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Holding Eric part 29

June 22, 2015

Holding Eric part 29.   Wednesday night 6:30pm

Jacob at Bert’s with Eric.  Helping wipe off his tears standing in front of him, Jacob still on one knee trying himself not to cry seeing him was like seeing Jake upset allover, Eric embracing him again,

“Come on now everything’s going to be ok” Jacob said in a low voice smiling with his hand reaching under Eric’s chin lifting it upwards to him “So you just decided to come find me right?” handing him his handkerchief while using his finger wiping down his tears, “Ye … ss but I …I had too” leaning back wiping his face off “do you still like me?” Jacob reach outward holding his shoulder “What’s not to like about you?”

Eric reached for his arm leaning into him in a soft broken voice “I just couldn’t stay they were going to lock me up” another tear rolled down his chin reaching up wiping it away waiting, Jacob turn his head seeing one of the other boys waving him back, with a nod back to him returning to Eric watching him before Jacob could say anything Eric reverberating his words “I can find someplace else if you want?”

Jacob stood up looking down at Eric controlling his tears ready to do whatever he asked him to “No Eric you cannot find some other place you’re with me now! no more running ok?”

Eric smiled thru his teary eyes leaning inward, Jacob couldn’t help but hold him again only for a second “Hey’ you can breathe easy now and Blow your noise its running” Eric blow his noise a few times trying to control his excitement, his cheeks all red and puffy yet he was smiling holding out the handkerchief for Jacob to take.  “Put it in your pocket for now”

Eric placed it in his back pocket hearing Casey calling his Name turning looking back at the yard.

“Maybe we should join them what do you say?”

“I have to tell you something” Holding his breath looking up at Jacob

“Yes?” brushing Eric hair aside looking at his watery red eyes.

“I called a few times looking for you” reaching in his pocket pulling out the cards showing him, and I told them you were my Dad sorry” slowly looking sideways upward hoping he wouldn’t be mad.

Jacob looking at his hand holding two bent dirty cards, closing Eric’s fingers holding the card “You keep the cards ok” Eric stood looking at his hand closed for a second then quickly looked up holding his hand back outward open showing him the cards again “One here for you’ I was told to give it to you” Eric handing him the other card “I forgot his name but he was a Trucker and said to give him a call”

Taking the card looking at it not sure why placing in his shirt pocket

“So I heard’ Penny my wife talked to you?”

“She talked to Bert also and it was a long time before she hung-up is she mad at me?”

“She’s very concerned for you and she’s looking forward to seeing you very much”

Eric frowned placing the card back in his pocket trying not to look up “She is?”

“Yes she was even going to come get you here with the girls Becky and Collen”

“Right your two girls’ …. You had a son too’ I saw him in the photo”

“Photo’ Yes, yes Jake he’s in Kentucky with his Grandfather”

“He doesn’t live with you?’

“He unquestionably lives with me’ he’s at a Horseshow till Monday” with a big smile looking upward seeing Casey walking towards them, Eric also turned around.

“Hello’ my Dad said to tell you to join us in the back’ Hamburgers are already getting cold”

“Ok we’re coming’ sounds good Hamburgers!” Jacob said reaching down around Eric shoulder letting Casey leading the way.

“On a Fire too … Barbequed” Eric said while smiling walking together.

Bert just taking Hamburgers off the grill as they came around the corner, “About time you two have a seat Jacob’ cold beer?” Bert looking to Herb to get him one from the cooler.

“Sound’s Good’ smells good also”

All of a sudden Eric pulled away looking up at him “You Drink?” his face dropped scared all of a sudden

“Sometimes I’ll have one not always” Jacob said watching him backing away “Eric what is it?”

Eric stood for a second as if he was dazed as both his eyes started watering staring at Jacob thru his tear.

“What’s happen Eric?” Bert quickly setting the plate on the table, watching Jacob surprised more than anything looking at Eric, Herb stood over the cooler pulling out a beer holding it looking over, Casey sat at the table holding his Hamburger not moving a mussel, Jacob turn seeing the others looking over then everything fell into place seeing Herb holding the dripping beer bottle, turning around staring right to him “Eric did something happen? Oh shit Eric I’m sorry’ Eric it’s not what you thinking” Jacob waited.

With both tears rolling down Eric rushing to him if he hit him any harder they both would have been on the ground. “Eric No matter what no one’s ever going to harm you ever again” Jacob held him meanwhile Bert handed Herb his Beer to put in the cooler pointing to it then to the house, Herb quickly placed the beer in the small cooler taking them to the house, Casey finishing his corn chips looking at his father asking “Dad what happen he was just fine” confused looking back and forth.

“I’ll tell you a little later it’s ok’ you too want cheese on your burger?”

Eric turn his head around with a nod yes, then looked up to Jacob “I’m sorry it’s just’ It just came back … why did he do it why? My mom” closing his eyes with each hurting tear rolling downward

“Eric I don’t know why I can’t give you an answer, just sometimes it happens”

“I know it just that my Mom’ why she let him?”

“Let’s talk about it later ok’ let get some Hamburgers ok?”

