4012 Chapter 12.Yellow jacket

Chapter 12.

Kola’ was pushing up on the couch we both were trying to hold it on top of him, when he gave a grunt sound and we both went flying backwards with the couch, we both just got out of the way when it hit the dirt sending up a dust of air, Kola with one arm raised himself upward, looking wide eyed and furious at us.

Kola charging inward at both of us when Mike caught him in the chin, with a right hook, too his surprise and mine grabbing him and tossed him aside like a rag doll, standing firm holding a broken log with it raised to him just as he turn to me. Swinging with all my might back and forth at him then with a big thud I hit him good.

Mike got up rushing right back at him raising a hard foot blow to his chest, Mike lost his balance falling back wards just as Kola fell over, rushing in hitting him just as he was going down nailing him in the arm, just laying there with the wind knocked out of him, we both stood looking at him, standing just to his right hoping he move again if ever I wanted to hit someone it was him bringing out all my anger just move a inch please was all I could think of.

”Get the Keys Mike” He looked over at me and down.

“That was too easy? Mike said.

“What’s wrong? He’s down get the keys!”

Mike squinted his eyes looking real good at him moving inward slowly, using his right foot pushing on his arm watching him then Kola’s eyes open wide reaching out grabbing Mikes foot I clobbered him with the log across his head but that didn’t stop him from throwing Mike backwards in the air.

Hammering the log as hard as I could into him again and again before he reach out taking it from me, throwing it to one side; This is it were dead backing away from him watching the log roll across the floor near Mike just getting up trying to holding his side, Kola looked at Mike and this was my chance to get in with a good side kick and another Mike rushed in with the log striking him also, Kola rolled away from both of us getting clear just laying there like he was out cold. Mike rushed next to me and we were ready for another bat at him.

Raising the log high Mike and I started walking over to him.

“Careful Mike”

“Bring the light over!” Mike said out to the others.

“Is he dead?” Josh asked, rushing over grabbing at my trembling arm hurting from swinging it so hard.

“Get a rope or something” Mike said; poking at him.

A small subdued screech’ came from one of the girls quickly turning just in time to see Kola getting up; we all jumped backwards away from him, Josh hiding behind the girls holding Chris tightly, Brian still out of it grabbing another broken log holding it high along side of Mike just waiting for him, he just looked at us standing with his head jerking back and forth and turn rapidly away heading right for the door pulling the key out.

Before either of us could reach him, he had the key out and unlocked the door, rushing out with the door slamming behind him, rushing up to it dropping our logs pulling back on it hard as we could without getting even an inch back open before he locked it.

“Mike what about that other door you spotted?.”

Before he could even answer me we both turn and looked at the others standing together just looking up at us scared not knowing what was going on. Then all of a sudden with brighter then bright, a wild glow- orange light shined through the cracks in the door frame almost blinding all of us, showing everything around nothing but sand and dirt walls and flipped over broken couch and chairs.

“Back away – Come on Mike! “ Saying out, almost having to pull Mike away from the door.

“What now?” Josh asked.

“That rear door! Come on” Mike said out holding his side again trying to breath from dust in the air, getting thicker.

“Mike you ok?”

“Yea he got me good”

“How bad is it?”

“I’ll live let’s go”

Mike reach out taking one of Brian’s arms helping as we were rushing towards the last door.

Mike hesitated at the door, taking the lantern holding it up looking down at the boy covered with his shirt, motioning to use to hurry inside. One of the girls helped close the door behind Josh and me as we were last ones in joining Mike at the door.

The darkness deepened in the small area with the lantern getting dimmer in its shinning, trying hard to pull off the boards in front nailed to side boards across the doorway, using one board that was loose trying to pry the others off one at a time, only a few boards across but still too many we both pulled upward till they budged outward then cast it to one side finally getting to the door; still it wouldn’t open who knows how long it had been sealed up as it was as hard as the walls.

Mike started slamming the board into it hearing it crack and pushed inward, punching harder inward breaking thru just enough to see a small passage way; with that we both started slamming the wooden boards with our feet and anything laying around to break thru, opening it up to fit thru even if we had to bend down to get out. Mike turn walking over to the others while I was looking inside with the lantern only hoping it was our way out, turn back I could see Mike standing over the boy looking down at him while trying to hold Brian up.

“Ok we found a way just stay closed” Mike said.

Mike took the front with Brian now able to function a little more to walking, but still hasn’t said anything, Josh staying right with me as we were again taking up the rear slowly feeling the walls going upward’ Mike stopped holding his hand up; kneeling down looking outward to an opening, quickly me and josh joined him keeping low next to him looking outward.

There just ahead was a ledge drop off opening up into a large room area and my eyes open wide as Mike held me back from going out to see more a Ship shaped like a oversized canoe, Marquis style a glaring amber golden color with a small blinking strobe light beaming around on its top almost blinding us, Feeling Mike pulling back on me wanting to look more I knew I’d have to backup, looking a little more over to the right of the ship what looked like some armed guards just near the ship.

Holding onto Josh by the back of the jacket now wanting to see also, making sure he didn’t fall over the edge informing these guards we were here.

“Back up guys before they see you”

“Look!” Josh said in a low tone pointing out word to the left.

“Ok we see them let’s get back” Mike still pulling on me.

Mike looked down then motioning to move back inside out of sight.

Another ship just to its left side with more guards, returning back to the others just out of sight sitting down worried looking all over their faces, chilled and cold rubbing their arms trying to keep themselves warm.

“This can’t be happening Shawn! What are those things aliens or human?”

“I’ don’t know’ but we’ve got to get outta here!”

“Look, we’ve got to get by those guards somehow” Mike said.

“But- ah – how are we going to do that?” I quickly asked back.

“We have to try’ something before we freeze to death”

“Josh you stay here with Chris”

Josh nodded sitting down with Chris and Brian. Mike and I returned to the edge again looking over the whole area, then a bright light lit the opening so we both ducked down till it was clear, seeing these ships were just above the ground leaving the area moving quickly down another opening, then another ship moving just past us ducking again and backing up.

“We’ll rest for awhile then try looking again.”

“Just’ a little too busy down there!”

(Around the same time 1:15 am)

A lone snowmobile came to a halt on the path just near the point the boys went in.

“Mobile three to base – Mobile three to base”

The radio stayed silent the driver stood waiting for a response; Looking down among a large branch that had fallen across his pathway; headlight’s glaring the pathway shinning on the snow covered branches with its engine idling. Snow was still falling sticking hard to the ground, the driver stood looking at his map over the hood with a small flashlight, checking his paper while carefully looking around and listening for any sounds, no track other than his own carefully folding the map, unzipping his jacket pocket and placing it inside and drove off.


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