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Holding Eric 24

April 20, 2015

Holding Eric part 24

Spending the night behind the plaza hidden from view by a large recycled paper bundle, hoping no one would bother him Eric curled himself around one folded cardboard box keeping the wind and coldness away, disturbed twice by motorists taking a short cut around the buildings to the roadway.

Sitting upward pulling his jacket together slowly waking looking to the sky seeing the sun  rays casting in the alley, pushing the cardboard cover aside standing up, hearing only motors from the other side running  checking over the bundle while scooting closer reliving himself not a moment too soon, turning his head quickly around something moved seeing it was the soda can rolling, smiling for a second before looking down brushing off his pants finding he slept near a dirt pile, walking around the sun warm building towards the front area checking trucks and cars before going inside.

Walking inside the travel store was like walking in an old Stucky’s almost everything the same layout having to walk along shelves of cheap travel store specials mostly to take back home with you telling you were there every state seemed to have the same type of junk trinkets, Eric checking the shelves as he walk to the rear past the small with yellow plastic booths to the counter area with only five stools.

Seating himself down two stools away an older man, bending over eating his eggs scooping the yoke with the toast watching the yoke dripping back on the plate Eric trying not to stare at him retrieving the menu almost knocking over the glass sugar jar from of the holder, glancing sideways at the waitress cooking hearing the sizzling seeing it was Hamburger with a smile smelling it “I’ll take one also and fries” Eric said to her she turn looking at him “Coming right up honey wants some coffee?” nodding yes back as she placed fries in the basket dropping them, going back to finishing walking around the counter setting it down at a table with one younger couples returning with the coffee setting it down “Cream?” smiling down Eric like her right off very cheerful older more like a grandmother helping out than a waitress.

“No thank you wait do I need it?” frowning raising upward from the burnt smell “Let me see here smells strong maybe you better” leaning over the holder with her low cut blouse showing her lacy bra Eric tried not to stare as hard as it was looking down at his cup “I’ll make fresh just for you sweetie” Eric smiled back spinning in the stool checking the tables again seeing how the hamburger was cooking on the grill.

Hamburger juice and ketchup dripping down on his fries, Eric wiped his mouth a few times finding the napkins so thin and small using four at a time still getting on his fingers licking them right off, luckily she was getting busy with other customers piling in for something to eat, one or two families came in with their children playing with table toys while they waited,  She didn’t forget Eric more less letting him eat in peace keeping an eye open making sure he had plenty of coffee, she even brought him an orange juice.

Eric finished looking back towards the restrooms spotting the clock above the doorway just as the waitress walking around the counter Eric asking “Eleven thirty is that the right time?” holding fresh pot of coffee ready to pour him some, Eric placed his hand over the cup “No I’m good too much already” smiling leaning over setting the check down staring right at him “That’s be about lunch time around here…. such beautiful eyes anyone ever tell you that before?” and of course had to lift his hair upward showing both eyes better “Yes and they’re mine not some contact lenses that change color”

“Very Bright Blue” Raising her head checking his hair waving from the air conditioner blowing, Eric again brush it back “Amber?” She raised her cheeks smiling down “Amber”

Husky guy asked looking over after sitting himself on the stool. “Hey how about some service over here”

“Sure thing the menu, Right in front of you” change in her tone towards him, looking back at Eric

“So you live nearby?” not even looking to the guy just smiling at Eric

“No just traveling with my Dad”

“Didn’t see him with you?” check outside the window

“No he’s resting”

“Can I get some coffee when you have a time from your chatting?” with on hand raised waiting

“Well looks like back to work, I’ll be back in a shake of a stick”

Eric watching her walking over to the rude guy with a cup and pot of coffee, pointing her finger at him then to a sign, (No rudeness allowed …You don’t like the Service Leave!) filling his cup right to the rim leaving no room for cream “Well what will it be I’m busy here?” Holding her small order book waiting.

Eric not wanting to stare at them looked away checking out how much it was, the price more than he realized it would be, he only had a few dollars in his pocket, smiling at himself reaching down taking his shoe off bring it to his lap lifting the inside foam padding removing two twenty’s setting one on the check, finishing off his cold coffee waiting for her to return. One lady frowning over her blue sun glasses.

