Holding Eric Part 28

Holding Eric part 28.

Dora pulling in just as Jacob and Jake had just started walking from the car after they dropped David off at another arena, Dora smiling over to them while parking, the two went over to the car Jake right over to Mike checking his game level, Tora spoke out fifteen I’m still on ten, before Mike could even show him, walking together towards the buildings Jacob looked over at the three only looking up a few times while walking “Jake behave I’ll see you in a few” Jake only nodded back stepping up on the bleachers together.

Jacob followed her inside with only a nod walking past the elderly lady still filling out little pink call back slips looking over her chain glasses then back to what she was doing, Jacob sitting at Dora’s her desk waiting for her to get things setup, Dora, Brought over two coffees sitting down “So The boys in Texas now and you have to go?” holding her cup waiting

“Well yea’ it’s important to him that I was there when he arrived” felling the hot Styrofoam cup

“You just drove to the hospital thinking it was him’ now you’re heading home to see this boy?”

“He’s needs someone’ Penny been home doing everything already that she can”

“I understand that Jacob’ but what do you know about this boy anything”

“Eric’ well he’s just looking for a family I guess” another slow sip setting it down.

“Hell Jacob we all want a family even me with the two kids, sometimes you can’t have it all”

“Your so right Dora’ the boy is different alright he’s doing whatever it takes to have a family”

“So why did he pick you?”

“Must have been something giving him a ride’ showing him I cared, I don’t know”

“Wow Jacob where were you all my life when I needed someone?”

“Texas” With a big smile sipping on his hot coffee

Dora smiled back reaching over tapping Jacobs hand, stopping short hearing ahem from the desk, looking over seeing the elderly lady holding the phone with a frown at them “We’re good here you got something for me?” waiting she just return to the pink papers, Jacob looking over also before turning back to Dora “Look I should go’ I’ll check on the kids before heading to the stalls” Standing up looking around for the trash can, Dora pointed behind him, Jacob tossing it inside, “Talk to you later” walking towards the door. “Ok but make sure you see me before you leave” with a nod back and one to the elderly Lady looking over her specked glasses sideways.

Jacob found the three watching the show from the higher seats looking down Mike nudged Jake pointing down “Hi Dad” Jake said setting on seats making his way down the bleachers. “Dad see the mare over there Grandpa just bought her see he’s looking at another right there” pointing over to David checking over an all-black Morgan lifting each hoof.

“You ok here! Minding your Grandpa” looking outward also watching David

Jake Smirking back “You leaving already’ can’t you stay just a little more?” waiting for him to look down

“Jake we need to talk about something have a seat” the two seating down watching David checking over the horse with the owner.

Jake sat looking over a few times with his eyes sideways asking “Dad what I do?” knowing something was up by that expression on Jacob.

“Nothing Jake you’ve been good” reaching around Jake holding him inward.

Jake looked up “What is it Dad … Mom said I could stay or do I have to come home?” fearing the worst time possible leaving without seeing the big show.

“You’re staying with grandpa but remember the boy we talked about” surprised looking back over

“Yea some of it did he do something?”

“Well yes in a way”

“What he do” getting his full attention

“He wants to live with us” Waiting looking down.

Jake snapped back puzzled looking “But he’s real not a ghost …why did he scare me then I don’t like him dad he’s real scary boy”

Jacob took a deep breath more stun at his remarks “His name is Eric and he needs are help Jake”

“Why us’ he has his own family let him stay with them” Jake sitting upward checking the bench

Jacob looked to the horses and back to Jake “Jake he has no family”

“Well he’s not staying with us!” huffy starting to get up all upsetting

“Sit back down!” Jacob quickly said pointing his finger at the bench, Jacob had seen this before but always tried to avoid it, from his own passed growing up, trying not to let him explode.

“I don’t want him around” he snapped sitting back down looking downward at the lower benches

“Jake this is not like you’ Eric needs us and he needs you also”

“Me … no he scared me that’s what he wants to scare me” banging his feet on the bench.

“Stop’ Jake’ Eric is coming and not to scare you’ that’s why I had to leave before”

Trying not to look over studying more on his feet moving up and down like small hoofs in the sand stopping looking over hesitating  “What … But I thought you had a business thing?”

“I was at the hospital in St. Louis looking for Eric” bring it up making the situation worse than it was before then seeing Jakes eyes squinting with his puckered lips with a quick look over only asking

“So that’s where he’s at?”

“No he’s in Texas, and will be at our house later today”

“Texas how he get there … what’s he want with us anyway?” getting more snappy in his voice

“He’s just looking for a family Jake”

“Why he pick me to scare then let him find another family to go scare” glared back waiting for the conflict between them to start again getting angrily in his voice ready to dish it out again

“Jake sit down and listen to me Eric will be staying at our house’ is that clear?” firm voice right back pointing to Jake to sit down.

