Holding Eric part 30 it’s here

Holding Eric part 30

Penny unable to sleep under the circumstances tossing and turning before sitting on the edge looking to the window pulling her robe over while slipping into her slippers, Tying her robe as she walked down the hallway stopping at Jakes room looking in at his empty bed, only a second before checking his night stand with his small cars and game he wasn’t allowed to take, Penny smiled closing the door halfway heading to the living room, hesitating looking at the front window like she did every morning seeing if Jacob had come home during the night sacking out on the couch not waking everyone.

Only the Welcome Home banner they rush to put up last night had fallen halfway down behind the couch, with a rise in her shoulders turning to the kitchen, at the sink pulling her Best Mom cup from the drainer placing it next to the coffee maker, pulling the filler cup outward making sure she set it up before turning it on, placing it back pushing on the light button while checking to see it was lit, glancing out the kitchen window to the rear yard watching the rain diminishing into small puddles before the first grouping of coffee water was sent to the filter.

Sitting down in Jacobs chair at the end of the table, able to watch the rain dew dripping down in streams on the front window glass while the sun started breaking outward among the trees branches, morning dew steaming upward as the birds played in the small puddles while finding a few worms at the end of the driveway near the edges, after a few minutes the perking stopped, Penny turn looking at the pot “Wow that was quick” getting up pouring herself a cup, blowing on it feeling the heat on the handle setting it on the table checking above the refrigerator at the clock, six thirty four; deciding on breakfast before the girl’s got up only knowing them too well grabbing themselves an English or pop tart and off they go.

Pulling the pans out trying not to make too much noise setting them on the burners, opening the refrigerator door casting the light into the livingroom brighten the walls, leaning on the door looking trying to decide ham steaks or beacon taking both out, retrieving a sharp knife opening the packages letting them slide outward into the pans, turning the flames up looking at the three pans full “Jee’s you need eggs and butter what was I thinking” reaching inside pulling out the egg package and stick butter, with only a glance before closing the door, reaching down pulling out the large griddle, flipping the beacon curling separating what she could letting it slowly sizzle, checking her mug drinking it slowly while it was still cooling off, a few strips at a time placing the bacon on a paper towel letting it drain, placing the griddle on the front two burners able to start the eggs, sure enough it worked alright Colleen walked in sitting down just barely keeping her eyes open looking to the stove “Morning Mom”

“Morning where having breakfast eggs this morning” Penny said taking down a stack of plates setting them down as she gatherer the silverware placing it on top, with a quick check to the griddle taking the plates to the table setting them around skipping her own seat, stopping at Jakes looking at the empty chair hesitant stare before setting them down returning to the stove.

“Mom I’ll do that” Colleen said watching her stopping, reaching for the napkins placing them around the table, while Penny removed the Hams setting them on a platter along with the Bacon, shifting the eggs to one side of the griddle some got crisp on the edges, cracking a few more eggs on watching them, “Juice Mom?” Colleen asking while reaching inside the refrigerator pulling out the glass jug holding it, Penny stood shifting the eggs around on the griddle absorbed to it.

“Mom Juice?” Colleen asking again’ standing at the cabinet looking over a few times with her not responding, gathering smaller glasses placing them on the table.

“Sure honey’ it’s in the refrigerator”

Carefully holding the jug so it didn’t slip from the moisture around the glass pouring it slowly, just moving the last glasses over spotting lights casting on the wall looking right up to the window seeing car lights coming in the driveway “Mom they’re here! Mom”

“Already it can’t be them? It’s too early” Penny surprised leaning back looking to the window unable to see anything, turning off the stove, Colleen already headed for the front window.

Colleen her knees on cushion, pushing the fallen banner to one side pulling it towards the front before it dropped behind the couch checking outside. “It’s Grandma’ Mom it’s not them Grandma’s Here” getting off the couch hurrying to open the door, waiting for her walking up, seeing it cleared up outside waiting.

“You’re up early’ expecting someone maybe?” with a simple kiss on Colleens forehead hugging her “Grandma you know there all coming home today”

“Yes I know’ around Noon you ready to meet him, Eric?” Colleen nodded smiling walking together to the kitchen, setting her purse down on the floor seeing the empty place setting, which Penny always sat at sitting down, looking over to Penny fixing her a cup of coffee already

“Morning Grandma’ she’s all excided all right” setting her cup down with two blue packets

“Becky is too’ maybe more so” sitting down looking over the bacon, then spotted the jug getting back up “Grandma Juice?”