“I’m sorry I’m to blame again like always’ me ruining everything” starting to move away

With a firm grip on his arm making him turn back looking at Jacob pulling him back to him

“No Eric’ it’s not your fault you’re not to blame for anything that happen before”

“But maybe I could have changed” Jacob stopping him “No stop’ It wasn’t you! you did everything right or you wouldn’t be here today’ with any of us here” Eric with a big swallow shaking his head back and forth trying to pull away. Jacob holding him pulling him to him harder holding him.

Herb came back to the table just in time to see Eric being pulled into Jacob, glancing to His Dad asking “Dad what just happen’ I thought he was fine then this? What’s with this kid?”

“Herb! Leave it for now eat your burger”

“Dad what happen to his Mom? Did she run off?” Casey asking flipping the soda can open watching them

“No it was much worst’ hush up now”

Moving Eric back a little but not letting him go holding him by his shoulders just in case he wanted to run “You ready to eat something I’m starving?” trying to cheer him up changing the subject

“But what abo”

“No let’s eat and forget about everything else for a later time, there waiting for us”

“Ok” Walking over to the table sitting down next to Casey, checking around the table seeing something was missing “Where’s the beer?”

“Herb took them in the house” Casey said handing him the bag of corn chips

Hesitant “It’s ok if you want it’ I said I was sorry” Eric said holding the bag

“That’s ok we can have Soda also or maybe Jacob would you like some coffee?” Bert asked

“Soda’s good for me also, still have got quite a ride yet tonight”

“You like Pepsi? Seems that all they like around here” with a nod Yes Bert reach down handing him one waving to the food to help himself, sitting down across from him with a smile picking up the rolls seeing that Eric biting on the burger like nothing happen.

Casey reaching for the corn chips again remarking “Did you know this was an unofficial Nation holiday”

All of them looking over waiting for him to finish getting what he wanted from the bag

“Don’t let us hang little brother now like you know something here what is it?”

“It’s National Tooth Fairy Day and so even celebrate it on February twenty eight” stick a few chips in

“You’re so lame” Herb said looking away from him

“That’s enough with the insults we have company you two”

“Yea Herb do you still believe in the tooth Fairy or didn’t you get your quarter?”

“Shut up”

“Boy’s I’m not going to say it again!”

“Ok Dad bet Herb didn’t know the President Roosevelt became the first United States chief executive to ride in an automobile on the twenty second also that was back in nineteen o-two take that an smoke it” Casey said smiling reaching for another bun, Eric started laughing watching the two, Bert sat trying to ignore them.

“You read too much junk that serves no purpose at all”

“Well it does it’s what happen in our history”

“Boy’s I’m not going to tell you again!”

“You got quite a place here’ horse and all”

“It’s a lot to keep up on”

“Believe me I know what you mean, we have twenty horse and I forgot how many heifers”

“Wow you got a good size spread then”

“Mostly my Fathers he bought it from his uncle back in the day”

“Just the three of us here, we manage what we can to hold on to it”

“You drive and Horse’s so you looking for more work?’

“That’s easy it’s finding someone to hold the fort without them two getting on each other”

“Jake a real handful for me and Penny, seems he’s always getting the bunt from his sisters”

“Boys if you’re done go play frizz-bee or something no computer games till later go”

Eric finishing off his plate wanting to join Casey waiting for him to finish off his chips, Herb didn’t waste any time heading for the house after showing his father a phone jester.

Eric holding his empty plate asking” is it ok that I go with Casey?”

“Sure you don’t have to ask” Jacob said

Eric leaned into him with a nod then took off with Casey down the yard with all three dogs running with them, Jacob and Bert sat watching them going back and forth keeping the frizz-bee the best they could from the dogs, Tossing a tennis ball for them to get the frizz-bee back.

“Look if you want you can spend the night we have plenty of room”

“Really I should take him, he’s already put you out here”

“No’ it’s going to be late and if you don’t mind the couch?”

“Sorry to hear about his Mother, Penny informed me what happen”

“Bet she gave you an ear full”

“That she did, all right, He’s going to need a lot of help and support”

“He’ll defiantly get it at our house”

“You must have made one hell of an impression on him hearing what he’s done to find you”

“Hard to say what he was thinking so easy going when I gave him a ride”

“Something he wanted that’s for sure’ like being part of a family looks like to me”

“Family, he was looking at my family photo in the truck”

The two sat watching the two running around with the dogs enjoying themselves, Herb came out with the small cooler setting it down on the table, Bert watching Herb sitting down reaching for his Pepsi and Corn Chips, Bert flip it open checking inside, Jacob raising his head looking also spotting four beers around ice, Bert reach in handing Jacob one taking the other with the bottle closing the lid back over sitting back smirking at Herb. “Did you enjoy it?”

Herb popping the tab “What?”

“The One that missing here?”

“I dumped it’ you don’t like warm beer” taking a hand full of chips popping them in one at a time

“Ok your right’ just checking’ so Jacob you two staying the night

“Well it sounds good and all but”

“You can get an early start have breakfast with us what do you say?”

“I could’ you sure were not putting you out?’

