?” Standing waiting as he looked over at the donut rack for second lifting his hand with a small wave not far from the cup, Jacob frowned walking over, looking back seeing he was still looking at the fresh jelly’s she just put up, getting two cinnamon sugar donuts and one powdered jelly returning setting them down, Sean looked up checking them out mostly the jelly.
“It’s Fresh help yourself” Pushing the jelly over, Sean wasted no time taking it with the napkin, slowly a smile from him lifting it up taking a bite, watching him as if he never had a donut before licking the jelly off his lips with closed eyes, That was strange sight Jacob smiled back eating his two while watching him slowly enjoy each bite forgetting he was cold for now anyway.
“Thank You Mr. Mazzionie I wanted one for weeks”
“You can call me Jacob’…Weeks?” Frowning at Sean
“Needed to lose a few pounds, the wife said”
“Really you don’t look like you should be dieting?”
“Sugar cut back thing”
“Really Sugar?” Looking away from him giggled under his breath checking around the room and back to this Poor guy sitting holding that cup again so tightly, hope it doesn’t pop the lid he’ll get more than he bargained for, where they get guys like this anyway what lawyers working for lawyers, “ok” sitting upward looking at him. Sean looking up slowly at Jacob.
“The boy how bad was he?” Sean asking looking over his cup still a little unsure of himself
“Bad’ he had this pale powder white skin, his eyes seemed sunken inward just scary, then topping it off it wasn’t even Eric I was looking at it was some other poor kid around Twelve in that bed’ on the other hand that means he’s out there somewhere ..Wait a second” looking right at him “You said you were working on it before?” Jacob said watching him waiting.
“At the park I had talk to a few skater’s, before an officer scared them off’ asking me why I was even asking them questions” Sean taking another sip checking his cup
“What they say the skaters I mean?” Trying not to push leaning inward waiting as he took a bite of donut
“Eric stayed with them and left with Jon’ another skater” looking over seeing Jacobs reaction “Sorry”

Confuse a little watching Sean wiping his mouth off from powdered sugar “No, it’s okay you did good, we need to find theses skaters do you know where they are still?”
“They were in the park …. Till they were run off like I said”
“Maybe there still hanging around?” Jacob said raising his eyes with hope peering outside wanting to go check it out and find this Park

Sean taking a long breath of fresh donut air checking around the café, looking back at Jacob standing up gathering his cup and napkins, only nodding to go before walk away, hurried taking his coffee not to get left behind following him outside walking around getting in checking for his briefcase still seating on the floor, Jacob started the engine looking over at Sean sitting carefree looking at the donut shop
“Ok so where is this park?”
“Do you know how to get to the arch?”
“No’ hell I don’t even know where I am right now” pulling to the exit
“Take a left here and the fourth block take a right that will take us to the archway”

Jacob checking along streets counting each street wishing he brought his GPS this time, turning right spotting as big a day the archway standing tall among the street lights, following it to the end of the street intersection looking over spotting the park area just as Sean said “Take a right and that’s the park” more like a little kid excided Sean burst out “We’re here?” before realizing Jacob wasn’t happy looking over at him before pulling into the parking lot, Sean wanting to kicked himself for saying something so dimwitted sat quietly looking over the park. Parking in a space overseeing the dim light area, sidewalk with a few trees blocking most of the lights only casting on the sidewalk and bench area, older couples walking together without even one skater anywhere to be found, looking back and forth hoping to see at least one they could ask Jacob tapped the steering wheel glancing over.

“Don’t see even one skater do you?” Sean lifting his head still looking forward
“No’ any idea where they might be?”
“No, maybe we could call the Officer from the hospital O’Rourke wasn’t it?”
“We should check around first maybe will see them”

Backing out looking at the road next to the sidewalk fooling along while keeping an eye on the park area, even Sean lifting himself a few times checking as they went by a large tree blocking the view, Jacob not sure what to do besides drive around the area might turn up something, one block after another more circling and backtracking till the hairs razed spotting a young skater on the sidewalk, Jacob beeped the horn a few times, the boy only looking back footing himself faster along the sidewalk.

“Stop sign” Sean hollered bracing himself to the dashboard. Jacob hit the break checking quick not letting the young skater out of his sight, moving forward spotting him turning at a driveway without a second thought Jacob pulled right in stopping, quickly opening his door leaning outward “Stop I need to ask you a question that’s all’ wait please were looking for my boy’ Wait come back please” Jacob watching the boy rushing towards the house only looking back once at him before disappearing.

Jacob leaning down on the open door looking to the ground “Dam it one chance and he’s gone’ where is that boy anyway he’s got to know were looking for him”
Sean stayed still looking to the house when the porch light came on “Hey Look”

Jacob looked up over the roof top seeing a man coming out the front door with the boy right behind him walking over towards them stopping at the edge of the sidewalk, he didn’t look angry more concern what he wanted with his son Jacob moved around the car towards them “I didn’t mean to scare you son or anything like that’ I just wanted to ask you a few question” Jacob looking at the shaking boy staying close to his father, the father looked over at the boy and back over the car seeing Sean sitting inside.