Jake turned away, Jacob reach over taking his shoulder arm turning him around “Listen Jake I’ve gone easy with you to a point, this attitude has got to stop your older now” releasing his arm watching him sitting upright holding his arm looking at him definitely. “Jake it will be like having a twin brother”

“Twin brother’ I’m me not a twin” snipping back

“Ok then’ I’ll go home and send him on his way back in the streets to live ok?”

“But way’s he got to stay with us?”

“He needs a home”

“Why can’t he go back to his own home?”

“He doesn’t have one’ He lost his parents and his home”

“The streets no home and no Mom or Dad?”

“No One Jake he’s all by himself, that’s way he’s hoping will take him in”

Jake sat looking around the bench then back up waving to Mike and Tora, checking out what Grandpa was doing, then over to Jacob “Dad what about Dana won’t she get mad with another boy in the house?”

“No she’ll be fine with it, beside now she’ll have two of you to pick on that’s if he can stay with us”

“If’ thought he was going to stay?”

“No not if you don’t want him to’ your still number one son”

“Why do I need to say whether he can stay or not, that’s up to you and Mom not me!”

“You have the final say yes or no, maybe you could meet him first before you make up your mind”

“What about the show Grandpa was looking forward to showing me stuff?”

“You can stay with Grandpa’ but I need to go home and see him”

“Ok let him stay if he needs a home ours is good’ where’s he going to sleep?”

“Well find room don’t worry”

“He can stay in my room as long as he doesn’t scare me, maybe he could ride my go-cart”

Jacob reach over pulling him inward holding him, the two watching Grandpa looking over horses.

Jacob called Penny and found out Eric would be staying the night playing a few games with Bert’s two boys and get letting him rest before they came down in the morning around Tenish, Jacob could drive over and Pick Eric up, Penny suggested he might call Bert ahead knowing it would be late before he got to the house, Jacob said he would call him right after talking to her, Jake was ok about Eric they had a little talk and he wanted to share his room as long as he didn’t scare him anymore, Penny smiling informing him that Mr. Santino was meeting them on Monday in Town and wanted to meet Eric, seems he has to sign legal papers as well, along with giggly girls waiting to meet Eric as there New Brother.

Jacob said he would call her and let her know when he arrived at Bert’s, Not even out of the lot talking on the phone while it charge on the cord, talking to Bert finding out about Eric helping with the meals and even help with feeding the horse’s, Bert said that would be fine not to worry about what time he arrived, being morning he might even make it for dinner, Eric wanted to have a cookout, Jacob said he’d see what he could do if traffic wasn’t too heavy. Next thing they were talking about runs back and forth seemed Bert was also a driver transporting Horses to Shows, he would have made the show this year only he had to make several runs to Henderson Nevada for highlight show otherwise he would have made the trip to Kentucky. After twenty minuets’ talking Jacob was on his way stopping for gas and coffee to go.

Arriving at the local grocery store picking up fresh hamburger, rolls, cold cuts and large bag of potato chips with Eric, before picking up the boys from practice Bert pointed them out on the field arriving just before the end, Casey rushing over eager to meet Eric of course Herb the oldest just shook his head pointing to the rear, Bert only said his dad was picking him up and might show up for dinner, Casey and Eric sat in the back seat while Eric was telling him all about his adventure getting here, seems it was more like embellishing a few times with the drivers, funny Eric leaving out the Bear and armadillo of course, Casey shown him around the farm even helping with his chore’s letting Herb and Casey take care of the horses while he watched Bert setting up the Barbeque, Eric watching every move he was making, remarking he had only seen it done on Television never in person, Bert was surprised then explain about Barbeque cooking from cooking on a stove, letting him roll the Hot dogs a few times even trying to turn a burger or two. Eric even tossed around a Frisbee till the dogs decided to run off with it.

Sitting on the round wooden table having Hamburgers when the dogs stopped short what they were doing rushing around the house, All of them also went to see who was coming in the driveway, They didn’t recognize the car, Bert just Smile with his hand on Eric shoulder “Eric your new Dad has arrived” Eric face drop from his cheerfulness looking up at him and back at the car slowing down stopping, Eric’s eyes started watering seeing him getting out, Bert stayed with him walking over, Jacob held out his hand to Bert while looking down at Eric wiping his chin

“You must be Jacob?”

“Bert right?”

“You know this little guy?” Eric slowly looking up tears running down his chin

“What’s this don’t you know me?” lower down on one knee in front of him.

Eric wiped his tear with his hand reach outward, Jacob reach right over embracing him, letting him hold him as tight as he wanted to, Bert waved the boy to the rear with a thumb pointing to the rear walking back with his boys. Jacob rub his back a few times letting him get it out of his system.


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