“No not at all, I’d like to hear more about your Horse’s and more what you do” tossing the bottle to the side reaching for another “So call Penny and tell her you’re spending the night”

“Ok I’ll call her she’ll understand” Jacob took his beer checking his phone seeing he had bars “Well good bars I’ve to get some things from the car anyway be back in a few”

Bert holding his bottle upwards gestured to him smiling as Jacob headed towards the front, leaning on the car waiting for the phone, Penny was happy he was with him after so long, Jacob told her they would be spending the night with the rain coming in better not to chance it till morning, Penny said that would be fine as the girls are making a big welcome sign for Eric, Jacob laugh a few times as she told him that they even made him a cake decorating it welcome to the family,  Then asked if he talk to Jake within the last few hours?, Jacob worried look when Penny told him he called and said they be leaving early also dishearten because they were canceling some events due to the weather, David said even the state fair might closed, then told me that Dora was sending a truck down with the rest of the horse’s seems David bought a few like twelve horses and six colts, wondering just how many Jacob was involved in without asking him, Jacob said he’d call his dad to find out when they be leaving.

David rapping up another sale with Jake watching each horse walking bye him trying to count his hands on top of each other to the horse, mostly only getting to ten hands before they past him.

“Well Jake looks like we got another fine colt” David said patting down the brown filly

“Look’s good how many we got Grandpa? We got room for the horses?” again placing his hands seeing the height of the Brown quarter horse “Grandpa I got eighteen hands is that right?”

“No’ Jake he’s only about twelve hands he needs to mature more yet”

“But why do I come up with more?”

“You have smaller hands than men do”

Smiling down Jake nodding comparing his hand with his Grandpa’s.

“See ponies like this one is thirteen hands so it would be fifty-two inches”

“So if that’s all the bigger they get then we use them for small wagons”

“Right Jake typically the horse stands between fifteen and sixteen hands”

“Oh so a few inches more or less”

“Jake it’s measured at the withers’ more the point here where the neck meets the back” showing him the line on the back feeling his well sloped shoulders and lean legs.

“They do grow fast wish I could”

“You will soon enough cowboy” Smiling rubbing his hair.

“Grandpa they have the Junior Exhibitor show for thirteen and under championship”

“Equitation Riders seventeen and under also then will get some dinner what do you say?’

“With Michael and his Mom?”

“Dora sure we could if you like”

“Cool there moving to Texas also’ Michael said they were moving near Huston”

“Huston? Maybe will see more of them” (rolling his eyes upward to the sky)

“That’s great Huston, its Houston … Jake HOUSTON ok?”

“That’s what I said Houston anyway it’s not that far from us”

David reached over handing Jake the rains to lead the colt around the pen, Jake walked around a few times with the colt raising his head a few times, David open the gate letting him walk down to the stall’s Jake stopped at the stall door, looking down only for a second then followed David to the walking stall, checking his water and then let David finish what he had to before he join Jake heading to the ring show.

Penny and the girls working hard on the kitchen table making a banner for Eric, waiting on the cake to finish so they could decorate it, more ecstatic than normal to welcome Eric to his new home, Taping the banner on the front window so they could see it when they arrived, Now it was a tossup who would pull in first Jacob or David, after talking to Penny. Jacob called David still at the restaurant with Jake having dinner along with Dora and the kids as well, David said they would be leaving in the morning most of the shows were being canceled due to the weather coming in, should be arriving home around three along with bringing the colts and one Morgan with him.

Jake talked only quickly asking if he was there and how was he, also saying that Michael beat him on the game and they didn’t own any horses even asking if they could come down so we could all go riding, Jacob said he see what he could do of course, Jake frown handing the phone to Dora, surprised talking it with everyone looking over waiting to see if it was ok’ She just waved her hand at then back and forth sideways, seeing that everyone just started talking amongst themselves again was able to get a few words in and then finding out about Bert and his farm, she remembered him from a few years back, driving a few horses in from Texas.

Later that night Jacob and Bert sat up talking after the boys all went to bed with the dogs following right in the bedroom with them, Bert enjoy the company telling him things were slowly coming along but it was hard with the boys, picking up local jobs around town not any state to state less the boys were home from school or staying a weekend with friends, Asking about Dora saying he had a house if she needed one a few miles away and besides they were always looking for someone with people skills around here.

Thursday morning.

Bert and Herb where making Breakfast, the smell of eggs cooking woke Jacob up sitting upward on the couch looking around the room adjusting his eyes to the sunny day starching looking back towards the kitchen. “Good morning sleep well” Bret asking

“Didn’t wake once, is that the right time?” looking at his watch putting it on

“Sorry we get up early around here”

“Do you sleep late we don’t always good to start your morning early so you get the full day out of it” hh said placing plates on the table.

“Eric up?’

“Been up with Casey over an hour or more should be in any time”

“Six-thirty and sunny great” Getting up walking to the window, then headed to the bathroom just as he was folding his blankets adjusting the cushions.

Bert sitting down at the table saying “Coffee’s hot when you’re ready”

Jacob just nodded back setting his duffle bag on the couch before heading to the kitchen, sitting down   filled his cup asking if he wanted cream or milk, refusing just sugar fine looking to Bert.