“What type of question’ he do something wrong?”
“No’ nothing wrong’ I just wanted to ask if he seen this boy”
“What boy?”
Sean held the paper outward from the window “Here” staying in the car feeling safer
“The man thumb over to the son to get the paper, no one said anything while he looked it over flipping the paper over checking the notes on the back side Sean wrote as to the Hospital, Showing his son the flyer

“Well did you see this kid or not?” asking looking back and forth at the two waiting on his son.
“Maybe I did I’m not sure Dad” Holding the paper outward to his father.
“Please its very important we find him, look at again would you please” watching him again look at it seeing that nod yes was a good sign
“You did see him when and where is he close by here?” feeling that shiver crawling up his back side knowing they were close now smiling back waiting.
“He was’ he was over at Rodney’s” Handing the paper to Jacob stepping back next to his father
“Rodney’ what house?” Looking around at the house’s hoping it was within sight
“No he’s one block over’ it’s more a hangout for kids now, yea his parents left him the house”
That broke the tension between them with the father moving towards Jacob with his hand outward
“Rodney’s a strange boy around here some sort of skateboard wiz kid, this is Harold my son and I’m Tomas Collen, sorry you just can’t be too careful around here lately the way things have gone”
“Jacob Mazzionie, and that’s Sean Bradley in the car” Jacob shook his hand with only a nod back to Sean staying in the car holding his briefcase.

“One block over you said do you know the hose number off hand?”
“Dad it might be better us then them going to the door”
“What the boy do anyway that you’re looking for him?”
“Please’ I’ve got to get to him as soon as possible just tell me the number”
“I think it be better if we went’ you go knocking on that door and no one will open it”

“Look Mr. Collen’s I’m Sorry we just need to find him before the state picks him up”
“You a cop or something?”
“No just a rancher, Sean an Attorney sent to find him also”
“Attorney’ for you or the boy in the flyer?”
“Both’ Eric trying to find me, he wants to be part of my family”
“But why the state want him then?”
“I can tell him as we’re going if were going at all” Sean said opening the door holding his briefcase stepping back opening the back door waiting.

Mr. Collen’s smiled “Looks like we should go” Sean scooted over behind still holding his briefcase while Harold sat next to him. Jacob and Mr. Collen’s looked at each other then got in, Mr. Collen’s motions Jacob to the end of the road, with a right thumb next, while Sean explained some of Eric’s brief encounter with no family left being a ward of the State of Rhode island, and on the run trying to get to Texas.
“Texas’ so how he end up here with you two looking for him?” Sean said now more carefree “someone called it in saying they seen him here and my boos sent me here to find him, then Mr. Mazzionie here showed up also, we just” before he could finish Mr. Collen’s pop upward looking at the house’s “That’s it the fifth one on your side” lowering his head looking around the parked cars, Jacob pulled into the driveway stopping “OK they know us’ so sit tight” The two got out walking up the side driveway to the rear door.

Sean leaning forward watching for them “Hope this isn’t a trap or something that they will all come out of that house and be after us?” being nerviest trying not to move waiting, Jacob only looked at him in the mirror then back, Sure enough four others following right along with them towards the car, Jacob open the door standing up waiting on them, Sean stayed inside. Rodney right out in front holding the paper stopping at the car looking at Jacob, before lowering his view to the inside seeing Sean sitting

“Eric was here’ he’s not anymore he left with John”
Jacob swallowed hard asking “When he leave?”
Rodney handing the paper to Jacob “Sorry man we didn’t know”
“This John why would he take him and where?”
“John’s friend Toneckia took his brothers car and from what we know he was headed to some reservation’ cheap cigarettes and all”
“Reservation Around here?”
“Wait I heard him saying he wanted to go to Muskogee” One of the other boy spoke up
“Yea your Probably right John‘s been wanting to leave for some time, guess this was his chance’ he left without telling anybody he was even going”
“But I don’t understand why he would take Eric with him?”
“Maybe he wanted to go man’ anything Else?” Rodney Said raising both his elbows

“Mr. Mazzionie’ we should be going, thanks Rodney you helped do a good thing” Mr. Collen’s holding his hand outward not to shake it but more his fist butting together getting Rodney to do the same, Jacob followed along “Cool man hope you find them” Harold already heading to the back seat, Sean reaching over having to unlock the door for him, Jacob getting in watching them standing in the driveway watching them pulling out heading back to the house.

Dropping off Mr. Collen’s and his Son Harold, Back at the house declining to go inside wanting to get back as soon as possible thanking them for their help, Jacob had no idea where to look only knowing he was heading towards Muskogee, pulling over in the local quick store turning the inside light on, handing Sean ten dollars asking him to get them some coffee while he checked over the map, Without hesitation Sean was eager to get it.
Finding Muskogee in Oklahoma, seeing now it just below Tulsa checking the main highway roads from St. Louis to Tulsa on Route 44,Placing the map on the dashboard helping Sean at the door taking the coffees from him waiting for him to seat down with a few snacks also.

“Well Eric’s heading in the right direction alright if hes in Oklahoma he’ll be there before we are” Jacob said handing Sean coffee with cream offering him a snack cake.
“You said he’s going to Texas then?”
“Yes that’s the place and were going back to Kentucky”
“Kentucky what’s there I thought you said Oklahoma?”
“That’s where he’s go not us”
“Maybe I better call my boss?” Sean Said while frowning brushing the crumbs off the seat

Jacob unplugged his phone flipping it open, lighting up eight-forty three and then Jacob push contacts showing DAD’ holding his finger over the button not sure if he should call him or give Penny a call first, pushing the button hearing it ring, reaching over for his coffee tilting the lid back waiting.


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