4010 Chapter 10.Yellow jacket

Chapter 10. Yellow jacket

10:30 p.m. Radio communication were setting up while more rescue workers were arriving, reviewing map’s on the wall, each section carefully marked out. Rescue crews leaving one behind the other. Rescue radios buzzing with static a few checking in on and off, at location points when they reach grit area.

“Mobile six to base” the cabin’s radio blared out, everyone stood quite.

“Mobile to base do you copy?”

“Go ahead mobile six. That you Marty?” Bill said, excitedly.

Hoping they found them, everyone moved in closer.

“Yeah, Bill I’m out at the South River”

“Go ahead”

“There’s nothing here; all tracks are covered up.”

Bill’s hands shaking holding the mike trying not to drop it in front of everyone.

“Marty, Nick’s coming up to help out also.”

“Good it’s getting bad here, heavy winds and more snow kicking up, (a brief pause) I’m a little low on fuel, be in soon.”

“Ok’ we’ll see you later”

“Mobile six out”

Everybody started moving about the room, hearing the sound of a snowmobile was coming up the roadway with its light shining through the snow its beacon light blinking on the back side, slowly it moved to the pumps, while everyone looked out the window hoping he had someone with him.

Bill slipped on his jacket and went outside, taking the pump handle from the snow-covered driver

“I’ll fill it, you go get something warm to drink”

Brushing the snow off his suit the driver went inside.

“Anything yet?” Helen asked, handing him a hot cup of coffee.

Holding the cup tight while holding his gloves.

“No, nothing out there but this heavy snow.” he replied.

Glancing around everyone looking at him, quickly he finished off the coffee throwing the cup in the pail exiting the staring people.

“It’s looks like a long night Bill, maybe the snow will let up a little.” Getting back on the snowmobile.

Bill nodded yes to him, remarking “Yea I’ hope so.”

Exiting away from the pumps, his Skidoo race up its engine!. Heading outward from the gas pumps; The front end of the Skidoo flying over the small snowdrifts.

Lieutenant Rosenberg met Bill at the door.

“I’ll be back after awhile, got a stuck person out there;  I’ve got to go get.”

“We’ll see you later right?”

“I won’t be too long.”

Bill went back inside, As Rosenberg drove off; Lloyd sat by the radio waiting while the campers slowly departed with good hopes and sorrows.  The Marcus and Loren’s were following just behind the others back to the trailer.  Frank open the door glad to be back, Joey rushed in kicking off his shoes; Janet went right to the stove turning all three burners on placing the coffee pot on, the camper was getting warm quickly.   Mike and Roberta sat at one side of the table with Frank. Janet placed four cups on the table then slid in with Frank.

Jamie and Joey walked from the big bedroom ready for bed; the two had long faces worrying about Shawn and Mike in the snow knowing it was cold outside.

Janet got up pouring the coffee wiping tears from her face without anyone seeing her.

“Mom, Dad, I’m sorry.” Jamie said full of remorse.

Frank reached out pulling her towards him giving her a hug, Joey next to her, both now crying. Janet set the pot down on the table, holding back her tears even more.

Slowly moving in rubbing their back’s sitting on the edge of the seat, Roberta reached over taking Janet’s hand, neither could hold back the tears now; seeing them cry made it hard to hold back any tears, Mike held Roberta close to him.

“Well they be all right?” Joey asked.

“We can only hope so”

“What will happen if they don’t come back?”

“Your brother will be back”

“But what if they don’t find them?”

“Joey just keep thinking they will”

“He won’t die’ well he?”

“Let’s, not think about that”

“But we almost ‘Lost you! Dad and Mr. Marcus”

“We’re all right”

“I wish they were back”

“We do to Joey”

Wiping the tears away Janet hugging Joey tight to her.

“Ok’ You- two off to bed.” Joey still teary eyed.

Janet stood up letting them out, Jamie went over to Frank and Roberta giving them a hug also, taking Joey by the hand to the rear bedroom. Joey hugging his bear’ as Jamie looked out the window, resting on the bed.

Snow chains crunching snow below them, slowly the blazer pushing up snow pulled next to the cabin.   Lloyd greeted him at the door.

“Nick’ good to see you”

“Lloyd this doesn’t look good”

“No, this doesn’t, No word from the Mobile unit’s”

“Surprised their still out looking”

“Right it’s getting late”

“Well fill me in”

Lloyd pointed out the map areas searched areas to Nick.

“What about the cabins?”

“Already check out”

Nick and Lloyd checking every squire on the paper, looking for a clue, something they might be overlooking with a slight breeze from the front door.

Mr. Loren walked in, standing next to the counter.

“No word yet, Mr. Loren.” Bill said to him.

“Mr. Loran this is Nick, just drove down to help us”

Nick’ already holding out his hand to him.

“Thank you for coming.”

Nick glanced at his watch twenty after eleven; quickly back to looking at the map. Mr. Loren watched a few minutes then headed outside not uttering a word as he left, Nick along with Bill and Lloyd lifted their heads without saying anything to him.

Nick stared intensely at the map; placing a small pencil on his ear. Without lifting his head, Nick asked.

“Parent of one of the boys missing I assume, where are the snowmobiles now?”

Bill quickly pointed down on the map to the north side by the lake.

“Here in this area.”

Nick circled the area they had covered.

Interrupted by squawking from the rescue radio, four crews units coming in without any luck.