“He likes cooking’ said he’s going to be a chef someday”

“Why not’ Chefs make a good living”

“Here they come” Bert said just as the door flung open with Casey trying to get in before the dogs did making the door crash into the wall, Eric cracking up laughing coming in right behind him, dogs running in the kitchen as Herb was bring everything to the table, “You must smell food” he said watching Michael sitting down smelling over the table. Eric sat down next to Jacob smiling up at him.

“Boys wash up” Bert said

Hurry to the bathroom returning all clean hands and face brushed hair sitting down, Eric looked at the plate asking “Rice?” Herb looked “No it’s Grits in butter”

“Do I have to eat it, I’d just like eggs and toast ok?”

“No bacon? Bert holding the plate over

“O’yea I like beacon’ ok if I have three?”

“Have four if you want Eric there’s plenty”

Eric looked at Jacobs’s plate seeing he also had three taking three himself, Jacob didn’t have any grits asking “You like grits?” Jacob just shook his head no, Eric smiled looking up seeing Casey holding the bowl of potatoes towards him, taking a few passing them down.

Casey gave Eric a few things that he outgrown, even giving him his old backpack, Jacob shook hands thanking them for everything for complete strangers that not the case anymore setting up to meet again, Jacob gave Bert, Dora’s number so maybe that could set something up, making suggestion that they all get together at the farm and have one big cook out, Herb might even Show David a few things, they chuckled on that, Eric sat it the front seat waving as they pull out.

David and Jake heading back way before Jacob was even up starting out three in the morning to avoid the heavy traffic, Jake fast asleep next to his Grandpa after they talked about Eric living with them, Jake even asked his mom to take down all the covered mirrors not to tell him why, light rain crossed the windshield with only truck lights heading both ways

Just a quick Thank You to everyone here so glade you enjoyed the story with only one part left we must end this story even know we could go on about it there was so much left to say but as it is we must move on. So will be getting out the last part before the end of June. Thanks again. Will


Holding Eric Part 28

June 11, 2015

Holding Eric part 28.

Dora pulling in just as Jacob and Jake had just started walking from the car after they dropped David off at another arena, Dora smiling over to them while parking, the two went over to the car Jake right over to Mike checking his game level, Tora spoke out fifteen I’m still on ten, before Mike could even show him, walking together towards the buildings Jacob looked over at the three only looking up a few times while walking “Jake behave I’ll see you in a few” Jake only nodded back stepping up on the bleachers together.

Jacob followed her inside with only a nod walking past the elderly lady still filling out little pink call back slips looking over her chain glasses then back to what she was doing, Jacob sitting at Dora’s her desk waiting for her to get things setup, Dora, Brought over two coffees sitting down “So The boys in Texas now and you have to go?” holding her cup waiting

“Well yea’ it’s important to him that I was there when he arrived” felling the hot Styrofoam cup

“You just drove to the hospital thinking it was him’ now you’re heading home to see this boy?”

“He’s needs someone’ Penny been home doing everything already that she can”

“I understand that Jacob’ but what do you know about this boy anything”

“Eric’ well he’s just looking for a family I guess” another slow sip setting it down.

“Hell Jacob we all want a family even me with the two kids, sometimes you can’t have it all”

“Your so right Dora’ the boy is different alright he’s doing whatever it takes to have a family”

“So why did he pick you?”

“Must have been something giving him a ride’ showing him I cared, I don’t know”

“Wow Jacob where were you all my life when I needed someone?”

“Texas” With a big smile sipping on his hot coffee

Dora smiled back reaching over tapping Jacobs hand, stopping short hearing ahem from the desk, looking over seeing the elderly lady holding the phone with a frown at them “We’re good here you got something for me?” waiting she just return to the pink papers, Jacob looking over also before turning back to Dora “Look I should go’ I’ll check on the kids before heading to the stalls” Standing up looking around for the trash can, Dora pointed behind him, Jacob tossing it inside, “Talk to you later” walking towards the door. “Ok but make sure you see me before you leave” with a nod back and one to the elderly Lady looking over her specked glasses sideways.

Jacob found the three watching the show from the higher seats looking down Mike nudged Jake pointing down “Hi Dad” Jake said setting on seats making his way down the bleachers. “Dad see the mare over there Grandpa just bought her see he’s looking at another right there” pointing over to David checking over an all-black Morgan lifting each hoof.

“You ok here! Minding your Grandpa” looking outward also watching David

Jake Smirking back “You leaving already’ can’t you stay just a little more?” waiting for him to look down

“Jake we need to talk about something have a seat” the two seating down watching David checking over the horse with the owner.

Jake sat looking over a few times with his eyes sideways asking “Dad what I do?” knowing something was up by that expression on Jacob.

“Nothing Jake you’ve been good” reaching around Jake holding him inward.

Jake looked up “What is it Dad … Mom said I could stay or do I have to come home?” fearing the worst time possible leaving without seeing the big show.

“You’re staying with grandpa but remember the boy we talked about” surprised looking back over

“Yea some of it did he do something?”

“Well yes in a way”

“What he do” getting his full attention

“He wants to live with us” Waiting looking down.