“No Thanks’ Coffees fine”

“Breakfast is ready, better get your sister up! Grandma plenty of Eggs? Ham Steak also”

Colleen placing the jug back before rushing off to get Becky up, Penny cracking three more eggs on the griddle, “Over easy and some warm ham steak?”

“That sounds good, you need any help with the toast, English?” spotting the plates stacked

“No English today’ regular breakfast for a change” Penny smiled lifting the platter

“See you have Extra plates someone coming by this morning?”

“No’ just habit normal five plates” Scooping the eggs onto the plates, topping off her coffee before sitting down, only to get back up for the salt and pepper.

Colleen coming in sitting down, reaching over for the bacon “She’ll be right along she said”

“So did Jake get that pony he wanted?” Grandma asking Penny

Colleen surprised lips tighten “Grandma what pony he just got one for his birthday?”

“Dearie he was looking for one to pull the old wagon”

“Wagon’ Mom did Jake get one’ he better not have I’ll end up taking care of it also” Colleen snapping down on a slice of bacon glaring at Jakes chair.

“Colleen your Brother can take care of his own horses”

“Right so he did get one’ well he can clean his own stalls then” stabbing her eggs letting the yoke run outward among her toast, moving her beacon aside.

“Thing’s will soon be different you’ll see” Grandma said as she smiled holding her cup.

Colleen looking at both of them smirking not even looking at her. “Grandma you know something you’re not telling me? What are you hiding a secret?”

“Why dearie what would I ever keep from you” Smiling at her “Pass the toast dearie”

Becky walking in looking among them, leaning forward gritting her teeth “Egg’s we out of muffins?” sitting down next to Colleen dipping her toast in the yoke “Gross”

“Good Morning to you too’ Eggs, toast with jelly and Good Morning!” Penny said looking over

“Right Morning’ Hi Grandma’ they here yet?’

“Do you see them’ and Jakes getting another pony” Colleen busted out waving her toast

“What’ Mom’ ….  Dad didn’t buy him a pony did he?” eyes wide waiting

“Not that I know of’ beside if he did he has his reasons now eat up chores to be done still”

“Boys seem to need a lot of little things, Morning Becky don’t we look nice”

“Morning Grandma’ Jake always gets what he wants”

“Sure Just buy him whatever he wants’ he” Stopping looking over her mother looking at her tighten face “Mom’ Dad buys him everything” Colleen scooping the last bacon over stopping

“That’s plenty from you two’ be grateful you even have him after what just happen”

“Mom?” Becky and Colleen stopped surprised looking over waiting to find out what happen

“He’s fine now’ and just so you know Eric’s the same age as your brother”

Grandma sat finishing off her coffee holding the cup upward to Penny already getting the pot “Well Looks like we got our hands full this morning with everyone coming home”

“Yea he’s probably still sleeping, I can’t wait to meet Eric!” Becky smiling raising her head posing like a photo star on her finial photo shot

“Becky he’s not’ what a dork he going to be our brother”

“Mom” Becky said frowning over “Its looks dry out can we set our banner by the driveway?”

“After your breakfast and I sure hope you’re not going out in your nightgowns?”

Colleen finished first taking her plate to the sink asking “Grandma you making cupcake’s?”

“Well see’ Grandpa and Jake like the strawberry type’ I didn’t pick-up any up from the store”

“Why Grandma you forgot?” Colleen saying taking her mothers and Grandmothers plate

“I was going to get some beforehand”

“We’re done can we go?” Becky not finishing her toast

“That’s ok’ I got three boxes” Penny butted right in watching Beck leaning on the chair becoming irritating “Don’t forget you have to check the new colt stalls today”

“We will after we get Eric’s banner up” quickly smiling to the hallway with Colleen following behind her shaking her head back and forth.

