4011 Chapter 11.Yellow jacket

Chapter 11.

Mike and Shawn sat looking at the two of them still staring at the ceiling, sitting looking outward Mike Stood up brushing his pants off.

“Shawn I think it’s time we got out of here!”

Josh and Chris looking to the ceiling then Mike totally puzzled.

This was Mikes best idea to get out of here before Kola came back, Who knows what he has in mind for us, all I could wonder was where do we go are those other doors, a way out or just dugouts like this one, being a mining shaft there had to be another exit to the outside somewhere but where was it.

“What’s in them?” I asked Josh.

“Maybe’ Don’t know” Chris spoke out, cutting off what he was going to say just looking down at the floor.

“Let’s go now! We’re out’ta here” Mike said outward reaching down taking hold of Chris’s hand, Chris held it tight, Mike reach down picking up the small lantern off the floor.

Before I could even get up Josh’s reach out pushing the sleeve upward to take my hand it was so small and cold, hurrying outward to follow Mike, Chris leading the way to those doors.

Reaching the area watching Mike raise the lantern upward I could see the doors just ahead of us, it was a little tight not being very wide or high ducking more than not.

“What’s over here? Looks like a pathway”

Mike turn around looking at it holding the lantern upward hitting his hand on the overhang beam, looking down inside more doors below feeling the ground area of sand showing signs something had been down here. We all started heading down seeing this was the only area with tracks of some type.

“Look, Shawn there’s no locks on any of these doors” Mike said, stopping at the first door on his right, quickly getting just behind him, Chris moved over by Josh and me. Mike slowly pushing on the door holding his breath trying to keep the lantern high enough to see inside, making our area dark till the lantern returned out. Mike closing the door turning back looking at us, he seemed more Relieved finding nothing inside, moving to the next one now with a little more confidence, arm hair’s were rising again I could feel he was going to find something, gee nothing in there that was good now to just get these chills away, before I could say anything to Mike he was already pushing on the next door.

“Stand back! There’s someone in here Shawn!” Mike said: stepping inside. Casting back and forth with the Lantern

Scaring both these kids, Josh jumping to the other side of me next to Chris taking his other hand as Chris wasn’t letting go holding on tightly brushing up to me, slowly I looked in see Mike bending down looking at a girl lying on the dirt floor with her knees bent up into her stomach.

“Is she Dead?” I blurted out, not even thinking.

“No, she alive, only she’s not sleeping” Mike replied, trying to shaking her arm getting her attention.

“Hey, are you ok? What’s your name, can you hear me?”

Chris slowly moved up just in front still hold on looking at the girl around Mike. Without a sound he jumped back to my side almost knocking Josh over getting behind me holding my back side Josh getting next to him both scared. Mike Quickly turn looking at us holding up the Lantern,. Just as he did the girl jumped quickly back against the wall looking up at us standing at the door and quickly back too Mike, startled by the light and us standing there.

Mike stood up holding the lantern higher to get a good look at her, quickly she brought up her hands covering her eyes.

“What is it?” asking trying to see what happen.

“That’s the girl” Josh said outward peaking around pointing.

“What’s your name? Can you hear me?” Mike asking moving in closer trying to shed more light on her, moving it up and down, her eyes followed the Lantern from side to side between her fingers slowly moving her hands down; she was so scared pulling her torn dress ripped and dirt around herself. She looked around eleven, with long dark brown hair no telling how long she had been here.

Mike held out his hand to her, moving towards her. Repeating “It’s ok’ It’s ok”

“Who are you?” she asked, with both her hands, reaching out.

“Great you can talk” Mike relived. helping her up.

“Do you know if there are any more kids around here?” I quickly inquired to her standing brushing the dirt off.

“Yes, I’ve seen them, they’re in the next room”

“How many do you know?” Mike asked.

“No I’ve only seen a few and them two” Pointing at the boys.

“Ok’ let’s see if there still here” Mike said leading the way.

Mike and the Girl came out she looked down at Chris hiding behind me then turn following Mike to the next door, Mike was now being brave showing he wasn’t scared, we were all scared but not showing it this was Mike taking charge not like him at all always ready to avoid any confutations, this was the second time he’s done this now I could only wonder what has happen to him.

Slowly opening inward on the door checking inside then right out looking down the cave to another door, we all moved to the next door with more tracks on the ground this one had been used not too long ago they were fresh tracks, Mike quickly pushing the door open expecting the worst inside or more finding Kola standing there waiting for us.

“Anybody in here?” Mike asked: Checking around with the light.

“No one in that room!” Mike said: quickly shutting the door, he stood taking a good breath of air relieved yet looking downward at the next door. Again we were moving slowly, just a tad slower this time to the next door. Mike tried to open the door this one was a bit harder, trying to keep the lantern up high.

“Look, we’ve found a couple more!” Mike said outward rushing inside sideways trying to push the door open, stepping in side. Mike quickly handed the girl the lantern to hold while he check them out. Assessing the room with light off the wall it shined on two girls sitting by the far back wall next to each other with their arms wrapped around there knees awaken but very scared sitting looking up at all of us. My attention was looking around the room for anything visible when I spotted a boy lying down not far from me.

“Mike, over here!” Mike turned around from the girls seeing the boy laying there.