As the waitress went by retrieving the check and cash hurry down making his change returning spotting more coming in waiting for service “Take care Honey it’s been nice talking with you stop in anytime” “Thanks’ on our next run will be sure to stop” placing three dollars under the cup spinning around after spotting the bellowing upward smoke from the grill, getting much loader inside fading the background music out.

Remember the candy rack he passed going in picking up four candy bars and bottle of mountain dew, even grabbed a small free traveler’s guide before heading outside, checking out the newspaper racks before dangling his feet seating on the pipe railing next to them, enjoying his candy bar watching the trucks backing in or just leaving after getting fuel, sure enough drivers spotted him asking if he needed a ride some just looked mean or creepy, dishearten with some heading the other way before the right one came along heading to Austin then to San Antonio, Eric wasn’t about to say no it was Texas he waited over an hour already finished off three candy bars and his mountain Dew.

Following alongside the driver he seemed friendly enough not to old nor to young clean shaven knowing he couldn’t be too bad, stopping in front of a large red Freightliner he pointed to it “This is it” looking down seeing he was hauling something under a large tarp on the flat bed “Go ahead the doors open” walking on past the door, checking for the exhaust pipe making sure it wasn’t hot or anything carefully stepping on the bent on one end steps opening the door, hanging onto it pulling himself upward into the seat, checking it out inside hearing the CB set squeezing before seeing newspapers, travel mugs then Eric smiled at a few girl magazines laying on the floor, straighten right up watching the driver getting in, starting it up with a quick check on the gauges pushing buttons on a black box near the dash with words that Eric was unable to see without moving over, already moving towards the roadway Eric checking above the visor and around the dash not seeing a log book, turning back looking at the single bunk with one blue blanket tossed on it with a faded pillow case cover.

Crunching his noise from a smell of sourness asking “No log book?” watching him shifting.

“Nope don’t need it all electric now”

“That save’s you time from writing so much”

“So why you going to Texas’ running away from home?”

“No just missed Greyhound after it stopped for a rest stop”

“Didn’t they know you didn’t get on?”

“No I don’t think they even checked who got on or off”

“That doesn’t sound so convincing!” looking over at Eric in doubt

“No really – it’s stopped and we got out to rest! Then they took off while I was in the shitter”

“That’s too bad that they just took off without checking”

“I know and I got left behind”

“Why didn’t you just call home?”

“Sure that would really piss my Dad off, that’s why I’m hitching rides home so he won’t find out, he’d say it was my fault and beat the hell out of me for missing the bus” lowering his head towards the floor

“You okay?” He asking softly glancing over at Eric feeling embarrassed by his anger tone coming out.

“I’ll be ok’ just want to get home before the bus arrives” sweeping his hair aside from the air vent tossing his hair upward checking the road and cars alongside.

“Understand’ it shouldn’t be too long before where in Texas what part?”

“Logan you know where it is?” Eric smiled feeling better knowing he believed him now

“Gee’ not quite sure were that is”

“It’s more the lower right side”

“Ok’ will check the map when we stop next”

Eric looking over at the tires passing them more on the right side, looking up another sign Welcome to Texas, “Wow” Eric said excided looking over with the driver smiling back checking his mirrors pulling into the right lane opening another sign Weight station Closed going right pass it seeing a few trucks parked inside.

Penny and Grandma were making Danishes from scratch the phone rang, Grandma said she’d get it seeing Penny had her hands full of dough “Hello”

“Hi is this the Mazzionie residents?”

“Yes can I help you?”

“I’m calling for Jacobs wife is that you?”

“No she right here can I ask whose calling?” Frowning looking back at Penny

“Dora’ I’m calling about Jake her son” shifting her eyes to one side

“Hold on one second – Dear it’s Dora about Jake”

Penny quickly wiping her sticky hands off on a towel taking the phone “Hello this is Penny is Jake alright?” holding the phone with the towel waiting

“Yes he’s doing better he’s up and talking with everyone’ I wanted to call and let you know he’s fine”

“Dora you’re the nurse there?”

“No your husband used my phone before to call you” Embarrassed grinding her teeth checking the phone waiting unsure what Jacob might have told her about them.