Jake snapped back puzzled looking “But he’s real not a ghost …why did he scare me then I don’t like him dad he’s real scary boy”

Jacob took a deep breath more stun at his remarks “His name is Eric and he needs are help Jake”

“Why us’ he has his own family let him stay with them” Jake sitting upward checking the bench

Jacob looked to the horses and back to Jake “Jake he has no family”

“Well he’s not staying with us!” huffy starting to get up all upsetting

“Sit back down!” Jacob quickly said pointing his finger at the bench, Jacob had seen this before but always tried to avoid it, from his own passed growing up, trying not to let him explode.

“I don’t want him around” he snapped sitting back down looking downward at the lower benches

“Jake this is not like you’ Eric needs us and he needs you also”

“Me … no he scared me that’s what he wants to scare me” banging his feet on the bench.

“Stop’ Jake’ Eric is coming and not to scare you’ that’s why I had to leave before”

Trying not to look over studying more on his feet moving up and down like small hoofs in the sand stopping looking over hesitating  “What … But I thought you had a business thing?”

“I was at the hospital in St. Louis looking for Eric” bring it up making the situation worse than it was before then seeing Jakes eyes squinting with his puckered lips with a quick look over only asking

“So that’s where he’s at?”

“No he’s in Texas, and will be at our house later today”

“Texas how he get there … what’s he want with us anyway?” getting more snappy in his voice

“He’s just looking for a family Jake”

“Why he pick me to scare then let him find another family to go scare” glared back waiting for the conflict between them to start again getting angrily in his voice ready to dish it out again

“Jake sit down and listen to me Eric will be staying at our house’ is that clear?” firm voice right back pointing to Jake to sit down.

Jake turned away, Jacob reach over taking his shoulder arm turning him around “Listen Jake I’ve gone easy with you to a point, this attitude has got to stop your older now” releasing his arm watching him sitting upright holding his arm looking at him definitely. “Jake it will be like having a twin brother”

“Twin brother’ I’m me not a twin” snipping back

“Ok then’ I’ll go home and send him on his way back in the streets to live ok?”

“But way’s he got to stay with us?”

“He needs a home”

“Why can’t he go back to his own home?”

“He doesn’t have one’ He lost his parents and his home”

“The streets no home and no Mom or Dad?”

“No One Jake he’s all by himself, that’s way he’s hoping will take him in”

Jake sat looking around the bench then back up waving to Mike and Tora, checking out what Grandpa was doing, then over to Jacob “Dad what about Dana won’t she get mad with another boy in the house?”

“No she’ll be fine with it, beside now she’ll have two of you to pick on that’s if he can stay with us”

“If’ thought he was going to stay?”

“No not if you don’t want him to’ your still number one son”

“Why do I need to say whether he can stay or not, that’s up to you and Mom not me!”

“You have the final say yes or no, maybe you could meet him first before you make up your mind”

“What about the show Grandpa was looking forward to showing me stuff?”

“You can stay with Grandpa’ but I need to go home and see him”

“Ok let him stay if he needs a home ours is good’ where’s he going to sleep?”

“Well find room don’t worry”

“He can stay in my room as long as he doesn’t scare me, maybe he could ride my go-cart”

Jacob reach over pulling him inward holding him, the two watching Grandpa looking over horses.

Jacob called Penny and found out Eric would be staying the night playing a few games with Bert’s two boys and get letting him rest before they came down in the morning around Tenish, Jacob could drive over and Pick Eric up, Penny suggested he might call Bert ahead knowing it would be late before he got to the house, Jacob said he would call him right after talking to her, Jake was ok about Eric they had a little talk and he wanted to share his room as long as he didn’t scare him anymore, Penny smiling informing him that Mr. Santino was meeting them on Monday in Town and wanted to meet Eric, seems he has to sign legal papers as well, along with giggly girls waiting to meet Eric as there New Brother.

Jacob said he would call her and let her know when he arrived at Bert’s, Not even out of the lot talking on the phone while it charge on the cord, talking to Bert finding out about Eric helping with the meals and even help with feeding the horse’s, Bert said that would be fine not to worry about what time he arrived, being morning he might even make it for dinner, Eric wanted to have a cookout, Jacob said he’d see what he could do if traffic wasn’t too heavy. Next thing they were talking about runs back and forth seemed Bert was also a driver transporting Horses to Shows, he would have made the show this year only he had to make several runs to Henderson Nevada for highlight show otherwise he would have made the trip to Kentucky. After twenty minuets’ talking Jacob was on his way stopping for gas and coffee to go.

Arriving at the local grocery store picking up fresh hamburger, rolls, cold cuts and large bag of potato chips with Eric, before picking up the boys from practice Bert pointed them out on the field arriving just before the end, Casey rushing over eager to meet Eric of course Herb the oldest just shook his head pointing to the rear, Bert only said his dad was picking him up and might show up for dinner, Casey and Eric sat in the back seat while Eric was telling him all about his adventure getting here, seems it was more like embellishing a few times with the drivers, funny Eric leaving out the Bear and armadillo of course, Casey shown him around the farm even helping with his chore’s letting Herb and Casey take care of the horses while he watched Bert setting up the Barbeque, Eric watching every move he was making, remarking he had only seen it done on Television never in person, Bert was surprised then explain about Barbeque cooking from cooking on a stove, letting him roll the Hot dogs a few times even trying to turn a burger or two. Eric even tossed around a Frisbee till the dogs decided to run off with it.