“Check him Out”

Already with Josh holding me tight checking on him, Josh came around now following what Mike did pushing on his arm back and forth, not even a movement just laying more like a rubber warm zombie sending the shivers up my arms glancing over at Mike helping the girls up he even had goose bumps even in the dim light I could see them just like chicken skin missing the feathers sticking right up there.

Chris behind me all of a sudden pushed my side looking up with a small wine then rushed over to another boy just near the door we missed. Kneeling down to the boy while pulling the jacket sleeve up, allowing his hand to grab the boys arm shaking him back and forth as he staring at his body starting to cry sobbing shacking him back and forth, trying to help him holding the boy upward, Chris laid his head on his lap, Josh stayed with the other boy while Mike walked over looking at us.

“Do you know him?” Mike asked holding the Lantern lower.

“He’s alive, but not responding”

“So what do we do, look at us”

“We’ll have to carry him! Out of here”

“He’s out of it, Shawn!” Mike said.

Chris started crying and saying something but we couldn’t make it out holding him tightly looking at both of us.

“What is it Chris?” Mike asked lowering the lamp more.

“Chris do you know him?”

“Brian, Brian!” Chris replied kneeling pulling on his arm trying to get him up, Mike reached down to stop Chris just as the boys eyes blinked at both of them.

“Did you see, eye blink’ he blinked?”

“Yes’ Chris he blinked!” I quickly said reaching around Chris as he fell into my arms.

“Ok’ Ok let’s see if we can get him up” Mike said reaching down taking his arm over his shoulder.

Helping Mike pulling him upward getting his balance standing, Chris quickly hugged and squeezing his middle tight, the boy looked down at Chris and rub his head, while we held him, Chris looked up and smiled between his sobbing tears, the two had something between them that was plain to see.

“Can You Walk?” Mike asked. Nodding yes, helping him out the door.

Looking down at Josh right beside me, with all three girls following behind.

“Wow, this is really getting creepy, in here!” Mike said.

“Only three more door’s, how many more could there be?”

Mike just looked up at me holding Brian as we took it slow to the next door looking down seeing a few more doorways, Just knowing we had to look in each one.

“Mike we have to Look”

“Think there’s any more”

“Let’s hope not, I’ve had about enough of finding kids”

“Do these doors ever stop”

“I can see only three more Mike”

“That’s good maybe it’s the way out”

Cascading the light off the Walls to the next door, Heisting for a second before Mike released Brian over to me and one of the Girls to hold up while he looked inside with only the lantern relieved to find it empty.  Again and again till the last door.

“Well, this is the last door. Let’s hope it’s our way out”

Mike said. Now with just a little bit more reassurance feeling it was empty also and just maybe it was our way out, slowly opened it looking inside.

“Shawn, come quick!”

Handing the other girl Brian as I quickly rush in leaving the others in the darken hallway, all but Josh who wouldn’t let my hand go, holding it tightly following me inside were Mike was standing holding the lantern over at a boy, he was frozen looking at him Josh held back as I reach down checking him over.

Mike bent over with the light keeping back a few feet with Josh, placing my hand under his chin not getting a plus at all, This body was cold and all red even his eyes were staring outward, almost like the other boy we just left in the room; feeling his bare chest for a heartbeat, this boy wasn’t going anywhere laying him back down in the dirt.

“Is he bleeding?” Josh asked standing looking behind Mike.

“No, it’s not blood. He’s burnt!” Mike remarked coldly.

“From what?”

“I don’t know, Well – He’s Dead! Let’s go!”

Mike handed me the Lantern standing over the boy, with one button at a time he unbutton his shirt taking it off carefully placing it over the boy head, with a shivery running up and down we got out of there just getting that creepy feeling again!  They all stood just outside the doorway watching but said nothing.

“Listen! The buzzing just stopped – Kola! He’s coming back” Josh said turning rushing back thru the doorway, Chris holding Brian tight to him, the three girls just looked to me and Mike coming out the door looking downward into the dark.  Mike quickly moved the light back inside; he saw something in the room before shinning.

“Wait here!” Mike said, leaving us standing in the dark.

There it was just what we were looking for a doorway in the rear of the room with a small glass doorknob that’s what the light caught.

“There’s a door, in here Shawn”

“Try it quick”

“It won’t open!”

“Come on, we’ve got to get back to the front before it opens!”

Mike pulled on the knob one more time trying to get it open then hurried back out, we all moved back into the front dugout area, just as the key was turning in the lock. Everyone was scared now we were out and ready to face him and find out what was going on in this place.

“Here, take him.” One girl took Josh’s hand holding him firm.

Josh wasn’t leaving my side, finally having to hand him over with some remorse he went. The door open before we could get to it, we both back away and stood looking at Kola now standing with the door part the way open looking around the room seeing the others with us just looking at him.

“Back to where you were, NOW!”  Kola ordered. In a scratchy raised voice tone.

“You Go To Hell, Your holding all of us here? Who are you?” Mike said standing in front of the girls and Chris.

Kola eye’s had gotten wide now rushing towards us, Mike looked around for anything to use as a weapon pulling the log table upwards throwing it at Kola, his arm just push it aside ; jumping over the couch towards Kola with one foot just barely catching him in the chest but it was enough making him lose his balance falling backward to the dirt floor, Mike reached over quickly taking the smaller chair throwing it on top of him. Motioning to Mike pointing to the log couch; we were both grunting pushing it over on top of Kola trying to get up after pushing the chair to one side that gave us just enough time to work the couch.


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