“Right’ Jacob called before he had an emergency call”

“I’m a mother also I work in the office and heard about what happen and just felt it would be best if a mother was with him when he woke up”

“Thank you so much he’s our little boy I mess him already”

“Well he’s in good spirts now wanting to go outside and play”

“I can’t thank you enough for caring for him I wish I there with him”

“His Grandfather is with him every second now along with a few others keeping an eye on him”

“Dora how can I ever repay you for your kindness”

“Its hard being away from your children I have two myself and try to get home before they do from school, sometimes I work to late and we go out afterwards”

“Well our house is always open if you need a break”

“Thank You’ I’ve got to get back now you take care and I’ll keep a look out for Jake also”

“Thank you again Dora”

Dora hung up the phone watching Jake and Grandfather playing horse shoes.

Returning back to Winchester Kentucky Farms Jacob hurried to the truck not seeing David or Jake walked to the first aid center asking for Jake, the doctor stepped outside with him telling him everything would be ok, Jake seen what happen but didn’t see anything while it happen only seeing the horses blood most likely set him off into a shock, nothing to worry about and he’s already playing with the other kids and looking at horses, besides having plenty of company staying with him at all times.

Jacob found the two sitting watching a match in the benches, Jake spotted him rushing over with open arms happy to see him back, David stood behind him watching the two embrace, Jacob held him tightly not wanting to let go lifting him upwards holding him walking to David.

“He’s going to be fine Jacob”

“Dad I should have been here”

“You’re here now that’s what he needs”

“Jake you ready to head home?”

Jake lean back with a frown “But we need to find a good horse or two”

“Jake have you talked with your Mom yet?”


“Jake she’s worried maybe we should call her?”

“Ok I didn’t want to’ Dad she gets upset over little things”

“Little things”

“Well you know what I mean dad all this do we have to tell her?”

“Just call and let her know you’re ok”

“Ok dad’ can I tell her first?”

“Sure’ if you’re up to it”

“Yea’ Mom will cry if we don’t call”

Seating down on the benches together Jacob handed him the phone, Jake held it looking at the two then pushed the button waiting.


“Mom its Jake miss you’ here’s Dad” handing Jacob the phone.

“Jake’ Jake”

“Hi honey he’s right here everything fine”

“Well put him back on the phone now!”

“Jake she wants to speak with you” handing Jake the phone again

“Hi Mom really I’m fine where checking horse’s out having a good time”

“I miss you’ you coming home soon?”

“Yes Mom dad wants to leave” Frowning looking over

“Well maybe you should come home now you’ve had a busy few days”

“But Mom will miss the events can’t we stay a little longer?” Disappointed shaking his head no

“I’ll talk with your Dad about it, doing ok anything you need?”

“No just wanted to stay I miss you and will be home soon love you gotta go”

Handing the phone back Jacob smiled at him taking the phone.


Holding Eric part 23

April 14, 2015

Holding Eric part 23

Waiting on the Ringing with David’s phone going right to voice mail, “Hi dad just to let you know it wasn’t Eric so spending the night, I’ll call you first thing in the morning, Hope Jake’s not giving you a hard time, Dad I’ve got to go now’ I’ll call you in the morning give Jake a kiss for me and I’ll see you soon”.

“Who’s Jake your?” Sean asking with both hands holding his cup, Jacob looked over ready to push another button “My Son” Pushing the call button waiting turning away looking out the front window.
Becky having the phone next to her quickly responded “Hello Brian I knew it was you calling?”
“Becky its Dad put your mom on” Before he could even finish Becky hollered out “Mom its dad” “Becky?” Jacob only hearing the Television in the back ground waiting.
“Hi Hun’ everything going ok?” Penny holding the phone talking while walking towards the kitchen.
“No it wasn’t Eric’ it was another boy they thought was Eric, and I have another problem while I been here” Penny checking the coffee pot feeling how warm it was waiting hasting “What type?”

“A lawyer was at the hospital when I arrived and his name is Sean all the way from Connecticut, and looks like I’ll be taking him to the Airport before heading back” Looking over sideways at Sean wiping his pants leg off trying to dry a large wet coffee spot.
“Sounds like they were trying to find him pretty quickly?”
“Yea wonder what my Dad told them?” Checking around the parking lot watching a few cars going by
“Knowing your Dad he probably sent the army and air force out looking for him also”
“Could be at that, any way spending the night here’ did Jake call you?”
“Yes he did and all excited about getting a Black horse” Looking over to Becky walking in motioning she was waiting on a call, “Guess he likes horse’s alright said they bought four” With a nod to Becky waving her back to the livingroom.
“He’s a real horse finder’ Dad love’s all the attention he been getting”
“Will you just take care of business and get back before they buy the whole place”
“Ok give the kids a kiss and I’ll see you soon, I’ll call you tomorrow when I get back”
“Becareful and drive safe’ Love you too”