Sitting on the round wooden table having Hamburgers when the dogs stopped short what they were doing rushing around the house, All of them also went to see who was coming in the driveway, They didn’t recognize the car, Bert just Smile with his hand on Eric shoulder “Eric your new Dad has arrived” Eric face drop from his cheerfulness looking up at him and back at the car slowing down stopping, Eric’s eyes started watering seeing him getting out, Bert stayed with him walking over, Jacob held out his hand to Bert while looking down at Eric wiping his chin

“You must be Jacob?”

“Bert right?”

“You know this little guy?” Eric slowly looking up tears running down his chin

“What’s this don’t you know me?” lower down on one knee in front of him.

Eric wiped his tear with his hand reach outward, Jacob reach right over embracing him, letting him hold him as tight as he wanted to, Bert waved the boy to the rear with a thumb pointing to the rear walking back with his boys. Jacob rub his back a few times letting him get it out of his system.

Holding Eric part 27 Wow have we got news

June 1, 2015

Holding Eric part 27.

Hello everyone Thanks for everything, This has been a very busy week as Holding Eric has gone to Paramount Production after so long time wanting this story I gave in’ we will be working reviewing together over the next few months with the technical services as well. Don’t worry we will finish off with Part 30. So again I thank all of you for the following making Holding Eric worth the time to read to so many response’s on the internet. Will.

Starting out the story on August 21st Wednesday mid-morning

Crushing the can checking around for the trash, Bert pointed to a bag near the door with uncrushed cans inside, with a cringed look over at the bag getting up placing it inside, looking down the hallway  before sitting back down waiting.

Bert finally was able to get a few words in after hearing about Lawyers and everything about Eric “Penny’ Eric’s fine and looks fine he’s has been thru a lot I understand”

“Great he’s something all right how he’s managed to get as far as he has without getting pick up already by somebody before this I don’t know’ he’s so young” Bert cutting her off “Penny’ Penny I’m just outside Houston a few hours away’ I could drive him down as soon as my boys get out from school”

“Right what was I thinking’ My husband was looking for him in St. Louis and just drove back to Kentucky they’ve been at the Horse show there”

“No that’s quite alright I understand about horse shows been to a few myself”

“No it’s no problem I can bring him’ really it’s no problem” looking to a pad on the table pulling it over

“That’s great I’ll call my husband and let him know’ you’ll be bring him here”

“Right now I believe Eric needs to get some rest and cleaned up, we should be starting out around five’ o’ wait the boys have practice so it won’t be till seven before we could leave, tell you what if its ok I could drive him down in the morning would that be better? Or you could come here before night fall?”

“Yes perhaps he should get some rest’ you sure he’s no problem staying the night?”

“Sleeping in some woods the past few days he a little ragged, I’d feel better knowing he was rested”

“Thank You Bert’ you’re a life saver”

“Well take my number and give me a call in the morning or later if you like”

“Let me get a pen’ seems there’s never one around when you need one’ my boys are always taking them for one thing or another’ ok found one” opening a few cabinet draws before finding one returning to his seat. Exchanging Numbers.

Eric waited looking out at the horse’s in the field again, Bert smiling over seeing he was enjoying himself. Penny went on giving him Jacob’s number also just in case Eric wanted to talk to him, Bert hurrying trying to get her off the phone “Ok will see you then” Holding the phone outward for Eric to hang it up relaxing looking at the paper, Eric sat down looking over at it while brushing the crumbs in a pile, Bert clean off the table placing the coffee pot back on the counter “Boy she talks a lot’ hope you know what you’re in for kid” smiling over waving for him to follow, “Eric you’ll really need to wash up and get into some clean clothes”

“Clean clothes? Wash up?” checking his pants over frowning at the wheat and mud

“Yes that’s what I said Shower and clean clothes” nodding yes waving his fingers to follow walking into a bedroom, Eric looking around among the Baseball posters and bedspread everything baseball, Eric started for the bed just as he was going to sit down on the bed “Don’t sit on Casey’s bed I’ll never hear the end of it” Bert open the closet door waving his hand towards shirts hanging “Any color you like Blue or Green?” turning back looking down at Eric dumbfounded with his shoulders rising upward.

“It doesn’t matter Blue’s good” Gratefully looking them over, Bert lifted a short sleeve handing it to Eric, turning to the dresser opening draws pulling clothes out setting them on top, stopping looking back Eric just watching dangling the shirt hanger on his finger, with a snap outward opening pants checking to see if they were big enough draping them over his waving arm, getting the rest. “Ok this should do you’ shower that includes Hair and place yours in the hamper not on the floor”

Bert walked out of the room heading back towards the kitchen, Eric stood in the hallway watching him at the counter, with a quick look at the screen door then into the bathroom, overly clean room with small green rug on the floor and towels placed neatly on the rack, placing everything on the toilet seat checking out the Mirror “Right dirty I am”  tossing his hair back frowning, pulling down a wash cloth and towel from the shelf setting them on the sink reaching over checking the shower before bending down turning it on, watching the water while getting undressed, stopping just before getting in looking back at the door hearing the screen door closing, slowly opening the door peaking around outward first at the kitchen turning back at the screen door seeing Bert sitting on the steps with the dogs running up to him.