David watching both mirrors pulling into the rest area getting close to the building as possible, Jake followed him around the trailer checking on the colts making sure they were holding up ok before heading up to the building together. “Pepsi Jake” asking watching Jake heading to the side. “Yes be right out”

David pressed the button waiting looking around before the bottle fell to the bottom, Another dollar and another Pepsi, taking both over to the road sign setting Jakes on the trash can while opening his, Jake came right out taking his “Thanks’ Grandpa” Twisting the cap with his shirt cleaning the top off before drinking it.

“Looks like we won’t be much longer now”

Jake taking a big drink asking “before dark?’

“Should be home just after one” twisting his lid back on ready to walk looking down, Jake quickly turn his closed walking back to the truck getting in looking for his chips, Grandpa was checking the trailer once more before getting in, seeing that Jake was already into his corn chips “Jake chips’ you’re going to get thirsty and look you almost finished your soda?”

Jake tilted the bottle frowning, setting it down in the holder folding the bag up.

“Here go get another one” David handed him a dollar, Jake hurried to the vending machine, David watching him returning trying not to shake it.

“Now were good Right Grandpa?”

“Yes we are let’s make tracks maybe will see your dad along the way”

“Didn’t he leave early?”

“Your Dad’s not a morning person”

“He’s always the last to get up at home”

“Even when he was your age’ just like you” smiling over pulling back on the highway.

Grandma Meggie frosting the last batch of cupcakes with happy faces, spotting a van pulling in “Penny dear Mail truck here” looking to the side not hearing her she got up walking to the door, opening it standing with a box.  “Just about to ring” holding the box outward for her and his small pad for her to sign “Just sign here and it’s all yours” Meggie looked up at him still wiping frosting off  asking “That’s for Mazzionie?”  Holding the box signing her name “Yep that’s what it says here Jacob and Penny Mazzionie” handing the pen back holding the box “You have a good day now” Maggie said watching him walking away, closing the door as he back out the driveway.

Taking the box to the kitchen setting it on the counter seeing who it was from, hurry around to the bedroom. “Penny dear you got a box you need to see, Penny”

Penny raised her head “Ok be right in”

Meggie went back to the kitchen cleaning up what she could, setting up the coffee pot with two cups waiting next two it. Penny came in “Sorry Grandma was just so tired”

“I know dear the box is on the counter I sign for it” Moving the plates to the side sitting down

Penny pick the box up looking opening the draw for a knife to open it stopping short, looking at the box pulling the strip open looking inside with a note on top of a brown book pulling it out looking at it.

“Look what she sent’ I don’t believe it” Penny started reading the note, sitting down smiling reading the note.

“What’s the note dearie?”

“It’s from the Ms. Waterford the social worker in Rhode Island, she said’ hesitation looking at the book handing it to Grandma, “She wanted us to have it for Eric, It’s his Album with his first photos with his parents, some extras also included a few years ago that she found. She also goes on about the paperwork has all been signed for his adaption to us and so glade she could help out, then said that Mr. Santino was very professional Lawyer inevitably swaying the judge to sign everything in such a short time than she had ever seen anything like it before, and he was willing to work with our state in relocating other youth here, oh Grandma she’s Asking if when the time came to tell Eric she was only doing what she felt was best for his wellbeing having only his best interest in mind always, and again thanking us for opening our doors to him and so glade he has a family that will care for him that he always wanted, with just her name and phone number” Meggie turning the photo album pages smiling with Penny looking at each page.

All of a sudden the front door flung open Colleen running in “There here Dad’s home’ Mom Grandma come on there here” Rushing back outside watching the car pulling in horn beeping.

Penny and Grandma stood on the porch watching them pulling up, Colleen rushing to the passenger side looking in, Becky pulling right up getting off her gator, Eric sat looking over “This is my Family now?” Jacob smiled “Yes this is your home also ready?” Eric smiled over opening the door.

Note: Computer Malfunction on 6/29/2015 just when it was going to be uploaded, it made a bang and sizzle sound, yep it lit up upright and two weeks later Tec Rodger found the rest from hard drive, thankfully we were able to place most of it back together and posted it. Remember to back up on a flash drive or a disc not just the computer. Well a new Computer helps run things faster now.

Hope you enjoy the story, we wanted to thank you for following, were so glade by the response’s you’ve sent. Only wish we could have gone on. It’s up to you to fill in what happen in your own way now. Looking forward to the next story in the works &Thanks again Will.


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