Jacob heard the sound of a click seeing the lights flicker closing the lid checking over at Sean just smiling over after hearing the conversation “Everything ok at home?”
“Yes everything’s fine you got a motel near here?”
“No just came right here from the park”
“Is that all you brought with you?”
“Well not much time to pack anything had to get a plane fast”
“Ok we can find a motel for the night and I’ll drop you off in the morning at the airport”
“Can we have breakfast first it’s a long ride on an empty stomach”
“Sure, need to use my phone?”
“No I’ll call the office in the morning before we go”
Jacob started driving down the road looking at motels one after the other before finding one for the night.

David talking with an older rancher at the end of the barn when they heard a scream, which was loud enough to shatter one’s heart being so deep, looking down seeing Jake moving his hands on the latch of the open stall door, David just reach him pulling him backwards covering his eyes getting him out of the stall.
“Easy son it’s going to be fine’ take him away from here” the rancher said grabbing the blanket coving the horse by this time other ranchers also heard the scream of a child rushing over.
“Get the Police hurry”
Everyone asking what happen trying to look inside only seeing the horse laying covered with the stall blanket, the hay around was all bloody, asking over and over what happen who did this, some asking if the boy got hurt did he see who did it, The rancher stood firm not letting anyone inside, looking down seeing that was Jake retching over bring up his breakfast, Dave dropped to his knees and wrapped his arms around the shattered boy, his cries of hurt and pain shattering his little body while he held him close looking back at the crowd gathering around the stalls, everyone asking same question what happen, Police arrived within minutes disbursing most of them trying to find out themselves what was going on.

One of the ranchers hurry to the office informing them what happen, Rico filing papers turn quickly checking the window seeing the crowd, Rico was in charge of the event rushing with the Rancher towards the barn, making way around the others talking outside the stall, stopping looking over the half wall seeing the horse covered when the older rancher explained that the boy – Jake found him, his grandfather had taken him to First aid.

Rico radio into the office having them page the Vet right away to the barn, luckily he was already on his way after hearing about it from other ranchers checking their own stalls and horses, Two policemen stayed by the door waiting themselves for orders to keep the area clear, The Vet walked inside the stall looking down and quickly looked back at the older rancher and Rico standing waiting.

“This is Jakes Black he just bought it yesterday’ I checked it out” setting his small bag on the ground lifting the blanket.
“What happen doc?”
“Somebody didn’t want Jake to have her that for sure” Looking right to Rico
“Deliberate doc?”
“It sure was’ Rico you better see if the old owner still around”
“You think he could have done that?”
“It’s very possible”
“One of you officer’s better come with me’ just might need you”
“Rico how’s Jake doing?” Doc asking looking upward
“Don’t know but well take care of him’ just find out what you can”

David with Jake in a small room after the Doctor gave him something to rest, watching him slowly fall back in the pillow David wiped his face off with the wet cloth watching him drifted into comfortable rest
“He’s a tuff kid doc this was very hard for him to see”
“Anybody would be upset seeing there horse the way you said”
“It was a good horse Jake fell for it all smile too”
“Well it’s going to be hard when he wakes up where’s his mother?”
“Is there’ Anyway she can come up here?”
“No’ His father will be here this morning”
“Someone needs to stay with him, I can have a nurse watch him for a while if you like”
“Thanks Doc I need to check what going on back at the barn”
“Ok he’ll be out for a few hours’ go ahead if he wakes will page you, better yet take this radio I’ll call you” Doc pulling the radio from the slot handing it to David.
“He’ll be ok doc?”
“Sure it might take a little time you understand that after this”
“I understand” David said walking outward with the doctor after watching him pull a sheet over his chest, brushing his hair back from his eyes.