Penny wasted no time calling Jacob waiting with it going to voice mail, frustrated hanging up calling David, He pickup on the third ring “Hi Penny” Penny with a slight smile relived asking “Jacob around his phone went to voice mail?” eye’s wide looking outside the window “Hold on” David sitting at the table handed the phone over to Jacob “Your Wife” going back to his breakfast.

“Hi honey phone charging”

“That’s fine you will get another phone when you back’ and I’ve got some news for you”

Jake wanting to talk excided waiting on the phone watching him, David pointed down to Jakes plate, Jake frown slowly taking a bite. “Jake wants to talk to you when were done so is it Good or bad?”

“Good news he’s here in Texas!”

“At the house now?” suppressed looking over at David

“No a Mr. Gallagher said he found him, told Eric called here”

“So where is he?”

“Just outskirt of Houston so When you headed home’ today? He’ll be here looking for you!”

Dropping his fork looking over to Jake “Ok’ will be heading home then!” moving his plate aside

Jake stopped eating looking up “No you said we could stay till Sunday Dad!” tossing his fork on the plate

“Jake we have to go home”

Pouting turning lowering his head, David reach over bringing closer to him looking at Jacob.

“No’ dad were supposed to stay you said we could” looking away saggy his shoulders

After shaking his head watching Jake with his Grandpa “We still have the rental till Monday”

“Monday Jacob’ No you need to come home he expecting to see you”

“Honey we just can’t drop everything and head home”

“Jacob you started this with Eric’ he’ll be here tomorrow!”

“I understand that’ I could drive the rental home but … could Jake stay here with Dad?”

Jake quickly turn looking over with David waiting to see what she said

“Jacob your too soft’ how many times Jake gets his way’ that boy’ Let me speak to him” looking around the kitchen at dirty dishes holding the phone smiling at photos on the refrigerator of the kids playing.

“Jake your mom?” Jacob holding the phone to Jake pressing his lips together staring at his plate not wanting to take it looking away, David with one finger getting his attention pointed to the phone, Jake frowned reaching over taking it with his upset voice “Hi Mom why can’t dad just come home I want to stay with Grandpa It’s the big show and I’ll be fine and Grandpa can watch me” broken voice frowning waiting.

“Jake if you want to stay and come home with your grandpa its ok’ I miss you”

“Mom it’s the real big show event please can’t I stay? Give me gimmy kiss’ Love you Please”

“I said yes Jake’ behave and mind your grandpa ok dear?”

“Thanks Mom I’ll stay out of trouble’ I’ll be good” handing the phone back to Jacob smiling with his tong hanging outward nodding “Grandpa I can stay’ we won’t miss the show” picking up his fork cutting his sausage link smiling.

“He’s better’ so you told the girls about you know who’s coming?”

“Yes there taking it well and how’s Jake taking the news?”

“I … Sort of told him in a roundabout way” looking over at Jake trying to hear what she was saying now

“Who’s coming Dad?” Jake asking looking back and forth at the two of them “Who coming Grandpa?”

“I’ll tell you after quite’ finish eating” David said getting his attention back.

“Hello Jacob you still there?”

Holding the phone hesitating “I’m here”

“Really’ what’s going on Jacob that you’re not telling me something besides the show?”

“Well Yes’ one of the workers here from the office’ Dora her name and she’s bringing her two children by in the morning so Jake can have someone more his age, she’s really good with Jake.

“Dora’ she called me telling she was helping Jake”

“Well we all went for dinner last night I told you didn’t I?”

“Jacob you did and did you hire her?”

“Sort of’ she’s moving to Houston she can help selling some of the horses”

“You told me’ look have a good time just becareful, as soon as you get here we got a few papers to fill out that need to be brought in and filed in courthouse”

“I understand honey’ he’s been thru a lot for his age ‘just thing if it was Jake”

Jake looked over only hearing his name “Me I didn’t do it dad”

“Drink your juice Jake” David said hurrying Jacob up as the waitress took the empties refilling there cups.

“I be home soon I’ve got to go don’t worry’ I’ll call when I’m ready to leave”

“Ok’ give my gimmy kisses to Jake and thank David for me”

“Me too love you” Hanging up handing the phone over reaching for his coffee.

Bert turned seeing Eric at the door holding his shoes “Set them here in the sun and get yourself a soda”

Eric without hesitation retrieved a soda, returning sitting on the porch next to him watching the dogs playing. Bert smiled over “You look a lot cleaner’ feel better?” checking his messy hair over

“I needed a good shower, his clothes fit, and your Casey around my age?”

“Casey’s almost twelve mostly outgrown his clothes already”

“He won’t mind me wearing his stuff?”

“No’ he won’t mind”

“So you ran away? And heading to the Mazzionie’s?”

“Trying anyways”

“So think you’ll like it? Penny seems pleasant even if she talks a lot” Smiling over watching Eric wiggling his toes in the sun light, Eric smiled back taking a swig setting it down on the water ring, looking around the yard rising up a little spotting more horse’s.

“The dogs don’t bother the horses?”