At the same time back in the woods.

Josh stood for a second looking at both of us back and forth almost like he wanted to say something then quickly turn and walk over to the chair. Pulling the sleeve up more reaching over and started Shaking Kola, his head moved slowly upright scanning the room over, with a jerk back setting on us three sitting. Getting up with another grunt looking down at Josh wearing the jacket, Then glared right over at me before moving away from the chair heading off to another area. Just near the left part of the door into the darkness. Josh standing watching him leave the room Josh turning and with a soft voice said:

“Ok’ Come with me”

Glanced over too Mike before standing up, with Chris standing right up next to me pulling the jacket down a little, Mike not wanting to get up at all till Josh waved him to follow him then he got up before he got up all the way Chris took off quickly another way.

“Were you going with my jacket: Mike asked.

“Shurrr” Josh said looking up squinting his eyes at him tight lipped little stare again waving to follow him.

Looking around at small dugouts in the wall to dark to see inside, Josh stopped at one and pointed inward.

“Here you go, get some sleep, talk in a little while, look – like you’re sleeping ok?” Josh said outward nodding his head, waiting for a reply.

Inside the small dug we went Mike adjusting to the darkness went in first sitting on what look like two old military cots with wooden bottoms. blankets covered in dust and dirt, turning around we both could see Josh moving about turning off lanterns in the room, going by again with his finger to his lips, Mike taking no chances looking over the cot for bugs and critters without a sign brushing off the blanket. Sitting down on Mike’s cleared cot.

“Hey, go brush your own off” Mike said harshly pointing over to the other cot, moving off his cot looking at the other one, Mike was getting grumpy it was coming out just like every time he stays up late pass 10 or more, he’s always the first one to sleep when we have and overnight at his house or mine, I’ll stay up and watch TV till early morning.

Mike sitting looking over at me brushing the dust off creating more dust before a quick lift towards the wall, and a good pound on the bottom side placing it back down sitting looking out ward just outside the dugout sat a small Lantern on the floor trickled with low flame, not giving off much light but just enough for us to see with, still looking around for Josh to pop out.

“Mike, where do you suppose we are?”

“These kids are younger than Joey is”

“Their clothes are all ragged”

“That’s for sure, look Kola back.”

Kola walk into the room standing by the chair stopping and just looked right over at us luckily both of us laid down like Josh said.

My eyes were fixed on him giving him a hard glare now, Kola and his creepy looking eyes still had that glare somewhat weird about them almost more of a Yellowish tone, even more so in the dim light, maybe it was the lanterns but I don’t think so.

“Where did Josh go?” I asked.

“Quite.” Mike spoke outward with a tight face to be quite.

Kola making his way slowly back to the door area, fettling with his key unlocking it, slowly turning his head around again looking once more around moving the door open exited out hearing him lock it back up.

Movement of wood cracking from Mike’s cot stopped us both looking outward, before seating upward quickly looking out.

Shawn quietly said pointing outward. “Hey Mike’ Look!”

poking his head around the corner was Josh.

“Ok, it’s all clear now” Josh said: sitting next to me.

“Who’ really is he?” I Asked Josh.

“We call him Kola, He’s the oldest one around here”

“Were did he go?”

“I don’t Know, there’s a buzzing like noise and when it stops, he comes back,” Josh replied pulling the jacket above his fingers.

“How long have you been here?” Mike asked.

Josh heisted, and then whispered, “Some time now”

Raising my eyes adjusting still looking over too Mike.

“Maybe days?” fiddling with the zipper.

“Yeah, we’ve – only a couple days. Oh, Yes’ there was a girl the other day but she went out”

“Were did she go?”  Now he had caught both are attentions’.

“She went with Kola the light before last,” Josh said.

“Was she around your age or older”

“A Girl’ you know your size girls!” Josh said, opening and closing the jacket over his knees.

“Where’s that boy Chris?“

“Waiting for me to get back before it’s too late”

“What do you mean, too late?”

brief moment of silence from both of us looking at Josh just sitting there as he said nothing but more question about this place.

“Look Josh buddy, we’ve got to get out of here and we’re taking you and Christ with us. I’m sure you want to see your folks, don’t you.”

He sat very dumbfounded, looking up at both of us then back down raising his legs upward.

“You know your mother and father right?”

“What are they?” Josh sat there looking up in wonder.

“Don’t you know?”

Suddenly the buzzing sound got louder with some sort of bright orange glow light coming thru from under the door.

“What about Chris? Does he have a Mother or Father?” Mike asked outward creaking on the cot.

“I ‘don’t know’ He never mentioned them to me”

“Speaking of Chris look”

Chris slowly walked inside, sitting with Mike, trying to hold up the cot just in case, he sat looking over at Josh then tilted his head looking at me, turning taking Mikes hand holding it.

“Chris, how long have you been here?”  Mike asked.

Chris just shrugged his shoulders.

“Well, he’s not going to Brainwash us, Mike”

“No, we’re getting out of here tonight somehow,” Mike replied.

“But why do we have to leave here?” Josh asked, moving his head back and forth not understanding.

“Because we don’t belong here!“ replying back in a firm voice but soft voice to Josh.

“We don’t!”

“No, we belong up there!” Mike pointed to the top.

Josh and Chris both looked up to the ceiling then to each other.

“Do you know of any other way out beside that door?”

“There are doors all over down that way” Josh remarked.

Pointing outward from the bunk.


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