Stepping off the steps David upset slowly looked around the area, checking every Rancher cowboy walking knowing one of them did this to his grandson, Reaching in his pocket flipping his phone calling Jacob, ringing twice before going to no call zone please leave a message or call back, David held the phone for a second “Jacob call me as soon as you get this important Family” tighten his lip looking at the phone again not wanting to make the other call but knowing he had too “ Penny’ David’” Heisting
“David what’s up’ so early you’re calling?”
“It Jake the boy’s ok he has ….. a little upset belly this morning”
“Probably you feed him all kinds of junk food” David’s eye wondered around “Maybe so but something else happen’ he’s ok just very emotionally upset at the moment”

“What the hell happen?” Penny asking sitting straight up in her bed looking at the door waiting.
“It’s a long story I’m waiting on Jacob to call back”
“David what happen to my son?”
“He’s fine they gave him something to relax for a little while”
“Who’s They? Where is he?”
“He’s in the First Aid building here, he’s not hurt nothing broken”
“David’ my son?”
“He found a dead horse”
“David he seen dead horse’s before what happen”
“It was his Black”
“God David what happen”
“Someone killed it, there looking into it to find out who did it”
“Jacob in St. Louis still when you expecting him back?”
“Anytime’ he must be at the airport no single just left him a message”
“David’ keep me informed’ David watch over my son”
“You know I will’ I won’t leave his side’ don’t worry”
“Call me as soon as Jacob arrives”
“Yes I’ll call.. I’ve got to get back inside so I’ll call you later”
“Ok David’ David Thank You for calling me about Jake”
“Yes Penny I’ll call you bye” closing the lid leaning over the rail before going back inside to Jake.

Rico returned after they arrested the former owner saying he got even with the old man, taken to jail in an unmarked car before the ranchers found out he was the one, Rico back and forth to the office letting them know what was going on while the Police in less than two hours taking pictures, collecting anything they felt important and finally Rico could have the horse removed and stall disinfected, one officer waited while she was being lifted into the back-loader removing her from the stall finding the knife that was used. Rico spotted it right off pointing it out to the officer, the vet stood by watching also seen it taking a large bag out of his pouch handing it to the officer, “We got him now” Rico and the vet headed over to the First Aid station checking on Jake condition.

Dave sat in the chair looking over Jake as they came in waving him outward, David checking Jake walking out to the front to meet them, while the nurse step in to watch Jake.
“Mr. Mazzionie we got him!”
“Who do you have?” David asking unsure
“The past owner did it’ said it was pay back”
“Pay back where is he now?” David getting mad ready to tangle with this guy one more time
“In jail’ were taking care of this whatever you need just ask” Rico told him
“I have other horse’s here also they ok?” being concerned about the others now
“Already check there find and good health someone’s with them also” Rico saying with a halfway smile back to David just as David’s phone starts ringing David looks down seeing its Jacob calling “Great Jacob’s calling that would be Jakes Father”
“Tell him everything under control and the boy will be fine” Rico insisted
“Sure I’ll tell him just that’ excuse me a second” Staying near the door looking down the hallway able to see Jake still lying in the bed “Jacob how’s it going?”
“Fine Dad what’s up you said Family anything wrong?”
“Yes and No”
“What now dad?”
“The black that Jake wanted”
“Yea his special black he liked”
“Well it’s dead”
“What’ thought the vet said it was in good condition?”
“It was till the owner killed her during the night”
“What killed her’ Jake must be devastated” wide eye looking forward in the airport parking lot watching a plane slowing lifting upward.
“He found her first thing this morning” David checking again on Jake seeing he moved a little
“Is he alright Dad?”
“No he took it real hard’ worst thing he ever had to see”
“Dad I’m on my way back right now let me speak to him” Jacob’s face shifted from intrigued to terrified, in a matter of seconds waiting holding the phone turning away looking down at the flyer on the seat.

“The doctor gave him something to relax awhile” watching him slowly waking up with the nurse over him, looking down calling the doctor over as he was waking up, David moving aside watching.
“Dad he’s in shock then?”
“Dad stay with him I’ll be about an hour or more’ whatever you do don’t call Penny”
“Jacob she already knows!”
“Shit’ I’m on my way dam it Dad’… I’m not sure I’m ready for another emotional rollercoaster just yet what a mess this is going to be” Jacob sat in the car looking to the sky holding back his tears.
“Jacob everything will be find just becareful and get back as soon as you can for Jake”
“Ok dad’ see you soon … watch him dad make sure nothing happens to him” Nervously waiting
“I know son hurry back” reluctantly watching the phone flicker call ended folding it up walking to Jake.