“No they get along good together, let me ask you something Eric why did you leave?” Eric frozen glancing over “Its ok she told me some of it’ didn’t sound like a fun place to be anyway right”

“It was the pits’ and juvenile was there next order of placing me, so I ran away’ besides I’ve managed before” taking a deep breath laying down on his back checking the porch boards, pulling himself up by his fingers gripping the edge sitting back up.

“Well you’ve been thru a lot the past few weeks” reassuring him watching him tensely gripping into the wood edge turning his fingers white, his dazed eyes closed “Eric it ok son you’re going to be living with them, Penny already said you were so you can relax a little”

Eric looked up shocked “She did and Jacob?” relived relaxing his fingers reaching for the wet soda can.

“I’ll be taking you’ how’s that sound?” waiting watching him finishing off the can without crushing it this time setting it down nodding yes, wiping the drippings on the pant leg.

“That be great we leaving now?”

“No in the morning’ you’ll stay here the night and get some needed rest”

“Is it far from here?”

“No about three hours’ drive’ the boys have no school till Monday, sure they’d like to meet you also”

“No school?”

“Teacher’s planning days so they have a long weekend”

“You like cookouts?”

“I’ve been to a few not many”

“Will have one tonight

“Tonight’ you mean you can have one here whenever you like?”

“Of Course we can anytime”

“Up north we can’t city zoning something that’s what I was told anyway”

“Hamburgers maybe hotdogs or whatever you like how’s that sound?”

“Cheeseburger’s ok?”

“Sure I’ll take you to town we can stop and get a few things for tonight and pick up the boys from practice, then will start the cook out will even have ice cream”

“Great’ Ice cream too” smiling checking his shoes “it’s not been that easy getting here’ last night was so scary this space monster came out at me with its glowing eyes and a leather coat, it was so long and moving its legs right at me” holding his arms and hands outward showing how big it was, Bert smiled moving his head back and forth trying not to laugh at him.

“It almost got you did it” cheeks getting red from grinning smiling over

“It did’ it was after me, so I ran as fast as I could getting away from it”

“Did it follow you?” spilling some of his coffee on the step

“No I found a place near the creek and stayed the whole night waiting for it to show up”

“Eric that was an armadillo not a space monster” smiling not able to drink his coffee setting it back down, reaching over rubbing Eric messy wet hair.

“I washed it and had to do it again so much dirt just spinning around the drain”

“You needed a showed”

“I put the clothes in that box thing and folded the towel setting it on top that ok?”

“Fine’ anything in the pockets that you’ve forgotten?”

Eric’s eye open getting right up rushing inside, returning holding his bill’s and Two Cards

“You have two cards?”

“One from another trucker who gave it to me for Jacob” holding the card so he could see it

“Did the driver say why he gave you the card?”

“Just so he could call him I guess”

“Did you do something that made him give you the card?”

“No he just gave it to me he was friendly making sure I was ok before he left”

“So you just got rides all the way here”

“Pretty much … some walking, and sleep in alleys other than the trees”

Penny sat down with papers in front of her holding the phone as it rang

“Santino Law Firm how may I direct your call?”

“Mr. Santino”

“I’m sorry he’s out of the office right now would you like to speak top someone else?”

“Maybe do you know who’s handling the Leiski or Mazzionie case?”

“Sure hold on” placing her on hold “That would be Sean Bradley he’s here would you like me to transfer you?”

“Yes please I’m calling from Texas”

“Yes hold on”

Holding hearing music waiting checking what papers she had, while Bradley pulled the file sitting down pushing the phone button “Hello Mrs. Mazzionie I may I help you”

“Are you working on The Leiski case?”

“Yes I’ve worked with Mr. Santino on the Family court case”

“Fine Mr. Santino said we needed to get the paper work started before he got here’ well he’s here”

“What Eric’ there now with you?”

“No he’s here in Texas, arriving in the morning or around noon” thumbing over her papers.

Stopping from his folder looking to the doorway seeing Mr. Santino waving him in pointing to the folder, walking in seeing the folder waving for the phone.

“Hello this is Mr. Santino how’s everything?”

“Great Eric here in Texas”

“He made it well that’s good news”

“Good? what about the social worker is she coming for him?”

“That’s not going to happen Mrs Mazzionie”

“So were good’ no one coming looking for him?” holding the phone waiting

“No he’s out of their jurisdiction’ so they say besides costing the state to much to take him back to Rhode Island just to place him in a juvenile facility till he was eighteen”

“So what’s our next move than?”

“Is he with you now?”

“No he’s here in Texas, arriving in the morning or around noon”

“That’s a good sign, will file a few more papers and will see you say Monday that good for you?”

Hastate looking down shocked “Monday?”

“Sure around Ten and bring Eric I’d like to meet him also”

“Mr. Santino we live in Texas”

“Yes I know’ Say lunch in town’ I’ll call when we arrive and set up a place”

“That be just fine’ Will have lunch”

“Good will see you on Monday Mrs. Mazzionie you have a good day now”

Penny just smiled at the phone hearing it disconnect sitting back in the chair with a big smile.

“Lawyer’s they don’t know if there coming or going’ Lunch Ta Ta” Smiling closing the folder.